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Introducing a lovely collection of elegant stitching what-nots! Unique scissors, and lovely cameo-style Needle Minders.

Wonderful stitching gadgets for all of us, the Winders, Scissors and Rings are necessities for the insides of all the neat needlecase patterns offered in our marketplace. The Needle Minders perch perfectly on your linen or magnetic board. Excellent price points -- for small gift giving everything in this unique line will make any stitcher smile!

Thread Winders
More lovely natural Mother-of-Pearl shell shapes, these also vary in size, just like the Keeps.
They are cool inside your stitched cases, beside the keeps!

MOP Raven Thread Winder Trio from Kelmscott - click for more
More Thread Winders
How cute are these? A pair of mini-sheep made from Mother of Pearl. Each Ewe is a mere 1-1/2 high and 2-1/4 inches long... and features a hold in its nose, in case you want to tether him to something else!

Dress them up with bits of pretty thread! Offered as a set of two.

This is a lovely collection of natural shell Mother-of-Pearl buttons -- all sorts of shapes!
Amounts vary with each style.

Trois Buttons from Kelmscott - click to see more Acorn Buttons from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more
Trois, Fish and Acorn Buttons
First, we have a set of 10 triangular buttons -- two holes each. Actually measuring 3/4 of an inch from point to point, they really don't *look* that big. Sturdy and really pretty.

Finally, a cute little 1-2 inch mother-of-pearl acorn shaped buttons -- sew them onto anything where an acorn is just the right touch!

Offered in packages of 10!

1/4 Inch Shell Buttons -- Shaped! from Kelmscott - click for more 1/4 Inch Shell Buttons -- Shaped!
Kelmscott has added to her line of Mother-of-Pearl and Natural Shell buttons with these 5 shapes. Triangles, Stars (now sold out), Ovals, Hearts and Flowers, each bagged set includes 30 buttons that you can use for just about anything! The shiny side looks old and elegant, the shell side looks old and grungy.

Two great choices for your finished look. Anyway, all the same sizes, and very affordable.

Kelmscott brings a number of new and unique scissor styles to our industry! Little squatty things, lots of color, unique shapes... you'll enjoy this whole collection of fun scissors. A Note: We all stitch numerous fobs and cases... ALL requiring 'scissors in residence' as part of their finished presentation. Paula's scissors are not DOVO or Gingher quality, but they DO cut threads.

Most likely, you have several other favorite pair of scissors that you use every day... and the cream of the crop graces your main stitching bag. Those are probably your top quality... your very-most-favorites. These can be, too, but their 'main goal in life' is to trim your stitched fobs, tuck perfectly into your stitched needlework case, travel with you on a long trip, and just generally *look good* all the time!!! (like miniature Miss Americas!) So... choose some pretty, fun scissors to grace your next stitched fob... you have a lot to choose from!

Flower Power Scissors from Kelmscott - click for more Flower Power Scissors!
Kelmscott has some delightfully cute new scissors out... *Bloomin' Cute Miniatures!* Little Flower Power scissors! So darn cute... they actually measure about 2-1/4 inches SQUARE!

The finger holes are good, the blades are only 1/2 an inch in length, and these little babies are SHARP! They will be charming attached to the right fob, and really fun inside a wild sewing case. You're going to want them! Right now, we have 10 different colors, with shiny gold, silver and matte black possibly coming soon.
NOTE: Supplies are dwindling... we are removing them from the dropdowns as we see we are out.

Acorn Snips from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Acorn Snips
Very ornate bitty scissors -- these are decorated with acorn and leaf artwork on the handles. 2-1/2 Inch overall length, the blades are 5/8 of an inch long.

Pretty for a special sewing case or something... these are much more for decoration than utility. Because of the decorations, my fingers do not fit comfortably into the handles, and I find them very difficult to work well. Offered now only in matte black primitive, they'll be cute with a pretty Autumn project.

New Vintage Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more New Vintage Scissors!
Here's a trio of cute scissors. *Vintage Scissors,* these are 3-1/4 inches long and are offered in three different colors. Shiny Black, French Red (now sold out), and Old Silver.

