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Presenting FLAX!
Lovely, Luscious Ladies' Apparel at The Silver Needle!
Machine Washable Linens to Love

New Flax is in! - click for enlargement New Flax is in! - click for enlargement New Flax is in! - click for enlargement New Flax is in! - click for enlargement New Flax is in! - click for enlargement

We love our FLAX clothes... and carry their current lines. Loose, soft, relaxing, classy, elegant and just plain FUN to wear... these clothes look good on everybody who tries them on!

  • The cuts are designed to flatter and feature the best parts of you... and 'disguise' anything else!

  • Most is 100% linen, with the exception of some of the gauze-weight pieces which have 52% linen and 48% cotton content.

  • Some the jackets and tanks are constructed on the bias, so they drape smoothly and slenderize. Lots of sleeve options for rolling! Lots of length options, too.

  • Most of the skirt and pant waistbands are softly elastic banded... The Flood Pants have been FLAX's top selling piece every year for 20 years!

  • Nothing requires an iron -- there are NO OFFICIAL FLAX RULES regarding irons -- you can dry clean and professionally press all of this if you want -- or you can toss it in your washing machine and then just hang it to dry. A neat travel trick -- hang your FLAX in the bathroom with you while you take your morning shower -- the steam works wonders -- and you haven't done a thing!

  • Everything is designed to be layered or mix-and-matched. You can do a million different outfit combinations -- especially with the neutral tanks, jackets and Floods. Trying all of this on is really fun -- You just never know what you'll fall in love with.

  • If you are familiar with FLAX, you'll know which pieces, sizes and styles work for you. If you are just getting your first pieces (trust me, you'll fall in love with all of this!), know that all is a relaxed, fun, easy feel and look.

    All of the collections are offered for a short few months, so as FLAX sells out of them, we are usually unable to order more. Call for size and color options -- because our selection is constantly changing!

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    The NOUVEAU TRANSITIONS 2019 Collection

    New NOUVEAU Flax is in! - click for a larger view

    Nouveau 2019 - A stunning Collection of nubby linen weaves in just black, creme and natural! I love this collection because of the versatility of the pieces. We get sleeveless tanks to jackets and then into long-sleeved/oversized pullovers. Pants and a nice long, but narrow skirt, too! An extra touch to this collection are those 'ripples' you see on some of the pieces - the tunic, skirt and pants.
    OPTIONAL... there are buttons hidden on the insides of the clothing (reinforced with twill tape) that 'button to' little elastic loops, so you make tiny 'layers and waves' of the material. Kind of wierd to explain, but actually very playful and stylish when you do it! The nubby weaved fabrics are very soft and drapy, and since there is so much fabric in that Poetic Pullover, it definitely feels like an Autumn/Winter piece to me! Here we go!

    New NOUVEAU Flax is in! - click for more
    • The Winsomes are regular linen with a TEENY bit of weave accent. Looking at them, they are mostly solid linens.
    • The Diamond Weaves just shimmer!
    • The Suiting is regular weight linen that features a small pin stripe design detail. Lovely as the 'accenting but cleansing' bottom piece!
    • The Lattice Gauze Weaves are not Gauze AT ALL! They feel the heaviest of all the fabrics and have the most texture. You will LOVE them!

    New NOUVEAU Flax is in! - click for more

    Multi-Facet Tunic
    The long-ish tank. I ordered Onyx and Sandstone Diamond - S, M and L. Just a nice long tank - This is what I can wear in the 100 degree heat - even with that long skirt! It features three rows of hidden buttons to pull up and make the little 'waves' on one side. $115.

    Poetic Pullover
    This is my MOST FAVORITE FLAX piece - in probably forever!!! I ordered it in every color they made!!! The Onyx and Sandstone Lattice Gauze are the textured weaves, the Ivory, Onyx and Sandstone Winsome are the smoother linens. Each piece is trimmed with the counterpart fabric in coordinating colorway. So Onyx Lattice Gauze (looks lighter - like gray) is trimmed with the Black Winsome. The Black Winsome is trimmed with the nubby Black Lattice Gauze. So we have 5 color combinations of this top and I love them all! Pretty oversized drapy collar, the sleeves on this are LOW - don't let that scare you away - they look really elegant! And there is a pocket for your phone! Roll the sleeves to reveal the contrasting trim decoration. S, M and L $150.00.

