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Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob
Cute, cute, cute! The same little guy as in 'Here We Go A Haunting', this is a stitched as a companion to the main sampler -- same 32ct Country Mocha linen and pretty flosses.

The ric-rak edging is attached with tiny orange petite seed beads -- both are included to stitch your fob that features different designs on each side!!! Offered as the complete kit.

Finch Song from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Finch Song
The newest large sampler by Shepherd's Bush has arrived in the shop! 'Finch Song for morning, crickets at eve, earth gives her blessings for all to receive.' Stitched on hand-dyed 32ct French Vanilla in deep and elegant Au Ver a Soie, Gloriana, Silk 'n Colors and Belle Soie hand-dyeds, there are just a few special stitches, and LOTS of Shepherd's Bush charm!

Deep greens, rosewood, plums and latte... very aged and antique-y in feel. Finishes approx 8 x 14, offered as a complete kit.

Remember from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Remember
Remember your silver charm bracelet? Shepherd's Bush presents a sweet piece to embellish with some of your favorite charms and trinkets! Worked on 30ct Weeks Parchment Linen in colorful pastel silks of rose and soft greens, it features a vine wrapping around the word 'Remember' and includes just a few Smryna Crosses and Rice Stitches for fun.

Finishes a petite 3 x 5, it'd make a lovely gift to commemorate almost anything special. The complete kit contains the chart, linen, silks and 3 tiny embellishments.

Halloween Night from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Halloween Night
'A witch's moon shines clear and bright, Pumpkins flicker with ghostly sight. Bats and spiders give all a fright, Creepy crawly Halloween night!'

With a front yard doubling as a pumpkin patch and graveyard, this is quite the busy scene. Stitched on the new Weeks Dye Works 20ct Cappuccino linen -- a rich orange color of fabric -- this uses overdyed flosses and is garnished with a generous set of JABCO clay buttons. Some new green spiders and a tiny head stone on this, the whole piece finishes approx 4 x 18, going over two threads.

(Stitches are actually 10ct -- super easy to see -- but if you want something smaller, we do carry luscious Tobacco linen in 32ct, so this could be 2-1/2 x 11!) Fun colors, lots of details, presented in leaflet format, with buttons and fabric separately.

WAVE from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more WAVE
Long may all the little flags wave... the one on the cottage, the one on the girl waiting at sea, and the one on the tiny sailboat! A small 4 x 6 piece stitched in hand-dyed silks on 30ct Weeks hand-dyed Straw linen, the skinny cottage is only 7 x 16 stitches, there are stars and stripes in each of the side borders, and the featured embellishment is a little green fish! Just a few special stitches... very cute.

Offered as the complete kit of chart, linen, silks and fish!

Hide and Seek from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Hide and Seek
A little something by Shepherd's Bush to celebrate the Easter Season... this is a sweet garden scene, complete with a special Shepherd's-Bushy sheep tucked amidst the flowers! It's an egg-shaped button.

Stitched in overdyeds on 28ct Newport linen that features blue threads woven into the material to create those little 'boxes.' It finishes approx 3-1/2 inches square, so it's a petite and colorful decoration! Offered as the chart; button separate.

Purple Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for more Purple Snowman
As in: Companion to Red Snowman and Green Snowman!! Shepherd's Bush has released another quaint snowman design stitched on a very 'out-there' hand-dyed linen color -- for a snowman! WHO thinks one should be against a red, green or purple background??? Teri and Tina of Shepherd's Bush! Teri builds them outside in front of the shop, while sister Tina is inside working *hard.* (At least that's the official story they're sticking to...)

A cute design, offered in kit format, your darling little snowman, complete with skinny legs, is stitched on Weeks 30ct Grape Ice linen in shades of luscious greens, soft berry, creams, and brown hand-dyed silks. There are some tiny hand-dyed buttons in here, too... and Jill Rensel finishes it all off with a flair! (Price will show up as $00.00 until we know the actual cost.) Kits are here now, mats are a reserve for a few weeks! LOVELY roses, lavenders and greens!!!

Glad Tidings Sampler from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Glad Tidings Fob from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Glad Tidings Sampler and Matching Glad Tidings Fob
The 2008 Christmas Quaker-inspired sampler, Glad Tidings features a shepherdess angel charming her little sheep with the music from her flute. Peace on Earth and Noel dot the sky... all surrounded by a spindly little floral vine. Very pretty colors of rose, buttermilk and lavender hand-dyed silks, the model at Market was stunning!

