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Enjoy our Great Just Nan Collection!
Nan has such a flair for creative little creatures -- animals and bugs -- in her garden-y pieces... little ghosts and goblins in her Halloween designs... and darling snowmen, Santas and elves in her Christmas pieces... you just have to love them all! Numerous band samplers and ornament designs, Nan is known for her Needle Slides, Charm Garden Pins, Wee Whimzi Boxes, Pin ball Tins and Thread Winders.

Along with all her fun gadget-type accessories, we LOVE our *Exclusive to The Silver Needle* kits that Nan has built for us. Make sure to see Nan's extensive collection of annual angels and Christmas Stockings, as well. One of my personal favorite designs, Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill, includes Nan's hand-painted Charm Garden Pins!

Crystal Snowlady Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Crystal Snowlady Mouse and Blizzard Needle Slide
Just Nan's newest tiny mouse ornament is a companion to last winter's Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse. She is stitched on white 32ct linen, and finishes a petite 1-1/2 inches in size! She's wearing a sparkling snowflake hat and pretty pink scarf.

Her winter sweater dress features lavishly beaded and sequined snowflowers... well however LAVISH one can get on a cute little petite 1/2-inch dress! That same dress also features bluebirds stitched over one perched in tiny fir trees!

Blizzard Needle Slide from Just Nan - click for moreChart includes beads, silver tail, Nan's signature button base, sequin flowers, more sequins and pearls... and pins for her arms!
At right, she is shown perched atop Nan's Pink Ice Cube - see just below. She ships to us February 1st. (If you are on Nan's Ornament Auto-Ship from us - she'll magically appear in your mailbox a few days later!)

Blizzard Needle Slide
Nan's latest tin needle case, this one features frosty snowflakes garnished with holographic stars against a deep blue background. Top of slide 'slides' open and closed, and the magnet inside keeps needles securely inside!

Pink Ice Cube by Just Nan -- click to see more!

Pink Ice Cube
OHhhh... here's a limited edition Market Exclusive that sold out two years ago... and is being RE-RELEASED for a short time!

We seem to remember it being stitched on Raw Opalescent 32ct... I know it is coming as one of Nan's small charts with needed embellishments. It matches all the rest of her charming little pin cubes... and we are thrilled to be able to have the pattern again!

Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Emb from Just Nan - click for more
Sugarplum Fairy Mouse & Embellishments Limited Edition
Expected in around the middle of November, this year's Gingerbread Mouse comes straight from the Nutcracker ballet on tiny gold wings. Sugarplum Fairy Mouse wears a pretty hearts and flowers costume embellished with white pearl and gold crystal beads plus touches of Moonstone #4 Braid. Her headpiece is a combination of 2 pearls and a star, and she carries a star-studded flower wand tied with a wisp of rose floss. Her petticoat is fashioned from a strip of white pom trim glued in place around the button base. And please notice her eyelashes!

Included are 2 colors of beads, gold tail, our signature button for the base, pom trim, fairy wings, stars, pearls and flower sequin. You will need to provide stuffing and 2 straight pins for the head piece and wand. Complete finishing instructions for the mouse are included. Sugarplum Fairy Mouse is stitched on 32 CT Picture This Plus Gingerbread Linen with DMC and Kreinik 3231 #4 Braid. Design area is 2" X 3 1/2".
Check our our Tiny Ornaments Auto-Ship if you're interested in having more of these cuties!

 Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Embellishments from Just Nan - click for more Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Embellishments
Last year the gingerbread ornament mice asked for a stocking to snuggle inside while hanging on the tree. Sugarplum Fairy Mouse uses hers to rest between performances! This little stocking is just 2 1/2" tall and features flowers and fancy snowflakes. A lovely fairy is adding the finishing touches to a decorated tree with the help of a little gray mouse wearing a pink ribbon.

Quick to stitch and easy to finish, the stocking is backed with tan felt and trimmed with a snippet of white silk ribbon and a gold jingle bell. Stuff the stocking up to the cuff line, then sit the mouse inside. Add a few tiny pins to secure and the mouse is ready to sit in the stocking and still hang by her tail.
Stitched on 32 CT Zweigart Ant. Almond Belfast Linen or 32 CT Picture This Plus Gingerbread Linen with DMC and Kreinik 202HL #4 Braid. Design area is 2 1/2" X 2 1/2".
Included are 2 colors of beads, tan felt, silk ribbon and a jingle bell plus complete finishing instructions. Stitcher will need to supply lightweight fusible interfacing, stuffing and sequin pins or straight pins to secure the mouse.

Christmas Butterfly Ornament w Painted Butterfly Charm from Just Nan - click for more Christmas Butterfly Ornament w Painted Butterfly Charm from Just Nan - click for more Christmas Butterfly Ornament w Painted Butterfly Charm
Our new Christmas ornament features a dazzling hand-painted butterfly resting in the middle of 4 holiday butterflies stitched with DMC and Kreinik #4 Braid. Floral motifs link the butterflies in the corners. The design is framed with a black and white checkered border and accented with gold triangle beads pinned to the corners.

The butterfly charm (not available separately... sorry!) is painted, glittered and jeweled in a 7-step process. It will sparkle on the tree!
Stitched on 32 CT Zweigart Raw Belfast Linen with DMC and two Kreinik #4 Braids - 202HL and 001. Design area is 2 3/4" square. Included with the color card are the butterfly charm, 4 gold triangle beads for the corners, a gold ring for hanging and finishing suggestions. You will need to provide linen or fabric for the back, 4 applique or straight pins for the corner beads and stuffing.

Happy Holly Deer Mini Slide from Just Nan
Birds, Berries & Blooms Needle Slide
Each of the holiday motifs on our newest Needle Slide is a combination of birds, berries and blooms set against a background sprinkled with gold confetti. The magnet inside holds pins and needles, and the lid slides open and snaps closed.

Great temporary storage for beads and a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a special friend!

