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Heart In Hand, Bent Creek and Twisted Threads have joined together to design! Each design has a portion designed by each firm, so they contain a wonderful merging of styles. Often you can tell exactly which designer did which part!

Jolly Santa from The Trilogy - click to see more
Holiday Reminders
Small cards with big reminders! All is Calm, All is Bright - 2 x 3-1/2 over two, or less than 1 x 2 over one... DMC or hand-dyeds.

Secret Snowy Village from The Trilogy - click to see more Secret Snowy Village
The Trilogy has a new small design in their *Secret* series... it's a tiny wintery village scene with falling snow and frosted branches everywhere. All the designs in this set of 4 x 4 inch pieces feature small motifs that are rotated to fit each edge. If you turn this 90 degrees... you'll find a different part of the design is right-side up. Rotate it again... and ANOTHER part is right-side up!

Offered as the chart with 32ct natural linen cut and moon button, there have been a whopping 15 different designs in this series available... and we still have them all pictured on the Trilogy page! (Quite a few are special orders since they are 'aging'... but worth a look!)

Giggly Wigglies Reindeer from The Trilogy - click to see more Giggly Wigglies Penguins from The Trilogy - click to see more Giggly Wigglies Snowmen from The Trilogy - click to see more
Giggly Wigglies
Guess you can tell it's January around here!!! Trilogy is beginning a new set of skinny and tall designs that will all be the same size -- 23 x 174 in stitch count. Choose a 32ct -- you'll get 1-1/2 x 11. Do it over one on 25ct -- you'll get 1 x 7! Pick 7ct Klostern and it'll be 3 x 25!!!!!

Perfect for those ultra-skinny walls beside doors in your house... find a cute spot for these! They call for hand-dyeds by Gentle Art and Weeks, or DMC or Anchor. There are no specific embellishments called for but that is EASY to change! Offered as leaflets, just fun, quick, eyecatching designs for the seasons!

Daily Reminders: Say Grace from The Trilogy - click to see more Daily Reminders: Say Grace
A comforting remembrance to decorate your home, the cover pic is worked on 32ct Natural with bits of hand-dyeds or DMC.

Finishing approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2, it'd be cute finished as a little stand-up wedge or box perched on the kitchen counter! Presented as a small card chart.

Happy Nativity Day from The Trilogy -- click to see more Happy Nativity Day
Even Jesus needed to learn his ABC's, so Trilogy has included the alphabet in this sleepy little scene! The evening sky and quiet village surround Baby Jesus on the night of his birth.

Offered as a small card chart, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4 on 32ct and is coded for hand-dyeds, DMC or Anchor floss.

Holiday Reminder Believe from The Trilogy -- click to see more Holiday Reminder Dream from The Trilogy -- click to see more Holiday Reminders
*Dream* & *Believe* are two small patterns offered by The Trilogy to help keep you focused on the wonderful things that happen during the Christmas Season.

Offered as small cards, each chart is worked in just a few flosses and the designs are small enough to actually finish into normal-sized ornaments. No metallics or embellishments featured -- add some from you stash if you like!

For Keeps from The Trilogy - click to see more Happy Thankful Thankful Day from The Trilogy - click to see more
A Trio of New Designs
The gals from The Trilogy have released the beginnings of a new series of small designs -- Daily Reminders. The first two are here -- *Listen* and *For Keeps.* I can tell from the chart graphics that we will be getting *Smile Big,* *Laugh Often,* *Choose Happiness,* *Give Freely* and *Work hard*... but the rest of the preview list is hidden on the cover by the model images. Offered in small card format and coded for DMC, Anchor, or hand-dyed flosses (all three companies!) they can be worked on anything you want, but finish approx 2 x 4 over two on 32ct. They don't specifically call for any embellishments -- so that is your call -- to embellish or not!! Very nice small designs... offered in small card format.

Don't miss Happy Thankful Thankful Day! A hungry Pilgrim is inviting you to dinner!!! Just a cute little guy, he is stitched with overdyeds or DMC, and his chart does come with a small brass leaf embellishing charm. Finishing approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 32 Natural, you could add a bit of metallic to the buckle of his hat, grab a few pumpkin buttons, find a small crow bird, even dress up that zig-zag border around him with some turquoise, orange, squash and moss beads! Offered as a small card with leaf charm, cute!