Tina and Teri made a miniature version of the larger sampler, and finished it into a tiny 2-inch scissor fob. Just the prettiest little thing... it features the same silks and fabric as the larger sampler... so think ORNAMENT... if a huge sampler is out of your reach!!!

The ribbon included with the fob kit to dress the edges is a silk with metallic threads running through it! So Elegant! Both Glad Tidings and its little fob are stitched on 32ct Days Gone By hand-dyed linen -- so soft and old in feel -- in a medley of luscious hand-dyed silks!

Sail Away -- click to see more Sail Away
This is a lovely sampler designed by Tina Richards Herman -- the Tina of Shepherd's Bush's Tina & Teri sister-team! Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed French Vanilla linen in luscious shades of hand-dyed silks -- from Thread Gatherer, Gloriana and Crescent, the colors are dusky, and weather-worn, just like you'd imagine an old seaside town to look. Finishing approx 5 x 14, it has lots of specialty stitches hidden in it's rows and charming little scene down at the bottom. One stitch is called the Indecisive Stitch! Satins, Herringbones, Captured Smyrna, Intricate Rice Variations, Triple Crossed Scotch, are some of the rest.

In reading Tina's dedication at the beginning of the instructions... I realize that you need to hear a bit of her words... Being a mountain girl at heart, she needed to soul search a little to do this piece. She talks about 'how many women throughout time have sent their dearest ones across its fickle waters (the sea) clinging to the hope that they might meet again. I thought about women sending husbands, fathers, and sons away in ships and about mothers sending beloved children off forever to live in new lands. I did not come from sea-faring folk, but the ocean changed the lives of my grandparents -- and thus myself.' She goes on to talk about her sons going off to school in different cities, and how involved and busy they become -- away from Mom at home. She finishes with this: 'And I don't think I am so very different from all the women, as I patiently wait for each little ship to sail calmly back to my harbor.'

Into The Night -- click to see more Into The Night
Another fun Halloween design... Into the Night features a little sheep dressed for the holiday in a green floral cape! He's visiting a little graveyard that is actually full of happy pumpkins, striped and swirled squashes, a few bats, a lovely wrought iron fence, and another little sheep hiding behind a crooked tombstone!

Offered as a kit, this is stitched on 32ct hand-dyed clay linen, and finishes approx 3 x 9-1/2. It's stitched in LUSCIOUS shades of Gloriana, Belle Soie and Thread Gatherer's hand-dyed silks. Pumpkin-y and mossy, the colors are just awesome! A few special stitches in here, too, Smyrnas, Herringbones, a few Cross variations... just bits here and there for a bit of texture and interest! REAL, real cute!

A Queen -- click to see more A Queen
Stitch your tiny 'Queen-Bee-Sheep'... complete with hand-made clay crown button! A small kit by Tina, this is a companion to all the other little sheep -- Thankful, Hunt, Wishful, Busy, Fa La La, Spooky, Oh Say... you get the idea! All are seasonal or holiday, and Queen Sheep is a Springtime Bumblebee addition to the set!

Offered as a complete kit, she's stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Beehive linen, and stitched in seven different shades of silks. Her main stripes are worked in Burnished Gold Silk 'n Colors. The little crown she's wearing is colorful and delicate... quite the tiny hand-made creation! Darling, as all in this set are, she finishes approx 3 x 3, and has a real cute Jill Rensel Mat that can show her off!

She Tends -- click to see more She Tends
Shepherd's Bush has released a charming pastoral quartet of shepherdess designs... all presented together in one leaflet. 'She Tends, Garden Fair, His Flock, Tender Care.' Each tiny 2-3/4 inch block features part of the verse... each is stitched in overdyeds and includes all the same pretty flowers, tiny sheep and graceful hills.

Such pretty pinks, lavenders, moss greens and sunny buttermilks, you're treated to a lovely scene of the shepherd and shepherdess tending their flocks! Each block also features one of Tina and Terry's sterling charms -- a standing lamb, a leaping lamb, and the shepherd and garden girl. Stitch them individually, and then tuck each into the Jill Rensel hand cut and painted mat... it doesn't get any better than this! Offered as the leaflet, fabric (30ct hand-dyed) is offered separately, as well as the charms and overdyeds.

