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Yellow Warbler Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more
Yellow Warbler Biscornest
Paula from Crossed Wing Collection has designed her 4th stitched bird nest with coordinating scissor fob! The biscornu-shaped cushions are replicas of each birds nest - complete with their eggs stitched over one thread... AND they are stitched on both sides, so the bottom of the cushion looks like the bottom of the nest.

You are stitching 4 x 4 pieces and joining them together to make that unique shape that really DOES resemble a bird nest! The matching fob features the little bird - this one is a Yellow Warbler. Absolutely exquisite, all 4 of the different birds are presented in leaflet format... Chipping Sparrow, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and Cardinal. We've seen these nests stitched - they are enchanting!

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Biscornest
Paula's third charming bird nest design... this companions the stunning chipping Sparrow and Cardinal Biscornu designs she has done. Presented as the chart, everything is coded for DMC floss. That gorgeous little 3-inch nest is stitched on both sides - the top features the eggs stitched over one thread.

All three designs then feature a beautiful, detailed fob-sized pattern of the nest's bird. I am not a bird-watcher, but something tells me that every bird's nest is different, but recognizable to its species. All three of these designs are just lovely!

Cardinal Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more Cardinal Biscornest
Crossed Wing has designed another charming pin cushion - it companions Chipping Sparrow. The leaflet features a GORGEOUS (like cut IT out and frame it!!) picture of a biscornu shape... covered with cross stitches over one and two threads. Paula has made a birds nest... (stitched over two), and added cardinal eggs - stitched over one - and then added long stitches of *grass* to really make this little nest stand out as spectacular! The matching scissor fob measures just 40 x 47. Coded for DMC and stitched on 28ct linen.

Paula says, "You might be asking just what is a biscornest? Well, birds being our business, it's our version of the increasingly popular biscornu, a small, palm of the hand sized, embroidered pillow used as a pin pillow or simply as an ornament. Its history isn't well known. The word biscornu is a French adjective meaning skewed, quirky or irregular, and at some point, somebody applied that adjective to someone's needlework creation, and the word biscornu because a noun - a thing." So... we present Crossed wing's *thing* - her representation of a cardinal's nest with eggs! Lots of clear charting and great instructions for assembling both the nest and fob with tassles!

Chipping Sparrow Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more Chipping Sparrow Biscornest
A cute play on words here, Crossed Wing has designed a birds nest pattern, and then added the eggs over one thread! To make it even more realistic, she then finished it into a biscornu-shaped pin cushion -- so it actually resembles a nest!

Alongside that cushion, you'll see the bird stitched over one and finished into a scissor fob. For color and size reference, you'll recognize the little 3-1/2 inch blue Cotton Candy Scissors we have! Beautiful blues and browns of DMC in this, presented as a chart.

Dog's Day Out from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more Dog's Day Out
Crossed Wing has a fun new piece available... it's a day-trip to the Dog Park! The luscious trees -- complete with a squirrel and a few birds for entertainment -- provide shade for all the darling dogs below. Actually quite large, this is stitched on Crossed Wing's exclusive hand-painted 28ct linen that is specially colored for THIS piece! It starts with gentle greens at the bottom, and changes to blue skies at the top!

Your piece WILL look like the pic, with the green behind the dogs and the blue sky! Finishing approx 11 x 22-1/2, this is stitched in DMC flosses, along with some Week's Dye Works, as well. You could always go thru your Crossed Wing stash of designs and add more birds or a dog or two to this, too! Perfect for a Vet's Office!!! Offered as the chart, with linen separately.

Purple Finch & Lilacs from Crossed Wing Collection -- click to see a larger view
Purple Finch & Lilacs

Exquisitely tiny 'paintings' of your French Knots... each of these finishes approx 1-3/4 x 2... oval in shape. Offered as the line drawing on the base fabric, you add Weeks overdyed and regular DMC flosses to work your knots. Lovely!

Mitten Games by Crossed Wing -- click for more Mitten Games
What a charming winter scene!!! Reminiscent of Crossed Wing's Frosty Feast design, this is a detailed, shaded snowman, complete with a wooly green scarf and hat set. His faithful companions, the dog and bird, are stitched with just as much detail and color shading as he. Crossed Wing really has a flair for the realistic, and this design is full of that flair and has fantastic winter charm!!! Finishing approx 4 x 5 on Snow Squall Linen, Mitten Games is offered as a chart, with linen separately.

A Frosty Feast
Crossed Wing Frosty Feast -- click to see a larger viewThis has been a customer favorite for years and years! Available as a chart pack, it's a delightful design of four snowmen all dressed in hats, scarves and mittens, surrounded by tiny birds. Crossed Wing is known for their lovely bird designs, so included in the pattern are enlarged charts of all the tiny birds, so they're easier to stitch. Our 6 x 19" model is stitched on Confederate Grey 28ct, and is just charming! Stitch each snow-person individually if you'd like... there's even a little dog picking up stray mittens!

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