The Snow is Coming Down! from The Trilogy - click to see more
The Snow is Coming Down!
Well... we hope not anymore this year! This fun design is presented in a small card format with the included brass snowflake charm. 4-1/2 inches square on 32ct Natural Belfast Linen, it uses a smattering of hand-dyeds or DMC floss.

Perfect to finish into a stand-up cube for next winter... or how about a colorful mini-quilted hanging???

Secret Haunting from The Trilogy - click to see more Secret Haunting
The Trilogy has sent a cute new kitted design -- Secret Haunting -- that joins like a million (actually like only 12!) fun 5 x 5-ish designs. Busy medleys of tiny motifs, this one isn't as multi-directional as some of the original designs, but it is real cute and fun to study. Look at the moon... can you see his mustache? EEK... I'd beware of him!

Presented just like our other dozen or so *Secrets*, this includes the chart, fabric cut and embellishment. Mona has finished most of our shop models into stand-up cubes... this series of Trilogy designs has been a long-standing customer favorite!

Happy Black Black Cat Day from The Trilogy - click to see more Happy Black Black Cat Day
MEOWWWW... Thats what this needs to say instead of the alphabet! And... this will be easy to adapt to you color scheme if the orange and soft greens don't do it for you.

This is offered in small card format with three tiny brass star embellishments. Pretty darn cute, especially if you appreciate cats!

Liberty-2 from The Trilogy - click to see more Liberty-2
Trilogy has released a cute patriotic design (actually ours arrived on July 3rd this year) -- in plenty of time for next year's 4th of July!!! A fun four-some of Americana designs, each block measures 39 x 34 stitches and can we stitched on just about any fabric you want.

Overdyed, DMC or Anchor, there are a few beads and a brass star embellishment included with the leaflet. Super easy stitching, frame the four, or make them into individual stand-up cubes or something! Offered as the leaflet... the little 2 in the title stands for *Squared!*

Secret Ingredient from The Trilogy - click to see more Secret Ingredient
The Trilogy has a new design in their small *Secrets* series... 4 x 4 Designs that feature lots of teeny motifs just swarming around in them. We already have Halloween, Christmas, Winter, flower gardens and birthdays represented, and now this one is for the cook-of-the-house and treasured kitchen. The big stew pot is simmering on the stove -- you can just smell the (soup?)!

Offered as the chart with cut of 32ct Natural Linen and tiny pea pod charm embellishment, it calls for 15 different DMCs or overdyed from your stash. Just cute, it'd be nice as a stand-up cube on the sill.

Boy Line Up from The Trilogy - click to see more Boy Line Up
Trilogy has a few new designs -- Boy Line-Up follows in the same format as the others in this cute series of designs -- a 6 x 6-ish square -- stuffed full of rows and rows of CUTE motifs. This new Boy design is one of the best! How many little boys will LOVE having this hang in their bedroom??? All the 'very bestest' guy things are in here -- robots, trucks, rockets, tools, trains, and even a monster! So cute, this is a 'gotta have' for a special little guy in your life.

Offered as the leaflet, there is a small brass star embellishment included. Stitch count is a mere 88 x 88, and the design is coded for either DMC, Anchor or a variety of hand-dyeds. (Check out the rest of the Line-Ups -- there is a Zoo one, as well as Sports -- and then quite a selection of seasons, as well.)

Winter Sneak Peek from The Trilogy - click to see more Winter Sneak Peek from The Trilogy - click to see more Winter Sneak Peek from The Trilogy - click to see more Winter Sneak Peek from The Trilogy - click to see more
Winter Sneak Peek
Trilogy continues their *Peeks* with Winter... and all of it arrived in one box today! A tribute to winter and it's blowing snow (which most of the country hasn't seen very much of this year!) The first chart includes the overall border and left-hand block -- a polar bear and the family igloo. The middle two squares are presented in Snowy Fun and Folly -- A snowman losing his hat to that flying snowball, and the unfortunate skier. The final two squares include the other half of the snowball fight, and the People-Igloo!

You can stitch all of this together, or just do the smaller blocks individually -- your choice. There is an embellishment pack for that border, which I love! All together, everything measures approx 3-1/2 x 11 on 32ct. Just cute Winter themes, so HOPEFULLY you can display all snowy-winter-long!