    Draping Jacket
    This is a quirky little thing... super-creative-fun-funky on. Very soft - same fabric as the tunic, it features a big collar with cool fringe edging. It has a tie closure, but some long-ish fabric pieces in the front. VERY hard to explain, but really a VERY pretty accent piece with the skirt. The sleeves are oversized as well, so it's super-drapey. S, M, L and in the diamond weaves. $156.00

    Multi-Facet Pant
    Wow, these are a solid linen with just a very light pin-stripe running through them, just YUMMY! The Suiting pattern looks really nice against the other weaves... you can mix and match all the pieces we ordered in this collection this time! Flat front, elastic back band, POCKETS, and these feature those hidden buttons and loops, in case you want a more artsy-fartsy look!!! Buttons are on both legs of the pants... I ordered these in the Onyx and Sandstone colors. $130.00

    Multi-Facet Skirt
    Oh, I love this skirt - not too long for a change and NARROW, so nothing looks bigger about your than it should! Onyx and Sandstone Suiting... like the pants, it features the hidden optional buttoning treatment to decorate one or both sides of the skirt! I cannot tell you how fun this has been to wear in the Sandstone - buttoned up, with the sleeveless Sandstone Diamond Tunic - totally SUMMER in feel. BUT... the Onyx pair gives a different look too! S, M, L $142.00

    The URBAN 2019 Collection

    New SUMMER URBAN 2019 Flax is in! - click for more
    New SUMMER URBAN 2019 Flax is in! - click for more

    New SUMMER URBAN 2019 Flax is in! - click for more

    Some FLAX Summer 2019 Urban Collections Highlights! MORE comfy stuff to wear anywhere! 100% Linens with accent panels and trims of cotton and spandex... all of this has a dusty, somewhat stone-washed color to it. The colors are especially lovely this time around... the Blue Corn is a denim blue, Honeycomb is the prettiest honey yellow... not bright at all. Blackberry is a light, dusty lavender, and apricot looks orange compared to the rest in the pic.. but it's a soft rust. The Dot fabrication is the same as the Pucker in the Socials... because fo the texture of the weave, it just looks and feels heavier than it really is. I concentrated on the Metro Dress because it is a shorter FLAX dress (not all of us are tall and thin...) and the T-shirts. We did get in the Jean Jackets in white (53% linen, 47% cotton) super soft, we sold one right out of the boxes!

    New SUMMER URBAN 2019 Flax is in! - click for more

    Tee Top - Fun, generously-sized linen tee-shirt with cotton ribbing trim. Sleeves are rolled, and tacked that way. For some reason, this is a plain shirt that is just really cute!
    S, M, L and XL Apricot, Blackberry, Blue Corn and Honeycomb Linen $84.00

    Empire Tee - This is the same pucker fabric featured in the Socials line this season. Because of the bumpy weave, you can choose to have it 'cling' to you a little, or wear it loose. It looks cute underneath the Shrug.
    S, M, L and XL... Apricot, Blackberry and Blue Corn Dot $92.00

    Urban Shrug - Kind of a little cover-up... we bought it to go over the dress. You can tie it - like in the pic - but if you have a stomach, lets not accent that at all with a big 'ol knot there! Wear it open, the points hang down a little for some dramatic accent! We ordered the Dot fabrication so it'd be drapy and heavier for a cover.
    S, M, L and XL, Blackberry, Blue Corn and Honeycomb Dots - all to match the dresses of linen. $130

    Jean Jacket - We LOVE this little jacket! We have it in Panama weaves of the Travelers and 2019 Urban collections... I think we have it in 5 colors! This one is white... and of course, some can wear a white jacket and it stays white and clean...others of us... not so much! (Go for the other colors we have!) Soft, a prefect little jacket, it goes over everything!
    S, M, L and XL $124.00

    Free Spirit Pants - Finally, a FLAX pant that is not for a 6-ft person! These little guys are short enough for me!!! Cotton knot waistband with a drawstring, pockets, and the knit trim att the bottoms - so you can pull them up a little if you want to. Just blue and blackberry... to go with our other pieces... super, super comfy - I wore them to work on Saturday!
    S, M, L and XL $82.00

