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Spooktacular by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Spooktacular
We haven't had anything new from Hinzeit for quite some time... but I saw this one and liked it! Kind of a hint of a Jack-O-Lantern, it's pretty bold and cute. Measures 49 x 191 - you can stitch it on anything you want - 32ct makes it 3 x 12.

Coded for regular DMC floss, the chart comes with a spider charm. I would categorize the spider as icky! He's over 1/2 an inch in size, the kind that 'hops' when you try to get it, and I would definitely NOT step on one of these with bare feet! (charm or real!!!) So there you have it - charming with a terrifying embellishment!

Winter Wonderland by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designsThanksgiving Greetings by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designs Thanksgiving Greetings and Winter Wonderland
We're way past Thanksgiving... and it took me all this time to finally get these two charts through our doors! By Hinzeit, these are two seasonal 'greetings' just like so many others we have had in the shop for years! Our wall of Hinzeit models is happy to have two additions!

Both finish (like all the rest) about 3 x 13 in size. GREAT color, nice bold design style, each comes with an embellishing charm. Consistently popular designs, presented as charts... lots of other choices below.

Fresh Ground Coffee by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designs Tea for Two by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designs Shorebirds by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designs Shoreline by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designs

Broom Hop by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Charmed Welcome RIP Inn by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Scary Treats
  • Broom Hop -- Hinzeit's traditional look... this is bold and simple... and cute for the Season. The chart comes with a Jack-o-lantern charm, this finishes approx 3 x 11 on any 14/28ct.

  • Charmed Welcome RIP Inn -- Another cute seasonal thing.... you could add your family name to this! Think about using some black, opalescent and orange metallics in this... get some beads for the eyes... it's got a lot going on. The chart comes with the resident skeleton charm and on 14/28, this finishes approx 6 x 7.

ABC: Simplify and Love Life by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs ABC: Simplify and Love Life
Here are two new designs that are meant to remind you of typewriter keys and that old font. You are supposed to make up your own words -- like the Simplify and Love in the pics -- but you can do the whole alphabet (97 x 201 stitch count) if you have the time and patience!

Simplify mimics Penny Rugs with those pretty colors of wool pennies, and the letters in Love Life are kind of filled in like they used to get when the ribbon was getting gunky! Really imaginative, you can do a lot with either of these. Offered as charts, each comes with a set of 4 swirly wire embellishments that you can see in the corners of the main designs.

Charmed Woolen Mittens by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Charmed Woolen Mittens
So darn cute, this is worked in regular DMC shades of black, 413, 610, 613, 646, 815 and 3685. The blue is really a winter-y gray!

Measuring approx 3 x 13 on 28ct, the embellishments on this one are mini one-inch wooden clothes pins and a bit of clothesline!

Charmed Snow Souls by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Charmed Snow Souls
What a cute line-up of snowy people! Funky hair, wings and snow-flakey middles, the included embellishments on this one are clear plastic hearts that look like ice cubes!

Finishes approx 3 x 13.

Charmed Leave Room in Your Garden by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Charmed Leave Room in Your Garden
*For Fairies to Dance!* This is so cute... I love the green and gray... but if you need to change the color of the flowers ... you CAN.

The embellishments in here are clear plastic hearts -- I think they are rain drops! Finishing approx 3 x 13 on 28ct... a very sweet verse.

Charmed Welcome to the Beach by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs
Charmed Welcome to the Beach!
Hinzeit has new designs that are *perfect* to stitch and hang in your vacation get-away cabin... or right in your family room... if you happen to be lucky enough to live near a beach or river!! Choose your body of water, fabric of your choice (they finish approx 3 x 13 on 14/28ct) and your stash of DMC flosses, and you're ready to go.

Each design in offered separately in chart format with a charm or two. You could always add a fishing lure or shell onto the finished piece if you have special ones laying around in your totally awesome lake, beach or river house!!!!

