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Lots of traditional sampler stitches, lots of Double Running and lots of border and individual motifs, Sampler Cove is from Thailand!

Strawberry Sampler from Sampler Cove -- click to see more Strawberry Sampler
This is a stunning multi-stitch band sampler by Sampler Cove! Not for the weak-of-stitcher, it finishes an impressive 11 x 24 over two on 32ct. Stitched in either silks or DMCs, the colors are bright and bold -- super-pretty brilliant reds (666, 321, 814 and 816), golds (728, 780, 782, 783) and greens (3011, 3012, and 3013).

It features 11 different stitches -- you'll notice the 2 blocks of Bargello near the center, there is lots of Double Running, Queens, Eyelets, Spider Webs, Long Arm, Satin, 4-Sided... it's just an awesome piece! Split it up and stitch just a few parts (those Bargello blocks are killer-cool!), decorate a basket with one of the bands... make some ornaments or fobs... there is a lot you can do with this, a lot to enjoy, without committing to stitching the entire design! Offered as the chart.

Time Well Spent from Sampler Cove -- click to see more Time Well Spent
This is an elegant study of hand-dyed gold silk on black. Stitched entiIs certainly the truth if you stitch this piece!!!! Presented by Sampler Cove, this is FULL, FULL of specialty stitches -- the kind you find in all the 18th century English Band Samplers. Exquisite. brilliant colors of reds, blues, purples, golds and greens... the top 3/5 of the piece is solid Queens, Double Running, Double Back, Detached Buttonhole, etc. If you like Darlene O'Steen's things... this is for YOU!!! Then we get Cut and Drawn Work, then Whitework, then Hardanger.

Pages and pages and pages and pages (well, 27 of them!) of diagrams and charts... to stitch this 21 x 8 explosion of creativity! Charted for silks or DMC... it is stunning! Very involved, very crisp, very planned and balanced... it *WILL* represent your time well spent!

Siam Fusion from Sampler Cove -- click to see a larger view Siam Fusion
Sounds like a Sci-Fi Experiment! Designer Diane Jourdan is currently living in Thailand, and brings us this pair of samplers based on Thailand embroideries in her collection. The country's official name was Siam until 1949 when it was changed to Thailand (so NOW I know where Anna and The King really were! Kind of fun to remember that old movie!)

Anyway, this pair of pieces is stitched on 32ct Black Belfast linen in brilliant silks of white, blues and gold. No special stitches... just rich, exuberant color and striking motifs, borders and bands all tucked together on black. Definitely NOT for the weak-eyed stitcher... this really does need to be worked on that dark fabric, so it's quite a challenge to see, I am sorry to report.

The finished pieces are on display in the shop, and are really show-stoppers! Offered as both charts in the same package, Siam Fusion Motifs measures 200 x 300 stitches (approx 12-1/2 x 19!) and Siam Fusion Band measures approx 8 x 16. Time for a new stitching lamp!!!?

Wise from Sampler Cove -- click to see more
107 x 210 -- Approx 7 x 13 on 32ct, this is worked in two shades of 4 different colors... so again... pick some pretty hand-dyed that accent each other and fit the color of your room.

Little bits of Rhodes and Queen stitches, lots of Double Running... the model is personally too bright for my taste, but the actual design and flow of the stitches is lovely!

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