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What a fun collection of seasonal and whimsical designs! All offered in chart format, each is full of cheery color, and most are stitched on YOUR choice of fabric! Some of the chart covers are showing digital images of the chart, rather than the finished piece... that can get confusing when you're looking at the Biscornu designs. But rest assured, the charts inside are nicely done and very clear. Seasonal, Graduation and Everyday... it's a fun selection!

Most of these call for regular DMC thread... but also ONE or TWO colors of DMC Variations flosses, which are available in a boxed set of 8 or 10 colors. Overdyed flosses will work, as well.

Dreaming of Van Gogh from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Dreaming of Klimt from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more A Cup of Frida from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Butterfly Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more She Mad Hatter Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Dreaming of Van Gogh, Dreaming of Klimt, A Cup of Frida, Butterfly Dreams, She Mad Hatter Dreams
Barbara Ana has 5 more Dreaming Girl patterns to join her collection - we have 10 others on her pages now.

All fun and whimsical... every one is on different fabric, all are coded for DMC and all are different sizes. Find one you like - and stitch it! Gorgeous colors, beautiful artwork!

Sailing Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Sailing Dreams
Sailing Dreams is the 9th 'Girl' inspired by the artwork of Mexican Modernist Artist Frida Kahlo. Charming, Colorful, Bold, Whimsical - you can get lost in any of these Dreaming Ladies! Frida Kahlo is a 20th Century iconic artist who showcases Mexican culture highlighting flora and fauna in her artwork. Tulsa's Philbrook Museum of Art is actually hosting a private collection of paintings, drawings, collages and photographs of Frida and companion Diego Rivera from July 6th through September 11th, 2022. So while we think this is a fun cross stitch chart that we might want to stitch, it is really quite famous in the art world!

Barbara Ana is a cross stitch artist from Mexico - Creative Poppy is her publisher - located in Paris, France. But the last time I communicated with CP she was living in JAPAN I think! The world is a crazy, small place... it's just so much fun to enjoy so much of the world via our tiny world of Cross Stitch!
Back to Ms Sailing Dreams - she is worked with DMC on 32ct Natural and finishes just 5-1/2 x 7!

Floral Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Woodland Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Witchy Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Trick or Treat from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Floral Dreams, Woodland Dreams, Witchy Dreams and Trick or Treat... More Dreaming Girls
  • Floral Dreams - Stitched on 25ct Pacific Metallic blue Lugana - if you can't find that exact fabric, just look for a rich aqua color of hand-dyed. Floral finishes 5 x 7, and she's worked with DMC flosses. Another gorgeous Dreaming Girl... it's getting hard to choose a favorite!
  • Woodland Dreams - Another fun whimsical pic... our girl has mushrooms growing out of her head! She's a little 'out-there.' One of the shop gals insists that those are horns holding up the village and trees... I don't think we're supposed to over-think this series - just smile at it! That gorgeous Azure Blue fabric against the Autumnal DMC colors is just so striking! Our fabric is on the way!
  • Witchy Dreams - This one is wearing a tiny skull necklace, there's a kitty in a graveyard up on her hat, as well a tiny bubbling cauldron... I guess she's got lots on her mind!
  • Trick or Treat - Only 4 x 5-1/2 I don't know what makes this so cute, but everybody is drawn to it! The speckled fabric is neat... the DMC colors are pretty, just a fun little piece!

Dreaming of Miss Claus from Barbara Ana - click to see more Dreaming of Miss Claus
Another charming Dream-Girl by Barbara Ana! The 7th one! Miss Claus has gingerbread earrings, and on her white-as-snow billowing hair are mountains of chocolate and a peaceful, sleepy village. The stars are done with metallic gold. Her hair is worked with 3743 and 3865.

Both colors look white, but contrast each other - they make that gorgeous geometric pattern in her hair. It looks so 3-dimensional. The chart is huge, and printed in full color... very easy to see and follow, and Miss Claus finishes a mere 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 32ct!

Garden of Dreams from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Garden of Dreams
Here is another pretty girl, musing and alone in her thoughts! She companions Dreaming Frieda and Dreaming Girl, but she's a little smaller, and is stitched on a neutral colored fabric. Can you see the darling little kitty up there in the hills?

Measuring only 86 x 97, she finishes approx 5 x 6 on 32ct - very do-able - and is charted for 18 shades of DMC floss. So pretty!

Dreaming Girl from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Dreaming Frida
Dreaming Frida is a companion to Dreaming Girl. She has words in her hair that say "Viva la Vida." She has all sorts of things in her dreams... keys dangling... a cute little kitty and some cactus, some fun stylized mountains... and even a little hilltop village... probably all her favorite things she's dreaming about!

