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Cmon Monde! 'C'mon World!
Come enjoy of bit of Paris and some darling designs by French artist Virginie Grousse! All are offered as charts and coded for DMC and Sampler Threads... there is French wording inside -- but stitchers can always read DMC and Sampler Thread colors!!!!!

Mes Travaux d'Aiguilles from Cmon Monde -- click to see more
Mes Travaux d'Aiguilles
A cute needlework sampler... I love the pic! What a charming seamstress complete with straight pins in her hair!!! Stitched on a natural linen, the tiny quilt is on a separate piece of white and attached after it is stitched. (I think the mini-hoop in her hand is as well... but I don't know where to find that little bitty hoop!) The spools are Satin stitched, and the panel of lace at the bottom needs to be something special off an old handkerchief or something special to you.

Just a cute piece to hang in your stitching room. Maybe a fun padded hanging to drape over the back of rocking chair?? Stitched with Gentle Art's Barn Grey, Heirloom Gold, Summer Shower along with DMC in black and flesh colors. Offered as a chart.

Miss London from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Miss London
This is so darn cute!!! A companion to Miss Paris, what a fun piece to stitch for the front of a photo album, or to frame with some cool trip pics? Miss London loves her English taxi, tea, Underground London, those palace guards and the double decker bus... along with those famous red telephone booths! Charted for DMC and some Sampler Threads, the stitch count on this is 143 x 125.

(Silver Needle is hosting a British Isles Cruise in June of 2014... golly it'd be nice to stitch little tote bags for everyone coming on the trip... but I'll leave that to you guys that are already signed-up!!!) AND... we're spending a little time in Paris, too... and I love that chart, too!

Les Lettres de mon Jardin from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Les Lettres de mon Jardin
Letters from my Garden. This is a stitcher sampler! She's sitting outside in her garden, finishing up a few projects... this is charted for either the blue (overdyeds) or rose (DMC) colored version, and is just the sweetest little thing! 107 x 102.

There is a wooden scissor embellishment shown on each -- we do not have those -- you'll need to visit your stash for something cute to dress this piece, if you like.

Noel Feutre from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Noel Feutre
This is a darling little design that features some bits of wool felt applique as parts of the design. Stitched in Gentle Art Sampler Threads and bits of DMC, check out the mushroom top, the tree and the gifts... they aren't stitched! They are bits of wool sewn on! The chart does have them charted... and in those instructions, I also noticed the charted greens at the top and bottom -- but in the model they are primitive stitched! REALLY cute!

So... you can stitch the entire piece, or add the buttons and ribbons and bits of fun fabrics if you like! Noel Feutre is presented in French -- so I can't read a word of the instructions except the thread names and DMC numbers. Stitch count is163 x 100, this is a chart.

L' Atelier de Zelie from Cmon Monde -- click to see more L' Atelier de Zelie
OK... I can't read French... so I am imagining this is telling me it is delightful apparel for your iron! Oh... Google Translator says it is The workshop Zelie! I have never seen a stitched iron cover, so I HAD to buy this!!! Everyone I know either uses their iron 20 hours a day, or 2 minutes a week! (My daughter doesn't even OWN an iron!) The design is cute -- the seamstress and her machine and quilts -- it is embellished with buttons and rik rak trim that you can find in your stash.

There are DMC numbers given in the color key, and the stitch count is 66 x 78, but those are the only things I can read in this pattern. I think the spools of thread are Satin stitches, as well. Maybe there are finishing instructions in here... but I don't know! Regardless, I thought this was imaginative, unique and darn cute! Offered as a chart.

Mary Bobbins from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Mary Bobbins
Oh my gosh... this is so cute! Meet Ms Mary Bobbins... she's a seamstress! A totally fun design, notice all the 'sewing related' stuff in here. The flower pots are spools of thread, and Mary's umbrella handle is a pair of scissors. Little what-nots scattered everywhere in here, the stitch count is 138 x 155, and I can read the DMC numbers and names of 4 Gentle Art Thread colors featured. I can tell there are French Knots and Satin Stitches in here as well.

I think this would be neat on the front of a stitching album, or as a door hanging to mark your *stash room.* It'd be really cool mounted to the top of a sewing box that held works-in-progress as well. Offered as a chart.

Miss Paris from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Miss Paris
Stitch count of 109 x 87, she's full of pink, and black charm! She's the consummate shopper, don't you just want to be in Paris with her and her little white dog???? Finishing approx 5 x 7 on 32ct, she'd make a darling photo album cover, or look great on the front of a little pink polka-dot tote!

Just a delightful design... a favorite of mine!

Le Nuage de Pere Noel from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Le Nuage de Pere Noel
'The cloud of Father Christmas'... he's saying that he sees the wise children. In other words, that means that Santa is watching and seeing all the good children before he visits on Christmas! (even without his glasses on -- see them by his boots!?)

So whimsical and cute, stitch count of 120 x 171, just charming!

Les Trois Sages from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Les Trois Sages
'Three Wisemen.' A trio of little stitched Santa Elves! The stitched area on these is approx 45 x 90. You stitch the face and body, stuff them, and add the charming curly-q legs and some stick arms... and you have a precious trio!

There are finishing instructions inside printed in English; she calls the stuffing 'wadding!' All three are charted in the pack.

Toc Toc Toc from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Toc Toc Toc
We're not sure what the title of this means, as one site translated to fake, fake! Another translated it as Knock, Knock Knock. We think it's a darling piece -- Santa is there with Rudolph (see the red nose!) -- there are snowflakes scattering across the sky, we just like the whole 'flavor' of the 122 x 126 design.

This one uses lots of Sampler Threads -- Onyx, Piney Wood, Weathered Barn, Cherry Wine and Sarsaparilla.

Un Tour dans mon Sac from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Un Tour dans mon Sac
Another interesting translation -- 'A Tour in my bag.' We think this is a happy little Halloween witch at home, with her mug of morning coffee! Could be poisonius brew, but the birds are all happy, so who knows!

She measures 90 x 119 stitches and is stitched mostly in Onyx Sampler Threads. Cute!

Au Pays aes Tulipes from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Au Pays aes Tulipes
Country Tulips! I love this very organized little garden scene! Everything lined up straight in rows, even the laundery on the line if perfectly white!!!!!

You get two designs in this chart pack... larger is 149 x 87, smaller is 63 x 74.

Quand le Chat est la from Cmon Monde -- click to see more Quand le Chat est la...
When the cat is... (out, the mouse will play!) Oh my gosh, check out the CHARM of this piece! The cat is rotund, with that awesome curly tail, the mouse is wearing a pink Tu-Tu!

The tiny bluebird is just singing away... he's not worried about life at all!!!!! Over-the-top personality in these two 90 x 75 pieces!

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