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Yuletide on Thistle Hill from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Liberty Lane from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Harvest Hill from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
The Hills and The Lanes
Abby Rose has a set of three 'house samplers' - I hadn't paid attention to the fact that we are collecting a year of seasons and holidays, but we are, and they're pretty! The larger samplers (Thistle and Liberty) measure about 147 x 109 - 7 x 10 on 30ct... and they feature charming houses and gardens! Harvest is a little smaller - so make it a companion pin cushion. I love how organized they are... and the colors are bold and really nice. They are worth a look!

Just Saying Part 1 from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Just Saying #2 from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Just Saying
*Just Saying - This is a trio of great little designs - *enjoy the little things, today is a Gift & life is beautiful* are the first three - there are 4 charts of 3 patterns each planned so far.

Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Wren linen, they are coded for Gentle Art and Weeks flosses and feature Lady Dot trims. Each measures 67 x 67 in size... what a pretty set it's going to become! We're going to begin an auto-ship to collect the other three charts coming in the next three months!

Summer Time from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Summer Time
What a pretty pin cushion design stitched on Picture This Plus's hand-dyed Wren linen. Wren comes in several different counts - Aida as well - so on 16/32ct, this finishes about 5-1/2 x 7-1/2.

A cute house and super-billowy and pretty flowers, the design has nice balance, and will look great tucked into that big bowl of your various stitched pin cushions! Get out your Toasted Barley, Rose Garden, Pecan Pie, Shaker White, Dried Thyme, Oscar, Olive, Raspberry Frost, Garden Gate, Straw Bonnet, and Old Covered Bridge!

Let Freedom Ring from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more

Let Freedom Ring
Here's a festive little house... balanced and organized!

Actually quite large at 149 x 121, it finishes approx  7-1/2 x 9 on Picture This Plus's 32ct Wren hand-dyed linen.

Welcome Spring from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Welcome Spring
Just a trio of Easter Eggs to stitch and adorn your baskets of eggs! Each egg measures somewhere around 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 -- they are all slightly different.

Stitched with Sampler Threads or DMC, Lady Dot's Baby Ball Fringe Trim in Vintage and Rainy are featured.

Pineapple Sewing Box  from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Pineapple Sewing Box
Abby Rose has made some hand-painted and waxed paper mache boxes that she has stenciled with a pineapple design. Then, she has designed an initial panel to line the box lid, and two pin cushions for the inside. Measuring 5 x 8 -- oval -- by 3 inches high, each box is lovely! Choose from Antiqued Brick Red, Mustard or White.

Presented as the box with calico backing fabric and trims for the cushions, the charts and alphabet for personalization are also included. Choose a smattering of DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads from your stash. 1/4 yard of 32ct Lambswool linen is recommended to make all your pieces. Very limited in production, Gayle finished the boxes herself... and has sold out her release!

Harvest Blessings  from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Harvest Blessings
Stitched with a mixture of brands of hand-dyed flosses, the houses will take a little longer to work up than the Blessings Penny rug piece.

Actually, the houses -- which are all about 30 x 40 each -- would make awesome individual cushions! Toss them in a basket with the sunflowers and trees constructed into their OWN set of cushions -- you could make 6 smalls out of this! Just fun, simple charts!

Comfort and Joy from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Christmas Carols
80 x 90-sized designs celebrating Christmas carols. If you stitch them on the suggested 30ct Weeks Cocoa Linen, they'll finish almost 5 x 6. That fabric comes up to 40ct... so you can go smaller if you'd rather, to make a basket of three cushions.

Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses, add some pretty chenille trim to all three -- use the same color for all of them, or a different shade for each. Let us know your fabric and trim thoughts!

The Flower Gatherer from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more The Flower Gatherer
*Happy is the woman who can find constant resources in her own mind.* I LOVE that verse!

With a stitch count of 109 square, this finishes a generous 8 x 8 on 14/28, but can be BITTY if you do it over one on 36 or 40 (like 3 inches total!) Pretty border and a cute little garden cart, this is stitched with 14 shades of hand-dyeds and a bit of DMC black for the tiny bird.

Read Me A Story from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Read Me A Story
*Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight.* Do you know a special little someone who would love this hanging on their bedroom wall... or near their bed at YOUR house??? Abby Rose has released this new chart -- the design finishes approx 6-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. It is coded for either DMC or hand-dyed cottons.

Pretty colors, you can change them to match your room... frame it, pillow it, even re-arrange the rows a little and make it long and skinny -- in case you want to bolster-shaped pillow for the bed! It's a sweet design!

