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Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays
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Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays

Bow Before Me... It's My Birthday! from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Joust Another Anniversary: Game On! from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Joust Another Anniversary: Game On! from Peacock and Fig
Peacock & Fig has an awesome collection of crowns and this jousting scenarios to celebrate family occasions!!! Joust Another Anniversary might be perfect for a couple you know! Presented as a chart, coded for DMC floss, it finishes approx 8 x 8 on 14ct.

We also have a wedding piece (At least you're not forming a dynasty by marrying your cousin!), Birthday -- Bow before me, peasants! Then we have the births of the Royal Highnesses, and The King and Queen. Really a delightful set of pattens, all are clear charts, and they'll make you smile!

Bow Before Me... It's My Birthday!
Well, that speaks volumes! Personalize it for *that special someone* or just make it as the Family Birthday Sign to display every day someone in the family has a birthday. 7 x 8-1/2 on 14/28ct... DMC, 4 different bead colors and gold metallic.

NOTE! There are also a couple of new baby designs in this series... scroll down to the Baby and Children's Projects section to see those.

Royal Wedding from Peacock and Fig - click to see more King from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Queen from Peacock and Fig - click to see more
Royal Wedding from Peacock and Fig
*At least you are not forming a dynasty by marrying your cousin.* DMC, 10 x 10 on 14/28ct. Three colors of beads, gold and silver metallics.

King & Queen from Peacock and Fig
Separate charts, each of these finish about 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 14/28ct. DMC, some beads and gold and silver metallics, these are regal! Stitch them on anything, personalize if you know the names of the guilty parties... anything to keep them quiet and in their place!

Now & Forever from AB Designs - click for more Now & Forever
from AB Designs
A new wedding and anniversary design by AB, this is presented as a chart. You can change colors to match the new household or wedding colors. (Don't get stressed about the brown if that isn't a good color for you!)

Clean, simple, those pillows are fun. Dress them up with buttons or trinkets special to them. Actually just seeing MR & MRS is probably enough to charm the new bride!!!

Always You from Heart in Hand - click for more

Always You
from Heart in Hand
It was always you... Heart in Hand has a new Wee One chart -- worked on Picture This Plus's 28ct Haunted linen, it is so pretty!

The rich teal colors of the fabric set off the creams and caramels of the flosses, the silvery metallic, and the matte taupe of the glass seed beads. Finishing just 4 x 4-1/2 inches, this is so striking... and it delivers SUCH a message!!!!!

Two Become One from Heart in Hand - click for more Forever Love from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Wee Ones: Forever Love & Two Become One
Both of these are small card charts that make really nice wedding or shower gifts.

Simple designs, neat colors that you can always change if need be, each finishes approx 3 x 4 and comes with it's timy brass embellishment.

Happily Ever After from Heart in Hand - click for more Mr & Mrs from Heart in Hand - click for more Mr & Mrs and Happily Ever After
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand has released two wedding momento designs that are very simple, clean and contemporary feeling. Not too fussy, just very 'stitchable' for a nice wedding gift. My favorite is the little Mr & Mrs, which finishes a mere 4 x 4 on 30ct. Cute to include in a picture frame beside a special photograph or the invitation. Happily is a little larger -- 2-1/2 x 12. It'd make a cute pillow, or be neat sewn into a fabric wall hanging.

They both call for overdyeds, and although you'd want a pretty red or pink for the hearts and flowers -- you could use almost any other colors from your stash for the rest! Mr & Mrs comes with a few glass bead embellishments, Happily includes a few beads as well, and a tiny brass heart charm.

My One and Always from Heart in Hand - click for more My One and Always from Heart in Hand
This is a great wedding piece for someone you might know. They're all young these days, they don't want *foof and fuss*... this one doesn't even mess with a date! Don't stitch them a lacy-band-sampler... just pick a fabric you like and do this! It's clean and contemporary, and they'll love it!

Heart in Hand does really GOOD wedding designs... she has lots more farther down on the HIH page -- maybe take a peek! This one comes as a chart with a brass heart charm. It measures approx 9 x 4 on 30ct.

Our Story from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Our Story from With Thy Needle & Thread
*Home is where our story begins.* What a neat piece to stitch for a housewarming or wedding gift!!!!! Presented in chart format by Brenda Gervais, this is pretty and not 'fussy.' Measuring approx 13-1/2 x 8-1/2 on 35ct, choose any neutral background material -- you just want that neat house to show up -- unless you want to change that color as well!