In A Stable -- click to see more In A Stable
Shepherd's Bush continues their 2000 Years Ago quartet of designs with this next set... published together, just like 2000 (and the new 'She Tends' Shepherdess pattern!). Originally published in the Just Cross Stitch Magazine's Annual Christmas Ornament Issues all of the past 8 years... if you can find your magazines, you might have the early versions of these charts. Now, they are together, and charted for overdyed flosses. Each little block is stitched on 32ct hand-dyed linen, and then mounted into the 4-opening hand-painted mat by Jill Rensel.

'In a stable, Bethlehem sleeps, Mary and Joseph, Their sweet baby kept.' The patterns are so endearing... the colors -- now hand-dyeds -- are exquisite... and the mat makes it a stunning collection! Offered as a leaflet, the flosses and sterling charms (just like the other two collections) are available individually. Over the past 4-ish years, 2000 Years Ago has been a FAVORITE in the shop!!!

Quaker Heart from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see a larger view Quaker Heart
A new kit from Shepherd's Bush arrived TODAY! 'My heart runneth over' is tucked between delicate Quaker motifs, a bird and elegant urn of flowers. Offered as a complete kit, the included 32ct Irish Cream hand-dyed linen is a soft color, and the 5 x 5-ish heart is stitched in rich and vibrant raspberries, mosses, and ivory silks. Belle Soie, Silk 'n Colors, Gloriana and Au Ver a Soie... they are just lovely!

The heart features a few special stitches -- some Satins, Rice, and Scotch variations -- so the motifs have quite a bit of texture. Just charming, the mats are on their way!

Green Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Green Snowman
The companion to Red Snowman... this little guy is over-the-top, drop-dead CUTE! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct hand-dyed Guacamole Linen in bright shades of berry-pink hand-dyed silk, with lots of Oatmeal Scone cream and Tuscan Olive yellow green -- all the way to hunter greens, Mr Green finishes approx 5 x 6.

He's perched on a hill of snow roses, and tucked between skinny pine trees and houses. There are 5 softly-dyed mini buttons included that garnish his belly -- they match his threads. I just LOVE his colors!!! Offered as the complete kit of linen, silks, chart and buttons! Mat is offered separately!

Come from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Come
A little angel-shepherd on her Christmas Journey... Tina's tiny design for Christmas 2007 is stitched on 32ct Medieval Green in 9 shades of solid and hand-dyed silks. A deep grape, and lots of softer mauves, moss and buttermilk, the 3 x 4-ish design features a few easy stitches and a small yellow star embellishment.

Actually quite finish-able in time for Christmas... the complete kit contains the chart, linen, silks, needle and star. Three other designs have been released along with 'Come'... so check 'em out, too!

Happy Haunting from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Happy Haunting
'Come away a 'haunting among the shadows deep making merry mischief then home to bed we'll creep!' A description of Trick or Treat nights of years of Tina's memoirs of those days dedicates this design. (I just remember not getting as much candy as everybody else... !) Our little trickster has her 'doggy-sheep' in tow... all decked out for an evening of merriment. She steps past the gardens and pumpkin patches, carefully avoiding that all-too-scary graveyard down at the bottom!

An exquisite Shepherd's Bush design, this is stitched on R & R's 32ct Howling Moon Blend linen. A golden honey color, the silks included in the kit are Gloriana and Thread Gatherer -- luscious colors of Autumn Grass, Tuscan Olive, Aged Plum, Rusty Amber and English Ironstone -- to name a few -- they are rich in color, so the finished piece POPS! A few special stitches, a darling set of miniature JABCO clay buttons in here -- a gravestone, bone, swirly gourd, buzzard and even a late blooming flower -- the whole thing finishes approx 5-1/2 x 14.

Family Sampler from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Family Sampler
Shepherd's Bush is stepping outside their design circle by bringing us a Spot Motif Sampler designed to celebrate your family! I know that Tina loves Barb and Alma's design style from Blackbird Designs -- and this reminds me of that. She laughed when she told me at Market last summer that it's OK for designers to love other designer's stuff, and she was just compelled to do a Shepherd's Bush Original! I love it!

