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We present Lone Elm Lane Designs Early Wooden Wares and Designs -- Charming, traditional designs -- most that finish round to fit some very special hand-made boxes -- or rectangular to fit lovely cabinets or frames. The charts are all offered in leaflet format with different pictures of the finished project on both the front and back covers.

The featured boxes are Lone Elm's own handmade creations! VERY heavy and nicely done each box is hand-pieced and assembled... beautifully painted in one of four different colors and then distressed. The lids are 'reversible' in that they are recessed to fit different types of hand work. One of the sides is perfect for cross stitch or quilting... the other is deeper for hooked rugs. Currently the four box colors (some work for more than one design) are Wooly White, Aged Pewter, Robin's Egg and Black Iron. Boxes are offered in 6, 8 and 12-inch sizes.

Tis a Melody from Lone Elm Lane - click for more    Grateful Hands from Lone Elm Lane - click for more    Little Brown Sparrows from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
Tis a Melody, Grateful Hands and Little Brown Sparrows
  • Tis a Melody is a set of three 50 x 60-ish designs - each finishing approx 3-1/2 x 4 on 30ct. You can see them finished into a pin cushion, scissor pouch and needle book... and then all tucked into compartments of a little wooden display drawer. (Hang that on the wall, or perch it on a shelf!) *In my heart there rings a melody... tis a melody of love.* Such a pretty set of designs... they are charming together, and the little drawer (you can find them at Hobby Lobby) is such a fun way to show them off. Stitched on 30ct Cocoa linen with hand-dyed flosses.
  • Grateful Hands - *These letters which you now behold, were stitched with grateful hands. When many years away have rolled, the love sewed in shall stand.* Stephanie stitched this on 36ct to fit the top of her 8 x 10 Crown Box. ($160 Special Order, several finishes available) There is a coordinating needlebook pattern as well... both are stitched with DMC 926, and hand-dyed flosses of Oilcloth, Dried Thyme, Cidermill Brown, Woodrose, Lambswool, Barrel Cactus and 12 Grain. The letters all look like they are Rice Stitches... but they are just regular crosses! VERY pretty!
  • Little Brown Sparrows - A sweet little basket of flowers ... that bird found a prettier place than his little wooden house! Stitched on 36ct, it finishes 5 x 7... Stephanie has it framed in the top of one of her boxes. A nice mixture of blues and brown, you'll use Blue Jay, Oatmeal, Raven, Dungarees, Maple Syrup, Freedom, Picnic Basket, Lemongrass and Blue Beadboard.

Mini-Shaker Pin Cushion Rounds from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Mini-Shaker Pin Cushion Rounds
Lone Elm Lane has introduced empty rounds to house pin-cushions! Measuring 4 inches in diameter and approx 1-1/4 inches high, they are ready to house your puffy little 'hill' of needlework!

Offered in 6 colors so far (My pic accidentally has two of the red in it, and not Bittersweet, which is a bit more on the golden rust side.) They are the same finish and quality as Stephanie's larger boxes.
Also brand new are three leaflets with designs for her shaker boxes... take a peek!

Shaker Box Stack from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more    Black Iron Shaker Box from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
Lone Elm Lane Presents Hand Made Wooden Boxes to Compliment Their Designs!
Wooly White Shaker Box from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more The featured boxes are Lone Elm's own handmade creations! VERY heavy and nicely done, each box is hand-pieced and assembled... beautifully painted in one of four different colors and then distressed.

The lids are 'reversible' in that they are recessed to fit different types of hand work. One of the sides is perfect for cross stitch or quilting... the other is deeper for hooked rugs.

Currently the four box colors (some work for more than one design) are Wooly White, Aged Pewter, Robin's Egg, and Black Iron. Boxes are offered in 6, 8 and 12-inch sizes.