Simple and fresh looking -- you CAN get it finished in time for the big event! You could even personalize this for your family or another.

Dare to Fly from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Dare to Fly from Silver Creek Samplers
*Life is quickly racing by... Adventures fill the open sky... Do not wait to take a try... Just be a bird and Dare to Fly* By Silver Creek Samplers, Diane based her verse on a A. A. Milne poem about 'opportunities that born and die... because you still wait and will not try...'

A small piece, it is suitable for framing, but it'd make a neat little pillow as well. Think about graduations, new jobs and moves... and even weddings. Wouldn't this be pretty personalized with the new couple's names? Instead of an outdated band sampler... with the rings stuck on there, stitch them something ALIVE and motivating! Offered as a chart, this has a stitch count of 144 x 71 and is coded for Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds.

You Hold The Key To My Heart from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
You Hold The Key To My Heart
from The Sweetheart Tree
A sweet sentiment in a petite 3 x 3 stitched area... the key embellishment is especially fillagreed and delicate. Accented with a few crystal Paillette glass sequins, you can finish this one suing the curved finishing boards as in the pic, or make a small wedding announcement pillow -- just whatever!

Offered as a small card with key and sequins.

The Wedding Quadrielle from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more The Wedding Quadrielle from The Sweetheart Tree
Sweetheart Tree has a wedding announcement piece that is finished quite differently than your average sampler! Her Quadrielle is a 4-sided cube that features stitching on the top and bottom of the shape as well... to make a pretty hanging ornament. Presented in complete kit format, the Bride, Groom, important date and sentiment, each grace one side of the 3 x 3 x 3-ish cube. Worked on 28ct Lambswool linen in blue, green and white shades of DMC floss, there are lots of bead embellishments and silver metallic braid throughout.

Very different as far as wedding announcements go... something they can cherish from year to year, without you spending hundreds of dollars on fancy framing! BUT... if that's where you shine... stitch the four sides all in a row... and frame away!!! Lovely anyway you choose! Offered as a complete kit of fabric, chart and finishing instructions, flosses, metallic cable, beads and crystal paillettes, and needles.

Love is Patient from The Victoria Sampler - click for more
Love is Patient
from The Victoria Sampler
You might not have enough patience to stitch this entire sampler... but then again... you might!!! Absolutely lovely, this entire piece measures approx 4-1/2 x 20-1/2 inches on 28ct Natural Cashel Linen.

It is FULL of specialty stitches worked in silks and perle cottons... and features so many different 'areas'... that you could stitch just parts and sections, or the entire piece. Stitched in lots of white, with taupe accents and bits of rose hand-dyed, the embellishments include white and silver beads, some tear-drop and tiny round pearls, along with a silver metallic cord.

Make it as involved or simple as you want... every part of this is pretty! Make a Ring-Bearer pillow out of the initial block in the center... make a photo album cover out of the verse area... lots of possibilities. Offered as the leaflet with accs pack separate.

A Good Marriage from Lizzie*Kate - click for more A Good Marriage from Lizzie*Kate
Lizzie Kate has a new inspirational design centered around being married to someone you love! Lots of advice and good rules to follow, this would make AN AWESOME Wedding or Shower gift for a new couple, or a Anniversary gift for others. Stitched on your choice of fabric (110 x 195 so it finishes approx 8 x 14 on 28ct), the chart comes with Crescent Colour's Cauldron, Cocoa Bean and Hickory Sticks, and Gentle Art's Endive hand-dyed flosses -- 7 complete skeins -- and a smattering of pink, blues and gold DMCs.

Very pretty, rich, trendy colors to fit into almost any home decor color scheme, the verse is amazingly wonderful, and you might find yourself stitching this for several people you know! Offered as the chart with flosses.

Wedding Line Up from The Trilogy - click to see more Wedding Line Up
from The Trilogy
Trilogy has another new design -- something cute to stitch in plenty for the Big Day. Might be cute as a photo album or guest book cover, an anniversary piece, or even a bit of stitching to frame along with a special photo.

Offered as a chart, it finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square on 32ct, but you could stitch this on just about anything you want. Optional charm shown is Trilogy's Starry Heart Sterling Silver charm.

Wedding and Anniversary Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Wedding and Anniversary Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Wedding and Anniversary Sampler
from The Sweetheart Tree
The Sweetheart Tree has a new design that can celebrate any number of special days! Lovely and lacy, full of specialty stitches, beads, crystal paillette embellishments and a set of sterling silver wedding bells, this can be stitched two different ways, depending on your whim!