Autumn Mouse Scissor Roll & Embellishments from Just Nan - click for more Autumn Mouse Scissor Roll & Embellishments
Due in the Shop the week of September 30th.
This is the third design in Nan's series called Mouse on a Roll. All scissor rolls in the series will be the same size, and each features a guardian mouse. The rolls are designed to hold 31/2" or 4" scissors of your choice.

Each of the mouse garden scenes on the outside of the roll features a mouse (or 2) and a moment in an autumn garden. Look for an apple tree with gathered apples beneath it; a mouse on a pumpkin sitting on a fence; a scarecrow with sunflowers and crows, and an outdoor fireplace for chilly nights. Fall flowers separate the scenes which are grounded with graphic autumn leaf patterns. The scenes are embellished with sparkling purple beads. A gold cluster of grapes charm marks the closure. Inside, 3 little helper mice scurry through acorns, grapes and apples to a secret pumpkin patch - the padded pocket for the scissors. Find a fourth mouse behind one of the pumpkins! The verse: "Where pumpkins hide, scissors slide."

Use DMC floss and Weeks 2239a Carolina Cecil to stitch the roll as one long piece on Zweigart 32 CT Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen. Form a scissor pocket with the overdyed wool backing, sew on a snap and roll it up! Four mouse garden scenes will show on the outside, the path to the scissors and verse will be inside and your scissors will stand at attention in the middle. Place Harvest Mouse on top of the roll to guard the scissors.

Harvest Mouse is stitched on Weeks 32 CT Grape Ice Linen. Her dress is decorated with autumn fruit and flowers and purple beads. Her hat is a copper bead cap, her tail is gold wired string and she is holding a satin maple leaf. She is not available separately.
Complete finishing instructions for the roll and the mouse are in the Stitch Guide.

Spring Mouse Scissor Roll with Dilly Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Presenting Spring Mouse Scissor Roll -- Featuring Dilly Mouse...
Nan's next miniature stitched scissor roll arrived the second week of March. Designed to hold a 3-1/2 or 4 inch pair of embroidery scissors, your 10 x 2 stitched piece features 4 tiny garden scenes that roll to the outside, and a charming verse with tiny mice scurrying towards the trellis pocket that will hold your scissors. Nan talks about a fence with flowers under the wisteria, daffodils under a splashing wall fountain, towering jonquils reaching for the sun, and a large basket of flowers on a garden table - ALL OF THAT is featured in those 4 tiny panels!

Stitched on 32ct Weeks hand-dyed Morris Blue Linen, the case is lined with more Weeks hand-dyed wool... and Ms Dilly Mouse perches on top of the whole thing. Dilly is stitched on Honeysuckle linen - her dress is decorated with daffodils. She has an amber glass daffodil hat, and she is holding a tiny pair of stork scissors. Included with the chart is an 8-page stitch guide, hand-dyed Iris wool, wired string mouse tail, signature button base for mouse, glass flower hat, beads, snap closure for case, and mini stork scissor charm. You'll need the fabric cuts and DMC flosses from your stash.

Introducing Daisy Mouse on her Summer Mouse Garden Scissor Roll!
Daisy Mouse on her Summer Mouse Garden Scissor Roll from Just Nan Just Nan is announcing a new set of designs - a series of scissor rolls called Mouse on a Roll - and Daisy Mouse is the first!!!! Shipping the first week of June (that's like 3 weeks from now!), Daisy (approx 1-inch in size) is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 32ct Blush Linen. She is guardian of her Garden Roll (approx 10 inches long but only 2 inches high when rolled) that is stitched on Weeks 32ct Lilac Linen with DMC floss.

Darling, darling, darling, Daisy's garden scenes decorate the outside of her roll. There is a birdhouse scene surrounded by lavender flowers. Another scene features a hanging flower basket above her koi pond. There are sunflowers around a shiny glass gazing ball, and a blue pottery pot beneath her rose trellis. Tiny daisy chains separate the scenes which are grounded with bargello grass patterns. The scenes are embellished with white and lavender pearls and a gold lotus flower closure.

Inside, Nan says, 4 little helper mice are scurrying along the garden path to the scissor house -- a padded pocket for your 3-1/2 or 4-inch embroidery scissors. *Follow a mouse to the scissor house*! Daisy is adorned with flowers and a white daisy hat, she has a wired tail and is holding a miniature skein of floss!!!!!

Pattern comes with all the necessary embellishments -- overdyed sage green wool, her wired string tail, antique brass button mouse base, flower hat, beads, pearls and gold lotus bead -- along with the 8-page stitch guide with full assembly instructions. Fabrics and DMC offered separately.
WE WILL OFFER AN AUTO-SHIP (inclucing fabric) for the rest of the Scissor Roll Houses in this series -- they will all release in 2019.

Candy Corn Ghost Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Bumble & Hoot Needle Book from Just Nan - click for more New Fall 2019 Releases from Just Nan
Due in the Shop the week of August 26th. Little Ghosty Mouse is on our Auto-ship Program... the Bumble & Hoot is not, but you can let us know to add it!

Presenting Bumble & Hoot Needle Book
A whimsical duo of Bumble (who is a jazzy Autumn bee with copper dusted wings) and Hoot (He is a white feathered owl) grace the front of this octagonal fall-inspired needle book. Stitched on 32ct Stone Grey Belfast linen, using 12 shades of Gentle Art Sampler Threads, this finishes just a mere 2-1/4 inches in size! The back features a medley of rusty leaves, and the inside opens to reveal an orange felt lining.

Along with the chart, Nan has included rainbow bronze beads, little hand-painted Bumble in all his glittered glory, orange lining felt, gold-edged black ribbon to cover the inner fold, and a snap to hold it all together.

Candy Corn Ghost Mouse
Oh my gosh, isn't this little guy cute???! This little gray mouse who volunteered to be a ghost is trying really hard to be scary! He has *BOO* written on the back of his costume and a screaming ghost hat on his head, but underneath it all he is just a sweet little guy who loves candy corn and likes to hang out with the witch mice. In addition to the intimidating BOO, his costume features 2 tiny black crows stitched over one thread with even tinier pieces of corn in their beaks. Candy corn trim with orange beads decorates the hem. If you look closely, even his whiskers are candy corn colors. He is holding a candy corn heart in his little gray paws, too.