Hopes and Dreams Sampler from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Sweet Fragrance from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
Lone Elm Lane has an awesome new box -- a Pipe Box -- available in Caramel and Aged Pewter right now. Measuring 14-1/4 tall, 3-3/4 deep and 5-1/4 in depth, it features a design area of 4 x 7 and a little bottom drawer that is 4 x 2! Stephanie has two designs to fit them...
  • Sweet Fragrance -- Cute little needlecase stores inside the little drawer, the matching design fits the box front. BUT... you can always skip the box if need be and just stitch the design!
  • Hopes and Dreams Sampler -- *I plant my seeds of hopes and dreams then water them with prayers.* Coded for hand-dyed flosses.

Clamping Pin Cushion Box from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Fall Flowers from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
Fall Flowers & Black Iron Clamping Pin Box
  • Fall Flowers is the small chart of a floral urn that fits into the top of this box. There is a matching small fob pattern included as well.
  • Black Iron Clamping Pin Box -- We already have this in "Wooly White' finish -- With Thy Needle has used it -- now here it is in Black Iron!

Swan Lake from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Ivy's Sampler from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Sweet Bird from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
Swan Lake, Ivy's Sampler & Sweet Bird
Lone Elm Lane's newest designs -- use them atop their boxes, or on your pillows and in frames! Presented as single charts, Stephanie has new charting software, and these are beautifully printed as full color charts.
  • Swan Lake finishes approx 8 x 4 on 32ct Gunmetal Linen. LOVE the brilliant greens against the dark metal gray background. She says this pic is in the style of Rufus Porter -- a famous muralist all around the New England region between 1825 and 1845.
  • Ivy's Sampler finishes approx 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 on 32ct linen... hand-dyed flosses... I think this is a birth sampler!
  • Sweet Bird -- In reading... this is one lucky bird! *Ever green, ever clear, no sorrow and no winter!* Hand-dyed flosses, this finishes approx 7-1/2 x 6.

Bird Bouquet from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Bird Bouquet
This is a fun design -- all red, aged green and black -- in that yummy 'ceramic' bowl! On 28ct linen, this finishes approx 6 x 8-1/2, and calls for Dried Thyme, Tin Bucket, Onyx, Ruby Slipper, Aged Pewter and Hickory Sticks hand-dyed flosses.

Presented in a leaflet, it is featured in one of Lone Elm Lane's newest box styles -- The Cabin Box -- which features a divided tray inside.

Thankful from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Thankful
Lone Elm Lane has a cute new pin cushion pattern that finishes just under 3-1/2 inches in size. Just 6 colors of hand-dyeds on a bit of neutral 16 aida or 32ct linen...it's just a nice seasonal something to have in your growing bowl of stitched lovelys.

NOW... check out her new Sewing Clamp Box in the pic! That is a new finishing piece, patterned after antique clamp boxes. The top has a 1-inch deep recessed area to frame your needlework. It's really a petite 4 x 4 x 4 box -- complete with a little pulling out drawer (can you see the knob down there in the pic?) THEN, the whole thing clamps to the edge of a table with a cool screwing pole on the bottom -- SUPER CHARMING!

Our first shipment of the boxes came in Stephanie's Vintage Dove finish. NOW, to muddy the waters... she'll make that awesome box in ANY of her 12 colors! (So those will be special order, 'cause I can't keep some of them all -- all the time! The 8-ish week wait will be worth it for you though, and you'll have to type your color choice into the comments box as you finish up your order if you want something other than the vintage Dove!)

Sewing Clamp Box from Lone Elm Lane - click for more New Sewing Clamp Box
A charming new box featured on the cover of With Thy Needle's newest design... this little box is SO COOL! A concept by Brenda Gervais that Stephanie Elmer brought to be... this hand-made wooden box measures approx 4 x 4 x 3 with a clamping system that reaches down another 6 inches. It features a 1-inch deep recessed opening for your needlework. Next, there is a little 3 x 3 square drawer approx 1-inch deep that pulls out, and finally, the bottom features a 6-inch screwing clamp attachment that can fit up to a 1-1/2 inch thick table edge!

By far the coolest little box I have seen in a while... what an endearing decoration for your needlework! Currently offered in only the Vintage Dove finish... what a fun and unique way to finish and display a pretty pin cushion! If you are worried about damaging a table, consider a piece of felt underneath the box between it and your table, and a bitty piece underneath. You might want to clamp it out of reach of little hands -- this is the most intriguing thing -- and awfully fun to play with!!!!!

