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Presenting FLAX!
Lovely, Luscious Ladies' Apparel at The Silver Needle!
Machine Washable Linens to Love
New Flax is in! - click for enlargement
We LOVE our FLAX clothes! Cuts that are designed to 'hide' lots of 'things,' these linens are soft and lightweight to wear. No-Ironing rules prevail (but if you like your linen crisp, go for it! It's OK!)

Elastic waistbands on the pants, lots of rolled up sleeve treatments, not-too-low necklines... just great things to wear!

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Presenting Our FLAX Linens for Spring and Summer!
Just a few words about everything... way too much to say about everything... so if you have questions... just pick up your phone and we'll browse together while you're on the line!

The BOLD 2022 Collection

I am in LOVE with the bright colors this season! Like the title of the collection, the colors are truly BOLD! Solids of Red (Punch) Kelly (Green), Peacock (Aqua) and Viola (Purple) each is deep, right and pure. The matching 'prints' follow the same color scheme - each has the lighter color as the background and darker color as the 'daisy' flowers decorating all over. The display in the shop is super eyecatching, and everyone who tries on any of this looks happy and wonderful! Here's what we chose:

BOLD 2022 PinTuck Tees - click for a larger view
PinTuck Tee - FLAX has had this style over they years... you might recognize it. Short cap sleeves, a not-too-deep neckline (you can bend over and not provide a show!), flattering flat area above chest with pretty sewn-down tucks leading to soft folds below. Good length, gorgeous SOLID colors of Punch, Kelly, Peacock and Viola - we have sizes small all the way to G-2! $74 for regular sizes and $77 for the generous sizes.

BOLD 2022 Flourish Tank - click for a larger view
Flourish Tank - This is nice and LONG. It covers. We ordered the pretty print in every color! Wear this as is - no jacket required! We have from small to G-2 in the Aqua, Green, Pink and Purple Prints! $68 for the regular sizes, $75 for the generous sizes.

BOLD 2022 3/4 Pullover - click for a larger view
3/4 Pullover - I have this in every color! Nice 3/4 length sleeves that don't get in the way... good neckline - not low. Nice flair to it... I cannot say enough nice things about this piece! Again, all 4 prints in small to G-2! $79 for the regular sizes, $81 for the generous.

BOLD 2022 Stretched Top Dress - click for a larger view
Stretched Top Dress - I can't figure out WHY they named this 'stretched top.' It's a terrible name for a really CUTE dress. Pretty shaped top, it's flaired nicely, and features a fun angled hemline. All the shop gals have this dress... it's a cut that fits a lot of different body types. It has a lot of room where you need it, and it does not cling! Super cute under a jean jacket... just nice lines! We bought the printed pattern in all 4 colors... small to G-1. $99 for the regular print sizes, $106 for the generous..

The De Soliel Collection

The De Soliel Collection: Wow! Dreamy Gauzes and micro pin stripe linens... this is all so light and breezy! We haven't had lots of Gauze these past few seasons (Covid stopped production for a while) but now this is quite the reward! A laundering tip for Gauze - throw your pieces in a mesh lingerie bag! They still get washed, but are protected against other stuff in the washing machine. Then, shake them out... 'groom them' a little by just smoothing out the hems and collars. I hang them to dry, and wear them... NO IRONING! Ironing takes away the 'spontaneous' relaxed look of the gauze... ironing it makes it look like it came out of a package! :(

Colors are Canary - a bright, perfect, sunny yellow, Periwinkle - A perfect, classic light blue and Clementine - which is a Dreamsicle orange!

De Soliel Collection 2022 Open Tank - click for a larger view
Open Tank - FLAX's classic tank with a slight slit at the front bottom. I ordered these in solid linen colors of Canary, Periwinkle and White. Also in the striped linens of Canary, Clementine, and Periwinkle. Just basic, they go under everything - especially the Men's Shirt this time around. Pair the solid under the striped shirt or under the Sporty Shirt. Smalls to G-1's. $68 for solid in reg sizes, $73 for stripe in reg sizes, $75 for generous stripe.

De Soliel Collection 2022 Sporty Shirt - click for a larger view
Sporty Shirt - I like this in the solids of Canary, Periwinkle and White... but LOVE IT MORE in the Gauze versions - Canary, Periwinkle and Clementine. It is supposed to be oversized, so kind of 'relaxed and sloppy,' which bugs some... but looks so awesome to me! It really does run large though... so it's a try-it-on kind of piece! Solid linens and gauzes - prices vary depending on fabric finish and size. We have all four colors! $85 for regular linen in regular sizes, $92 for generous sizes in regular linen. Gauze - $94 in regular sizes

De Soliel Collection 2022 Dreamy Top - click for a larger view
Dreamy Top - This is a classic, plain, full coverage, awesome FLAX piece! I ordered it in the solid linens of Canary and Periwinkle. You probably own this piece in other colors from older collections... all wore it to death! Full and easy to wear! Smalls to G-2. $77 for regular linen in regular sizes, $84 for generous sizes.

De Soliel Collection 2022 Men's Shirt - click for a larger view
Men's Shirt - By far, my favorite piece! It's an oversized button-down shirt with a graceful pleat on the back, and super-duper LONG sleeves! I roll mine in the gauze version FOUR times, and the stripes - three times, to get them at my favorite length. The stripe goes over the stripe or solid tank... the gauze goes over either one too! I don't ever wear it closed... but you can. We ordered the striped version in Clementine, Canary, Periwinkle and Grey - which is too quiet for me - but it is a gorgeous shirt on other people! (other than me!) We ordered the gauze versions in Clementine, Canary and Periwinkle. We got a million of these in smalls up to G-2 in striped linen and those luscious gauzes. Gauze - $103 for regular sizes. Striped - $109 for regular sizes, $109 for generous striped.

De Soliel Collection 2022 Special Dress striped - click for a larger view
Special Dress striped Cute little dress! Bias cut and drapy on the front, straight cut on the back, sleeveless with a slight ruffle at the neckline - for interest. Looks good under a jean jacket! It's not long, but they are generous with fabric length in their dresses. We have this in Clementine, Canary and Periwinkle... all stripes. $99 for regular sizes.

Our FLAX Return Policy:

Sometimes, just holding something in your hand is all you need to decide that it's just the perfect thing! Sadly enough, however, some things just don't work out for one reason or another... and a return is needed. Our FLAX Return policies:

Please call or e-mail the shop first, to alert us of the return.

Please send along a copy of the sales slip that arrived with the order when you ship your return... and a note explaining the situation. Daytime contact info for you, as well! Sometimes, things come back to us with no notes... and we don't know what to do with them!

Any returnable items must be in re-saleable condition -- original packaging intact, absence of pet hair or cigarette smoke, etc. Returns of FLAX for any reason must be made within 2 weeks of original purchase date. Garments must not be altered, worn, (includes no make-up residue from *trying on*) laundered or dry cleaned. All original FLAX tags must be intact.

If Silver Needle has made an error with your order, we will reimburse your return shipping via UPS ground, or the US mail. Please make sure it can arrive to us safely! If you are choosing to return an item because you've changed your mind, shipping will be at your expense.

Any obviously defective items will be credited their purchase price.

Sale and Special Order items are not returnable.

Please open your order immediately on receipt, and check it. Any claim for errors in shipment or charges need to be made within 7 days. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Hope this helps a little... still have questions? Just pick up the phone, or send an e-mail. We'll be glad to help!

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