The chart includes the gold tail, Nan's signature mouse base button, orange beads, satin ghost and a vintage-one-of-a-kind candy corn glass heart bead. Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen, he's a mighty scary 2 inches tall!
Click to see lots of other tiny ornament mice from Nan.

Still Queen of the Needle from Just Nan - click for more
New Just Nan Designs... shipping to us on May 6
Presenting Still Queen of the Needle... A Special Edition
In my little kingdom/ of stitches that cross/ I am queen of the needle/ still boss of the floss!
The Queen returns in a new format, and she is still in charge of all the stitches and all of the floss. This time the verse (stitched in royal purple, of course) wraps around the panels of a cube.

Each panel is a scene in the Queen's garden of beautiful flowers where bluebirds, bunnies, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and tiny mice come to play. There are roses, crowns and pink pearls on the top and a turtle giving a mouse a ride on the bottom.

Stitched on 32 CT Weeks Charlotte's Pink Linen with DMC, Kreinik 3202 #4 Braid and Gentle Art 7035 Tea Rose. Cut size, which includes 2" margins, is 13 3/4"H X 11 1/4" W or 35cm H X 29cm W. Included are white pearl and lavender hex beads, pink pearls, a gold crown charm for the top, 4 pink and white striped beads for "feet," cardboard for the base and complete finishing instructions.

You will need to supply heavyweight fusible interfacing, stuffing and optional pearl pins for the top corners.
Each side of the cube measures 3" X 3".

Queen of the Needle Mouse from Just Nan - click for more
Queen of the Needle Mouse
Of course, one of the mice pleaded to play the Queen! She is wearing a dress with flowers and butterflies from her garden, dotted with white pearl beads. Her crown is gold and so is her needle. She thinks she looks very regal, especially when sitting on top of her lovely pink garden throne. The octagonal cube is available above

Included are white pearl beads, gold tail, our signature button for the base, crown bead, gold needle and 1 pink pearl to add to the crown.
Stitcher will need to provide stuffing and a straight pin for the crown. Complete finishing instructions for the mouse are included.
Queen of the Needle Mouse is stitched on 32 CT Weeks Charlotte's Pink Linen with DMC.
Design area is 2" X 3 1/2".
Note: This mouse is included in our Tiny Ornaments Auto-Ship.

March Mini Hare Needle Slide from Just Nan - click for more Heart of Spring from Just Nan - click for more
Heart of Spring
Nan found a favorite floral heart design of hers from years ago and updated it a little! Frame your 2-inch rabbit piece, or make a pin cushion... Nan has garnished it with a blush pearl heart and some antique white seed beads.

Stitched on Weeks 32ct Blush linen with DMC floss. Offered as a small chart with the embellishments. Maybe you like the small 1 x 2 March Mini Hare Needle Slide she's featured to go with this!

Peacock Garden Scissor Roll from Just Nan Presenting Nan's Peacock Garden Scissor Roll
In celebration of her 25 years of designing, Nan is treating us to a darling 2-1/2 x 10-1/2 inch stitched roll to store a favorite pair of scissors! When stitches are done, scissors can rest. A fun needlework accessory, the design features peacocks and tulips on the outside with more peacocks and garden flowers plus that charming verse and padded scissor pocket -- all rolled up on the inside. The roll closure is a snap with fancy gold cube bead, and there are beads and pink pearls that embellish both the inside and outside!

The finished roll stand 2 inches tall and will hold a 3-1/2 inch pair of embroidery scissors. Top it all of with the included matching Peacock Rose Pin. Stitched on 32ct Flax Belfast Linen with DMC flosses, there is a touch of gold metallic as well. The chart includes the beads, pearls, snap, gold cube bead, over-dyed violet wool for the lining, the Peacock Rose Pin and complete finishing instructions. Use your own DMCs and metallic from your stash.

Cloverly's Bunny Bungalow from Just Nan Presenting Just Nan's Cloverly's Bunny Bungalow in a House!
Just in time for Spring, Just Nan's newest Mouse in a House is here. (She is NOT included in any of our Just Nan Auto-ships) Presented as a chart with fun embellishments, Cloverly Bunny fits inside her stitched bungalow -- only a petite 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 5! We have all the details on our Just Nan pages... pics, fabrics, (there are three different ones called for) and Cloverly's story!!! She is ready to ship!

Little Cloverly Bunny is stitched on Country Vintage Mocha Belfast. Finishing just like our Charming House of Lindy Mouse exclusive, this will measure approx 3 inches square and stand almost 5 inches high. It will come as the chart with extensive stitch and assembly guide, and Nan's special embellishments of beads, trinkets, ribbons -- everything special you will need. Fabric is available separately. Let us know if you want to be on the List for Cloverly!!!

More info from Nan:
Cloverly Bunny lives in a quaint little bungalow visited by lots of brothers, sisters and cousins. (It is a very busy abode!) Bunnies hide behind large flower pots, jump in watering cans, chase each other through the garden (sounds like out-of-control company to me!) and peek out the windows. When it gets too much, Cloverly hops up to her quiet attic retreat where she sits on her pretty flower rug to watch the sunlight dance through the stained glass windows! You'll find those 9 mischieveious bunnies on all sides of the bungalow, as well as flower garlands, bees, carrot pots (what else would Cloverly be growing?), and interested butterflies.

Pretty wrought iron fencing around the garden... even the door handle is a little CARROT! Cloverly's dress has a clover border and long-stemmed rose in the back. She has a fluffy tail and holds a pink rosebud from her garden. Along with the charts and stitch guide, the embellishments include ribbon, pink felt. carboard house pieces, beads, pompom tail, Nan's signature mouse button base, and rosebud. Coded for DMC. Cloverly is not available without her darling bungalow.

Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Presenting Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse... and his little Frosty Snow Cube
Nan's newest Winter Mouse is due in the shop January 24th!
Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse -- the dapper fellow he is -- will lift your spirits this winter! Stitched on 32ct White Belfast linen with DMC flosses and a hint of opalescent metallic, he has a half-carrot nose and wears a black top hat and sporty red and black plaid scarf. His winter sweater features beaded snowflakes and a fir tree with tiny cardinals stitched over one on the back. (We're talking a very teeny-weeny sweater here, so don't stress about those over-one stitches -- there aren't many of them!) White tipped pins serve as his stick arms with mittens, and his hat has caught a snowflake. Included are 2 colors of beads, silver tail, Nan's signature mouse-button-base, snowflake sequin and pin arms. (Nan says you can change the color of those mittens with a marker!) Cute as can be... he finishes a mere 1-1/2-ish of an inch! Presented as a chart with embellishments.

Frosty Snow Cube from Just Nan - click for more Frosty Snow Cube -- The perch for Mr Chillingsworth Mouse! Each side of this 2-inch stitched cube features a large beaded snowflake surrounded by tiny fir trees topped with red birds. More fir trees and flakes cover the top, too. The cube is wrapped with a cozy red and black scarf -- to match Mr Frosty C, and snowflake sequins garnish the corners. The third Winter cube -- this joins Pink Ice and Pansy Ice Cubes. Stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast, and the same metallic as Frosty C (you used it in Juliet the Bride Mouse as well), the chart comes with silver crystal beads, flake sequins and lots of Nan's great instructions. Perch a mouse on top of your cube, or find a little brush tree at a craft shop -- (Nan doesn't own a tree lot, so could not include a tree with your chart!)

Frosty Chillingsworth Chart and Fabric is included in our Just Nan Ornament Auto-Ship if you are on that program. (The auto-ship comes with the linen cut.) The Frosty Snow Cube is not included on the auto-ship -- so please let us know if you want that added to your shipment.

Gingerbread Mouse Reindeer Stocking from Just Nan - click for more Gingerbread Mouse Reindeer Stocking
Nan's second little stocking design is here. Featured inside is Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse - but actually any of her little mice (all available separately from the stocking) will fit in here! Just 2-1/2 inches tall, this little stocking features a festive reindeer with beaded antlers, a tiny decorated fir tree and a bitty mouse on Rudolph's back watching a lacy snowflake fall. (We know this is Rudolph because he has a burgundy pearl nose!)

Quick to stitch, the stocking is backed with tan felt and trimmed with a snippet of red silk ribbon and rusty jingle bell. Stuff the stocking up to the cuff line, then sit the mouse inside, securing with a pin or two. Worked on 32ct Gingerbread hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus it calls for DMC and Gingersnap hand-dyed floss. Included in the Reindeer Stocking chart are three colors of beads, pearl nose, felt, silk ribbon, bell and instructions. There is a new Needle Slide featured below that also fits this tiny stocking! What a fun Stitcher Ornament!

Christmas Dragon Ornament from Just Nan - click for more Christmas Dragon Ornament
Nan is introducing a pretty Christmas flower ornament stitched in red DMCs with a touch of gold metallic. Tiny backstitched dragonflies decorate the corners and the center is tufted with a crystal pearl. We had A FEW available that feature a painted dragonfly PIN (NOW SOLD OUT!) (came from a vintage mold that is now broken, so there will be no more made) embellishment in the center, and a few more that feature a smaller dragonfly CHARM.

Nan has hand painted BOTH the pins and charms... so either version is lovely! Stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast, the ornament finishes 2-1/2 inches square. Included with the chart are the pin or charm, pearls for center (on both sides!) and a gold handing ring.

Happy Holly Deer Mini Slide from Just Nan Happy Holly Deer Mini Slide
This happy little deer with antler jewelry decorates a mini version of Nan's newest mini needle slide. The deer is nestled in holly and flowers and Nan has added a sparkly snowflake sequin as garnish.

Lid snaps open and closed, needle magnet inside, the tin measures just 1 x 2... and Nan says it fits inside her mini-mouse stockings!!! What a fun Stitcher Ornament!

Presenting Just Nan's Gingerbread Elf Mouse and His Little Stocking!!!
Due in the Shop November 5th!
Just Nan is releasing her annual tiny Gingerbread Mouse... and for the first time, there is an additional chart available to stitch him a cozy little stocking!!!

Gingerbread Elf Mouse from Just Nan Gingerbread Elf Mouse has been hard at work helping Santa get ready for the big season ahead. Dressed in candy cane stripes with green holly trim and a red elf collar, he has peppermint cheeks, pointed elf ears, and wears a green glass elf hat. He holds a shiny gold star for the tree.

Chart includes 2 colors of beads, the gold tail, Nan's signature mouse button base, green elf hat and gold star charm. The little guy is stitched on 32ct Picture This Plus hand-dyed linen - just like all of his mouse cousins!
Gingerbread Elf Mouse is on our Just Nan Ornament Auto-Ship. His little Stocking is NOT, so read on... you'll want it, too!

Gingerbread Mouse Elf Stocking from Just Nan Gingerbread Mouse Elf Stocking
Well, if this isn't the cutest thing... I don't know what is! All the Gingerbread Mice asked for a stocking to snuggle inside while hanging on your tree. Here's the first stocking design!!! Measuring just 2-1/2 inches tall, this features peppermint candy, snowflakes, a decorated tree and a little gingerbread elf posing with a candy cane and holding his tiny elf mouse!!! (The little mouse is even wearing a teenier hat!)

Nan says the stocking is quick to stitch and easy to finish. Backed with red felt and trimmed with a snippet of red silk ribbon, both are included with the chart along with a gold jingle bell, 3 colors of beads, and tiny gold flower bead to crown the tree. Stuff the mini-stocking up to the cuff line, then sit your mouse inside. Add a few pins to secure and Stocking-with-Mouse are ready to hang on the tree (by his little mouse tail!) Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Picture This Plus linen, the design area is 2-1/2 x 2-1/2.