The main sampler measures 72 x 197 on 28ct Lambswool (included), but notice the smaller 'take out' piece... it is the middle section, with a couple of the other borders tucked around it! Stitch this on white, cream too... everything will look stunning on just about anything you choose.

Traditional verses... lots of versatility with this design... stitch as little or as much as you choose! Awesome stitches, elegant greens and soft taupes. Offered as the complete kit of charts, linen, threads, beads and silver bells!

A Moment to Cherish from Heaven and Earth - click for more A Moment to Cherish
from Heaven and Earth
By Jane Wooster Scott... a Springtime American Folk Art landscape scene... look closely, this is actually a wedding scene! Check out the hot air balloon, and the wedding party below!

Charted by Heaven and Earth, this measures a whopping 450 x 561 in stitch count -- not for the weak-of-stitcher - or a busy mother-of-the-bride!!!! A classic piece of American Folk Art!

Love is Patient from La D Da -- click to see a larger view Love is Patient
from La-D-Da
La D Da 's take on this scripture sentiment... a neat, relaxed, overdyed piece... there is room for bits of personalization in those two lower corners.

Finishing approx 7 x 9 on 32ct, this is offered as a chart. It'd make a lovely wedding sampler.
Wedding Ewe from Bent Creek -- click to see more
Wedding Ewe
from Bent Creek
Well here are Bonnie & Clyde, George & Martha, Fred & Wilma... or Mark & Michelle! Bent Creek has released another cute sheep design... only this one celebrates a favorite couple! Check out her garter!

Offered as a complete kit, it includes the chart, 25ct natural linen, flosses (some overdyed) and a little white Heart of Love clay button! Basic and trendy colors... simple... they finish approx 5 x 6.
Wedding Globe by Bent Creek -- click to see more Wedding Globe
from Bent Creek
Bent Creek is continuing their set of 'Globe' designs that have previously been offered only in Zipper Kit format, with this new design. Joining all the rest of the Christmas designs (that are all on 18ct linen, stitched with perle cottons) is this wedding announcement.

It's stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast using overdyeds from your stash. It finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4... just darling! The package contains the chart, linen and smattering of teeny-weeny buttons, along with the alphabet and numbers to personalize each blessed event!
A Date in June from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see a larger view A Date in June
from Cross Eyed Cricket
Something old, new, borrowed and blue... this is a simple wedding pillow and flower-girl cone set. Complete finishing and assembly instructions for the angel ornament and cone to hold the flower petals are included.

Although blue is symbolic, you could change colors in this to match your wedding colors! Offered as a chart-pack.

Wedding Row from Bent Creek -- click to see more! Wedding Row
from Bent Creek
'Of my love be sure' is the perfect verse for this wedding remembrance! Offered as a leaflet, in the same 'row' format as Bent Creek's other designs, this is stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast linen in soft, dusty shades of overdyeds. It calls for Whitewash, Cocoa, Old Red and Blue Paint, and Harvest Basket... but you could always alter some of that to match the home's decor.

Finishing approx 3 x 18, there is an alphabet included to personalize... and as of posting time... we have no extra button embellishment set. I know there will be one... probably full of lots of hearts! Something young and fresh... not too much stitching... this is really nice!

Heirloom Wedding Treasures from The Victoria Sampler -- click for moreHeirloom Wedding Treasures
from The Victoria Sampler

This is a set of pieces to coordinate with the previously published Heirloom Wedding Sampler. A trio of ringbearer's pillow, bridal purse and bridesmaid keepsakes... this is just a breathtaking set of pieces! Stitched on 28ct Platinum Linen, (the linen in the pic looks so much darker than that, but it really isn't), it's basically a study in white, opalescent and pearl. Lots of pretty Hardanger Embroidery, with great stitching instructions, the pillow finishes approx 15 inches square; the purse, approx 5 x 6; and the bookmark approx 2 x 7.

