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Arranging It!
Ink Circles is getting organized with everything under the sun. Kind of a fun series of designs, each of these is offered in it's separate chart. They all measure the same size -- approx 6 x 4 on 30-ish count, and are coded for Sampler Threads or DMC flosses.

Tools, Fishing Lures, Orchestra, Sewing, Birdhouses, Vegetables... each one appeals to its particular hobby... These are a cute something to stitch for someone... unless their sewing room or tackle box is a mess!

Spring Snow from Ink Circles - click to see more Spring Snow
Pretty colors in this -- grab a 11 x 13 cut of Week's 30ct Dove Linen and Sampler Threads of Maple Syrup, Slate, Straw Bonnet, Deep Forest and Endive. I see Spring's fawns and rabbits scattered among the falling snowflakes... and lots of foresty evergreens.

I love the colors and the balance in this. What a pretty piece to hang during the transitions of the seasons, it finishes just 5 x 7, and is offered as a chart.

Get Kraken from Ink Circles - click to see more Get Kraken
Mmm... at first, you see a Norwegian-flavored design with that cool little band sampler running down the right side. Lots of motifs, pretty teal, brown and mustard colors. Then... you notice the sailing ships and all the deckhands up in the riggings. Then... you notice all the sea serpent tails and realize that this is *one busy scene!* There is a battle going on... there is a mermaid and a stray anchor, crowns and a date!!!

And thus began the epic battle and no man escaped his watery grave. It might say that... but if all lives were lost in this epic battle attempting to conquer The Great Greenland Sea Monster... and it happened over 300 years ago... I bet the story is embellished a little! Tracy of Ink Circles isn't saying.....! Her sampler (oh excuse me, it SAYS this MIGHT be a reproduction!... right above the line that says it's an original design) measures approx 11 x 12 on 32ct and is stitched with either Gloriana Silk or DMC floss. It is so full of personality, cool motifs, neat borders and the 'flavor of authenticity' that it BEGS to belong to someone who loves the sea. Offered as a chart.

Celebrate Diversity from Ink Circles - click to see more Celebrate Diversity
Diversity in Beer! Ink Circles has a new design... it'd be fun to hang in a bar area, or make as a rec room decoration. European-styled lettering... this is just a cute suggestion of many of the different glasses beer is served in. Worked on 32ct, this'll finish approx 8 x 10-1/2, and is stitched with Weeks hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

Then... did you know that your 'glass' of beer may actually be a snifter, tumbler, nonic, chalice, boot, pilsner, tulip, tub, thistle, goblet... oh she lists 8 more!!!!! They'd be fun to somehow work into a lettered border! Offered as a chart.

*99*  Bottles of Beer on the Wall from Ink Circles - click to see more *99* Bottles of Beer on the Wall!
Ink Circles advises us to 'Stitch Responsibly' where this piece is concerned. She had a great time getting into beer tasting and home brewing while she was working on this piece... a stitched piece to celebrate that obnoxious song everyone knows about the bottles on the wall. This beer sampling is kind of fun -- in order to fit them all into a reasonably sized piece, she really had to shrink down the bottles and labels -- but maintaining the integrity of the label was paramount! Along with her chart is a *Key to Great Beer* listing -- providing the names of the beer and brewery, and location. So... see how many you can guess, or check them off as you stitch them, or as you drink them!

Offered as the chart, this finishes approx 10 x 20-1/2 on 28ct. Coded for DMC floss, it'd be a great gameroom or bar decoration! Can't do them all? Just choose some favorites and do a row. Probably not the best thing to stitch as a graduation gift... but a home brewer would love it!!!

Calamity Pippi from Ink Circles Beau Leggy & Calamity Pippi by Liberty Hill for Historic Stitches -- click to see a larger view Beau Leggy & Calamity Pippi
Stitch a bit of Western Whimsey for your Old West Family Room, or something cute for the bedrooms of the little cowboys and cowgirls in the family!!! A pair of designs by Ink Circles, these are offered as individual charts, are worked on 32ct Blue Spruce Belfast linen in good 'ol DMC flosses' and finish approx 5 x 7. (28ct, 10ct, 14... really any count will work -- you just want that awesome dusky blue background.)

Nothing special in the stitches area -- just regular cross stitches. You could add beads to the cactus, metallic to the belt buckles, moon and stars, and if you choose 10ct fabric... some Wisper furry thread to the animals, and Very Velvet to make their boots suede... so many cute things! The designs themselves are really good... I love those bowled legs... and the names of the designs, too!!!

Here Comes Treble * Alto Gether Now * First Bass from Ink Circles - click to see more Here Comes Treble * Alto Gether Now * First Bass
Something fun for the music-lover in your life... Ink Circles has a trio of small charts with stitch counts of 60 x 60-ish. Choose any fabric you like, these are coded for hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

Make ornaments, something to hang in the music room, or a quick gift for a special teacher. Offered separately as small charts.

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