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White Christmas by Sara Guermani - click for more
White Christmas
Sara Guermani has a new chart that caught our eye...
White Christmas - Another of Sara's charming village scenes, this one has tiny houses and reindeer everywhere and a manger scene up near the top corner. Measuring 278 x 263, this finishes approx 17 inches square on 32ct and uses 15 shades of DMC.

Autunno -- Autumn -- Automne by Sara Guermani - click for more Autunno - Autumn - Automne
A pretty piece, this has NO Halloween elements in it... strictly Autumn in color and subject. I love the different borders, there are golden orange evergreens in here (so they must be different trees than evergreens!) and gorgeous little cottages and houses scattered about.

Lots of smaller scenes to pull out of here and stitch if you need something smaller. Calls for 60 different DMC flosses.

Halloween by Sara Guermani - click for more
Another of Sara's 'landscape' scenes... Halloween measures about 17 inches square on 32ct -- the same as all her other scenes. This one -- just like all the rest -- has great smaller motif areas you can grab out and stitch individually, but together, this gives you a busy scene full of great color, lots to see, and charming design elements.

The ghosts are neat, the little cauldron at the bottom is kind of fun, LOVE that messy spider web in the tree, and actually that moon in the upper corner is neat with leaves in front of it. Coded for DMC floss. SUPER cute!

Inverno Hiver Winter by Sara Guermani - click for more

Inverno Hiver Winter
Ski slopes and lots of snow-trimmed evergreens, this measures 280 x 262.

Uses 40 Different DMC shades. Neat border on this one!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Sara Guermani - click for more
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
By Sara Guermani... we have two new Christmas designs -- this is just one of them. An endearing Christmas Village -- Downtown -- Christmas Eve ceremony... everything is layered out for the arriving 3 Kings.

Overall stitch count is 354 x 140 - so a whopping 19 x 9 on 32ct. Charming landscape, cute figures coming for the festivities... presented as a chart.

Winter 2018 by Sara Guermani - click for more
Winter 2018
By Sara Guermani, this is cute! A city scene... complete with row of (dark?!) houses, carolers and snow-man-builders, the 5 individual boxes of motifs at the top, and the cute things inside of them!!

This measures 356 x 191 - which is nuts! 12 x 16...

Christmas Last Minute by Sara Guermani - click for more Christmas Last Minute
One of 6 additions to our Sara Guermani page, this is super cute! Everyone has left all the Christmas chores till the 11th hour! The family Christmas tree is there in the car... BOTH the elves and Santa are doing their laundry with water heated on the fire! You can see everyone waiting around in their shorts! (Santa's are red polka dot, of course!) and... there are reindeer delivering wrapped packages on sleds.

Finishing about 17 inches square on 32ct... all of these in this series make into REALLY NICE substantial couch pillows. Festive decorations to bring out every year -- just for a special few weeks! Coded for DMC, but she's easy on you this time - only 19 shades!

Christmas Village by Sara Guermani - click for more Christmas Village
The little chalets in this one are so cool! Santa and his reindeer are up there in the sky, there are deer and Olde Worlde Santas all over in here! All the little trees, all the rolling hills, as with all of these, you just want to be in the middle of them all!!!

Only 21 different colors in this one!

Spring 2018 by Sara Guermani - click for more Summer 2018 by Sara Guermani - click for more
Spring and Summer 2018
Pretty borders and small scenes are scattered amidst the houses and floral blocks of these seasonal pieces. Each measures a whopping 360 x 190 in stitch count -- or 20 x 11 on 18/36ct. Kind of large... so if you don't want that whole thing, break apart the design elements and use your favorites.

The Spring houses are really charming. We laughed in the shop when these came in. The date is in the title... so I guess when you look at these in your stash in upcoming years... you'll know how long you've had them! (not always a friendly reminder!) Charted for approx 40 different shades of DMC floss!

Winter Sampler by Sara Guermani - click for more Spring Sampler by Sara Guermani - click for more Spring and Winter Samplers
Gorgeous sprigs of florals scattered everywhere, there are tiny village scenes tossed in between as well.

To the left of center there is an animal pile-up that is charming!

Halloween Sampler by Sara Guermani - click for more Halloween Sampler
Halloween Sampler -- Lots of scary haunted castles, witches flying everywhere, and dangling spiders... this is kind of on the heavier side of halloween. 278 Stitch count... same size as the rest in this series, 20 shades of DMC are called for.

Autumn Sampler by Sara Guermani - click for more Summer Sampler by Sara Guermani - click for more Summer & Autumn Samplers
These are charming medleys of all sorts of scenes, motifs, and memories of the Summer and Autumn seasons. By Italian artist Sara Guermani, each is presented in chart format and designs measure 278 x 263 in stitch count. That makes them 14-ish inches square on 40ct or 19-1/2 on 28/14ct. You can choose any fabric and count you like, though, AND stitch ANY or ALL parts of each piece.

Charted for DMC floss, there are little villages and animals all over the place... and you can see how the little sections would be fun to break up and stitch individually to make smaller cushions. You could make a whole bundle of bitty things to nestle in a basket... or make a larger statement for your walls.

Primavera in Provenza by Sara Guermani - click for more Primavera in Provenza (Spring in the Provence)
Spring in the countryside! Sara Guermani has a charming village scene that is full of houses, flowers, farm animals, quilts on the line, and small scenes scattered everywhere. Measuring 280 x 263 in size, it finishes approx 20 inches square on 28ct, or 15-1/2 inches square on 36ct.

Coded for DMC floss, Primavera uses only 40! Super fun to look at, you'll keep noticing details everywhere, which makes them even more fun to stitch.

Autunno La Vendemmia by Sara Guermani - click for more Autunno: La Vendemmia (Autumn in Provence)
A charming scene -- again measuring 278 x 263 each, coded for DMC flosses. If you work these on 32ct, they'll finish approx 17 x 16 - quite generous in size.

Regular Crosses, with a few French Knots and bits of backstitch. Just lovely... imagine a spectacular custom framing treatment on them... mmm!

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