Presenting 2018 Halloween Releases!
OH... nobody does Halloween like Nan! Everybody LOVES her colors, all the tiny critters and frightening creepies. Everything is so full of teeny details... every side of each cube and mouse is different... so here we go! Hazel FunWitch Mouse and Witching Hour Cube from Just Nan
  • Hazel FunWitch Mouse is cousin to Miss Witchy Mouse and Witchy's Sister Mouse! Hazel's goal is to ride so high she can sweep the stars from the sky! Her colorful dress features stars, spiders and a ghost pumpkin. She wears a purple hat trimmed with a swampy-colored green crystal and rides a broom of orange Weeks Dye Works Houndstooth hand-dyed wool!

    Stitched on 32ct Stone Grey Belfast, she finishes just 2 inches tall -- stitched area is approx 2 x 3. When she isn't flying through the sky, she prefers to sit on her Witching Hour Cube. Her chart comes with hat, tail, beads and buttons, star sequins and broom wool. All you need to add is a bit of stuffing for her, and a toothpick for her broom handle!
    NOTE! Hazel FunWitch Mouse IS on our auto-ship program, the Cube is NOT.

  • Witching Hour Cube Wow... A companion to Nan's other stitched cubes, Witching Hour is charming and enchanting... the perfect spot to perch ANY of your Just Nan Witch Mice! In Nan's words: It's that eerie purple hour on Halloween eve when witches ride across the moon. All of the usual Halloween suspects turn out to watch on this moonlit cube: a wide-eyed owl, bats and cats, Mr bones in a witch hat, a ghost lingering in a tree, grinning jack-o-lanterns, spooky spiders and 2 little mice wearing their witch hats.

    Harvest Hoots Needle Slide from Just Nan Presented as a chart with embellishments and finishing instructions. Embellishments include midnight hex beads to dance around the base, a black satin witch on her broom that you attach to the moon, and 4 orange crystal beads to decorate the tops of the side seams. Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 32ct Peoria Purple linen with DMC and Week's flosses (Moss, Pepperoncini, Persimmon, Peoria Purple), the little cube finishes approx 1-1/2 x 2 inches! So cute, it's SCARY!

  • Harvest Hoots The newest little metal needle slide by Nan... it features 3 cute owls embellished with orange and purple swirly sequins.
    There is a magnet inside to grab your needles.

Spring Mouse in a House with Miss Pansy Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! The Mouse in a House Series
THANKS! THIS ONE IS SOLD OUT! A new 4-Seasons Set of houses with little mice hiding inside... I can't believe how CUTE this is!!!!! 4 Houses in 2017, each will be the same size and shape but stitched on different linens. Each house has its own resident MOUSE!
Spring Mouse in a House with Miss Pansy Mouse
is built from 4 lined triangles attached to a square base, Pretty ribbons tie the sides together. Nan describes her little house: "Vines and rosy beads climb the walls of the house and flowers bloom in the yard, The lavender front door nestles between tulips. Blossoms above the door include an amethyst glass flower bead. On the side of the house, pansies bloom under one window box and daffodils dance under the other. The backyard has a flowering tree crowned with a nest of 2 robins stitched over 1.

Check out the little mouse on one of the window tops! Next, open your little house to reveal deep purple felt walls surrounding an elegant floral rug of stitching. (Beneath that rug ANOTHER little stitched mouse scurries around the floors!) Those felt walls can hold spare needles for you. Spring House is stitched with DMC on Week's 32ct 'Linen' linen and finishes approx 2-3/4 inches in size. Miss Pansy Mouse -- stitched on 32ct Lilac linen lives in this house. Wearing spring flowers and a pink hat, she fits right into her little house! Presented as the 12-page leaflet with felts, beads, ribbons, bases, and embellishments, we have the linen separately.

Summer Mouse in a House with Miss Strawberry Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Introducing Summer Mouse in a House with Miss Strawberry Mouse!
THANKS! THIS ONE IS SOLD OUT! She lives in her pyramid-shaped linen house tied together at the top with a pink polka dot ribbon closure. 'Vines dotted with blueberry beads climb the walls of the house and gardens bloom on all sides. A trellis of roses surrounds the front door.
On one side of the house, you will find a fenced lavender garden with butterflies and bluebirds stitched over 1.
On the other side, a strawberry patch is humming with bees. In the backyard flowers spill from a 'very large' urn being inspected by two little visitors! Both the wreath over the front door and the large urn are embellished with tiny Swarovski dewdrop beads.

Inside, the pink walls surround a fancy floral rug, and beneath that rug another little mouse scurries about.' The pink felt walls can hold needles and pins. Summer House is stitched on Week's Dye Works 32ct Platinum Linen and Miss S Mouse is worked on 32 Blush. She is wearing a strawberry frock and sporting a lovely white hat! The house is approx 2-3/4 inches in size, Mouse is approx 1-3/4 inches. Presented as the 12-page stitch and finishing guide with chart, ribbon,felt, bases, crystals, string tail, mouse button base, flowers, and beads. There is an optional Little lady Mouse Mini Slide available as well!

Haunted Autumn Mouse in a House with Miss Ghostly Pumpkin Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Haunted Autumn Mouse in a House with Miss Ghostly Pumpkin Mouse
THANKS! THIS ONE IS SOLD OUT! The third in Nan's seasonal Mouse Houses, Autumn House is stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast and finishes approx 3 x 3 when tied closed. Miss ghostly Mouse is stitched on Week's 32ct Pumpkin Linen, and she finishes about 2 x 3 -- before you wrap her little body closed! Nan's descriptions read:
Autumn foliage lines the walls of the house, accented with sparkling bronze hex beads. The house is "haunted" by a crew of playful ghosts . The front door features carved pumpkin stacks, 2 striped pumpkin beads and an intricate web with clever spider. On one side of the house 2 ghosts wave from the window above a trio of pumpkins.

