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Lizzie Kate Cross Stitch Patterns from The Silver Needle

Enjoy these pictures of some of the Lizzie Kate designs that we carry. We have her entire line... but here are some of our favorites! Family, friendship, Christmas, Halloween and Patriotic -- there are so many cute ones! We've sorted them by type to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need.

Stitched on linens, Heatherfield and Klostern, Lizzie Kate uses a lot of Gentle Art Sampler Threads; and fun embellishments from JHB and Just Another Button Co -- to name a few -- look fantastic on her designs! We have all of them available, and can ship them with your patterns!

Lizzie*Kate Retiring Details
  • March 1st will be the final design release -- Spring Smalls. LK will remain open for us shops to do final orders on product until March 31st.
  • SEASONAL KITS, BOXERS, MYSTERY SAMPLERS AND EMBELLISHMENTS will be available from LK only till March 31st. (After that time, shops will no longer be able to order any of these products.
  • SNIPPETS, FLIP-ITS, QUICK-ITS AND CHART PACKS will remain available through our industry distributors to the shops until they sell out of stock.
  • This will not be like Prairie Schooler... there are NO REPRINTS in the future plans. Once stock is sold out it will be gone forever.
  • Linda will still be our special Guest Designer -- along with Cathy Habermann of Hands On Design -- at this year's Summer Stitching Event. It'll be her last appearance as Lizzie Kate and we're honored!
Linda sent this touching note to the shops this afternoon... it brings a few tears to my eyes... I can hear her voice as I read this.

Where to begin? It's hard for me to believe it's been 22+ years since I made an appointment to chat with my LNS owner. I wanted to discuss a crazy idea I had to design cross stitch patterns. I needed a little extra income so I could continue to "stay home" with the kids. She told me later that she didn't think I was serious.

Six busy months later I was sitting in the L*K booth at Charlotte Needlework Market on Row 14, conveniently located at the far back of the convention hall by the snack bar and the ladies' room. My mother and a friend traveled with me. We had NO idea what we were doing, but we were there with 20 new L*K designs. Before market, I hurriedly did a logo for Lizzie*Kate, fully intending to revise it later (never did). For 3 days we were unexpectedly swamped with shop owners eager for something new. We busily wrote orders from the nearby snack bar tables, and promised to ship ASAP. Other kind vendors helped us navigate the market as newbies.

Boy, were we busy when we returned to Wichita!!! I spent the first week just tallying quantities, and ordering all the printing and photos we needed. Our air hockey table was stacked with printing, and I almost filled an entire grocery cart with photos. The kids and their friends jumped in (OK, I coerced them and donated to their clubhouse fund) and helped us glue photos and assemble thousands of chartpaks. Alan helped me every evening as we attempted to ship 10-12 big boxes every day.

So many things have changed over the past 22 years, but the constant has been your support - my local needlework shop owners. We resisted almost daily offers to sell directly to the public, even as the internet evolved. The relationships we have formed with all of you have been special and priceless.

Now Alan and I are ready for a change. We're not sure what the future holds for us "soon-to-be retirees," but we are excited to have some time to explore possibilities and opportunities.

As we close the door on Alan's L*K office, we'll miss the day to day rhythm of L*K with inventory control, phone calls, emails and shipping. My home office will undoubtedly be cleaner as I'm not buried in all the stages of product development, designing and publishing.

Wishing you all much happiness and success in whatever is in your future!


Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler Things Unseen Complete! - click for lots more kits
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Chartpaks, page 1
(These are the newest)

Chocolate Lovers

Chartpaks, page 2

Boxer Kits

Lizzie Kate's B48 Don't Cry Because it's Over, Smile Because it Happened Inspiration Boxer - click for more

Stitch Dots
Lizzie Kate Stitch Dots - click to see the collection

Snippets and Quick-Its

Lizzie Kate's Sled Dudes S116 Snippet - click for more


Lizzie Kate's Tingles model with the JABCO button pack - click for more

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