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State Fair from Little House Needleworks - click for more State Fair
Little House has a new piece that might remind some of you 'old-timers' of the Told in a Garden pieces (that are now 25 years old!!!) we used to love and stitch! Festivities of the local State Fair, the lovely pies and jams, pumpkins, quilts and animals -- all presented with pride and joy -- I love going to our Fair every year!

Offered as a chart, this finishes approx 6 x 11 on 28ct. Definitely an slice of Americana!

Coming to America from Little House Needleworks - click to see more Coming to America
This piece commemorates the years of United States history -- 1840 to 1920 -- when America saw its greatest number of immigrant arrivals. Neat design elements, the tall ship, the NY skyline, and the pier in the harbor at Ellis Island... this has a nice feel to it.

Offered as the chart, it uses DMC and Crescent Colours flosses and finishes approx 10 x 6-1/2 on 32ct linen.

In The Beginning from Little House Needleworks - click to see more In The Beginning
A country version of the Garden of Eden... this is stitched entirely in DMC flosses and has a square stitch count of 125.

10ct Tula would make a lovely, large pillow, over one on 32ct, it would make a petite 4-inch cube or box-top! Create!!!!

Gingerbread Trio from Little House Needleworks - click to see more Gingerbread Trio
Well, these crispy, brown fellows look good enough to eat... but stay on your diet and stitch them instead! Finishing approx 5-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 30ct linen, 4 Crescent overdyeds are used, and 2 DMCs.

Cute and simple, Just Another Button Company has some real cute miniature peppermint buttons that would look great on this one, and you could bead those holly berries as well! Offered as the chart.

Autumn Harvest from Little House Needleworks - click for more
Autumn Harvest
A wagon load of freshly harvested carrots, and a yard full of pumpkins... it looks like Fall is here!!!

Offered in small chart format, stitched in DMC flosses, it's a 5 x 7 quickie!

Queen Bee from Little House Needleworks - click for more Strawberry House from Little House Needleworks - click for more Chocolate Box from Little House Needleworks - click for more
Queen Bee, Strawberry House & Chocolate Box
Little House Needleworks has released a trio of designs that are 'All Dolled Up' with 'Pretties!' A few beads here and there... a clay button or two... just a little something in the way of garnish. The Queen Bee and Chocolate Box are a step away from all her house designs -- just for fun! If you've taken one of our Mona's finishing classes, or subscribe to the Secret Needle Night finishing kits... that chocolate box will be a breeze for you to make!

Offered as charts, each finishes approx 5 x 5 -- Strawberry House is 4 x 6. Using DMC flosses and Crescent overdyeds, the beads are Mill Hill, and buttons come from Just Another Button Co. Cute!

Little House Neighborhood from Little House Needleworks - click for more Little House Neighborhood
See if you can spot seven different designs in here, that you'll recognize from previously published Little House Needleworks charts! Charming houses, trees and neighbors, this medley finishes a whopping 12-1/2 x 16-1/2 stitched on 28ct linen.

Using regular shades of DMC floss, everything is done in regular crosses. Might be kind of fun to add Satin Stitches in the windows, knots on the sheep and squirrels -- even a little of the Gentle Art's Simply Wool, to make them fuzzy! Very tailored, neat and even... this piece has a restful balance to it! Offered as the chart... one of two new ones today.

Yesteryear from Little House Needleworks - click for more Yesteryear
Yup... telephones are still around... only now they're just the 'land-line', and nobody under the age of 25 has one of THOSE anymore! Typewriters are GONE! Automobiles will be around for a while, still... and so will bicycles... but photographs? Definitely not the same as they used to be... and airplanes?

Remember when flying was glamorous, you dressed up, and they passed out GUM? OK... I'm thinking this design is truly a glimpse into days gone by! Finishing approx 6 x 14 on 28ct linen, this is worked entirely in DMC flosses, and features 6 charming blocks of Yesteryear!!

Night & Day from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Night & Day
Kind of a fun little piece... stitch it, hang it on the wall, and see if anyone notices that half of it is evening, and half is daytime! It teases your mind a bit, because you see either the sun or moon first!

Offered as a small chart by Little House Needleworks, this finishes approx 4-1/2 inches square on 28ct Rue Green Cashel Linen, and is worked in regular shades of DMC floss.

Snowflakes from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Snowflakes
What a fun wintry scene! A feathery pine border surrounds neighboring houses... complete with a great hill for sledding! The pine trees are ruffly, the snowflakes are fluffy and grand, and all of it is stitched with luscious Crescent Colours overdyeds and a few DMCs.

Offered as the chart, Snowflakes finishes approx 6 x 8-1/2. Frosty blues and icy whites!