On the other side, you will find an entertaining ghost, a running squirrel, a very loud crow and somebody's hat. In the backyard, a helpful ghost gathers apples beneath a laden tree. Inside, orange felt walls surround an autumn rug centered with a harvest moon. Beneath the rug, another little mouse scurries around the base dodging the spiders. The felt walls can hold needles and pins or tiny embellishments.

Miss Ghostly Pumpkin Mouse lives in this house. She is wearing a dress embroidered with ghosts which she thinks is much more stylish than draping a sheet over her head. She has a green glass pumpkin stem hat and holds a black bat purse. Her curly tail is orange wired string. She fits inside the house.

Presented as the leaflet with 12-page stitch and assembly guide, you get the 24 inches of polka dot 'roof' ribbon, orange felt, chipboard house base, hex-shaped beads, a pair of pumpkin beads, Ghostly's wire tail, Nan's signature Mouse Base Button, Ghostly's tiny green glass hat, a black satin bat, and little gingham heart to decorate her interior house walls! Too darn cute, we have the Spring and Summer houses still available, so you can catch up your set, or simply choose your favorites!

Frosty Winter Mouse in a House from Just Nan Announcing Just Nan's Frosty Winter Mouse in a House!
Oh my gosh, this is so CUTE!!! Nan has just released details for her final Mouse-in-a-House series. (Spring, Summer and Christmas are sold out... we have only a few Autumn remaining!)

Stitched on 32ct Stone Gray linen, each side of the little house is decorated with stitch details... and Little Frosty Mouse lives inside! Frosty is stitched on 32ct White Opalescent Linen... and he has a CARROT snowman nose! Presented as the chart, Winter House comes with embellishments. Those include the 12-page stitch guide, 24 inches of ribbon, white felt, chipboard for house base, silver crystal beads, white pearl beads, a silver bell, mini white pom pom, a lavender snowflake sequin, the wired string tail, brass button mouse base and orange toothpick nose.

Just the cutest... read all Nan's stories about what's happening on each side of the little house!!

Snow Friends Mini Slide from Just Nan Snow Friends Mini Slide
Nan's small 1 x 2 needlesilde fits inside Frosty's Winter House!

Just a small thing to store a few needles and threaders... there is a magnet inside and the lid slides open and snaps shut.

Gingerbread Mrs Santa Mouse from Just Nan Presenting Gingerbread Mrs Santa Mouse
Mrs Santa joins last year's Gingerbread Santa mouse! She is wearing a striped and beaded Christmas dress with a white collar and holly trimming at the hem. She has a cute little mopcap perched on her head, and she's holding a tiny gingerbread man cookie -- right from the oven.

Stitched on 32ct Gingerbread Linen by Picture This Plus, she comes with her special beads, tail, button base, and cap material. You'll need a little stuffing a bits of DMC floss. So... cute!!!! Another little mousie to add to your collection, Mrs Santa comes as the small chart with embellishments.

Tiny Owls by Just Nan -- click to see more! Tiny Owls Biscornu
Four owls with fantastic eyes on one side, four owls in flight on the other, this little autumn biscornu measures just 2". It joins our growing collection of tiny biscornus.

Finishing instructions are included along with 2 colors and shapes of beads, orange crystals for the centers and textured black and orange ribbon to dress up the seams. You will need to provide stuffing and pins to attach the ribbon.

The finished cushion can hold pins or serve as a perch for one of our owl ornaments. Mr. Nutley Owl is pictured on the biscornu; he is still available separately.

Mr Nutley Owl by Just Nan -- click to see more! Mr Nutley Owl & Embellishments
Mr Nutley Owl is Oakley Owlet's big brother. He is not larger -- just older and wiser -- and that is why he is known as Mr Nutley. He has glowing copper eyes and wears an acorn cap -- a real one that Nan has collected on her evening walks along the Georgia coastline! Included in Nutley's kit are 2 colors of beads, copper eyes, and tan felt for his base, along with the uniquely-Mother-Nature-made acorn cap!

Offered as the chart with embellishments, you'll need a bitty cut of linen and DMC flosses from your stash. Mr Nutley finishes approx 2-3/4 inches high stitched on 32ct Country Mocha Vintage Linen, AND he is a limited edition Just Nan Ornament! (I think Oakley is still available too!)

Pumpkin Party Mini Slide  by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Pumpkin Party Mini Slide
Nan is providing Miss Ghostly Pumpkin Mouse extra Halloween storage with a mini version of our Needle Slide. The same magnet is inside and the lid slides open and snaps closed.

The little tin (1" x 2"), decorated with pretty pumpkins, fits inside the house along with the mouse. So cute to use inside or outside of the house!

Little Lady Mini Needle Slide by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Little Lady Mini Needle Slide
A sweet bitty needle slide to tuck inside your Summer Mouse House by Just Nan! Measuring just 1 x 2 inches, the top slides open to reveal a space for needles. Snaps closed for security.

If you want to add one to your Summer Mouse in a House... just let us know!

Tiny Bunny Biscornu by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Tiny Bunny Biscornu
White bunnies and daffodils on one side of this charming cushion, brown bunnies hopping through the roses on the reverse... those white bunnies have thread wiskers!

Measuring just 2 inches in size (Nan has a Christmas biscornu that companions this) it is stitched with DMC on Weeks 32ct Lilac linen -- your stitching area covers only 5-1.2 x 2-1/4!

Presented as a chart... this is absolutely enchanting!!!!!
Rosebud is included on our Just Nan Onament Auto-ship.

Rosebud Tweet Ornament by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Rosebud Tweet
The latest of Nan's ornaments, Rosebud is all decked out in roses and tiny pink hearts. Her seams are pink, her tail is a gold heart, she is holding a rosebud in her beak, and has a hair decoration of pearls! Stitched on 32ct White Belfast Linen, she measures only 2 x 3-1/2 BEFORE she is folded over for finishing!

She joins the rest of Nan's charming miniature seasonal ornaments. Owls, bats and hedgehogs, spring birds, all the little mice, ... we have what is available in this set on our Auto-Ship page -- what a varied little stitched family it is!!!!

