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Beggar's Valentine from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Beggar's Luck from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Painted Threads from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Growing Love from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Beggar's Valentine, Painted Threads & Growing Love
Here are three designs by Threadwork Primitives that are not new... but we have finally organized them together for you! All presented as charts, everything uses hand-dyed flosses and various neutral shades of hand-dyed linens.
  • Beggar's Valentine measures approx 5 x 7. Only Onyx, Chamomile, Weathered Barn and Wood Trail in this one...
  • Beggar's Luck - That same blackbird checking his plentiful horn-of-clovers. Finishes 5 x 7 on 32ct Picture This Plus's Legacy - Onyx, Garrison green, Pecan, Moss and Olive.
  • Painted Threads finishes 7 x 4-1/4 on 36ct. Just 7 colors on here... really sweet. The center floral urn would make a stunning pin cushion -- it's only 40 x 40!
  • Growing Love finishes 6 x 8. Inspired by an antique oval needlebook, the design shape lends itself to that treatment -- pretty and unique.

Common Thread Stitcher's Mat from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Sunbird from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more My Treasures from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
More Primitives...
Choose your fabrics, and after stitching is finished, distress them a little if you like!
  • Common Thread Stitcher's Mat is a really neat finishing idea. A petite 6-1/2 x 9, what a fun place to park you needles and place your scissors. Finish it with antique fabric on the back, and roll it up... can you see the velvet pin cushion in the pic? Tuck that inside, wrap the stitching around it, and tie it all closed with that gorgeous rayon ribbon! (Lady Dot dyes gorgeous velveteen... and Shepherd's Bush hand-dyes ribbon like this.... choose a piece of velvet and a length of ribbon, and match your mat fabric and threads to it! YUM!)
  • Sunbird measures approx 4 x 4, just 5 colors of hand-dyeds.
  • My Treasures finishes just 4 x 7 and is dedicated to stitching friends. A super-easy stitch -- your friends would love you!

Halloween Menagerie from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Bittersweet October from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Halloween Menagerie & Bittersweet October
A pair of quick designs for Autumn.
  • Halloween Menagerie is actually stitched as a flat band that is then wrapped around a felted wool drum-shaped pin cushion. Just 5 or 6 colors of hand-dyed threads... neither one will take you long to stitch.
  • Bittersweet October is shown tucked into a wooden shaker carrier, and would also make a cute oval cushion -- it's only 3 x 5.

Quaker Holly from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Where Liberty Dwells from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Quaker Holly and Where Liberty Dwells
  • Quaker Holly -- This little round greenery design is finished into a pin wheel -- which would make a REALLY COOL stitcher's ornament! Get a pair of our finishing forms... cover, glue, add some trim and poke in pins and zip-zap you've got a super-cute ornament with a no-sew-finish!!!
  • Where Liberty Dwells is on the super-primitive end of things... at least the spaces between the alphabet letters give that impression. Finishes approx 8 x 9, you could stitch the house one side of a little cushion and the verses on the other as another design option.

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