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Counting Puddles

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Magical Snowflakes from Counting Puddles  - click to see more Watermelon Crawl from Counting Puddles - click to see more
Watermelon Crawl and Magical Snowflakes
  • Watermelon Crawl - This is a fun summer piece to stitch and display on your kitchen counter. Stitched on Star Sapphire linen, it's coded for DMC and finishes 7 x 8-1/2 on 32ct. I LOVE the geometric design inside the melon... the grass has a fun repeating motif, the rinds have that big swooping curve effect, and the strawberries down below have bead accents on them! This would be fun with some added black metallic in the ants, or maybe the melon instead? Presented as a leaflet.
  • Magical Snowflakes - This is another pretty design. Choose a deep blue fabric color to simulate the night sky... this is done with regular DMC and finishes about 7 inches in size on 14ct fabric. There are TONS of gorgeous colors of Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braid that would be fun in this... make those flakes glisten, or maybe add opalescent to the snowman? Very whimsical and fun.

Songbird Serenade from Counting Puddles - click to see more Songbird Serenade
What a pretty pair of songbirds - especially with their songs floating across the piece. Stitched on Touch of Yellow fabric with regular DMC they finish only 6-1.2 inches on 28ct! So... a very petite 5 x 5 on 36ct. Both designs are included in the leaflet.

I wonder if touches of Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braid metallic would be good on these... I can't tell from the pics but there might be bead embellishments on the flower centers... and I'm thinking BITS of metallic in the musical notes would be pretty!

Santa's Moonlight Ride from Counting Puddles  - click to see more Spooktacular Party from Counting Puddles - click to see more Squirrel's Bright White Winter Night Ornaments from Counting Puddles - click to see more Rabbit's Bright White Winter Night Ornaments from Counting Puddles - click to see more Sweet Summertime from Counting Puddles - click to see more
Several New Designs From a New Designer - Counting Puddles!
  • Santa's Moonlight Ride - Grab some darker navy fabric - something you can see on - to create your night sky. There is a lot of stitching on here... but it's Santa, so he's worth it! Measuring 154 x 186 - on 14/28ct this will be 11 x 13. The larger fabric is fine to work this on - it's definitely going to be an annual family favorite - so if your eyes need Aida - GO FOR IT! Coded for DMC, we think it's delightful!
  • Spooktacular Party - Another fun Holiday piece n a dark background... gunmetal is called for - much easier to see than black! Lots of bright DMC color, lots of geometric patterns in everything - this measures 10 x 13 on 28/14.
  • Squirrel's and Rabbit's Bright White Winter Night Ornaments - Two different charts, these are done on Blue Spruce linen with DMC. On 28ct - 4 x 4, on 32 a bit smaller. They're pretty cute in their matching sweaters!
  • Sweet Summertime - Changing seasons to NOW, this looks cool, refreshing and delicious! LOVE all the patterns imbeded in the cantelope, lemonade and watermelon. What a a pretty way to give them depth and add lots of charm and happiness to this piece! Measuring 112 x 137, stitched with DMC this will finish approx 7 x 8-1/2 if you use 32ct. LOTS of stitches in here, but I love the colors!

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