Tis the Harvest by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Tis the Night by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Tis the Season! by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs
Tis the Harvest, Night or Season!
You might recognize these three as larger versions of the cute Charmed Shuttle designs. Hinzeit has added some visual impact by labeling each with bold lettering, making each design stand by itself.

They measure approx 3 x 13, and each features a pair of casted or brass charm embellishments. You CAN take out the smaller inside design for the shuttle if you want...but these give you that larger bordering verse. Very eye catching and colorful, they are offered as charts.

Charmed Music Time by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs
Charmed Music Time
Pretty for the Music Room, measures 1 x 102 stitches, two casted charms.
Crystal Silent Night
Metallic bronze and silver, white, cream and taupe, this features four crystal embellishments. Stitch count of 43 x 187.
Deck the Halls -- Charmed Flakes
Very classy, ecru and black with silver snowflake embellishments, this measures 94 x 125. Contemporary and fresh!

Yellow Snow by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs
Yellow Snow
(I kind of think of Yellow Snow as Warm Wishes, too!) Aren't these cute? Smaller designs, each finishes approx 3 x 3 and features an embellishment of some sort.

Acorn has a darling squirrel, Crows has black metal clock hands, Penguin has a snowflake, and my favorite -- Yellow Snow -- has a little yellow love-heart charm! I'd finish them all as little standing cubes for the windowsill!

Bingo from Hinzeit - click to see more Bingo!
One lets you sit a little more than the other! Bingo has a $100 bill, and mini scorecard!

It's fairly colorful!

Brush 'Em by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Brush 'Em
Well... every dentist office needs this!
*Brush "em* features a set of 7 molars... and *Dentist* includes some teeth, toothpaste tubes, dental floss and even the doctor, himself!

We Give Thanks from Hinzeit - click to see more We Give Thanks
Hinzeit has released several new designs... we have 14! So I thought I'd show one of my favorites here. (Click over to Hinzeit's pages to see the rest.)

We Give Thanks is a 3 x 13 medley of pumpkins, turkeys, wheat and acorns featuring 'the reason for this season!' Simple Cross Stitches, regular DMC flosses and an oak leaf charm, this is offered as a chart. LOTS of pretty color!

Make sure to see Hinzeit's new set of Santa's Reindeer, and more Christmas pieces as well.

School Matters from Hinzeit -- click to see more School Matters
A trio of designs that need no additional words !!! All three charts are offered together in the single chart pack, which includes 6 tiny pen and pencil embellishments to garnish your needlework.

Wow... think *teacher gifts*, think *school office decor*, ... you'll think of something... (thanks to a teacher!!!)

Hinzeit has lots of new releases!!! This is just a sampling... scroll down to see all the rest!

Charmed Joyful Christmas from Hinzeit -- click to see more Charmed Gathering Place from Hinzeit -- click to see more Charmed Haunted Halloween from Hinzeit -- click to see more
Charmed Joyful Christmas, Gathering Place and Haunted Halloween
A trio of designs that each feature two different design elements... celebrating the seasons. Look at these... stitch the center motif as one, or stitch the smaller end as a separate design... these are all cute either way!

Finishing only 3 x 7, you can get ornaments out of the end designs, cute wedge-shaped stand-ups if you stitch the whole design, just anything. Great colors, cute charms in each -- one for each end-cap design.

Cancer Matters from Hinzeit -- click to see a more Military Matters from Hinzeit -- click to see a more America Matters from Hinzeit -- click to see a more
Charmed Matters
Hinzeit has a new series of designs -- we have 4 so far -- each offers 3 sentiments in the package along with embellishments, so you can stitch them all. Joining Family, America and Military. Cancer Matters' designs all measure approx 40 x 95 stitches... in fact ALL of the 13* designs are approx that size, a petite 3 x 7... a great, quick stitch size.

Stitched in either overdyeds or DMC flosses, you can choose so many different fabrics for these, too! The sentiments all say so much, you'll know in an instant who needs which! The Cancer set features a 4th *bonus design* -- 'Cancer Sucks!' This particular package includes 4 ribbon charms, and a conversion chart for the ribbon colors to match your cancer cause.

