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Sterling Silver Needlework Charms

And Other Cool Stuff From Charland Designs

These sterling silver charms are the coolest! They are tiny silver stitches that are perfect on a necklace, charm bracelet, a sampler, a special stitching basket or needlecase... just anywhere! So fun to collect, because they're affordable, and make great gifts for your stitching friends. And what a great conversation piece!

We have a framed display in the shop, and have photographed them on our display to show you. Kind of hard to decide on only one or two... so get a bunch! Maybe treat yourself to one or two a month???

PLEASE NOTE: Prices on many of these vary as the price of silver changes. So expect a phone call from us if the price has changed!

Miniature Sterling Silver Witch Scissors from Charland Designs - click for more Miniature Sterling Silver Witch Scissors
Oh my gosh, I cleaned out our front cases and found a few of these little charms!!!! They are tiny witch-on-a-broomstick scissors -- decorated on both sides. They open and close, but of course, will not cut ANYTHING!

They measure just 1-5/8 inches in size, and would be perfect inside of a cool Halloween Sewing Case, or featured on a fun pin cushion or something like that. They are kind of delicate, mine swing open, so NOT for a bracelet or necklace. Just too stink'in cute... I found 8 pair, so these won't be up here for long!

A Charming Charm and Eyeglass Holder
Rose Charm Holder from Charland Designs - Click to see a lot moreWe have a lovely solid Sterling Silver charm holder pin that can double as an eyeglass holder! A pretty cluster of silver roses, this delicate pin features a twisted bar coming down from its garland edges that can hold either charms, or your eyeglasses. *Pinch* out of the end catch, you can now loop charms onto the twisted bar. Tuck it back, and your charms are lined up on the pin. For eyeglasses, simply pin the Rose Bar onto needlework or YOU, and loop your eyeglass stem through the opening. Lovingly hand-casted and hand-made by Charland Designs just for The Silver Needle... these are exquisite!

My Stitching Companion from Charland Designs - click for more My Stitching Companion
by Charland Designs

This is the chart for a colorful sewing case designed by Charland and presented as a class at Tina and Terri's Shepherd's Bush event last summer. Stitched on 28ct Antique White Cashel Linen in yummy silks, it's scattered everywhere with tiny motifs and places for personalization.

Finishing approx 13-1/2 x 18, Charland includes finishing instructions, and a pair of alphabets to help with all your verses and initials. Very cute, there are lots of places you can add charms from your stash, as well! Offered as the chart.

Santa Bell Pull Hardware from Charland Designs - click for more Santa Bell Pull Hardware
What a charming Santa this is -- perfect to dress up some fancy Christmas stitching of yours!!! Designed by Nancy Halvorsen of Art-to-Heart designs for Charland Designs... this is a smoothly casted, heavy piece of beautifully brushed pewter that is perfectly shaped to present something long and skinny!

Nancy's cute artwork shows in his beard and textured dots and stripes of his coat and sack. Measuring approx 5 inches wide, and 1-3/4 inches high, the display bar will hold up to 4-1/2 inches of fabric. Charland has a witch, Gardening Angel, Spooky Bats and Angel Wings in her Pewter Hardware collection... this little guy is a spectacular addition!

Articulated Characters by Mosey 'n Me! from Charland Designs - click for more Articulated Characters by Mosey 'n Me!
Oh... check out this set of darling charms -- each has arms and legs that dangle and swing around -- making them come *ALIVE!!!* Designed by Frank of Mosey 'n Me, Charland has re-created his talents in these tiny works of art! We've had some of these for a few years... but they deserve a bit of special attention because they are truly exquisite, and *darn cute!* Perfect in sewing cases, on fun stitched pieces, earrings, a necklace... get creative!
  • The Snowman is 1-3/8 inches, his arms move, and you can see his charcoal briquette mouth!
  • Uncle Sam (I don't think Frank designed this one) stands 1-3/8 of an inch tall, moving legs and arms, and a big old star on his shirt.
  • Quite the fun, little things, I'm sure you can think of a million fun places to use these... or a perfect occasion to give one as a gift! Each is solid sterling, handmade by Charland and her crew!

    Seashore Charms from Charland Designs - click for more Seashore Charms!
    Here are teeny-weeny charms that all have the same 'water-y' theme to them! We have a turtle -- 5/8 of an inch, a scallop -- also 5/8 an inch, and an awesome lobster, who is 3/4 of an inch in length -- and cheaper than you'll find in a restaurant!!! Next... is a miniature mermaid! She's 3/4 of an inch.

    Exquisite little works of solid sterling silver art... these are just too pretty to store away in our charm boxes underneath the sales counter, and not show to you!!! Get 'em for something... (doesn't matter if you don't know right now!)... just don't pass them up!!!!

    Sterling Silver Charms
    Below you will find individual pics and descriptions of the charms, shown at approximate actual size.
    And don't forget to scroll down to the new section of alphabet charms!

    Flip Flop Charm:

    Sterling Flip Flop Charm

    Bosnian Stitch Charm:

    Sterling Bosnian Stitch Charm
    Pekinese Stitch Charm:

    Sterling Pekinese Stitch Charm
    Drum Charm:

    Sterling Drum Charm

    Lobster Charm:

    Sterling Lobster Charm
    Turtle Charm:

    Sterling Turtle Charm
    Double Herringbone Stitch Charm:

    Sterling Double Herringbone Stitch Charm

    Montenegrin Stitch:

    Sterling Montenegrin Stitch
    Hungarian Stitch:

    Sterling Hungarian Stitch
    Ray Stitch:
    Sterling Ray Stitch

    Mosaic Stitch Charm:
    Sterling Mosaic Stitch Charm
    Milan Stitch:
    Sterling Milan Stitch

    Two-Sided Italian Stitch:
    Sterling Two-Sided Italian Stitch
    Florentine Stitch:
    Sterling Florentine Stitch
    Portugese Stem Stitch Charm:
    Sterling Portugese Stem Stitch Charm

    Rotary Cutter Charm:
    Sterling Rotary Cutter Charm
    Crown Stitch:
    Sterling Crown Stitich
    Cable Stitch:
    Sterling Cable Stitch charm

    Rice Stitch:
    Sterling Rice Stitch
    Rosette Stitch:
    Sterling Rosette Stitch
    Lazy Daisy:
    Sterling Lazy Daisy charm

    Miniature Sterling Initials by Charland Designs

    Your initial, beautifully filigreed in a 3/8-inch square of sterling silver... these are just the prettiest! Available individually, they're perfect for charm bracelets and necklaces, and especially neat for signing your needlework and personalizing your special needle cases and thread keepers! There are so many uses for them... use your first initial, or spell your name... spell out a special word... use your imagination! Shown are A, B and C... all the alphabet letters are available... so think of everybody you know... and go for it!

    Sterling Letter D Charm

    Sterling Letter F Charm
    Sterling Letter H Charm
    Sterling Letter I Charm

    Sterling Letter N Charm
    Sterling Letter O Charm
    Sterling Letter Q Charm
    Sterling Letter U Charm
    Sterling Letter W Charm
    Sterling Letter X Charm

    Sterling Letter Y Charm
    Sterling Letter Z Charm

    Uncle Sam Hat Charm:
    Sterling Uncle Sam Hat Charm

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