    Metro Dress - My favorite piece in this collection - as I have said - it's a little shorter dress option than some of the longer ones. Cotton trim, the waist features a drawstring decoration, so you can kind of fit this a little. It is super cute under the shrug or jean jacket, and actually looks cute with the Free Spirit pants underneath!
    Honeycomb, Blue Corn and Blackberry linen... S, M, L and XL $100.00

    The Urban 2019 Collection

    Urban 2019 - click for a larger view

    Urban FLAX 2019 Swatches - click for a larger view

    We LOVE, LOVE this Urban collection! It is softer and much 'sloppier' to some than the regular linens from FLAX because it features woven cotton accents and panels. This season, there is a PANAMA weave - carried over from the Traveler's Collection that is double thread weave of two different colors - the base color mixed with cream. The result is a coordinating color with an additional texture to the fabric.

    Urban FLAX 2019 lineart - click for a larger view
    Urban FLAX 2019 lineart - click for a larger view
    West Side Tunic - Longer top style - not long enough for a dress, I wear it underneath the Chelsea Jacket... works well with a jean skirt. We have Cement, Java and Wedgewood solids in S, M, L and XL. $75.00

    Park Tunic - A real wild little piece - this definitely looks best over leggings, jeans of the dress... not so great over a jean skirt (I tried that!) Cute bottom treatment, and long enough to cover over leggings. We have Cement, Java and Wedgewood... S, M, L and XL. $87.00

    Whisper Pullover - We've had this loose-fitting topper before - it is meant to layer over a tank, dress or maybe even a tunic - it has a little room to it. I wear it over the dresses and tanks and under the Chelsea Jacket. All the luscious Panama weaves of Herb, Lipstick, Midnight and Natural - S, M and L - $105. Kind of pricey, but a really nice usable piece (and remember that Buy 3 and Get 20% Thing! We got these in the G-1 and G-2's also... $109. You'll LOVE this piece, it pairs with everything!

    Cap Tee - Cute piece! Little shoulder-covering sleeves, fun bottom hem treatment, the sleeves are short enough to pair under a jacket and not bother you in any way - it'll feel like a tank. Loose enough at the bottom to drape a little. Java, Cement and Wedgewood - S, M, L and XL. $90.00

    Jean Jacket - GET THIS IN EVERY COLOR! I ordered all 4 colors of Panama Fabrication - it fits great, layers well, and is just one of my favorite pieces! Cement Panama, Wedgewood Panama are here now S, M L and XL. $131.00. I went back and ordered the Almond and Pearl Panama when we went to Market and saw it on the girls in the showroom!

    Chelsea Jacket - Super Fun little jacket - the perfect length, fun generous collar that is not too big... like the Jean jacket, this goes over EVERYTHING! All 4 top pieces I mentioned above... except you might not like the Park Tunic under it as much as the rest. Cotton knit sleeves are super soft and comfy... you "MOOSH" them up rather than roll them! We have Java, Cement and Wedgewood in S, M, L and XL. $111.00

    Nouveau Pant - Way too long for me... you have to be a little taller for these. But roll them, or cut 'em off if you want! Soft cotton drawstring waistband, like all the other Urban pants... Cement, Java and Wedgewood, S, M, L, and XL. $91.00

    Midtown Dress - I'm wearing it today in Wedgewood underneath my Wedgewood Panama Jean Jacket! Good length - but not too overboard - I am 5'2." Less fabric around the middle than last year's dress, but still a fun, crooked hemline. Sleeveless, it has some cotton fabric on the sides so if you go sleeveless, there is interest on the dress, and it doesn't look like a sack. Waist line is there, but loose, so just decorative. Java, Wedgewood and Cement to pair with all the Panama weaves! The Whisper Pullover looks great over this, and you can even wear the jacket over BOTH of those pieces! (I've done that too... and everything is soft enough not to bunch and be bulky. I hate clothes that 'climb' or 'bunch' or 'constrict'... S, M, L, XL. $120.00

    Traveler 2019 and Flax Classics

    Our favorite light and medium-weight linen clothes have finally arrived for the Spring and Summer Seasons! This year, FLAX has shaken us up a little and truly mixed these two collections together! We chose all midnight blues, red, naturals, creams and blacks to all mix together. Very hard to show and split apart this season... I'll do my best to describe and try not to confuse!

    If you are unsure of sizing... just give us call on the toll free line - 888-543-7004. We can page through the racks while you're on the phone!