Winter Whites from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Winter Whites
What a fun wintry scene! A feathery pine border surrounds neighboring houses... complete with a great hill for sledding! The pine trees are ruffly, the snowflakes are fluffy and grand, and all of it is stitched with luscious Crescent Colours overdyeds and a few DMCs.

Offered as the chart, Snowflakes finishes approx 6 x 8-1/2. Frosty blues and icy whites!

Prairie Sampler from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Prairie Sampler
Prairie Sampler gives you a peaceful view of a country log home under the moon and stars. Options are given for both Crescent Colours or Belle Soie silks on this one, but the designer prefers the silks for this one.

Shown stitched on 28 Cappuccino Linen, it measures about 10 x 8.

Captain's Inn from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Captain's Inn
That darling little tavern sign is accented with a neat verse all about the winds at sea. A wet sheet and a flowing sea, a wind that follows fast, And fills the white and rustling sail, And bends the gallant mast.

Great overdyed colors of Crescent and Weeks, along with bits of DMC. Finishes approx 7 x 9 on 28ct.

Garden Pleasures from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more
Garden Pleasures
Plants, flowers and bees, everything is larger than the gardener!!

Pretty colors, it uses DMC, Crescents and Sampler Threads, finishing approx 6 x 8 on 28ct.
Stars & Stripes by Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Stars & Stripes
One of Little House Needleworks' latest releases... this is a quaint country house, complete with sheep and flag in the yard! Stitched in DMC flosses, it finishes approx 4 x 4 on 32ct.

You could get a little creative and stitch the sheep with a bit of Wisper thread, add buttons for the stars, and do some neat Mosaic and Satin stitches in your yard and as the bricks on the house. Then you could make a cube stand-up... and enjoy this on your kitchen sink windowsill!!! Offered as a small chart, it's very cute.

Ladybug, Ladybug by Little House Needleworks -- click to see more
Ladybug, Ladybug
If you fly away home... you won't be on my geranium anymore!!! Finishing approx 4 x 6 on 28ct linen, this is offered as a small chart, and worked in DMC flosses.

You can add some ladybug buttons here and there, if you like! Pretty terra cottas, greens, and geranium reds!

Nature's Beauty from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
Nature's Beauty
Little House's newest... 'I am humbled by the beauty of a flower in the breeze, surrounded by an orchestra of softly buzzing bees.' A really neat, original verse by Diane Williams, there is a lot of rich red and green color in the house and flowers -- all stitched in regular DMC floss!

Finishing approx 7 x 8-1/2, this has really nice balance!

The Old West from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more The Old West
One can almost smell the gunpowder, hear the horses and feel the heat of the desert... (but let's ignore the chewing tobacco and dust!) This charming piece is stitched on any 28ct taupe/natural linen to finish approx 9 x 11.

Stitched entirely in regular DMC flosses, it is full of neat Old West memories and motifs. You could add some appropriately colored beads to the borders, and a little metallic in the gold nuggets... but if you don't... it will be delightful all the same! Great colors! Offered as a chart.

Psalm 145 from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more Psalm 145
The Lord watches over all who love him. One of Little House's latest releases, this piece finishes approx 6 x 8 on 32ct. Stitched in overdyed flosses of Chestnuts, Lancaster Red, Sarsaparilla and Chamomile... one could change house colors if need be.

I think this piece would be WONDERFUL as a wedding or housewarming gift. It would be perfect in a foyer as a welcoming piece, neat in the eating area of your kitchen... the hallway leading to the bedrooms... so many places. You could even add the Family name on a line below the Stitched in the Year line... A very calming thought... it feels like a family and home blessing to me!

Chocolate Shoppe from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Chocolate Shoppe
Guilt-free chocolate! If your New Year's Resolution includes losing weight, this is the perfect pattern for you. Little House Needleworks' Chocolate Shoppe allows us to enjoy our favorite guilty pleasure with no calories!!!

We will be stitching ours on 28 count Vintage Country Mocha... just to add to the chocolate theme. Design size is 5 3/4" by 8 1/4."

Winter Wonderland from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more! Winter Wonderland
A neat little winter scene... complete with snowman and wildlife... and surrounded by large snowflakes. Finishing 9 x 5 on 28 ct Natural Raw Linen, it calls for both Crescent Colors and SMC flosses.
See the other two new designs -- one more from Little House and one from Country Cottage -- below.

Ye Olde Coffee House from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more Ye Olde Coffee House
With Little House's newest release, you too can advertise serving the 'official beverage of the Colonies' in your kitchen!

Offered as the chart, this is stitched on 28ct in regular DMC flosses. Finishing approx 4 x 9, it's cute and quick!

Acorns & Pines by Little House Needleworks -- click to see a larger view Acorns & Pines
The first in LH's new Simple Sampler Series, this is a small chart for a 5 x 5 design. The trademark little house, surrounded by pine trees and acorns, the entire piece is worked in regular DMC flosses -- which you already have in your stash! The stitch count for this is 65 x 65... so if you get motivated... you could stitch this over one on 32ct, and end up with a tiny, tiny fob or mini-picture!