Domes of Yule from The Trilogy - click to see more Domes of Yule Holiday Helpers from The Trilogy - click to see more Domes of Yule Chimney Cheer from The Trilogy - click to see more Domes of Yule Gifts Galore from The Trilogy - click to see more
Domes of Yule
Domes of Yule from The Trilogy - click to see more The Trilogy has a new set of charts -- one larger, main leaflet, and three smaller coordinating cards. The main 3-1/2 x 8-1/2 design reads; Christmas Time is for Santa's gifts, mistletoe, kisses and togetherness. You can stitch just that, or leave out the gifts, mistletoe and kisses, and insert the individual 2 x 2-1/2 Dome designs instead! Then it reads *Christmas Time and Togetherness.* Or, skip all that, and stitch the three little designs and assemble them into ornaments! (Confused yet?)

We have some stitched pics here, and a digital image, too, to help clarify. All cute, everything is stitched in an assortment of DMC or hand-dyeds on 32ct Summer Khaki linen, and trimmed with a few gold beads and jingle bells... which surely you have in your stash!

Autumn Sneak Peek from The Trilogy - click to see more Autumn Sneak Peek
Trilogy has sent their latest Sneak Peek pattern -- this time ALL IN ONE SHIPMENT! You can buy the whole thing at one time, and be done with it!!! The light leafy border that sports a few button embellishments surrounds 5 - 2 x 2 boxes of autumnal designs -- A little leaf girl, scarecrow and turkey, and finally a kitty and hungry crows.

The entire piece measures 3-1/2 x 11 on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen, and is worked in a combination of hand-dyed flosses. Offered in 3 separate sheet charts, embellishments an additional option... it's all here at one time!

Wedding Line Up from The Trilogy - click to see more Wedding Line Up
Trilogy has another new design -- something cute to stitch in plenty for the Big Day. Might be cute as a photo album or guest book cover, an anniversary piece, or even a bit of stitching to frame along with a special photo.

Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square on 32ct, but you could stitch this on just about anything you want.

Sneak Peek for Christmas! from The Trilogy - click to see more Sneak Peek for Christmas!
The Trilogy's 5-panel piece of glimpses into Christmas has all arrived! Inside that jagged border are 5 cute little ornament-sized designs - each seeming to *Peek* out of its tiny box. This is angular and edgy!

Presented in a border leaflet with buttons and a pair of card charts... We have all three parts bagged together for you to make it easier to gather. Finished size is approx 4 x 14. Cute!

Secret Santa from The Trilogy - click to see more Secret Santa
Trilogy has several new releases... a new Sneak Peek for Christmas, two small ornament designs, and this new *Secret* design. They have lots that match this cube... all the 'Secret' designs feature small motifs all jumbled together... with at least one of them right-side-up, whichever way you turn the finished piece! (I guess the top is the Secret!!!)

Anyway, this one is all Santas, and they really are very cute! A couple of them would be super-dinky on scissor fobs! Offered as the chart with cut of 32ct Natural Belfast Linen, and a clay package button, you supply the flosses from your stash. We've finished all of the 'Secrets' into stand-up cubes at the shop... and after lots of years -- they all still appeal!

Secret Beach from The Trilogy - click to see more Secret Beach
The Trilogy has a new Summer Beach scene delivered in the format of chart, linen and sand dollar clay button embellishment. Like Secret, Flower, Pumpkin... (They have a million designs in this series)... this finishes into a 5 x 5 stitched piece that is charming!

In most of them, they have turned the motifs, so that there is more than one top and bottom. This one has a definite design direction... you can tell, by all those fun little crabs peeking from the sandcastles and beach umbrellas, and the mermaid. Just really cute, these are always popular with the shop customers! Offered as the chart with 32ct Natural Linen and the clay button.

Sports Line-Up from The Trilogy - click to see more Sports Line-Up
Here's something for the busy Mom who's spending time on the fields or the gym bleachers!!! Stitch this and add a couple of rows around the edges that represent the team colors... add a couple of important tournament dates to the bottom... stitch it for the school trophy case!

Offered as the leaflet, this finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square on 32ct.

Christmas Line-Up from The Trilogy -- click to see more Christmas Line-Up
The Trilogy has released a Christmas design to match the rest of their Line-Ups... that will probably need to be added to NEXT YEAR's stitching schedule!!!

Cute rows of stockings, presents, trees and candy canes, you could add lots of beads to the ornaments, metallics to their hangers and the peppermint stick, and a little furry thread onto Santa's beard! Finishing approx 6 x 6 on 28ct linen, all in this series are real cute! Offered as the leaflet.