    The Traveler 2019 Collection

    Spring Traveler 2019 - click for a larger view

    Spring Traveler 2019 Swatches - click for a larger view
    Spring Traveler 2019 lineart - click for a larger view
    Slouch Tank - Kind of a fun piece... we chose the Panama Weave which are double threads of a color woven against each other - super soft and nubby, something about this weave makes the fabric seem to shimmer a little, and drape REALLY well. This is not a real long piece - so those slouchy pockets do NOT hang at your gut! It's cute under the jackets, we chose Lipstick, Midnight and Natural Panama - S, M and L $83.00.

    Special Pullover - An awesome loose top - the sleeves roll up and button to stay there. it isn't super-low cut at the neck, but there is a key-hole decoration there, so if you layer a tank or something under this, it'll peek through and look good. Also a nice neckline to layer an In-Line /blouse with a collar underneath. Good length, pretty rounded bottom treatment. We have this in the Panama weaves - so it's extra drapey. Herb, Lipstick, Midnight and Natural PANAMA fabrics - YUMMY! S, M, L, $108.00.

    The Safari - What a cute long-ish jacket! You see the pockets a lot in the line-art, but don't really notice them all that much on the real thing. Good collar, great sleeves to roll up, pockets! This is your alternative jacket in case you don't like one that is too short. We chose the Melange fabric option so it would mix and match with all the other stuff! Lipstick and Midnight Melange - S, M and L - $151. Again, pricey... but get a tank to go underneath and something else... and you're at 20% off!

    Spring Traveler 2019 - click for a larger view

    The Classics

    The Classics 2019 - click for a larger view

    Regular weight linen... all of this is regular weave, normal fit, just your basic Go-To Stuff everyday and all the time!

    The Classics 2019 Swatches - click for a larger view
    The Classics 2019 lineart - click for a larger view
    Simple Cami - Just a basic tank... Black, Lipstick and White... S, M and L. $69.00

    Tuck Tunic - If you are short - this is a dress. If a little taller, it's cute with leggings, jeans or over a skirt. They repeat this piece almost every year... always nice fitting... we chose black, Midnight and Lipstick in S, M and L. $79.00. The G-1 sizes are $83.

    Dreamy Top - Love this one. Loose eith generous sleeves - I always roll them up, though! Pretty soft gathers along the back yoke, good length, good coverage, not too low of a neckline. We chose Black, Herb, Lipstick and Midnight in S, M and L. $83.00. The G-1 Sizes are $87.

    In Line Blouse - Super Cute, a little tailored and fitted... a collar and 3/4 sleeves! Everyone wants that collar and sleeve combo! A medium length... just perfect! We chose Black, White, Lipstick and Midnight - very basic and crisp. S, M and L $83.00

    Dame Blouse - A little longer blouse version... longer sleeves, higher collar, again fitted... very smart looking. Several of the shop gals really like this piece. Black, Herb, Lipstick and Midnight... S, M and L -- $99.00. The G-1 sizes are $103.

    Floods - The classic FLAX loose fitting linen pant... supposed to be about your shoe, but whatever! Everybody is a different height... so they look good on anybody!!! Elastic waistband. We chose Black and Natural in S, M and L... $70.00. The G-1 Sizes are $74.

    Pocketed Ankle Pants - Flax's most popular pant style, these are much more tapered than the floods. Flat front waist band (less bulk), elastic on the sides and hidden pickets, these are definitely a favorite pant style. We chose Black, Lipstick and Natural - S, M and L- $74.00. The G-1s are $78.

    Slipster - This is a lovely long, straight dress for all you tall/thin bodies out there! In Black and Lipstick, it is KILLER with some of the other pieces in the Travelers collection. It is simply basic and long... love it! S. M, L : $92.00.

    The SOCIALS 2019 Collection

    Kind of an interesting Collection! Basic Linen Dresses, we ordered the Pucker Fabrication in the Tunic and Wrap. The Pucker fabric is heavier than you would think... it's 55% Linen, 43% Cotton and 2% Spandex. The nature of the weave is to be stretchy and because of the pucker weave, it doesn't 'cling' to you, unless you buy a smaller size and want it to do that.