The model shown on the chart cover is finished into a fabric pouch, and it is stunning. What a fun bag to use when YOU are dreaming of your travels! The stitch count is 125 x 63. Stitched on 32 count Country Vintage Mocha, she is 9" x 4."

Dreaming Girl from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Dreaming Girl
This is a wistfully pretty piece - obviously our girl has a head full of dreams - just like the title of the piece announces! Stitched on a deep blue fabric (or choose anything you like), it is all worked with DMC floss, and finishes approx 8-1/2 x 4-/12 on 32ct. (The Stitching with the Housewives girls dye a lot of this color - they use a RIT dye from the grocery store!!!)

Anyway, this design is fun... stitch it for the happy Dreamer in your life! I love everything about it!

Viva la Vida from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Viva la Vida
From the designer's website: "This cross stitch pattern is a tribute by Spanish designer Barbara Ana to the Mexican woman painter Frida Kahlo. The portrait mirrors the artist's own self portraits with the signature eyebrows, large dark eyes, and elaborate hairstyle interwoven with large flowers. Frida Kahlo lived her life to the full and Barbara Ana has chosen appropriate lines "Viva la vida" to complement her portrait of the artist.

"A pale and somewhat abstract sun sends its golden rays above the artist's head. The colorful flowers are evocative of the rich tropical nature of Frida Kahlo's homeland. A small spider monkey sits on the artist's lap." Design is 6 x 10 on 28ct.

Santa's Trips from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Santa's Trips
This is cute... you have to look at the tiny scenes a little! The pretty border of plump berries surrounds 9 smaller ornament-sized pieces - the WHOLE THING finishes only 9-1/2 inches square on 32ct.

Each of the small scenes measures 39 x 39 stitches and features Santa delivering gifts on a reindeer, rabbit, cat, pig and even in his sleigh. All the sleepy city buildings are below... and one panel even offers a KEY because there aren't enough chimneys! A very attractive piece, it is coded for just 11 shades of regular DMC floss. Wouldn't it look great as small cushions all nestled in a wooden bowl?

Witchy Pantry from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Witchy Harvest from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
*The Girls* are Getting Ready for Halloween!
Barbara Ana has a new designs that are actually pretty entertaining when you study them! Can you find the little dangling lizards (I Believe those would be Newts?) Each pic has a cute little cat, and all the pumpkins, vines, dresses, and quilty design elements everywhere add pops of color. Break up some of the motifs and make some individual pin cushions - the cat with the basket of pumpkins is pretty cute... or you could stitch the witch faces on one side of a pin cushion and personalize your friends names on the other side! (depends on your friends, I guess.)

Anyway, presented in three different charts, all are worked on 32ct white. Witchy Pantry finishes about 6 x 6 and Witchy Harvest finishes approx 8 x 6. All are coded for regular DMC floss.

Black Cat Hollow from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Black Cat Hollow - All Three Parts!
This is a whole village scene complete with pumpkin vine border, little haunted houses, black cats, and witches with big behinds!!!! (better them, than me!) Cute as can be, it is full of stars and moons, lots of Autumn vegetation and witches and bats everywhere. Originally released in three separate charts, we have all of them together, so you can have the set at one time rather than chasing down all the parts.

*Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.*
Measuring 151 in stitch count, this will finish approx 11 x 11 on 28ct, and is charted for just 9 shades of regular DMC floss! Go for it, and add hand-dyeds, metallics for the house windows and bats... wool thread for the cats?

Portuguese Bird Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Portuguese Bird Sampler
Love, Love the colors in this! *Tell me ye knowing and discerning few, where I may find a friend both firm and true. Who dares stand by me when in deep distress and then his love and friendship most express.*

Quite large, the stitch count on this is 275 x 335 -- so it finishes almost 14 x 16 on 40ct, and would be 17 x 21 on 32. I guess you could leave off a band or two, but everything is so pretty on here, I don't know what you'd want to leave off!!! Fun to add Satins on the border acorns... you could always do Rice Stitches for the lettering. Charted for regular stitches with 22 shades of regular DMC floss, on white.

Witch House? from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Witch House?
Here's a cute little cut-away of a witch's house. You can see her bedroom with clothes hanging... she's doing something with her broom down in the kitchen, and there is a second black kitty sitting on the living room chair!

Finishing only about 3 x 4, choose a bright purple fabric for this, and make a scissor or needle case out of it, or a little pin cushion. Charted for just 11 shades of DMC floss.