Zoo Line-Up from The Trilogy - click to see moreZoo Line-Up
Well, isn't this cute? They needed one for household animals like the cat, dog, bird, and fish, (with space for the optional spider or snake!!!) Anyway, this IS cute, and you could hang it over the hamster cage... or in an animal-lover's bedroom! I like the little elephant in there, the penguin is darling, and the alligators are pretty cool!

(I guess if you live in Florida, you'd rather have these alligators on your walls than in the backyard!) Offered as a leaflet, it finishes approx 5 x 5, and is a fun companion to the rest of the Line-Up designs! (4 Seasons, Halloween and Easter!)

Halloween Line Up from The Trilogy - click for moreHalloween Line Up
Trilogy celebrates Halloween in a big way, with lots of teeny weeny motifs, all lined up in the cutest way! Offered as a leaflet, Halloween Line Up joins the seasons already published, and is just as charming. Finishing approx 5 x 5 on 28ct linen... (our Spring Line Up shop model is worked over one thread so it's half that size!) every row features such fun little things.

Check out the owls at the top, then all the spiders... then the precious and scary Trick-or-Treaters at the bottom! You have Superman down there, an angel, I think a pirate, and definitely a mummy... Great colors of DMC OR hand-dyed!

Secret Vegetable Garden from The Trilogy -- click to see more Secret Vegetable Garden
Trilogy has released three new designs... and I thought this Vegetable Garden thing was really cute! It's the 7th in their Secret Garden set of designs... little squares that seem to have no actual top or bottom side to them! This one is full of garden color -- greens and oranges -- full of garden critters -- rabbits and snails -- and full of yummy vegetables... complete with the carrot button and a little garden worm!

Packet includes the pattern, carrot, worm and 32ct Summer Khaki linen cut. You add bits of floss, and the tray of veggies to snack on while you're stitching!

Easter Line-Up by The Trilogy -- click to see more Easter Line-Up
Wow... here's another Line-Up Leaflet that is FULL of Holiday appeal! Always a series of 6 borders, all of the Line-Ups have been full of lots of creativity! You can pull out so many cool little motifs and rows and add them to other pieces, make small ornaments, whatever! I love the row of bunnies second from the bottom... they are just whiskers, but to me... all the rabbits look like they're wearing those sunglasses with the big nose attached!

Finishing approx 3 x 3 over one thread, or 5-1/2 inches over two on 32ct, just plain cross stitches, with lots of potential!!!

Happy Snow Snow Day by The Trilogy -- click to see more Happy Snow Snow Day
Just a funky snowman... a little 'lean-y'... he's worked in various overdyeds... and sports NO embellishments of any kind!!! (Pleasant on your pocketbook!!!)

Offered as the small card, Snow Snow Day finishes approx 4 x 4 on 32ct.

Winter Line-Up from The Trilogy -- click to see lots more Winter Line-Up
The final in this 4-Seasons set of designs (scroll down the page to see the others)... oh my gosh... those little penguins are just the cutest! Check out the 4th from the left! Offered as a leaflet, this has been a set of designs that is full of rows/borders of seasonal motifs. If you're into making up your own samplers and such... these have been a gold-mine for you! Stitched on 32ct Natural Belfast in Weeks and Sampler Threads, each season finishes approx 5 x 5.

Just fun... Magic By Mona -- our finisher -- is making a 4-sided cube stand-up with all of these! Or you could stitch them all in a row, like the folks at The Trilogy did. (Look at this chart a little... you could pick out a 2-inch wide strip and just stitch it... or you could pull out the snowman and add an inch-wide sampler of all the borders below him... this whole set of designs has been packed full of possibilities!

Autumn Line Up -- click to see lots more! Autumn Line Up
A new leaflet by The Trilogy, this is the 3rd in the 4 seasons of Line-Ups! 6 Awesome lines (at least) in each piece... you are treated to rows and rows of seasonal motifs. Autumn features lots of little blackbirds, acorns, squirrels and pumpkins... very cute.

Check out the other designs in this set -- they're full of rows and rows of stuff appropriate for their time of year too! (Winter Line-Up has darling penguins in it... and is pictured in the 4-seasonal main pic on the back cover of the leaflet... but we don't have it yet! A Sneak Preview!!!???) This is a really creative set of designs... so we'll just have to be patient for Winter! Finishes approx 5 1/2 inches square on 32ct.

Summer Line Up from The Trilogy -- click to see lots more Summer Line Up
One of four new designs, Trilogy's second season in it's 'Line Up' for the year... Summer is FULL of tiny motifs that evoke summer sunshine fun, vacation memories and a trip to the lake! Stitched on 32ct Natural linen, this finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square.