Stitched on 32ct French Vanilla hand-dyed linen, this finishes approx 6 x 12. It is worked in SB's trademark palette of soft mauves, lavenders, moss greens and vanillas -- all hand-dyed silks from Crescent, Gloriana and Thread Gatherer. The charm package reminds me of the SB samplers from years ago -- it features exquisite mother-of-pearl buttons and little brass charms. 'These be my Blessings' is the featured verse. The idea with this piece, is to personalize, dedicate and celebrate your family. Tina gives insight into alphabet choices and dates you might want to incorporate... this is one of those pieces that you could stuff full of children's birth dates, weddings, anything you want! Lovely.
***Make sure you see Pumpkin Hill and Happy Pumpkin Scissor Fob Kits... two more charming Halloween designs just released!!!***

Pumpkin Hill from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Pumpkin Hill
'Spooky sounds send a chill Autumn night on Pumpkin Hill...' Oh Gosh, this is precious!! Stitched on 32ct Autumn Fields hand-dyed linen in 11 different hand-dyed shades of silks, your tiny 3-1/2 x 8 sampler is full of SB's personality! A few special stitches, nothing hard, the tiny motifs and wonderful color are just so much fun to stitch and hang on the wall!

Life and Liberty from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see more Life and Liberty
Shepherd's Bush has outdone themselves with their Summer 2007 Offerings!!! Life and Liberty is one of 7... so check out EVERYTHING!

Featured here, Life and Liberty is presented as a full-sized kit for the 6 x 6 patriot waving his grand flag! Stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen in soft silk shades of butter, moss, grays, some roses... the kit includes 6 solid colors along with 4 shades of hand-dyed Gloriana and 3 shades of Thread Gatherer's Silk 'n Colors silk. The embellishment package has tiny Just Another Button Company treats inside, to scatter in the sky.

What is interesting about this piece to me, is that the colors DO NOT scream red, white and blue!!! I see soft steel-blue-greys, and deep faded rose. Sophisticated Color! Anyway, a few special stitches... actually, quite a fun, quick piece! There is a mini scissor fob kit, designed to compliment the 2007 Gingher Glory Scissors... it features a version of this same little guy... brighter in color!

Glory Fob from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see more Glory Fob
OK... this is cute, and you're going to need the scissors to go with it! Your 2 x 2 fob is stitched on 28ct Country Cream Cashel Linen in brilliant shades of DMC floss to match the scissor colors. Especially cute is the edging treatment on this! Look closely... it is red ric-rac that is attached with petite cream beads! Complete kit contains the chart, linen, flosses, ric-rac and beads. You supply the scissors, (we have those little red and blue ones, too... a less expensive option to attach to this fob, it you want it strictly for display!) Really cute and quick!

Wishing Sheep from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see more Wishing Sheep
The latest in Shepherd's Bush's set of little seasonal sheep just standing there, looking precious, 'Wishing' is wishing someone a Happy Birthday, I imagine! Offered as a small kit, the insides are dreamy! Linen is 32ct hand-dyed Pink Whisper, silks are solids and hand-dyeds of pinks, mauve, buttermilk, taupe, and dusty grassy-green.

The sheep's hat (all of these in this set of sheep are wearing some sort of festive handmade hat!) is a spotted creation -- buttermilk with pink and green dots! All the rest are scattered down the Shepherd's Bush Pages... Hunt is Easter, Thankful is Thanksgiving, Busy is Summer, Fa-La-La is Christmas, Spooky is Halloween, and Oh Say is the 4th of July! I love them all!

Glad Heart from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see a larger view Glad Heart
Shepherd's Bush's newest heart design has arrived! (Actually, we have 3 new designs in ,so make sure you scroll down to see them!) Glad Heart is a 4 x 5 floral ring of posies that surround the trademark SB sheep, along with his field of flowers. Be of Glad Heart is the featured verse.

Offered as a complete kit, Glad Heart is stitched on 32ct hand-dyed House Blend Linen, and features Au Ver a Soie silks, and Gloriana and Thread Gatherer handyeds silks of plums, sandstones, roses and tarnished gold! Embellishments include a tiny brass bee, a key, and mother-of-pearl sequin button. Very 'antique-y' in feel to me!