Winter in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Winter in the Meadow
Just Nan's Winter 2017 releases will be on the way to us the first week of February!!!!! Due is the 4th and final design in her Meadow Series -- beautiful square seasonals to finish into a needle case or frame! Snowflakes of all shapes and sizes fall on a winter scene featuring snowmen, birds, fir trees and holly branches -- all accented with sparkling beads!

Finishing 5-inches square on 32ct Raw Belfast Linen, it uses 2 DMC's and 11 Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Presented as the leaflet.

Gingerbread Santa Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Introducing Gingerbread Santa Mouse!
Just Nan's new little mouse for Christmas 2016 -- we finally have SANTA! Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct hand-dyed Gingerbread Linen with bits of DMC floss. He's only 2 x 3-1/2 but rolls into a teeny-weeny little cone-shaped mouse. His chart comes with his hat charm, felt for his bag, and candy cane charm, along with assorted beads, his tail hanger and weighted bottom button.

If you are on our Just Nan Ornament Auto-ship -- he'll appear in your mailbox the week of November 7th. (He will not be coming down your chimney!) Otherwise, reserve this important little guy NOW... so we ship yours the day the autos ship out!

Tiny Reindeer Cube with Gingerbread Santa Mouse perched on top by Just Nan -- click to see more! Tiny Reindeer Cube and Embellishments
Another of Nan's precious cube designs -- this one companions her gingerbread cube... so darn cute! Tiny Reindeer Cube would make a lovely perch for Santa Mouse... he'd be up on the rooftop with the 8 stitched tiny reindeer.

Cardinals and robins (over one) fir trees, peppermint sticks, snowflakes and holly, Nan packs a LOT of charming detail onto EACH of these 1-3/4 inch sides. Worked on Weeks Dye Works 32ct Sky Blue hand-dyed linen, the chart comes with necessary embellishments -- you supply the DMC flosses.

Nutcracker mini-needle-slide by Just Nan -- click to see more! Nutcracker Slide Pocket by Just Nan -- click to see more! Nutcracker Slide Pocket
Here's a fun ornament -- you can even hide a small pair of scissors or money in the pocket!
Here are the details: The new mini-needle-slide featured in this design measures just 1 x 2. Decorated with a nutcracker that matches the antique brass nutcracker embellishment charm on the pocket, the slide fits into the 2 x 3 pocket (also perfect for scissors).

The chart comes with all the embellishments and is stitched with your DMC floss on Picture This Plus's 32ct Gingerbread Linen (it matches the mice and Tiny Reindeer Cube), Beads and finishing felts. Total stitched area is 8 x 2-1/4, so you don't need a huge cut of linen. (6 x 12 is good) How fun to hide spare needles and scissors on your Christmas Tree -- you'll always know were to find them! (maybe even get a threader into that pocket!)

Wild Eyed Jack Humbug by Just Nan -- click to see more! Wild Eyed Jacks
Nothing but Jacks on this fun little humbug-shaped ornament! Center stage are the Wild Eyes -- one on each side. They are surrounded by smaller pumpkins and white Jacks with funny carved faces. The humbug hangs from a spiral hanger tied up with green and black striped ribbon. The wild eyes are a combination of metallic sequins, gold flower beads and black seed beads. Worked on Stone Gray 32ct Belfast Linen, it finishes approx2-1/4 x 4-1/2, and is stitched with DMC floss from your stash. Included with the leaflet are large purple and orange sequins, both beads, hanger, ribbon and finishing instructions. Too Stink'in CUTE!

Romeo the Groom Mouse from Just Nan Romeo The Groom Mouse
Romeo is joining Juliet the Bride for their march down the aisle! He is looking very dapper in his striped tailcoat and black top hat. His pink rosebud boutonniere matches Juliet's bouquet, and they make such a lovely couple!!!

Romeo is packaged with a gold tail, Nan's signature Fairy button for his base, a pink rosebud, black top hat charm and black pin to hold the tiny hat in place. You supply the bits of floss and thumbful of stuffing! Romeo is stitched on 32ct Silvery Moon linen... his total stitched area is a mere 3-1/2 x 2. Presented as the chart with embellishments.

Spotted Hare Spring by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Spotted Hare Spring
A bright *Spot for Spring*... this 4-inch piece features a spotted rabbit frolicking around his little garden, surrounded by more spotted friends! Green crystal beads, and bits of pink and blue glass decorate the border, and bunny's collar.

Presented as a chart with embellishments, this is stitched on 32ct Ice Blue Belfast with bits of your DMC floss.

Rainbow Hummers Needle Slide by Just Nan Rainbow Hummers Needle Slide
Three hummingbirds in rainbow colors hover against a background of the teeniest of rainbow dots. Accented with 3 colors of pretty flower sequins and a rainbow border, Nan's Needle Slides all include a very strong magnet inside to attract and hold hostage all of your precious needles and most threaders.

Approx 1 x 3 x 1/4... the lid slides off one end to reveal your treats inside!

Tiny Christmas Biscornu by Just Nan -- click to see more! Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse Cottage by Just Nan -- click to see more! Winter Birds Needle Slide by Just Nan -- click to see more!
It's All Here!
Christmas is coming... and so are a few treats by Just Nan!!! Here are the details!
  • Tiny Christmas Biscornu -- Something special for your tree, this is stitched on both sides. (You COULD make this into a pair of ornaments as well.) Four bright red cardinals, wrapped packages and snowflakes on one side, four beaded holiday trees and peppermints on the other. This petite 2-inch cushion -- accented with crystal beads in the centers and candy cane ribbon edges -- will sparkle on your tree. Worked on 32ct Picture This Plus Gingerbread Linen with DMC floss, it also features tiny red, gold and white bead embellishments. Offered as the chart with emb... linen and floss are separate.
  • Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse -- Another of Nan's cute stitched mice -- this little guy needs to hang close-by to all your Gingerbread Angel and Jingle Mice! He is a reindeer -- complete with tiny reindeer antlers and red reins. He has a Rudolph-red nose, and is wearing a Christmas Sweater to keep him warm on The Important Night. Stitched on 32ct Picture This Plus's Gingerbread Linen with DMC and just a touch of gold metallic, he finishes a mere 2-inches in size -- the same as everyone else in his family. Offered as a chart with tail hanger, beads, nose, and brass button base, he is precious!!!!!
  • Winter Birds Needle Slide -- Nan's newest Needle Slide features 5 little birds all decked out in wintry finery, stacked against a winter sky. She's added a hologram snowflake for a bit of glitz, and there is a removable magnet inside to hold needles and pins. Tuck some mints inside or use it for needles!!!