Coffee Menu from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more! Coffee Menu
Here's a fun decoration for the cozy coffee corner of your kitchen! Stitched on 28ct, in delicious colors of overdyed flosses and DMC cocoa and mocha browns, this finishes approx 5 x 12. (I see the gingham wall paper in the background... and think this would look dynamite on the Graziano Taupe and Natural Gingham linen!!!) Your faithful webmaster, Mary, has a coffee kitchen -- complete with huge burlap coffee bags direct from the plantation gracing her walls... this would be a fun addition to that display!
Offered as the chart; Little House has another new design, Friendship Tree -- check it out, below.

The Friendship Tree from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more! The Friendship Tree
Lots of acorns hanging from the oak tree branches, this features pretty fall colors of golds, brown and greens... all stitched in DMC flosses. Worked on 28ct Flax, it finishes an impressive 8-1/2 x 12. No special stitches, just the nice verse, pretty quilt blocks and darling kitties... you could add some fun clay cat and leaf buttons to this... even a blackbird on the fence, or a needle to the quilts... nice symmetry! Offered as the chart.

The Old Doll
Remember your favorite doll when you were little? This new design by Little House is a tribute to that special dolly! Finishing approx 7 x 9 on 28ct linen, it's stitched in two Crescent Colours and the rest is DMC floss. The original verse by designer Diane Williams reads, "She sits on a shelf, Tattered and worn. Her hair a mess, Her apron torn. With just one look It's plain to see, This doll was very loved by me." It's a really neat design to hang among your 'antiques!'
Don't miss the other new cross stitch and two new punchneedle designs below.

The Old Doll -- Click to see more
Through the Woods
A chilly wintry scene, complete with a fire in the cabin chimney, pine trees and the snowman out in the yard, this would be really neat personalized with the family name, and hung in the family cabin!!! Extend that side border a bit and add the extra line... 'to the Legener's house we go!' Stitched on 28ct Cashel Linen in Crescents, Sampler Threads and DMCs... this finishes approx 5 x 10 when stitched as charted. Wonderful, soft greens and teals... this is offered as a chart.

Through the Woods -- Click to see more

Lakeside Lodge
One of two new cross-stitch pieces by Little House Needleworks, this is a charming scene that needs to hang in your cabin or lake house! The trees have a busy beehive that's tantalizing the bears, the pond has fish, and the squirrel has lots of tasty acorns!

Stitched on 32ct, it finishes approx 4-1/2 x 14, and features a mixture of DMC and Sampler Threads. Make sure to see the other new things from LHN -- which include 3 Punch Needle designs!

Lakeside Lodge -- Click to see more

Liberty Hill Inn
Such a neat Tavern Sign, this design features the Liberty Hill Inn's sign stitched over one thread, down in the right hand corner. Stitched on 28ct in lots of DMCs and two Crescent Colours... it's very Colonial, very traditional, nicely done!

Liberty Hill Inn -- Click to see more

Rose Sampler -- Click to see moreDaisy Lane Cottage -- Click to see more Daisy Lane Cottage & Rose Sampler
Two of the two newest by Little House Needleworks, Daisy Lane is a small chart design featuring the most charming home, nestled into a huge daisy garden!!! Change the house color to your own, personalize it for a housewarming gift... add the family last name and date established... those sorts of things, and you've made a memory! Finishing approx 5 x 7 on a 28ct... a nice, quick design! Rose Sampler finishes approx 4-1/2 x 6-1/2, and belongs in the plant window of your kitchen! Sort mauve and pine greens, it's also a small chart.

Peace and Plenty
A simple verse that spells out our lives... this features little trees just like the LHN logo tree! Finishing approx 5 x 8 on a 32ct, wouldn't this make a neat housewarming gift, if you added a bit of personalization? Hazelnuts, pine greens, rosewood, and cream... really pretty colors... you could change the house colors, give the trees seasonal colors... lots of fun stuff!!! Crisp and Balanced!

Peace and Plenty from Little House Needleworks - click to see more

Quilt Time Sampler
An alphabet mingled with quilt blocks and pattern names... this totally awesome piece is shown mounted in a Sudberry House Shaker Wall Clock! Little House's traditional red house is at the top, complete with quilts hanging on the clothesline. Stitched on 32ct Country French Latte Linen in lots of brown, mocha, green, beige and rosewood DMC flosses, this finishes approx 6 x 7. It's really very 'homey' and welcoming... perfect for a foyer... perfect for a sewing room... perfect for the Home of a Quilter!!!

The clock, measuring approx 14 x 22 is just beautiful. It features the face square, and three sturdy Shaker-style hanging pegs. Offered as a single chart, it's one of three new releases... all of which are wonderful! Take a look!

