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Lizzie Kate Snippets and Quick-Its
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This is a charming set of small designs available as individual cards. Each has a color front, and a large, clear chart. As always, we carry the fabrics, threads, and embellishments they call for, so you can purchase just the things you need for each. Enjoy this neat collection!

Nutcracker Sleds from Lizzie Kate
Stocking Sleds
Two little Snippet charts with a total of 3 more mini-sled designs in them... always cute ornaments, even if you DON'T use the sled finishing option!

Lizzie Kate's S122 Celebrate Santa 2015 Snippet
Celebrate Santa 2015 Snippet
Lizzie Kate's annual Santa Snippet, he has a packet of embellishments, and looks like a little kid opening packages on Christmas morning!

Lizzie Kate's Be Silly - click for more
Be Silly
Lizzie Kate's newest things have arrived!!! Flora McSample has created a tiny sampler of advice... stitched on 32ct, it finishes just 4-1/2. Be Silly * Be Honest * Be Kind!

Offered as a small Snippet card with bitty heart charm, this is only one of Lizzie Kate's charming new releases!

Lizzie Kate's S115 Jolly Round & Kind Santa Snippet - click for more
Jolly Round and Kind Santa
The annual Santa Snippet -- he companions a Snowman Snippet from a few years back. There is a new JABCO gingerbread man button featured this year as well.

Tall and thin -- but he's round and jolly all the same!

Merry Little Stockings -- A Quick-It Design from Lizzie Kate - click for a larger view
Merry Little Stockings -- A Quick-It Design
Lizzie Kate has a small design that you can use to stitch small stockings or ornaments. Merry & Bright can be switched out with a name... or the other way around on these Quick-It designs.

The fabric stockings on the models (available below) are pre-made by Adam Originals, and feature a 30ct white linen stitching panel in them. Cute, cute, the stockings measure approx 4 x 6 overall.

S104 Unwrap the Joy 2012 Santa Snippet from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Unwrap the Joy!
Lizzie Kate's 12th Annual Santa Snippet features the Man-of-the-Season perched atop a stack of gifts that he is responsible for delivering on time! Looks like he's taking a cocoa break now, but by the time the Big Day arrives... he'll have it all taken care of!

Always cute portraits of Santa... this year's uses Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread -- a super thin furry yarn-like thread -- for his beard. It adds a soft, furry effect that you'll love! The rest of the piece is stitched in bits of hand-dyed flosses from your stash. Finishes approx 3-1/2 x 7-1/2 on 28ct Amber Linen.

S103 Do What Your Wife Said Snippet from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Do What Your Wife Said
A small Snippet design that is coming out FULL of great advice for the Man of the House!

Needs no other explanation!

S98 Farm Sampler Snippet from Lizzie*Kate - click for more
Farm Sampler Snippet
A new Snippet from LK's imaginary stitcher -- Flora McSample, this is a DARLING mini farmyard scene with a big 'ol Kansas sunflower! The flowers in the bottom border are done in Eyelet Stitches! Offered in small card format.

Flora McSample Strawberry Sampler from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Flora McSample Strawberry Sampler
What a cute little summery-sampler! The big 'ole strawberry and a few garden blossoms... this is small, and features a few beads as the strawberry seeds.

Offered as the small Quick-it card chart with beads.

S92 Cleaning the House Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more

S95 Forgive Quickly Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more

Wear a Smile from Lizzie Kate - click to see more

S83 Fall Squared Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more

S80 USA Squared Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more

S76 Noel Squared Snippet -- click for a larger view

S75 Ask Me About My Grandkids Snippet -- click for a larger view

Lizzie Kate's Sterling Silver Charms

Designed by LK, especially for her designs, this is a cute set of charms that each measures less than 1/2 and inch in size. Designed for the Snippets, but perfect for lots of other designs as well... this is the collection so far!

Ask Me About My Grandkids and Noel Squared
Lizzie Kate had released four new designs -- these are the two smallest Snippets of the bunch! Both are offered in card format... Noel Squared features some clay berry buttons... and both are designed to deliver instant stitching pleasure! The Grandkids pattern would be cute on the front of a photo album, or mixed into the wall medley of family photos.
Noel Squared matches S73 Boo Squared, something little and fun that is stitched on the 28ct Graziano Gingham linens that are so neat. Make sure to see the rest of the new!
Boo Squared
Lizzie Kate has released a bunch of new things... this tiny Snippet is just one... and it's one of my personal favorites! Offered as the small card, this is stitched on 28ct Gingham Linen, in shades of Weeks overdyeds. Garnishing the top row, you'll find 4 miniature Just Another Button Co Clay Candy Corn buttons for a splash of color. Finishing approx 3 x 3, you'll need a 9 x 9 cut of the gingham linen.
Tis the Season
The Lizzie Kate annual Santa Snippet is here! He joins the rest... S07, 08, 21, 36, 44, 49, 60, 65... with several other really good Santa patterns tossed in the mix! (S19 and S50 go with the group as well!) Anyhow, offered in the small card format, he's just precious. Finishing approx 5-1/2 inches square, there are featured embellishments you'll need, too. Stars, a gingerbread man, and a heart. Santa's beard is stitched in one strand of Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread, just for fun!

S78 Hop Squared Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more
S73 Boo Squared Snippet -- click for a larger view

S54 Hooray for the USA -- click for a larger view Spring Basket -- click for a larger view

Spring ABCs -- click for a larger view Winter ABCs -- click for a larger view Bless the Graduate

Summer ABCs

Cherish Dream Live

Sons Are a Special Joy

#1 Dad

#1 Mom
Miracles Happen

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