Worked in Sampler Threads and Weeks overdyeds, the colors are soft and dusty, (Old Blue Paint, Antique Rose, Old Red Paint, Summer Meadow...) and although there are no embellishments called for... there are lots of cute things that would look great on here! Offered as a leaflet... Check out companion Spring Line Up -- already in the shop.

Spring Line Up from The Trilogy -- click for more Spring Line Up
Frogs and Turtles, Birds, Bees and Butterflies... everybody's lining up to get a piece of the Spring Action! You get flowers, clouds and rain, even cute dirt!!! Offered as a leaflet, this stitches approx 5 x 5 on 32ct Natural Linen. What a great design composition for a cube-shaped stand-up for your windowsill! Use the overdyeds from your stash... you could even look to see if you have any extra buttons for this!

Secret Snowdrift from The Trilogy -- click for more Secret Snowdrift
Gosh... this was one of my favorite discoveries at Market this Winter! Look at this charming medley of snowmen -- all different angles -- lots of little pine trees -- check out the peeking penguins! Offered as the pattern with 32ct Natural Linen, chart and clay button embellishments, Snowdirft finishes approx 4 x 4 and companions with the Secret Garden and Pumpkin Patch designs. Lots happening in this one... VERY cute!

Welcome Home by The Trilogy -- click to see more! Welcome Home Take-Along Kit
A greeting we all want to see when we get home... this is a quaint scene of three houses, welcoming us home! I imagine each of the three designers in The Trilogy -- Heart in Hand, Twisted Threads and Bent Creek -- each designed one of the houses, but after studying it for a while I really can't figure out who did which house!!!

Finishing approx 3 x 7 over two threads, the complete kit contains the chart, 32ct Natural linen, the pre-sorted overdyed flosses, the little moon buttons, and needle. It's all packaged in a clear plastic wallet-style folder, so it's easy to stuff into your bag and take along -- just like the name implies! This would be great finished as a wall hanging... or a fun stand-up for a quiet spot... be creative!

Thanksgiving Spots
A miniature holiday design, this card delivers a fun little design stuffed full of holiday motifs -- complete with a really pretty sterling leaf charm embellishment! Just like all the rest the Spot designs, this one features teeny-weeny details that are so small and cute!

We have everything in this 1-1/2 or 3-1/2 inch square piece -- turkeys, pilgrims and Indians, Nina and Pinta ships, and even the dinner silverware!! Our shop collection of models for the Spots set is just charming -- see them at the top of this page.

Thanksgiving Spots from The Trilogy -- click to see more
Bundle of Joy
Here's a darling way to stitch a quick little birth announcement -- a quickly disappearing fixture in the baby nurseries of 2005! (No sticky diaper tabs on this needlework!!!) Offered as a small Trilogy card design, the diaper is worked in Whitewash overdyeds, and options are given for either pink for blue diaper lines.

The alphabet and numerals are included for baby's name and birth date.

Bundle of Joy from The Trilogy -- click to see more
Secret Pumpkin Patch
One of 7 new designs from the Trilogy. A tightly-packed secret garden of pumpkins, cats and jack-o-lanterns... what a fun medley of tiny motifs! Stitched on 32ct Natural linen, in your stash of overdyeds, the design finishes approx 4 x 4. Offered as the card design with linen and two button embellishments... you add the bits of cinnamon, brandy and nutmeg overdyed colors.

Secret Pumpkin Patch by The Trilogy -- click to see the rest of the new designs!
Wedding Spots
A clean, sleek, no-nonsense Wedding announcement, this is stitched in 9 different colors of overdyeds... although it appears to be just about two or three! Stitched on 32ct Dirty Belfast Linen, it finishes just 5 x 5, and features a sterling heart embellishment. In reading the dedication, I find that this is for Bent Creek's Mother... and her new life!!! How neat, it's not everyday that you get to stitch a wedding announcement for your Mom!!! Anyway, it's a crisp, contemporary design that will definitely appeal to young-at-heart newlyweds. Available as the leaflet, with separate embellishment.

Wedding Spots -- click to see a larger view

Christmas Spots -- click for a larger view including the charm Christmas Spots
A small seasonal card design full of miniature seasonal motifs... joining Spring, Summer, Autumn and Liberty. Each has a matching sterling charm available, too. Really cute over one thread or two... we have Twisted Thread's tin frame (see below) for the 'over one' version... verrry cute, either way!!!

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