Red Snowman Red Snowman
A new kit by Shepherd's Bush... this is SO CUTE! Long, skinny, striped leggings are keeping the long, spindly legs of your snowman and sheep toasty warm.

Offered as a complete kit, this is stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Cranberry Bog Linen by R & R. Using 4 solid silk colors, and 4 hand-dyed silks... this petite piece finishes approx 5 x 6, and is garnished with a clay carrot snowman nose. Reds, moss, cream and browns... the colors are really unusual... the design is really sweet!

Herb Gatherer from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view  Toy Gatherer from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view  Earth Gatherer from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view
The Gatherers
During the 1990s, Bush designed a series of 4 Gatherers. Four colorful, detailed pieces... they seemed to be giant extensions of the smaller designs they were also publishing. Sort of the 'corner-stones' if you will. Exquisite dress, borders, and companion sheep and gardens... each is prettier than the last! Herb Gatherer came first... a mauve/lavender summer garden piece. Next was Wool Gatherer... a companion in blue, teal, and taupe colors. He carries a pack full of real wool roving on his back! Now, I don't remember my history well, because I THINK Toy came next. The Christmas version... Toy Gatherer is full of rich burgundys and deep greens. Finally, we were treated to The Earthgatherers. A springtime, pastoral scene... like all the rest, it features the backstitched background of light taupe, suggesting the setting for its Gatherer.

All offered as charts with embellishments, each lots of SB charm! Herb Gatherer (1990) measures approx 13 x 13, mat is arched, hand-carved and huge! Wool Gatherer (1991) measures the same size, same awesome triple, hand-carved mat treatment, only blues instead of mauves. Toy (1992) measures approx 10 x 8. Triple, handcarved and arched mat features hand-painting as well, and is also huge! Earthgatherers (1996) measures approx 12 x 18, and its mat features 4 layers, hand-carving and hand-painting! Stunning!
Jil Rensel Mats are available for all of these... please note that shipping may be higher on these since they are considered to be oversized.

Fright from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see more
Here's a tiny Spot Motif sampler filled with tiny stitched pumpkins, hats, hearts and what-nots! Offered as a kit, this finishes approx 3 x 4-1/2 and is stitched on 32ct Country Grain Linen in solid and hand-dyed silks, which are included in the full kit.

Use some Rhodes, Herringbone, Florentine and Crossed Scotch stitches for the texture and interest, this is just cute and little! The Jill Rensel Mat shown on the cover has also arrived.

Autumn Blessings from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Autumn Blessings
Autumn's blessings fine and free, make hearts sing and grateful be. I think that little hopping sheep has the singing heart! Shepherd's Bush's newest Fall piece, this is offered as a complete kit of luscious butterscotch, golden moss, taupe, rusty amber, and weathered plum silks to stitch on 32ct linen.

The band sampler design has that darling sheep at the top, lots of rows of special stitches cascading down the piece, and incorporates a swirly pumpkin, green leaf and a black bird button. Such pretty colors and a cute design, it finishes approx 4 x 9! The Jill Rensel Mat, that measures approx 12 x 16-1/2 is here, too!

Rosebud and Beehive Charms from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Beehive Charms
The two newest Shepherd's Bush sterling silver charms, you might miss these as they are used in two very special designs! Beehive is the teeny charm Shepherd's Bush used on their Honey Shop that is offered only in the set of 41 charts of the Town Square!

The Town Square Charts -- a set of 41 freebies from our summer wholesale trade show -- is available to you on a CD. (We did that to save hours and hours of copying, and wear and tear on our machine.... and to save you several dollars of postage.) The Town Square CD is $5 and will enable you to see all the charts as the designers presented them, and print as many copies of them as you wish.

ABC from Shepherd's Bush - click to see moreLive from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Live & ABC
Two smaller heart designs that are tiny companions to Love Letters... these are stitched on the same 32ct Sand Linen in the same yummy silks as the main piece. Finishing just 2 x 2... this is a perfect travel piece to grab and go! Stitch the little ones in an airport somewhere... they are definitely finishable in that setting!!

Pretty silks, no special stitches... just Shepherd's Bush personality! Offered as tiny, complete kits of chart, linen, silks and button embellishment, these are a REALLY GOOD value as far as kits go these days!