An Autumn Pin Pillow from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more An Autumn Pin Pillow
Autumnal colors for the little house and it's garden vine... this chart stitches into a 4 x 5-1/2 inch cushion.

You could leave off the *autumn* and add a couple more blooms to the upper vine, just a quiet bitty piece! Coded for DMC or hand-dyeds, it is worked on neutral colored fabric.

To Thine Ownself... Be True from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more To Thine Ownself... Be True
Abby Rose presents four new pin cushion-sized designs... To Thine Ownself... Be True is just one. (The other three are described on our interior AR page) Offered as a chart, it is worked on 30ct (but can be anything you want!) in soft pinks, greens and browns of Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

Not big, not a series, not representing a season, this is simply a lovely little design! Want some chenille or hand-dyed silk trim for it? We have lots to choose from and can do that for you!

Home Sweet Home from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Home Sweet Home
What a pretty little piece, this is worked on natural linen (it comes in 28, 32, 36 and 40 so you have options!) with Gentle Art Sampler Threads from your stash.

Along with the chart, you get a pretty pearl/crystal decorative pin for your finished cushion, the blue and coffee colored finishing fabric and a super-dusty-deep-blue-grey hand-dyed rayon ribbon for the edging trim. It looks like a medium bright blue in the pic, it is NOT! It is dyed to match GAST's Aged Pewter. The stitching measures approx 4 x 4.

Be Happy! from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Be Happy!
*Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too!*
Another cushiony thing with a verse on it -- like *Do More of What Makes You Happy*... this is kind of cool.

Stitch it and tuck it into that growing basket of finished smooshy cushions. You know, the big bowl sitting on your kitchen island that bored hands dig through while they're sitting there chatting with you. (They get to discover this charming collection of misc stitched cushions, all different, all fun... and then they finally get the fact that you STITCH, and they comment about it!!) See... this makes *them* happy, too!!!

Merry Christmas from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Merry Christmas
Another *Bowl Filler* for Christmastime!

Finishing approx 5 x 7 on 30ct, hand-dyed flosses, stitch MERRY, but leave off Christmas, and put your family name there instead! Then, tuck it into that awesome basket or bowl!

Believe In The Magic of Christmas from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Believe In The Magic of Christmas
A cute little pin cushion design... this is stitched with nine different shades of hand-dyed cottons and finishes about 6 x 6 on 32ct Lambswool linen.

Nothing earth-shattering stitches-wise or embellishment-wise... just a REALLY sweet and lovely design! Presented as a chart by Abby Rose Designs.

Spooky Halloween from Abby Rose - click for more
Spooky Halloween
A sweet Halloween piece -- if one can call Halloween *sweet!* -- this makes a 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 cushion over two on 32ct.

Stitched with hand-dyed flosses which you probably already have in your stash, it has the scary witch, the bubbling brew and all the necessary cats, bats, jacks, and the midnight moon. Just a cute seasonal decoration to stitch in a jiff! Presented as the chart.

Mary Pilgrim's Sampler Pillow from Abby Rose - click for more
Spring and Summer Pin Pillows
Charts by Abby Rose, a pair of pin cushion designs stitched on 32ct linen with a smattering of hand-dyed flosses.

Instead of stitching the season... what about your house numbers from residences past?? Might be kind of a fun way to remember your old houses!!

Each finishes approx 4 x 5-1/2. Maybe old buttons for some of the flowers, a little chenille trim that matches your threads??

Mary Pilgrim's Sampler Pillow from Abby Rose - click for more Mary Pilgrim's Sampler Pillow
Just a sweet design, the larger cushion pictured measures 115 x 80 stitches -- so 5 x 7 on 32ct Antique White Linen. The smaller version is just 3-1/2 inches.

Motifs taken from an antique sampler, this is worked with Red Pear, Pecan Pie, Oscar, Olive and Dolphin hand-dyeds. Simple and pretty to perch in that basket of pin cushions you're working on!!!

Heart of Hearts from Abby Rose - click for more Heart of Hearts
This is a charming smaller urn piece -- just a simple design -- 73 x 63 in stitch count. It is worked on 30 ct hand-dyed linen to finish approx 4 x 5 -- so smaller fabric will deliver a smaller finished cushion. It calls for Weeks and Gentle Arts of Charcoal, Faded Rose, Red Rocks, Tin Roof, Olive, Antique Rose and Bull Frog, and is coded for DMC as well.

Nothng earth-shattering... just a really pretty little thing, offered as a chart! (Dig out some of your Shepherd's Bush hand-dyed silk ribbon to finish this! If you don't have any, we'll soon have a fresh delivery right after market in a few weeks! Their ribbon would be perfect for this!)

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