    New SOCIALS Flax is in! - click for more
    New SOCIALS Flax is in! - click for more New SOCIALS Flax is in! - click for more
    Effortless Tunic - Almost long enough for a dress, we ordered it in the pucker fabrics to be a large and loose top over jeans. You could wear white leggings under it for a summer evening - it'd look elegant!colonial blue pucker and noire pucker - s, m, l $136

    Social Wrap - Definitely a summer evening cover! That pucker fabric again is soft, bumpy and in this case, heavy feeling and cozy. Perfect in a cool restaurant or something! The arms are wide, so I have to roll up my sleeves, but they are wide enough to go over something else. noire pucker, s, m, l - $146

    Date Night Dress - Couldn't resist this underneath the Social Wrap! noire pucker, s, m l - $146

    Button Dress - A nice, simple short (shorter than a lot of the other FLAX dresses) dress with design elements up at the neckline rather than accenting your waist or rear or chest!!! It's just nice, and we ordered it to go under the Wrap - or just to wear by itself! colonial blue and noire s,m l - $104

    The Urban 2018 Collection

    Urban 2018 - click for a larger view

    Urban... WOW... I didn't think I was going to like this year's line, until we saw it at market and I tried it on!!! SUPER FUN, soft and comfy to wear! It is 100% linen with an 8% touch of Spandex and cotton woven trim. Remember those broomstick skirts that we used to twist to keep wrinkled? They are doing that with these pieces -- so needless to say -- they are great to pack in a suitcase to travel anywhere!!!!! We chose the soft Blush Pink and the Java Brown, which is a soft cocoa color NO YELLOW undertones in it. I get compliments on the color every time I wear it!
    NOTE! Blush Pink is now sold out!

    Urban 2018 Swatches - click for a larger view
    Urban 2018 lineart - click for a larger view
    Our favorite pieces:

    Roadie Tunic - A cute tunic... I have to wear leggings under it... Mona wears it as a dress. Linen upper, with that band at the bottom which is the cotton/spandex accent. Nice high arm holes -- no extra skin hanging out!
    S, M, L and XL $85

    Grassroots Cardigan - We are wearing this over the Roadie Tunic. They layer so beautifully... the Roadie is a bit longer so you see that bottom trim on here. We like this combination A LOT!
    S, M, L and XL $93

    Wanderlust Jacket - This is THE BEST! I couldn't believe how cute it is on... it's got basically a double front that you could close... but it looks much more relaxed when open. You have ATTITUDE! It has an off-set zipper, and then more zipper accents on the sleeves. You're not supposed to ROLL the sleeves, you are supposed to MOOSH them up. Very funky and fun.
    S, M, L and XL $105

    Edgy Dress - I LOVE THIS TOO... and i wear it underneath that Wanderlust Jacket. It has a jagged hemline that is shorter right at the front, so it looks really good, and doesn't look like you're wearing a too-long-dress. Great, high armholes, not too deep a neckline, It is really different and very cute! I can't believe i can tell you that, because from the original pics, I was going to pass by this collection. Now, it's some of my fav stuff!!! I wear the pink under the pink, brown under the brown... but these pics are missing the colors.
    S, M, L and XL $104

    Cut Above Pants - That soft cotton waistband with a tie, these feature a bit of a cotton band up the sides, so even though they are linen pants, you can roll them and they will stay! NOT WIDE, these are tapered, so they are not too baggy. We ordered them in the Java only.
    S, M, L and XL $80

    Base Pants - These are gathered at the ankles, same soft cotton waistband... they look better on someone taller rather than shorter. WE ordered these in the Java... S, M and L. $86.00

    The SUNSHINE 2019 Collection

    New SUNSHINE Flax is in! - click for more

    New SUNSHINE Flax is in! - click for more

    The Colors!
    Poppy is a bright red/orange. Not a red, not an orange... very intense and cheerful in the Gingham. Much softer color-wise in the Stria fabtrication.
    Jade is gorgeous - it's my favorite color this time around... really pretty. The Stria is almost a soft mint.
    Lilac in the Gingham is super dusty and pretty - not a yellow lavender at all.
    Navy Gingham looks almost black... but you can tell it's navy - especially when you see it next to Cinders, and Cinders looks like a light black until you see it next to Navy, and then it's a dark gray!