Thankful Sheep
One of four new mini-designs by Shepherd's Bush... Thankful Sheep joins the family of other little sheepies for the holidays!!! (We have a patriotic one, a Halloween one... and a few others, down below.) Anyway, Thankful is standing beside the Mayflower, and he's dressed with his Sunday Best Pilgrim Hat! (A cute clay button!) Offered as a small complete kit of 32ct Liberty Gathering Gray hand-dyed linen, and 8 different hand-dyed and solid shades of silk threads, he finishes a mere 3 x 3! Very cute... make him into a little box stand-up!

Thankful Sheep from Shepherd's Bush -- click for more

Happy Birthday!
Designed for Shepherd's 20th Anniversary as designers... Happy Birthday is a charming tall, skinny cake, (are we supposed to look that thin after eating that cake???) festively stitched in DMC and overdyed flosses. Small and pastel, this measures a mighty 1 x 4 when finished, and will probably take you two hours to complete! Then, finish it into a small hanging, and bring it out on the special days of everybody's in the family!!! The compact and complete kit contains the chart, needle, flosses and star button for the cake! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! from Shepherd's Bush -- click for more

Spooky Spots
Oh, I love this set of patterns... joining French Heart, Thoughtful Heart and Patriotic Thoughts spot motif samplers already published... this is a medley of the alphabet, intermingled with all sorts of tiny Fall and Halloween motifs that match the letters! Stitched on 32ct Autumn Blush hand-dyed linen, the complete kit features silks from Gloriana, and Soie D'Alger, and hand-dyed Silk 'n Colors by Threadgatherer. All are rich browns, weathered plums, burnt cinnamon, light caramel, and some mossy greens -- such a pretty fall color palette! Finishing approx 5 x 6-1/2, the design features some clay buttons, too, a little bat, jack-o-lantern, tiny witch hat, and a star. Look closely, there are words stuck in there all over the place, as well as lots of fun stitches for added interest! This is just like all the rest in this set... you keep finding things each time you look at it, and it's fun to stitch because of all the busy-ness in it!!!

Spooky Spots from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see a larger view
Garden Girl Sterling Charm from Shepherd's Bush Tulip Sterling Charm from Shepherd's Bush Star Sterling Charm from Shepherd's Bush Leaping Lamb Sterling Charm from Shepherd's Bush

Fa La La
A new little 'sheepy' design has arrived!!! The third in this tiny set, Fa La La goes with Spooky Sheep and Oh Say -- the Halloween and Patriotic versions! This one features a sheep with long, skinny legs standing by a tall and scrawny tree. His stocking cap is playful striped creation, sporting a rose flower! Stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory linen in Soie d' Alger, Gloriana, and Threadgatherer silks, the whole thing finishes a mere2 x 2-1/2 inches!!! Luscious creamy mauves and grays... Fa La La is available as the complete kit of chart, linen, silks, needle and hat!!!
Our Jill Rensel mats are due in any day for this... I imagine they'll run in the $25-ish range, but they'll show up as a zero-cost item in your shopping cart until we know an exact price.

Fa La La from Shepherd's Bush -- click for more

Fear Not
A small angel heralding the season with a charming handmade clay trumpet embellishment, she's stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory linen in soft lavender and rose silks. Bits of hand-dyeds... lots of personality in this teeny creation... she'll finish in a jiff! We will have the featured mat available... but Fear Not would make a beautiful tree ornament, as well! She finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3, and is offered as the complete kit of chart, linen, silks, needle and trumpet!

Fear Not from Shepherd's Bush -- click for more

Such a sweet, delicate angel... Gloria is stitched on 32ct Natural Linen in luscious shades of light amber, raspberry and soft moss green silks! Lots of hand-painted threads in the kit, she finishes just 4-1/2 x 5-1/2, and features some pretty pattern darning below her borders of roses. The featured button embellishment is a tiny blackbird decorated with a tiny sprig of greenery. Just sweet, her mat will be available this week, as well! (Price is unknown at this time.)