Quilt Time Sampler from Little House Needleworks -- click to see the other new designs!

The Bookshelf
One of three great new releases by Little House... this piece is classy! Celebrating female authors, it's kind of fun for a library or study, and a treat for a bookworm. It measures 8 x 12 stitched on 28ct linen, in LHN's DMC palette of browns, greens, terra cottas, grey-greens, and this time... a touch of gold metallic. Offered as a chart... something about the design composition of this just pulls you right to it! Very good looking!!!

The Bookshelf from Little House Needleworks -- click to see the other new designs!

Spot of Coffee
'Coffee by the candle's light, warms the heart into the night.' The charming verse on this piece fits right into a cozy kitchen! (I spent the Holidays in WI this year... and it was 4 degrees below zero! I needed that coffee!) A tea alternative is also offered for you non-coffee-lovers. Offered as a small chart, this is stitched on 32ct linen, and finishes approx 4 x 6. Lots of pretty DMC flosses... you could tuck in a few overdyeds, too, if you want!!!

Spot of Coffee by Little House Needleworks

Herb Garden
'The herbs in my garden are planted to share, with family and friends and the little brown hare.' Is that cute or what??? What a lucky little bunny! Stitched on 32ct Lilac linen, the DMCs are soft mosses, browns and violets. Finishing approx 4 x 6, it's a sweet piece for your garden room! Offered as a chart

Herb Garden by Little House Needleworks

M'Lady's Strawberries
A charming little piece measuring 7 x 9 on 28ct, this is worked in DMC's and Crescent Colours overdyeds. The berry seeds are French Knots... just something pretty and fun! Offered as a chart pack.

M'Lady's Strawberries by Little House Needleworks

The Harvesters
One of three new releases by LHN, this is a Fall harvest scene, complete with the farmer, his family, and the fruits of their labors! Stitched in DMCs with a smidge of Crescent Colours overdyeds, it finishes approx 6 x 8 on 28ct linen. Pretty Fall colors, it's a neat piece with a charming feel to it! Woodland Sampling and Paper Whites are also new... scroll down to see them.

The Harvesters by Little House Needleworks -- Click to see more

LHNPC-01 Lavender Hill from Little House Needleworks -- click for more Woodland Sampling
What a sweet, tiny piece! LHN's logo house is stitched beside some pine trees... and above a woodland pine bough banner that's home to a cardinal, squirrel, and bunny! (My dogs would LOVE to live in that house and have that yard full of things to chase!) Stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen, it measures just 4 x 6 when finished, as is stitched entirely in DMC.
Also new is Paper Whites... soft and simple... same small chart format!

Woodland Sampling from Little House Needleworks -- click for more
Peachtree Cottage
Peachtree Cottage by Little House Needleworks -- click to see moreA softly painted house surrounded by plump peach trees... this finishes approx 12-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 28 ct linen. Stitched in soft DMCs of the 352 peach colors and 3051 greens, this is so soft and pretty! Available as a chart pack.

Plant Your Seeds
The verse on this reads, 'Labor well and plant your seeds, a crop will grow to fill your needs.' How appropriate as I remember working out in the yard this past weekend!!! Finishing approx 6 x 8 on 28ct... all of Little House's designs are suited to many, many different sizes and colors of fabric... this one is a bamboo color. Soft, springy greens... this'll be a quick-stitch, and especially fun to give to a gardener!!! Available as a chart.

Plant Your Seeds by Little House Needleworks -- click to see more
A Stitcher's Prayer A Stitcher's Prayer
Stitcher's Prayer finishes approx 13 x 5 on 28ct Natural Linen Beautiful, clean lines... you love how these look when they're stitched!!!

Pinetop Lodge
A cozy log cabin in the woods, a babbling brook nearby, and a big, brown bear... this is a charming wintry scene that finishes approx 9 x 11 on a 28ct. Traditional browns, greens, and terra cotta... and available as a chart, it's one of two new releases by a new company! Make sure you see the rest!

Pinetop Lodge by Little House Needleworks -- click to see more!
New Designs
This is a new set of designs from a new designer... who was very unsure anyone would like her things! Wow! Little House Needleworks has released four House and Alphabet designs, all available as individual chart packs. Each is charming, each features a Colonial period house with appropriate motifs... and sometimes, an alphabet. So many different choices of fabrics will work for these designs... each is worked in traditional cross stitches with good-old-fashioned DMC flosses. Something about them draws them to you... so that your stitching bag, and eventually your walls will need them!!!

When choosing your favorites, tell us fabric thoughts. Home measures 7 x 14 on 28ct, America measures 6 x 8 on 28ct... so you can get an idea of general size. These would be WONDERFUL on larger linens and breathtaking one over one... so you (and your eyes!) decide!!!


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