Autumn Keeper from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Autumn Keeper
This is a small-ish piece - pin cushion-sized on 40ct - that is worked in only 9 shades of DMC floss. Your proper Miss is keeper-of-the-key - possibly to the autumn garden full of Bittersweet and acorns.

Stitch count is just 77 x 85. We think some lush chenille trim would really accent this little piece! Presented as a chart.

Rooster Ride from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Rooster Ride
Here's a brightly colored pin cushion design -- a funky little bird that will finish approx 3 x 3. It calls for only DMC of 3371, 919, 783, 829, 422, 501, 822, 503 and 780.

In looking at it, the 501 and 503 are supposed to look bright aqua... I don't think they do, so you may want to change your thread a little to get to match this charming picture! I like the contrast of the teal/aqua against the rust and gold. Anyway, just a fun little chart!

Ornament Trio from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Christmas Ornament Trio
Barbara Ana has a new chart of three small designs -- they are only 39 stitches square -- that are charted for DMC. Cute and simple, finish them flat or stuffed, leave off the border or not.

Add embellishments, change the threads and fabric counts... the basic designs are real cute! All three are included in the chart.

Funky Bird from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Funky Bird
Oh, I LOVE this little guy... his shape, the spindly alphabet, and the terrific color selections to stitch it all! Finishing only 5 x 8-ish on 35ct cream linen, this little guy is worked with ONLY 11 shades of regular DMC floss!

He is shown finished into a sewing pocket, but you could leave off the alphabet and make him into a pin cushion instead -- he's only 85 x 85 stitches so he'd be about 5 inches in size. He's just a different kind of bird all around!!! Presented as a chart.

Hocus Pocus from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Hocus Pocus
A smallish design -- perfect for a pin cushion, this is a Halloween Brew Cooking Scene! The witch is out in her yard bubbling her brew -- can you see her house and graveyard in the background?

You might want to choose a mangier fabric for this or coffee-stain it when you are finished -- so the bubbles and stones show up. Trees are actually very pretty, this is coded for Valdani or DMC floss and finishes approx 4 x 7 on 32ct. Offered as a chart.

Mary Pepper Pouch from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Mary Pepper Pouch
What a cute little bag! Stitch YOUR name in there if it sounds as cool as 'Mary Pepper!'

Just 5 colors of DMC, this one would be super-easy to convert to hand-dyeds. It measures just 108 x 115 -- so approx 7-ish inches on 32ct.

All Creatures Great and Small from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more All Creatures Great and Small
Barbara Ana has a charming new sampler that celebrates life!!! Presented as a chart, it measures 317 x 248 in stitch count -- 20 x 15 on 32ct! Choose any fabric count and color you like, and grab your DMC flosses -- no hand-dyeds in this! Every row is full of tiny animals, there are barns and buildings, a windmill, the fisherman with kitty watching from the dock -- even a graveyard!

It has lots of color and design balance... lots to captivate the eye... lots to 'discuss' when you look at it! It would be stunning in a hallway or bedroom... get the family name in the center, and maybe their 'date established' in there as well!

The Witch's Inn from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Witch's Inn
Oh this is cute!!! Make it a TWO-SIDED pin cushion!!! One side features the Witch's Inn with the welcoming key hanging from the sign. You could garnish this with pumpkin buttons, bats and spiders... all sorts of cute stuff. The other side, however, is too cute to pass up! It has the witch sleeping in bed -- inside the Bed and Breakfast -- her kitties on and under the bed with her! Witch shoes are underneath there too! Since 1692... has she been sleeping that long... or has this place been in business that long?

Front side finishes approx 7-1/2 x 3-1/2. Smaller design is 4-1/2 x 3. I think they'd be really fun finished back to back as a two-sided cushion! Offered as the chart, coded for DMC floss and stitched on 32ct Flax Linen (but you could choose some scary hand-dyed fabrics as well).

Fair Philomel from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Fair Philomel
This verse is so cool! PERFECT for a stitcher!!! It reads: Fair Philomel, why she but lost her tongue and in a tedious sampler sewed her mind. Offered in chart format, Barbara Ana has the neatest finishing treatment on this. The needlework is on 40ct (you could choose any count) and finishes approx 6 x 7-1/2.

Next, she chooses 3 different colors of wool -- We like using 3 different patterns of our Weeks Dye Works Wools -- and cutting out dots and zig-zags to embellish. Attach with some buttonhole stitches and add a neat antique button or two, and you're finished! Just a fun piece to command a little teasing from your family!!!!! Offered as a chart, beautifully published by Creative Poppy, we can send wool and buttons if you need them!