Gloria from Shepherd's Bush -- click for more

Angel's Song
The song verse 'Angels we have heard on high' is featured in this exquisite Christmas sampler. Offered as a complete kit, its stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Park City Blend Linen in the most luscious shades of rose, mulberry, taupes, and slate silks from Thread Gatherer, as well as Gloriana and Soie D' Alger. The embellishments include beautiful miniature clay leaves, sheep, stars, and hearts, along with glass and pearl beads. Ooodles of fun stitches, all diagrammed nicely, the sampler is stuffed full of charming motifs. There are hillsides of the country, the elegant city buildings of olde... lots of floral bands, and an awesome band of Ukrainian Embroidery worked with the hand-dyed Shepherd's Moon Silk 'n Colors included. Just breathtaking, this finishes approx 5 x 18, and will definitely be among your favorite Shepherd's Bush pieces!!!

Angel's Song -- click to see a larger view

2000 Years Ago
2000 Years Ago -- click for more2000 Years ago, the Angels sang, Shepherds watched, and Wise Men came. This leaflet is a compilation of the consecutive set of Shepherd's Bush ornaments that have appeared in previously published Just Cross Stitch Magazine Annual Ornament Issues! Now out of print, the designs have been released back to SB, and are now here as the set... and sooo endearing! Stitch each individually, or stitch the set.

These are full of Shepherd's Bush charm and color. Each does feature a delicate sterling charm... and you'll probably want all those, too! Angels Sang features the horn. Shepherd's Watch has a darling lamb, and Wise Men Came features a tiny Arabian-looking lamp! Each ornament is stitched on 32ct Linen, and has been 'digitally remastered' to include overdyed threads that weren't originally called for !!! Verrrry nice!

Baby Bug Ball
One of four new releases by Shepherd's Bush... this is absolutely the most charming design! Available as a complete kit of 32ct Light Sand Belfast linen, with lots of Thread Gatherer overdyed silks and tiny Just Another Button Company birds, bees and doodlebugs embellishments included. The soft tans, lavenders, and pale greens stitch to create a precious parade of tiny dressed bees and garden bugs. Tina and Terry have an old photo of their mother at age three... all dressed up in a 'bug pageant!' That photo -- the inspiration for this design -- is a family treasure! Your Baby Bug Ball finishes approx 6 x 8, and is full of pretty, soft color and charm!!!

Baby Bug Ball -- click to see a larger view

Patriotic Thoughts
This is a fun 5 x 8 inch sampler that is a companion to Thoughtful Heart and French Heart that is full of tiny, delicate Americana and patriotic details! In each of these, the alphabet is spelled out in stylized letters, and each letter has a word, motif, flower, or charm to dress it up! The complete kit includes the 34ct Cafe Au Lait Legacy Linen, Silk 'n Colors, Soie D' Alger and Gloriana silks, and a package of five miniature clay buttons... a flag, bee, rose, heart and star! The silk colors are delicious denims, raspberry and burgundies, and soft cremes. I just love it!

Patriotic Thoughts Kit by Shepherd's Bush

Santa's Christmas & Bethlehem Christmas
Two charming Merry Christmas greetings, you can stitch both or choose your favorite! Stitched on 28ct linen in shades of Weeks Overdyeds and Gentle Art Sampler Threads, each features a pack of handmade clay buttons from Just Another Button Company! Finishing approx 2 x 14"... Santa's design shows teeny stockings, snowflakes and holly, a candle, snowman, and a few other things, like stars. Colors used include some of the deep holiday shades of Garnet, Cranberry, Blue Spruce and Juniper.

Bethlehem Christmas -- which features a stitched angel, shepherd and tiny city of Bethlehem -- uses the Shepherd's-Bushy Antique Rose, Highland Heather and Plum color scheme. I love both of them! Available as individual leaflets, with separate embellishment packs... your fabric color choices can vary with these... depending on your personal preferences. Our shop models are being stitched on Lambswool, but if you'd like a pastel mauve or lavender for Bethlehem, or a deeper taupe or mocha for Santa... just let us know!

French Heart
This is one of my most favorite designs! A companion to "Thoughtful Heart" released last year, this sampler is stuffed full of tiny detailed motifs, florals, and features a darling Victorian-styled handmade clay shoe button! Stitched on 32ct Italian Sienna linen, in soft, delicious shades of pastel silks, there are lots of special stitch touches mixed in with all the details. It measures a mere 6 x 7 inches, so sweet, it's available as a complete kit.