The Patriot from Lone Elm Lane Red-Winged Blackbird from Lone Elm Lane
Several New Arrivals from Lone Elm Lane -- Here are three of the five new!
Primitive designs offered as small charts, Stephanie Elmer has lots of new offerings for her awesome line of handmade *Early Wooden Wares* boxes and pin cushions.
  • The Patriot -- Coded for DMC and hand-dyed flosses, this finishes approx 6 x 8 on 32ct linen. It can be finished any number of ways, but is shown mounted into the top of one of Lone Elm's 8 x 10 Crown boxes. They suggest either Brick Red, Union Blue or Timber Brown. A pretty patriotic piece, I like all the elements -- the soldier, the quilt motifs and flag, eagle and house. There is a lot of charm in this!
  • Red-Winged Blackbird -- This is a sweet pin cushion! Lone Elm takes the tops from their round Shaker boxes and makes then in 4-inch miniature 'dishes' for needlework mounting to make pin cushions. This small design finishes only 3 x 3-ish and is shown in the Black Iron, Bittersweet or Avocado colorsNext, notice the baby-ball fringe trim on there????? We have lovely trims by both Dames of the Needle and Lady Dot that will transform your little cushion into a perfectly mounted work of art!

Hallowed Ground from Lone Elm Lane
Hallowed Ground
Oh my gosh, these are SO CUTE!!!!! A pair of small designs offered as charts, they are both (unfortunately because it's so hard to see!) worked on 32ct Black Belfast Linen with DMCs and hand-dyed flosses. Each is shown in the top of one of Lone Elm Lane's newest Candle Box. A fun sliding-lid container, there is a divider inside so you have smaller compartments to organize your stitching! Hallowed Ground -- 'One night a year with full moon bright, we arive from here and cause a fright!'

The Candle Box - Vintage Slate from Lone Elm Lane The Candle Box
Wow... this is a new style of box --handmade in Lone Elm Lane's woodshop -- that has several charming features to it. Inspired by antique candle boxes that held cigars and documents, it measures approx 10 x 6 x 4 in size, features a chamfered -- a slide-off lid -- with a recess opening for needlework, and a divider inside to give you 4 small compartments.

Stitch one of the Halloween pieces for this or Love Birds. Offered in Vintage Slate, it is a finish that is washed on to highlight the clear pine grain, then lightly antiqued and sealed with cabinet grade protective matte top coat.

The Birds & the Bees from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
The Birds & the Bees
A pretty clay pot filled with simple blossoms, look at how the alphabet begins at the base of the pot and travels clockwise... but is always right-side-up!

Choose either a round or square box for this... offered in leaflet format. Call us if you'd like to consult about a round or square box for this!

In The Moonlight from Lone Elm Lane - click for more In The Moonlight
This is real cute when it's stitched. The photo on the leaflet cover is very yellow... I am hoping we can correct that coloration in our picture for you. The grays, teals, browns and winter whites in here are soft and restful together... choose a rectangular box... or pretty gray mat.

Doesn't it look like a real scene until you realize its a snowman skating??? Only... the leaflet asks *What happens in the Moonlight when we sleep?*
Finishes approx 5 x 7 on 28ct.

In the Garden from Lone Elm Lane - click for more In the Garden
This is an elegant study of grays, cream and black. Stitched on a dark gray linen, there are actually 10 different colors in this, but my eye sees about three!

Shown inside the top of Lone Elm Lane's 8 x 10 rectangular Crown Box in the Antiqued Black Iron finish... consider a distressed charcoal black frame for this as well.

So simple, it's kind of elegant. *In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.*

Halloween Resurrection from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Halloween Resurrection
Well, this is an eye-catching box-top! By Lone Elm's Stephanie, we have a very haunted house, complete with crumbling roof and overgrown landscaping. Choose any mangy darker 32 or 36ct linen to make this fit into the top of one of Lone Elm's Black Shaker Boxes. There is an invasive vine traveling everywhere, and even an empty grave!!! I personally love the little skeleton dog!!!