Charmed Nursery Rhymes from Hinzeit - click for more Charmed Nursery Rhymes
Hickory Dickory features a mouse charm... Mary Had a Little Lamb has a tiny curly-Q sheep, Jack and the Beanstalk sports a tiny wishing well, and Humpty Dumpty is sitting there on his wall in the little charm!

Same size as the rest of our favorite 'word samplers', this is full of bold color! Offered as the chart with charms!

Witches Way from Hinzeit - click for more Witches Way
A new Halloween piece, this could direct friends to the room of the resident teenage 'princess'... or if that doesn't fit your lifestyle... just use it for a cute holiday decoration!!!

Great colors, a spider and ghost charm are featured. Same size -- 3 x 13-ish -- as the rest of the Charmed Samplers.

Game Room from Hinzeit - click for more Game Room
The latest from Hinzeit -- Game Room definitely needs to be hung in a place of honor AWAY FROM the dart board!!! Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 3 x 13 on 28ct. Joining quite a neat collection of the 'Word Pictures' for lack of a better term from Hinzeit, these are always favorite designs! Game Room is stitched in overdyeds of Garnet, Onyx and Beige and features charms to embellish the design.

Hinzeit has released 10 other designs... so don't miss seeing them all!!!

Beer from Hinzeit - click for more Beer
Just like Lucy and Ethel, and Turkey and Dressing... Beer and Poker always go together well!!! Two of Hinzeit's newest releases, the designs are simple, but garnished with really cool tiny, casted metal charms!

Stitch them on any 14/28ct fabric... that part goes fast. Attaching the charms is icing on the cake! Offered as small charts with the charms.

Charmed Christmas Past from Hinzeit -- click to see more Charmed Bewitching Hour from Hinzeit -- click to see more Charmed Board Games from Hinzeit -- click to see more
Christmas Past
Six of a whopping 14 new designs we've received from Hinzeit... Charmed Christmas Past is one of the 'picture sampler' that we like so much! Always offered as the chart with awesome charm embellishments, every design in this set is approx the same in size-- 3 x 13-ish. (If you scroll down the Hinzeit page... you'll approx 24 more neat designs!)

Stitched on 28ct Lambswool in overdyed flosses, this one is elegant! You could even take the 5 smaller designs in the piece and stitch them individually as small ornaments! Enjoy the rest of Hinzeit's new things as well! (The Vineyard piece features beautiful grape cluster charms, and Bewitching Hour includes some clock hands!)

Dash Away All -- click to see a larger view Dash Away All
Gosh... Two weeks ago, I was walking the beach in Port Washington, WI... talking with my brother... we both own businesses... so we ramble...! His Lake Michigan beach shoreline looks like this.. only the seagulls that are feeding on the sand treats fly away from us with every step we take closer to them... Offered as a chart, this joins Hinzeit's collection of designs that features a word -- but with a picture to embellish! Always finishing approx 3 x 13... each chart comes with a selection of necessary charms. There are four new releases... this is just one of them... so check out the rest! Shoreline is my personal favorite this time around... it brings very pleasant, family memories to mind for me!

Charming Seasons
This is a collection of designs... each finishing the same size: approx 3 x 13" on 28ct fabric... that features a set of antiqued silver-finished charms to highlight the picture! Each is stitched in overdyed flosses, but also lists regular DMCs if you'd rather use them. The word is spelled out, big and bold, so they really "speak" to you, and look great up close, or even across a room!

Each set of charms has lots of relief and detail... I think we've shown the charms on the enlarged pics, click on the image at the right to see the entire collection! As far as fabric is concerned... we can send any Linen or Lugana in the colors needed... each cut will run between $6.85 and $7.70. Just tell us in the "additional items" box as you complete your order.

Washroom -- click to see a larger view
Bath Time -- click to see a larger view

Never Enough Time by Hinzeit -- click to see a larger view
Scaredy Cat -- click to see a larger view

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