    New SUNSHINE Flax is in! - click for a larger view

    New SUNSHINE Flax is in! - click for more
    Airy Tunic - This is along tank-style piece. Too long to tuck in, it is cut on the bias, so drapes really pretty on you. Super cute over pants or a skirt, it looks good under the Duster as well. Too long to go under the overalls though. jade ging, navy ging and poppy gingham - s, m, l $96

    Weightless Tee - This is a very loosely-cut tee shirt...lots of width in the body. It looks great underneath the Overalls, but not so good under the Dresser - which has high arm holes. lilly and poppy - s, m l $74

    Daily Duster - We had this piece last summer - and I think we still have some of last year's pieces on the HALF PRICE rack right now! Beautiful piece - it runs large, so this time, we didn't get XL's! I wear it closed as a dress. You can wear it open with the Airy Tank underneath it... any longer dress-type tunics you have, anything. It has arms that are generous in width, so if you have to wear 'double sleeves' you can without getting claustrophobic. (Trust me, I cannot STAND clothes that are too tight... I am the acid test with this!) Good cell phone pockets! jade stria, navy stria, poppy stria Petite, small and medium - no large $136

    Overalls - WOW... these are CUTE! Of course, I have to cut off about 9 inches of length, but these are loose-fitting and really fun. The straps kind of knot... you'll have to figure out how you want to tie them... we can show you in the shop. They did that so you can adjust the overall length and give yourself enough room in the crotch. HUGE pockets, elastic by the waist... we ordered the Weightless Tee to go under these, but a tank looks killer too! Rolling the bottoms is cute, but they are wide, so you might need to pin them a little if you don't cut off the excess material. cinder stria, jade stria, navy stria, poppy stria - s, m, l $136

    Dresser - Everyone LOVES this dress! It's long and narrow, and it makes everyone look tall and thin! (Even if you have a stomach... it looks good!) Wear the top 2 or 3 buttoms open with a tank showing underneath... or even unbutton about the last 3 or 4 buttons at the bottom... it opens it up a little and it flows, looking really nice. One of the model pics above shows pants beneath... you can do alot with this. They have cut the arm holes high. They are perfect - but not great if you want a T-Shirt underneath - not much room for that. A tank works well... just maybe not a T-Shirt. And there are POCKETS!!! cinder gingham, jade gingham, lilac gingham, navy gingham, poppy ginghan - s, m, l $156

    Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace
    Oh... I saw these and HAD to HAVE them... this is a 2-1/2 inch round Mexican Pewter round button, and that needle tied on top (it can slide out if you want it to) is 3-1/4 inches long! Featuring a leather necklace cord, which can be adjusted for length... this is a charming piece of jewelry for anyone who does sewing or needlework of any kind!

    Extremely limited in availability, I brought some home from a show I attended, and am not sure I will be able to get more. So bright, smooth, pretty and CLASSY, such clean lines, it's a real statement piece!

    We can help you figure out what looks good on you, and what to pass by. We can find the right sizes and pick some fun matching pieces for the things you like best. We are having SO MUCH FUN with this!!!

    Our FLAX Return Policy:

    Sometimes, just holding something in your hand is all you need to decide that it's just the perfect thing! Sadly enough, however, some things just don't work out for one reason or another... and a return is needed. Our FLAX Return policies:

    Please call or e-mail the shop first, to alert us of the return.

    Please send along a copy of the sales slip that arrived with the order when you ship your return... and a note explaining the situation. Daytime contact info for you, as well! Sometimes, things come back to us with no notes... and we don't know what to do with them!

    Any returnable items must be in re-saleable condition -- original packaging intact, absence of pet hair or cigarette smoke, etc. Returns of FLAX for any reason must be made within 2 weeks of original purchase date. Garments must not be altered, worn, (includes no make-up residue from *trying on*) laundered or dry cleaned. All original FLAX tags must be intact.

    If Silver Needle has made an error with your order, we will reimburse your return shipping via UPS ground, or the US mail. Please make sure it can arrive to us safely! If you are choosing to return an item because you've changed your mind, shipping will be at your expense.

    Any obviously defective items will be credited their purchase price.

    Sale and Special Order items are not returnable.

    Please open your order immediately on receipt, and check it. Any claim for errors in shipment or charges need to be made within 7 days. All prices are subject to change without notice.

    Hope this helps a little... still have questions? Just pick up the phone, or send an e-mail. We'll be glad to help!

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