Anyway, charted for Weeks and DMC flosses, it's just a really fun design with some unique elements! Offered as the leaflet, we also have these luscious boxes -- which are a design favorite of Blackbird and Shepherd's Bush!

8 x 8 Square Box from Lone Elm Lane - click for more Lone Elm's Square Box -- 8 x 8 x 4
A Vintage Slate light blue-ish grey finish has been painted onto Lone Elm's hardwood, hand-made box. They have used an antique moulding style, cut it and constructed each box, applied their distressed *Vintage and Velvet* finish, sanded everything till it's butter-smooth... and even added a divided tool tray into this style!
Stephanie has a leaflet design -- True Friends -- that fits the top of the box... but since the recessed opening in the lid is 1/4 an inch deep and 6 inches square... I imagine you may also have something really special already in your stash to fit this!!!

It sounds really dumb... but this box SMELLS WONDERFUL inside! Such a clean, fresh, yummy wood flavor... I think it just adds to the charm, and lets me know that this didn't come off a 'slow boat from China!' It's handmade!

Other designers are featuring Lone Elm Boxes, too!

Autumn Posey from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Autumn Posey from Plum Street Samplers
This is a pretty piece reminiscent of Crewel Embroidery patterns. You'll need to choose a 36ct linen to work this on if you want to fit it into the top of a Lone Elm Lane 6-inch sewing box. (You might have that box already; if you are on the Blackbird Sewing Box Automatic ship, your box is black.)

Anyway, this is mounted into the top of a Robin's Egg Blue box -- but Lone Elm has a burnt red colored box that would be KILLER for the colors in this piece. (Changing the light rik-rak trim to a darker color as well would be a personal choice of mine!) Anyway, a pretty design, very traditional and primitive... it is coded for DMC or Weeks overdyed flosses. Talk to us about color choices on these boxes!

2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view A Full Heart, part 1 of 2014 Shepherd's Fold
Shepherds Bush has sent the first design in their new 6-part Fold Series!!! A Full Heart is a charming pastoral scene complete with the sunny sky, brick red farmhouse, a blooming garden, busy beehives, and a flock of fluffy sheep grazing on the hillsides. Finishing a circular 7 x 7 on lovely new 32ct hand-dyed Stone Steps Linen, the fabric is very nice -- sturdy, tightly woven and soft -- but not limp!

You'll be stitching with solid and hand-dyed silks from Au Ver a Soie, Thread Gatherer and Gloriana in luscious greens mauves and creams. Tina has added several smatterings of specialty stitches here and there -- all just to add bits of texture and interest. You can see some in the sheep and the grassy areas. There are precious bitty buttons in here as well... and everything can grace the top of a Lone Elm Lane Shepherd's Plum Sewing Box... or it can be framed.
A Full Heart, part 1 of2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger viewA Full Heart, part 1 of2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view *The Fold's* first design... if you choose to 'box-top' this... you will create a storage place for the other 5 pieces that promise to be needlework smalls of cushions, cases and fobs!

A Full Heart is offered as a kit of chart, linen, silks and embellishments. Box or Mat for finishing is available separately. We have an auto-ship for the remaining kits in this series... and can send the box or mat anytime you wish!

Mani Di Donna Sunflowers Cottage Sewing Box - click to see more Sunflower's Cottage Sewing Box from Mani Di Donna
This is a delightful set of designs to grace the top of a wooden box, a round pin cushion, needle book, scissor fob and treasure tray lid. You might recognize Lone Elm Lane's 8 x 8 Queen's Crown Box. Offered as the chart -- I bought ALL THE WOODEN PIECES AND FLOWER PINS that you need for all of this.

Simona has charts for all the sunflower designs that scatter all over each piece and she includes 29 actual photos of her finishing and assembly for you in her instructions. Everything is worked on Weeks Dye Work's 32ct Beige hand-dyed linen with 8 shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses in Ivy, Grits, Whiskey, Sea Foam, Charcoal, Pelican Grey, Baked Apple and Pink Sand. Along with the 7 x 7 main sampler piece, the pin cushion is a little drum topped with a bit of Week's Lancaster Red hand-dyed wool.