Cute little things... straight in design with a rope-looking design on the handles, the tips are very pointed. Paula says they remind her of the little scissors that were in her grandmother's sewing basket!
NOTE! All we have left of this scissor is the purple Version.

Cathedral, Mermaid and Gold Vineyard Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more New Scissor Offerings
Cathedral, Mermaid Scissors

Here we go, all you specialty-scissor collectors! Something unusual for every scissor case and fob!
  • Cathedral style is 4-inch with a matte black antiqued finish. Paula warns that the finish will *patina* with use! Very sharp points on these.

  • Kelmscott Novelty Scissors Hearts Atopple and Pudgies - click for more Kelmscott Novelty Scissors - click for more Novelty Scissors
    OK... have you ever seen Squares and Rounds? Or Star Scissors? Kelmscott has two new novelty styles that need just the perfect fobs and sewing cases to *Present* with a flourish! Circle/Squares are a matte black finish pair measuring 3-3/4 in size. They feel OK! They cut OK! Kind of fun, because the two different finger holes really DO feel different to your fingers if you reverse them. I kind of brace my finger on that straight side! These are cool!

    The Star scissors are quite a bit more challenging for my hand to work with. Cute shape... we need someone to design a little animal -- and these would be his glasses! (like the Cat's Wiskers Owl case.) Anyway, shorter blades... definitely a novelty scissor rather than a 'cutting machine!' Again, matte black finish, these measure 3-3/4 x 3-1/4!

    Now! 2 more novelty scissors, both 3 3/4" and both unique... Hearts Atopple and Pudgie Scissors. (Don't guess I need to tell you which are which!)

    Kelmscott Baby Storklette Scissors in *Living Color!!!* - click for more Baby Storklette Scissors in *Living Color!!!*
    Oh my gosh, aren't these the cutest things??? Kelmscott's Baby Storklette Scissors in 10 new colors -- all following the DMC color palette -- so they'll match most of your stitching!

    Same color line as the Lil Gems, each of these scissors is a mere 2-1/2 inches long and features a shiny enameled colored finish in red... orange... pink... yellow... green... you can see them all in the pic. Very classic and petite style to fit onto lots of your cute scissor fobs, or into your stitched sewing cases. These are nice little scissors!
    NOTE! We have only one color left in this one! See the dropdown for the list.

    Little Love Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Little Love Scissors
    Kelmscott has taken their heart-handled scissors, made them smaller -- 2-5/8 in size -- added color to them -- and here we are with a delightful array of colorful scissors!

    All follow the same color shades as Paula's Baby Storklettes and Lil Gems, and are perfect for small fobs and teeny sewing cases!
    NOTE! Color availability is more limited now. See the dropdown for latest info.

    Spooks and Spells and Magic Potion Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Spooks and Spells and Magic Potion Scissors
    Kelmscott has taken her "Lorna Doone" butter cookie Lace scissors and colored them for Halloween! Rinky-Dinky colored scissors to tuck into fun cases and attach to showy stitched scissor fobs... these are kind of fun! Kelmscott's LACE scissor design -- we think they remind us of Lorna Doone Butter Cookies... and NOTHING is scary about that!

    Just for fun... bright colors... scissors measure 2-3/4 inches long with 1/2 inch blades. They cut OK... not too awkward in your hand... they are meant for decoration rather than your favorite 'go-to' stitching scissor.

    Primitive Lace Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Primitive Lace Scissors
    Kelmscott has a new finish in one of their current scissor styles... choices and more choices! A matte black look, they have a delicate antiqued finish which can be buffed and will show soft patina wear and tear after using.

    Paula suggests that you can take a cloth and GENTLY buff off and "offings" the factory did not remove, and after repeated use, the finish will softly wear to a lighter black where you've been holding them. Maybe not a good idea to put a new pair in a white sewing case right away!!! Cute little scissors -- pretty with a distressed and antique-y fob or in a neat old fashioned scissor case.