Offered as the leaflet with an accessory pack of metallic opalescent braid, silk ribbon, silk threads, mother-of-pearl heart beads, and tiny pearls... you will still need size 8 and 12 perle cotton, 10 spools of white Trebizond Silk and white Silk Perlee. Quite an undertaking... get the book and accessory pack first, then study which pieces you'll do, and then gather your needed additional threads!
The Marriage of Minds -- click to see a larger view The Marriage of Minds
from The Drawn Thread
Simply stunning, this sampler will quickly become a family heirloom to be treasured! Based on a Shakespeare Sonnet, the verse speaks of love and the commitments of marriage over time. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary sampler, and finishing approx 8 x 26 on 32ct Natural Linen, the design is stuffed full of special stitches, and is worked in lots of green, raspberry, cranberry and burgundy, warm browns, soft golds and creme. Choose between flosses, silks, or a mixture of both threads! Along with all the beautifully presented stitch diagrams comes the entire chart... on one continues piece of paper that measures 11 x 34 inches! (No guessing where the pattern repeats from one page to the next! It's all here in one chart for you!) Beautifully presented, full of details and wonderful sentiment!

From This Day Forward by The Sweetheart Tree -- click to see more new designs From This Day Forward
from The Sweetheart Tree
A beautifully done marriage sampler, this is stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen in soft greens, rose and white floss with touches of petite glass seed beads of white, crystal and icy-mauve. Full of well-diagramed special stitches, there is room for personalization of names, dates, etc. Besides all the neat stitches and pretty flower motifs, I especially like the miniature sterling silver wedding ring embellishment included in the kit! The piece finishes a bit over 3 x 6 inches... and will make a truly elegant wedding memento! The complete kit contains the chart and stitch diagrams, linen, threads, beads and wedding ring charm!
Wedding Spots
Wedding Spots -- click to see a larger viewA clean, sleek, no-nonsense Wedding announcement, this is stitched in 9 different colors of overdyeds... although it appears to be just about two or three! Stitched on 32ct Dirty Belfast Linen, it finishes just 5 x 5, and features a sterling heart embellishment. In reading the dedication, I find that this is for Bent Creek's Mother... and her new life!!! How neat, it's not everyday that you get to stitch a wedding announcement for your Mom!!! Anyway, it's a crisp, contemporary design that will definitely appeal to young-at-heart newlyweds. Available as the leaflet, with separate embellishment.

Heirloom Wedding Sampler -- click here to see a larger view
Heirloom Wedding Sampler
from The Victoria Sampler
This is absolutely gorgeous!!! If you don't know anyone who's getting married, stitch it anyway, and leave off the names and dates! Stitched in beautiful white silks, it also uses Trebizond -- a heavier weight silk thread -- opalescent metallic, white silk ribbon, perle cotton, a touch of taupe silk, and 2 sizes of pearls for embellishments.

Stitched on 28ct Platinum Cashel linen... the larger finishes 5 x 21", the smaller, 3 x 16". It's loaded with special stitches, and features some really pretty hardanger embroidery in the design. The book includes excellent instructions and diagrams, to stitch both a larger and smaller version of the design. You will need to purchase your fabric separately.

Pocket Card Birthday Candle from AB Designs - click for more Pocket Card Party Hat from AB Designs - click for more Pocket Card Cupcake from AB Designs - click for more Pocket Card Blue Moon from AB Designs - click for more Pocket Card Pink Heart from AB Designs - click for more Pocket Card Blue Heart from AB Designs - click for more
Pocket Cards
Amy has created 6 felt pockets to initially hold gift cards. Her intent was to have a cute package, garnished with your stitching for that special gift. OK... cute, but WAY TOO MUCH WORK for just a gift card. RE-USE THESE! The Baby Moons can store a special baby photo on the wall in the nursery. The Party Hat can store pics too... maybe a note of encouragement. The Cupcakes or Candles needs to store the dates of upcoming Birthdays!
Pocket Cards from AB Designs - click for more
Each of these comes with two charts for the designs shown. The felt pieces are already totally made for you, and the 14ct aida panel is hemmed and finished as well. Simply do your stitching and tack them on there. Each comes with a smattering of cute embellishments too. All of them measure in the 6 to 7 inch size... very cute and colorful and fun to give and use!

Baby Projects

His Lordship from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Her Ladyship from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Her Ladyship and His Lordship Have Arrived from Peacock and Fig
Here is a pair of charming 7 x 8 birth announcements to decree the arrival of the *Chosen One!* They are very regal, and quite different than the usual baby announcements. I love them! Presented in chart format (super clear and nicely colored), they are stitched on white fabric with DMC floss and each features a smattering of Mill Hill glass beads and a bit of Kreinik #4 metallic braid in gold and silver.