Can you see the yellow clay sunflower pins stuck in it? You get those in here. The needlebook features a wooden sunflower button closure and wooden bee buttons that embellish. (you get those wood buttons.) There is a wooden sunflower needle minder inside -- that you cannot see in the pic, and you get those two wooden thread winder bobbins -- the sunflower and little red cottage.

The wooden tray you see with the bobbin winders perched in it comes inside the Queen's Crown Box. (Note... the box is pricey. We'd love to sell you one, but I imagine you might be able to find something good for this at a big box store and save a little money! That is totally up to you!) The chart comes with the pins, wood buttons, sunflower needle minder and pair of wooden thread bobbins.

Gifts of the Spirit from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Love One Another from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Oh Glorious Day from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Spring Angel from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
Gifts of the Spirit, Love One Another, Oh Glorious Day and Spring Angel
Lone Elm has 4 new leaflets with a bit brighter color than her first set of designs. Stitched on various counts of fabric, all four are shown mounted in the tops her 8-inch wooden Shaker boxes. Stitched on various counts of hand-dyed fabrics -- if you choose not to finish onto the box-tops -- you can choose any other counts you want!

I like Love One Another: *Love One Another -- Each different, yet each created by the hand of The Master, Therefore... Love One Another...*
Because the design is circular, the verse just goes round and round the box top! All four new designs are offered in individual leaflets.

Snow Angel from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
Snow Angel
Can you see her in the clouds and on the ground? A wispy, wintery scene of a quiet house and that cool evergreen tree that looks like a coverlet! I always tried to make those snow angels and not leave behind the tracks! (never figured it out!)

128 Stitches round, this finishes approx 7- 1/8 inches round on 36ct linen. It fits into the top of an 8-inch hand-made Shaker Box by Lone Elm. Coded for DMC or Gentle Art flosses, it's such a pretty design. The angel all around reminds me of a snow globe. Offered as a leaflet.

Angel Wings from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
Angel Wings
Another design featuring the same verse as Holy Holy, and a companion angel to Snow Angel. *And He shall give his angels charge over thee to keep they in all of thy ways.*

This finishes approx 7-1/8 inches round on 36ct linen. It is worked in only two overdyeds -- Gentle Art's Burlap and Lexington Green -- it'll be stunning of several of Stephanie's boxes.

Thanksgiving Sampler from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
Thanksgiving Sampler
Just a pretty floral piece, personalize it with your family name on the pot near the bottom. On 32ct Copper Penny Linen, this finishes approx 10-1/2 x 12-3/8 inches. 11 Different shades of DMC and overdyeds. It is shown in Lone Elm's *Linen* cabinet -- a definite investment!

Cabinet info: Thanksgiving Sampler is framed in the door of the wooden cabinet, using turn buckles so that it can be switched with seasonal patterns. Cabinet size is 17 inches wide x 24-1/2 inches tall x 6-1/2 inches deep. It has two drawers on the bottom and two adjustable shelves inside. Door opening is 12 x 14, and it is painted and distressed. (Cabinet price is shocking!)

His Glory from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
His Glory
*The Earth is filled with His Glory. Give thanks unto the Lord for these cats & birds & flowers & bees.* Make this a Christmas-feeling piece by following the color recommendations, or change the Cayenne thread color to Cadet in the wording.

Stitched with an assortment of hand-dyeds and DMC, this finishes approx 14-1/2 inches square. It'll need to be worked on 32ct to fit the cabinet opening... but would be lovely framed as well. (Again, that cabinet price is shocking!)

Alleiujah from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
A very simple design with really simple color application -- this is lovely! Stitched on 32ct Copper Penny in Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds, this finishes approx 7-3/8 inches round.

The featured box is the 8-inch Wooly White. There is a lot of variation on the hand-dyed colors -- Stephanie is using more than one color of the blue, for instance, to achieve that look. Very Pretty, offered as a leaflet.

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