The Feathered Wisperers from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Feathered Wisperers
A reproduction of an original 1859 sampler, Barbara Ana writes; 'A conspiracy is brewing here, the fluffy cat looks so worried and the stag is truly surprised, the two little feathered traitors, whispering and whispering, are up to no good..' The original sampler -- probably Dutch -- was stitched with wool on canvas.

There is a beautiful border that is not pictured in the new piece -- but she HAS included it on the chart -- and you can see it on the sampler image on the back side of the chart. It is really pretty. Offered as the chart, beautifully published by Creative Poppy, this is coded for DMC and has a stitch count of 259 x 263.

Henrietta Goodrich Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Henrietta Goodrich Sampler
Barbara Ana has a new sampler -- she's designed it to LOOK very old -- but it is a new creation!! A really pretty piece, it measures 162 x 194 stitches -- approx 8 x 10 on 40ct.

Charted for DMC and overdyed flosses, Barbara has Adam and Eve in here, neat houses, angels, the bold and organized border, and a smattering of design mistakes to add to the charm and flavor of the piece. *Be you to others kind and true, as you'd have others be to you. And never do nor say to men, whatever you would not take again.* Offered as a chart.

Elizabeth Wise from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Elizabeth Wise
Wow... this makes a statement! It looks huge, but actually finishes a mere 6 x 6 over 2 on 40ct linen! A charming flower basket that seems larger than life, this is charted for DMC flosses -- 15 of them. I think the basket looks so big because of the people, dog and house at the bottom... and I just love it!

Offered as a chart, we think this would make a pretty pillow nestled on an antique quilt in a sunny bedroom!

Autumn Tree from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Autumn Tree
Here is a companion to our *O Halloween and O Christmas* trees! That tall spindly tree with a few lingering colorful Autumn leaves, is decorated for the season with tiny houses, black crows, acorns, spotted mushrooms and even a little black squirrel! A little sly fox is coming to inquire... and are those keys to the cottages all hanging from the branches? S

titched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha linen, it finishes approx 6 x 10, and is coded for regular DMC floss. Offered as a chart.

Midnight from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Barbara Ana has a new design that features a verse by William Shakespeare -- *Tis now the very witching time of night...* and it's a really fun piece! The sleepy village along the bottom with a couple of prowling cats, there are two witches (I think -- because of the brooms) and a gorgeous floral basket that honestly, could be stitched just by itself and be lovely! Coded for DMC floss, the stitch count is only 106 x 117, so it'll finish approx 6-1/2 x 7 on 32ct.

Midnight from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see moreWhat we think is also cool, is the pretty finishing treatment on this. The finished piece doesn't fit the frame! This opens up so many possibilities for antique frames you have laying round -- or one from a flea market. Choose -- in this case -- two fabrics that coordinate to your flosses, and the wool pennies shown in the pic. Barbara Ana has attached her needlework with some gigantic X-stitches and then added tho wool 'pennies!!!' What a neat presentation! Offered as the chart, you have several fabric options, and we can choose some coordinating Weeks Dye Works wool schnigglet cuts to make your pennies -- you'll need 5 cuts.

Long May She Wave from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Long May She Wave
A cute design that would finish into a pillow very nicely, Long May She Wave features a great big blue sky, an eagle, Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross (with her needle!!) Just a real different design arrangement, something about this is charming! It might be the framing the sky offers, or the wavy flag or even the banners along the bottom. Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 8-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 32ct.

The Witch, Crow and Pumpkin from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Witch, The Crow and The Pumpkin
Kind of three designs in one with this one! The center stitching is just a little piece all by itself. The border is stunning, and that fob is darling!

The Witch, Crow and Pumpkin is really neat because the pennies around the edge are actually pieces of wool -- cut and blanket stitched on there! The actual stitched center is approx 5-1/2 x 7... and notice the small coordinating scissor fob -- that is 2 x 3-1/2. For the Penny edge treatment, you'll need a set of 6 Schnigglet Cuts of our Week's Dye Work's wools to match the DMC threads used. Mix the colors of wool for the pennies, you'll be cutting 36 circles -- then Blanket stitching them onto the linen. Using #8 Black Pearl Cotton is easiest for this part -- it really stands out against the wool. You could also do the Penny Edge treatment around that small fob design. So darn cute, this is also offered as a chart and is worked on 32ct Natural linen that has been distressed with walnut crystals... or dark coffee grounds if those are on hand!

Merry Christmas from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Merry Christmas
Here's a cute little snow-guy decorated with Quaker flakes! He's smallish -- finishing only 3-1/2 x 5 on 28ct -- and would make a sweet ornament greeting tucked into a door wreath!

Offered as a chart, you could add some clay birds and a sticky-outy clay carrot nose!