French Heart -- click to see a larger view

Tiny Flag
This is a darling little flag, full of textured stitches, pretty silk threads, and a sterling USA charm! It's stitched on 28ct hand-dyed linen, so it's not's too big. Our model will be finished into a fun little cube-shaped, sit-about box, but Shepherd's Bush also suggests a tiny stuffed flag, or a framed piece. If you're a creative finisher, I guess you could make a little stand-up firecracker cube, too! It's a pretty, timeless design, available as a complete kit of the pattern, linen, threads and charm!

Tiny Flag -- click to see a larger view

Emmanuel's Song
This is a beautiful, elegant band sampler, full of fantastic stitches, fun embellishments, and gorgeous shades of silk threads! Stitched on hand-dyed 'Park City Blend' Belfast linen, it finishes approx 5 x 18," and is worked in soft cranberries, greens, and whites. There are several pearl buttons and tiny handmade clay flowers and leaves in the goodies packet included, as well as a skein of "cutwork thread" that has been imported for this kit! It's just beautiful, and will definitely become a family heirloom!

Emmanuel's Song from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view
Old Glory
This is a very "Shepherds-Bushy" flag design... full of rows of flowers, sheep, and alphabets. Stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen, in yummy mulberry, grey-blue and creme silk threads, it features specialty stitches and special buttons.

Old Glory from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view

Thoughtful Heart
This is a charming, free-spirited design! It's a random motif pattern of hearts, little borders, assorted flowers, all tucked between irregular alphabet letters. Stitched on 32ct ivory linen in soft silk shades of lavender and light moss greens, there are touches of gold and creme silk, too. The embellishment is a sterling silver rosebud flower, tucked into a floral row. Finishing approx 5 x 8," it's full of specialty stitches, I counted 15!
Really a delightful design.

Thoughtful Heart By Shepherd's Bush 
-- click for a larger view

Meadow Hill
A small sampler, stitching approx: 1 1/2 x 9"... this features a beautiful sterling silver shepherdess charm at the top of the sampler. Tiny rows of flowers and special stitches, it's just a small, quick piece!

Meadow Hill from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view

Snow Hill
Now here's a different snowman!!! She's approx 3 x 8," stitched on 32ct hand-dyed linen: Creek Bed Brown! She's worked in silk threads, including a touch of handpainted silk from Yhe Thread Gatherer. Full of specialty stitches, there is lots of creme with touches of soft, shimmery blue, light mauve, and soft buttercup, all tucked into those specialty stitched bands in her body. Just a charming, funky, thing -- she'll bring a smile to your face!!!

Snow Hill from Shepherd's Bush -- Click here to see a larger view!

Two new silver charms are available, too...
Shepherd's Crook
Here's the darling little sterling charm that's featured in the 2003 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue! It's on the Shepherd's Bush design... so you'll have to have it! It's about 1 1/4" long, so delicate!

Shepherd Charm
This is the sterling shepherd that's featured in the Wandering Shepherd Sampler, and again in the Friendship Collaboration Sampler the Tina and Terry did with Just Nan and Charland this past summer. He's full of character... so you need him, too! In fact, he goes out of here as fast as he comes in. If you want one, we'll either ship it, or put you on the waiting list and get your order out in the order they were received.

Shepherd's Crook from Shepherd's 
Shepherd Charm from Shepherd's Bush

Simple Egg
The companion to "Three Pale Eggs", this is supposedly a simpler egg... only it doesn't look like any 'plain-jane' egg to me! Stitched on 32ct creme belfast linen... in "Easter-y" shades of silk... you're going to have to have it!!!

A Simple Egg from Shepherd's Bush -- click here to see a larger view!


3 Little Trick or Treaters dressed in Shepherd's Bush style!!! About the size of "Three Pale Eggs," it's full of halloween color. There will be a cute triple mat with hand painting on it available, too... and we'll have it! I'm such a halloween NUT!

Click on this image to see a larger view.

Peter's Patch.
A companion to "Sophie's Roses," Peter is a gardener holding his rake. His is surrounded by a festive vegetable border, all stitched in soft green, lavender and gold shades of silk on antique ivory linen. There is a gorgeous little handmade clay dragonfly to stitch onto the design -- little purple body, buttermilk wings, mossy green "tail" -- he's precious!! Mat available, too!

Peter's Patch from Shepherd's Bush


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