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Joyeux Noel from Jardin Prive - click for more Joyeux Noel or Merry Christmas
This is a charming design THAT YOU CAN STITCH IN ANY COLOR YOU WANT! Worked with one color of your choice (hand-dyeds do really well with these kind of designs), on whatever fabric you want, you can really change the overall effect of the finished piece. Think about natural linen and working this ALL in opalescent, white and gold metallics? What about navy fabric, with all those metallics, or solid shades? How cute to put everything in its proper colorway!

The design is enchanting... you have a lot of possibilities making this your own! Notice they have charted a Merry Christmas greeting for the topper row as well.

Patchwork Halloween from Jardin Prive - click for more
Patchwork Halloween
Here's another fun patchwork design by Nathalie Cichon of Jardin Prive. (We have several other patchworks at the bottom of this page.) Measuring 117 stitches square, this will be a little over 8 inches in size on 14/28ct. Coded for DMCs of 3820, 922, 730, 733, 839, 310 and 3865, the colors are simple, but they make a busy and cute little design.

Can you see the small squares? They all measure just 13 x 13 stitches. Lots of room for specialty metallics or beads in here... did you get the Vintage Halloween Kreinik braids for your Hands On Scary Apothecary Series? Those would be GREAT in here! Presented as a chart.

Carrot Market from Jardin Prive - click for more Carrot Market
Well, there's the whole Hare Family on the way to Market on Saturday Morning! OK... stitch the left-hand side of the design - just the littlest bunny with the wagon and bee... or add the sign and daffodils to it. OR... stitch the bunny in overalls with the bigger cart... they'd both be cute block stand-ups. OR... do the whole line and wrap it around a bucket, planter or basket. (In that vein, you could make a stuffed drum shape with a topping tuft of Week's hand-dyed wool!(and JABCO has CARROT pins... so many choices for this!)

Presented as a chart, this is coded for DMC - cute, bright, happy colors. It measures 178 x 46... so 3 x 12 on 16/32ct. You have some length there to do a nice wrap... and you could always add a kid or two... or make the little back wagon a double-trailer!!! So cute!

Be You Just You from Jardin Prive - click for more

Be You Just You
This is a 6 x 6 piece stitched with regular shades of DMC floss.I think it'd be cute in a little girl's bedroom... change the hair and house colors... and stitch her name so it meanders through the flowers.

This is presented as a chart.

Spirale from Jardin Prive - click for more Carre from Jardin Prive - click for more
Something Fun to Color With Floss!
Jardin Prive has a pair of new designs that I fell in love with! They are delightful! Only black lines.. you can stitch them just as they are, color the lines, or COLOR between the lines!

Offered as charts, they measure approx 100 stitches each. What do you think? Wouldn't just a PORTION of one be pretty as a pin cushion??? Stitch to your edges... how beautiful can yours be... and different from your friends?!

We have several new designs by Jardin Prive... a pair of long skinnies are showcased here... we have a third sheep medley design, cat lovers, a cute spool-of-thread piece, and a neighborhood of cute houses. Make sure to click through to our page that shows them all... cute stuff! Everything is presented in chart format and coded for regular DMC floss.

ABC de la Brodeuse from Jardin Prive - click for more
ABC de la Brodeuse
This is an over-the-top cute needleworker's alphabet by Nathalie Cichon of Jarden Prive. With a stitch count of 76 x 565, this will finish a whopping 5-1/2 x 40-1/2 on 14/28... all the way down to 2-1/2 x 20 over one on 28ct! You choose your fabric of choice to make this YOURS! It would be awesome to split it all up and make a ton of pin cushions... there are a bunch of little motifs and borders all through this.

Charted for regular DMC floss, you could add hand-dyeds, buttons, beads, charms... anything you want. Just such a fun piece for a stitcher... hang it beside the door to your stitching lair!

Jardin Prive Sampler from Jardin Prive - click for more
Jardin Prive Sampler aux Bouquets 1 - click for more Jardin Prive Sampler aux Bouquets 2 from Jardin Prive - click for more Jardin Prive Sampler aux Bouquets 3 - click for more
Sampler aux Bouquets Set
What a pretty piece this is! With a stitch count of 472 x 104, it will finish almost 30 x 6-1/2 on 32ct! Full of floral urns, Quaker motifs, all the little animals and alphabets... the whole thing is charming.

Coded for DMC floss - 152, 221, 3722, 732, 733, 931, 932 3781 and 3790 - just easy! Presented in a series of three charts - we have bundled all three together for you.

Jardin Prive Histoires de Moutons 1 - click for more
Jardin Prive Histoires de Moutons 2 from Jardin Prive - click for more
Jardin Prive Histoires de Moutons 3 - click for more Jardin Prive Histoires de Moutons 4 - click for more
Histoires de Moutons Set
This is a fun 'sampler' of sorts - it has about 12 sections of little sheep going about their daily activities! They are in the garden, they're jumping the fence... they've been sheared and the mistress is spinning their wool into yarn... and there are even a pair of black sheep in here!

Presented as a series of 4 charts - we have all 4 bundled together here to make the 296 x 145 piece. It'll finish approx 9 x 18-1/2 on 32ct. Coded for regular DMC - 221, 223, 754, 370, 830, 926, 435, 611, 839, 3790, 3865, and 310.

Cat Lovers from Jardin Prive - click for more
Cat Lovers
What a pretty piece full of Quaker motifs and little black kitties. This measures 180 in stitch count or 10 x 10 on 18/36ct. Coded for just 8 colors of DMC floss... again, add some hand-dyeds if you want, or think about stitching those cats in black Simply Wool!!!

Maybe dump the words *CAT LOVERS* because you already know that you are one. Instead... stitch your kitties names!!!!!

Jardin de Bobines from Jardin Prive - click for more
Jardin de Bobines
A garden of spools! This is a fun little piece, coded for DMC... it finishes approx 5 x 6 on 18/32 count.

Change the alphabet letters in here (we already know them!) and put your name in here -- like it's the entry to your sewing room! It'd be darling as the front of a sewing bag... and if you did it bitty - like over one on 28ct Lugana - it'd make a 3 x 4 PIN CUSHION!!!!!

ABC des Maisons from Jardin Prive - click for more
ABC des Maisons
An organized neighborhood of houses... this finishes approx 8 x 11 on 32ct.

I think the trees are fun, because they're all different. The houses are all too... and the little hills. Which house would you live in? Charted for DMC, might make a cute set of cushons or fobs.

Patchwork aux Chats CATS from Jardin Prive - click for more Patchwork aux Chiens DOGS from Jardin Prive - click for more Ciseaux & Bobines from Jardin Prive - click for more
Cute Designs
A trio of charming charts we stumbled across at the recent Spring Wholesale Needlework Market -- all three of these can be stitched on any fabric you like, and are coded for DMC floss. No special embellishments or threads called for -- that's YOUR challenge if you're up to it! Add some beads to borders and eyes, furry Simply Wools to the animals, maybe some bitty bells for the cat collars? Some metallic to those scissors... what about Satin Stitches on the thread spools? French Knots for the sheep and bee buttons???

Each of them is really cute, and full of fun design motifs. Cats and Dogs both measure 117 x 117 -- about 8-1/2 inches square on 14/28ct. The Scissors and Spools measures 143 x 86 -- so about 10 x 6. Cute!

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