Spring Scissor Fob from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Spring Scissor Fob
Puffy-cheeked bunnies, the buzzing bees in the garden, and of course the lush and delicious carrots, lots of cute-ness in this 65 x 69 square of stitching! 13 Shades of DMC floss.

The Snooty Parrots Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Snooty Parrots Sampler
No glory I covet! No riches I want! Ambition is nothing to me. The one thing I beg of kind Heaven to grant is a mind independent and free. Barbara Ana has a charming new sampler - but - she designed it to look and feel very old. A cool, unbalanced border, lots of little mistakes in counting scattered everywhere, and great motifs throughout... Check out the stars of the piece -- The Snooty Parrots!

So much pretty color it is stitched in either DMC or Sampler Threads and measures 248 x 329 stitches. onyx, Bayberry, sea spray, apple cider, cranberry, Grecian gold, dark chocolate, baby spinach, rhubarb and oatmeal, this piece is colorful and quite endearing! Offered as a chart. One of 3 new designs.

Halloween Heart from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Halloween Heart
This has a stitch count of 168 x 126 -- and measures approx 8 x 11 on 32ct Cream Belfast. Coded for 6 colors of DMC or Valdani floss, it doesn't call for any embellishments or specialty stitches -- it's just cute the way it is! You get the little village complete with graveyard in it... little cats everywhere... and at least 3 witches in here.

Just fun... think about some mangy hand-dyed linen and maybe a few beads or buttons?? Offered as the chart.

The Branch - Come With Me All Hallows Night from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more The Branch -- Come With Me All Hallows Night
*Come with me All Hallows Night, we'll frighten everyone in sight! Such pranks for once, are justified and fun and frolic amplified.* Well, actually not such responsible advice to stitch for your kids and display on your family room wall... but maybe they won't read it!!! Lots of cute motifs in here, you probably can't see the eyes peeking out from a hole in the tree trunk!

Stitch count of 209 x 98 -- it finishes approx 6 x 13 on 32ct Vintage Mocha Belfast. Coded for only seven different Anchor or DMC flosses, it would finish into a cute pillow. Offered as a chart.

Cinnamon Christmas from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Cinnamon Christmas
This one comes with two different color variations -- one a brighter, crisper red and white combo -- the other is muted cinnamon colors! A lot of cute elements in here... there are reindeer in the sky, cats, squirrels and birds, the Quaker snowflakes, Santa and his Ms, and the snow-covered font!

Stitched on 32ct in regular DMC flosses... it finishes approx 8 x 13... and will make a stunning cushion on your couch! (I love those little reindeer!!!!) Offered as a chart.

O Christmas Tree from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more O Christmas Tree
The final piece in this frosty trio of matching designs... we again have the little snowmen, that fat cardinal, this time the key is snow-covered and white, those fluffy flakes, and Santa!

Just a lot of fun motifs in this 5 x 11 piece... the artwork is so unique, so fresh, so eye-catching! You need all three of these charts!

Tweet Biscornu from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Tweet Biscornu
Sort of a Summer companion to the bird scissor fobs, these bluebirds are nibbling at the Cherry Blossoms. Check out that funky and rotund bird shape... just so cute! Same funny little bird, just finished into a cushion instead of a fob. 86 x 86 Stitches -- 10 DMC flosses needed.

October 31st from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more October 31st
What a cool little garden! Check out the candy corn flowers with resident spiders! Quaker motifs scattered everywhere, critters all over the place and of course that awesome cat, everything about this screams creativity! Offered as a chart, it finishes approximately 6.5 by 8.5 on 40 count linen. (127 x 171 Stitches.)

Coded for DMC floss, get out your overdyeds and see what else you can add to make this your own. The model is worked on something mangy -- choose something dark enough so that the winter-whites will show up.

Halloween (The Moon Laughs) from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Halloween (The Moon Laughs)
This is a neat design -- and is offered in two different colorways. On lighter linen, choose solid or hand-dyed thread in just a black and gold for the moons and stars. The pic on the darker fabric features everything stitched in DMC flosses -- a combo of 12 classic halloween-y colors!

Stitch count of 99 x 171 -- Barbara Ana gives you 'official permission' to pick a hand-dyed linen color of YOUR CHOICE!!! (and I support that!!!)

Bootscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
62 x 62, Love that green background!
Christmas Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Christmas Biscornu
62 x 62, This is one of my favorites! What a cute tree ornament it would make!
Thanksgiving Biscornu from Barbara Ana Designs - click for a larger view
Thanksgiving Biscornu
70 x 70, GREAT pilgrims, pumpkins, crows and corn!

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