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Lizzie Kate Cross Stitch Patterns from The Silver Needle
Life's a Stitch from Lizzie Kate -- model stitched and finished by Mona Bost

Lizzie Kate Snippets and Quick-Its
This is a charming set of small designs available as individual cards. Each has a color front, and a large, clear chart. As always, we carry the fabrics, threads, and embellishments they call for, so you can purchase just the things you need for each. Enjoy this neat collection!

Stocking Sleds from Lizzie Kate Nutcracker Sleds from Lizzie Kate
Nutcracker and Stocking Sleds
Two little Snippet charts with a total of 6 more mini-sled designs in them... always cute ornaments, even if you DON'T use the sled finishing option!

S132 The Elves Did It from Lizzie Kate
S132 The Elves Did It - Annual Santa Snippet
S132 The Elves Did It -- Annual Santa Snippet
More of those cute little guys helping Santa... these kind of designs make the cutest tree ornaments to pull out every year!

Finish it however you like.. small card format with embellishments. Finished size is approx 4 x 5. Choose any fabric YOU want!

Peppermint and Snowy Sleds from Lizzie Kate Home is the Nicest Word There is!
A new Snippet, this is a sweet 5 x 5-ish design -- perfect for a housewarming!!! Could be an apartment... could be a camper!

Presented as the small card chart.

Peppermint and Snowy Sleds from Lizzie Kate Peppermint and Snowy Sleds
MORE little sled designs!!! So darn cute, these fit our little 4-inch Foxwood Crossings wooden sled ornaments. The sleds come ready made ($4.50 each) -- paint them if you want, but they don't need that. Then, add your bit of stitching to the sled bed... using 14/28ct fabric or 14ct perforated paper.

Just like Sled Dudes and Night Before Christmas Sleds, these 6 designs all follow the same color scheme -- so now they are a set of 12! Presented in Snippet small card format, there are tiny embellishments for each included! (Check out our baker's dozen on the sleds!)

Wise Men Still Seek Him from Lizzie Kate
Wise Men Still Seek Him
The neat verse, the royal crowns for a king, angels and Baby Jesus -- this is a sweet reminder of the Reason for the Season!

Offered as the small card.

S127 Santa '16 Old School Santa from Lizzie Kate
Santa '16 Old School Santa
This year's Annual Snippet Santa - Vintage colors, and a great verse: *I'm old school, and I like to hear people say Merry Christmas!*

We are packaging the embellishments automatically with the card this year!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful from Lizzie Kate
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
*Continuing LK's 2016 theme of personal care and empowerment!* This just HAS to make you feel really good about yourself!!! Finishing about 4 x 7... grab some hand-dyed flosses from your stash, and whatever fabric makes you happy.

(Remember, you are making your OWN kind of beautiful here!! Put it over one on 40ct... or pull out some 7ct, it'll be darling either way! Presented as a Snippet small card chart.

Yearbook Double Flip F158 J/F - click for more
S-125 For We Walk by Faith Snippet
Linda says: "Amen!" This verse from II Corinthians 5.7 jumped out at me recently and landed in my cross stitch design program. The Snippet includes a little heart/cross charm. I've had a lot of requests over the years to graph some scripture, so I'm trying it with this Snippet.

More to come. I hope.

S124 Grateful Thankful Blessed Snippet from Lizzie*Kate Grateful Thankful Blessed
A new Snippet design by Lizzie Kate, this just about says it all... and needs no more description!!! Offered as a single small card, the design is worked on 30ct Lambswool and finishes about 4 inches square.

Grab some hand-dyeds or DMC from your stash, spend a couple of blessed hours being grateful and thankful for the stitching time. and enjoy!

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