    Hillier 3 1/2 inch Scissors from Kelmscott -- click to see more
  • Hillier Scissors...Small 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors, shiny silver in color, these feature an interesting flatness to the handle shape.

  • Magnetic Needle Minders
    A very classy way to keep track of stray needles, these elegant, Victorian Cameos feature a pair of magnets on their back, to cling to fabrics, or rest on the table... just wherever you'd like. The magnets will attract your needles, so you won't lose them.

    Each Cameo is made from a resin material, but they look just like porcelain! 1-1/8 x 1-1/2 inch ovals, we have 7 designs available, and each is just as lovely as the other. Soft colors, beautiful relief, these are very well done, and what a great price, too!

    3 Legged Chair Needle Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Fleur de Lys Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Folkart Angel Needle Minder from Kelmscott Folkart Willow Tree Needle Minder from Kelmscott

    Uncle Sam Needle Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Pear Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more

    Pineapple Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Spirit Of Hope Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Hoot Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Eiffel Tower Needle Minder from Kelmscott - click for more

    Cameo Angel Needle Minders from Kelmscott -- click to see more

    Cameo Angel Magnets
    Kelmscott has released an awesome set of oval cameo magnets -- needle minders that can double as regular magnets!!! Lovely letters decorated with elegant angels and cherubs, each one is different in design, but similar because they are all a soft cream color on a matte black finish.

    Measuring approx 1-1/2 inches, these tiny resin ovals feature a magnet attached to the back, along with yet another magnet. Designed to 'cling' to your fabric, and mind your needle, they'd be pretty as a regular, lowly refrigerator magnet!!! Everyone you know has a *name* that begins with a *letter!* Start with YOU and then your best friend... and go from there!!! Lovely!.

    Cameo Angel Needle Minders from Kelmscott -- click to see more
    Cameo Angel Needle Minders from Kelmscott -- click to see more

    Miniature Needle Minders by Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Silver Angel and Matte Black Cat Miniature Needle Minders by Kelmscott Designs - click to see more
    These miniature scissor needle minders are precious! Paula has plans to miniaturize lots of her scissors into non-working mini minders! Measuring just 2 inches in size, they do not open and close... but they are AWESOME!

    You can use them as a minder -- the magnet is on the back but NOT ATTACHED... so lets think outside the stitching box for these! Use them as a key fob, attach them to your sewing basket as a decoration... hang them on your Christmas Tree just the way they are! Use them as embellishments on pin cushions or inside sewing cases or on pillows... attach them to a wooden frame as a garnish, frame them in a shadow box. Scrapbook with em... use them as party favors for your Christmas Stitching Party... make your friends scissor cases and put these on the front as the decoration... They are bitty little scissors that are cuter than cute!

    Christmas Threads from Primitive Jewel - click to see more Christmas Threads
    from The Primitive Jewel
    By Primitive Jewel, here is a stitched thread palette just like her Halloween Threads piece! A cute idea, this is a board, covered on both sides with your stitching, and trimmed with a set of mother of pearl thread rings.

    This would be REALLY FUN as a tree ornament! Hang your scissors near-by trimmed with a pretty stitched fob! Who says ornaments have to be glass baubles? Offered as a chart, rings offered separately.

    Counting Stitches from Primitive Jewel - click to see more Counting Stitches
    from The Primitive Jewel

    Hey, this is a cool design!!! It is for stitched *rulers* if you will -- gauges to determine the count of your linens! (Yeah, yeah, you can just count with a needle, and we have plastic stitch gauges that we sell a ton of, but these are delightful little what-nots.) Each is stitched on its appropriate count of linen, so when you hold up a mystery scrap from your stash, you have a gauge to determine stitch count.

    Just charming, these are finished with just fusible interfacing and backing fabric. (You don't want fancy edging on there -- because you need that graduated edge to line up smoothly with your mystery fabric.) Something fun for a needlework display, and another cool thing to add inside a special stitched needlework case! Even... fun gifts for your stitching friends! Offered as the chart of three measures.

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