There is a piece of graph paper in here and really nice instructions for personalizing with the backstitch alphabet OR creating that gorgeous flowing one. (I have to laugh... the sample word she shows in the alphabet font instructions is *vodka* -- I guess you'll need that when Her Ladyship or His Lordship summon!) Choose 25 or 28ct White Lugana, 28ct white linen or 14ct white Aida to best fit those beads. We're thinking some awesome custom framing on these, too!

Bless Baby from Imaginating - click for more
Bless Baby
from Imaginating
A cute little birth announcement filled with baby animals, it finishes approx 7 x 9 on 14ct.

Coded for DMC floss, alphabet is included for personalization. Leaflet.

How Wonderful Life is... from Heart in Hand - click for more
How Wonderful Life is... from Heart in Hand
*Now that you are in the world!* What a CUTE birth announcement... or maybe just something fun for a daycare or classroom? ...or a bedroom... you get the idea!

One of Heart in Hand's newest designs, this measures a nifty 27 x 3 inches on 28ct! (or 14.) Stitched with DMCs or various hand-dyed flosses, cute little flora and fauna are scattered along the verse. Cecelia has included the set of tiny wooden buttons -- 6 of them -- they are laser-cut flowers, a bird and a heart -- you can see them in the pic. Such a happy sentiment, it makes you smile!

Cecelia has several other new things... I have them tucked on the HIH Main page and her

Twinkle, Twinkle from Rosewood Manor - click for more Twinkle, Twinkle
Karen designed this as a possible baby announcement sampler!  Worked on 28ct White or Antique White Lugana, she has mounted it with a piece a gold lame' fabric on the back -- so that the gold metallic 'peeks through' the Lugana.  Everything is stitched with Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braid -- a very nice, soft metallic thread -- you use only one stand and do not separate it. 

Finishing approx 8-1/2 x 10, she has incorporated a few Diamond Eyelet Stars, Hexagon Stars, and Algerian Eyelets just to make it sparkle a little more.  You can even stitch the geometric stars an individual Christmas ornaments if you want to.  Presented in leaflet format, Rainbow Gallery Threads offered separately.  (PB02, 04, 05, 21, 27 and 60)

Read Me A Story from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Read Me A Story
from Abby Rose Designs
*Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight.* Do you know a special little someone who would love this hanging on their bedroom wall... or near their bed at YOUR house??? Abby Rose has released this new chart -- the design finishes approx 6-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. It is coded for either DMC or hand-dyed cottons.

Pretty colors, you can change them to match your room... frame it, pillow it, even re-arrange the rows a little and make it long and skinny -- in case you want to bolster-shaped pillow for the bed! It's a sweet design!

Oh Baby! from AB Designs - click for more
Oh Baby!
from AB Designs
DARLING for any sex of baby, this can be stitched on any color or count of fabric... you can stitch it with or without personalization... frame it... pillow it... whatever! It's colorful, fresh, young and cute.

Model is shown on a light blue and finishes approx 5 x 5 on a 14/28ct. You can add cute safety pin embellishments, maybe some polka dot ribbons, maybe glue a binky to a frame, change the DMC colors to match a nursery??? Even repeat the word BABY if there are twins or triplets!!! Oh Baby, Baby, Baby!!!!!! Presented as a chart.

Bright Alphabet Birth Announcement from Cherry Lane - click for more Bright Alphabet Birth Announcement from Cherry Lane
Kind of an old-fashioned and traditional birth announcement for an *up and coming someone!* Presented as a leaflet, this is charted for regular DMC floss and includes an alphabet and numerals to design and personalize any message.

No special stitches or buttons or threads... it's cute the way it is, but is really an excellent 'blank canvas' for you to get creative. Add some beads and metallics, some furry threads in the animals... buttons are always fun and easy... maybe there is some left-over fabric from a blanket or something to make this into a little hanging??? Lots of possibilities! Stitch count is 130 x 160 -- so 9 x 11-1/2-ish on 14ct.

Birthday Girl and Boy Pillows & Matching Magnets from AB Designs - click for more Birthday Girl and Boy Pillows & Matching Magnets
from AB Designs
Stitch these cute pillow wraps for the special person at the center of the special occasion! Just a small 5-1/2 x 6-1/2 inch ticking striped pillow sham -- pink or blue -- the 14ct white Aida strip to stitch on measures 3 x 12. There is an alphabet included for personalization -- so you can stitch the Birthday message and tie it around the little pillow.

There is a 3 x 3 cut of magnetic sticky board in here as well... Amy suggests putting a favorite photo on there to finish off your fun gift!

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