Witchy Pumpkin Cottage by Just Nan -- click to see more! Pumpkin Stack Charm Garden Pin by Just Nan -- click to see more! Barney Owl Needle Tin by Just Nan -- click to see more!
New Designs from Just Nan!
Here are the details for the cutest things!
  • Witchy Pumpkin Cottage -- My Goodness, this is the sweetest little pin cube! Miss Witchy OR her sister can perch on top of it... this is darling!!! It's a pumpkin, it's a witchy abode, it's a pin cube and just endearing!!! Something to see on all 6 sides of this 1-1/2 x 2 inch cube, there are bats on the 'roof' and ghosts in the 'basement!' Nan has such personality in her Halloween designs -- so many cute little things hiding everywhere, you'll be enchanted. Stitched on a 11 x 9 Cut of Weeks Dye Works 32ct Pumpkin Linen with DMC flosses, the chart comes with a black cat embellishment and beads.
  • Barney Owl Needle Tin -- Nan fell in love with little Barney, so she painted him with autumny browns, gave him crystal eyes, and awarded him a proper home atop a little 2-inch needle tin! There is a bat magnet inside the 2-inch round tin as well! A cute little what-not for Fall, it'll hold threaders, needles and a few M & M's!

Spring in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Spring in the Meadow
OHHH... this is the first in a 4-part series by Just Nan. A lovely spring garden full of busy-ness! It stitches to 4-3/4 inches square and can be framed, but Nan has folded the corners in to make a pretty little case! Each of the four corners features a different color scheme and garden flowers and animals - can you see the rabbits and the bird? The Sheep is easier to spot!

Stitched on 32ct Natural linen with DMC flosses, there are lavender and light blue bead embellishments and one of Nan's hand-painted violet charms to dress the center.

So, framed, this will be 4-3/4 inches in size. Folded into the case it'll be a bit smaller. We are beginning an auto-ship to make sure you get the other three seasons as they are released!!! Charts on auto will ship with fabric, and any extra-special charm that is a limited offering for them!

Summer in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Summer in the Meadow
Nan's second in this pretty set of 4 seasonal squares -- or needle cases -- 'Summer in the Meadow is alive with wildflowers and ripe strawberries, plus a colorful bird in each corner, busy bees, backstitched purple butterflies and Lady Scarlet with her entourage.' Stitched on 32ct Flax linen with DMC floss, design area is 4-3/4 square.

Pearl white and crystal green beads plus the painted Bird in Tree charm are included. Detailed finishing instructions are provided for the needle case. I love all the pretty fresh greens in here along with the sunny pinks and lavenders!

Autumn in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Autumn in the Meadow
The third needle case in Nan's 4-season set, this features everything she loves about Autumn! Acorns and pumpkins, vibrant leaves and purple asters, grapes and apples, a harvest moon... plus squirrels, spiders and lots of crows!!! Stitched on 32ct Country Mocha Vintage linen with 2 colors of DMC and 18 more of Gentle Art Sampler Threads, the design is only 5 inches square.

Autumn in the Meadow by Just Nan -- click to see more! Fold it into the case, or frame it... your choice! Grape and pumpkin beads are included along with complete finishing instructions.
Nan has a very limited squirrel charm bead for this -- he hides inside. ALL OF OUR Autumn in the Meadows WILL HAVE the little special squirrel bead -- as he won't be around forever, and you need him! Our Auto-ships will go out with squirrel and linen.

Feathers & Flowers by Just Nan -- click to see more! Feathers & Flowers
Oh gosh, this is a teeny biscornu that is FULL of brilliant lavenders, periwinkles and pretty greens! Stitched in DMCs -- 13 of them -- one side is worked on 32ct Raw (natural) Belfast, while the other side is stitched on Little Boy Blue!

The whole thing finishes 2 x 2, and comes with the shaded lavender ribbon you see for the edging, as well as the pink pearls for that ribbon and petite gold seed beads for the flowers. So beautiful, you can treat yourself to this and stitch it in a couple of evening sittings!

Gingerbread Garden Cube by Just Nan -- click to see more! Gingerbread Garden Cube
Oh how pretty, this is a precious 1-1/2 inch cube stitched on 32ct Gingerbread Linen with just 9 colors of DMC floss. The Gingerbread Garden is filled with peppermints, candy canes swirly lollipops and white sugar icing... all Christmas Candy Delights! Stitched all as one piece, you 'fold' the sections together to construct the tiny cube.
THEN... if you want... make it into an ornament, OR add ANY of your Gingerbread Mice to the top of it!!!!!

Offered as a small chart with gold metallic and red & white striped bead embellishments, the Mouse on top is offered separately. Stitched on the awesome 32ct Gingerbread Linen by Picture This Plus!

Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Emb from Just Nan - click for more Candy Corn Ghost Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Queen of the Needle Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Gingerbread Elf Mouse from Just Nan Boris Bat by Just Nan -- click to see more! Lorelei Lamb from Just Nan - click for more Barnabee in Bloom from Just Nan - click for more Rosebud Tweet Ornament by Just Nan -- click to see more! Gingerbread Santa Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Mr Nutley Owl by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Nan's Tiny Ornaments
This is the ongoing collection of Just Nan's small mice, birds, and all sorts of other little creatures! Each comes as a small chart with embellishments. Fabric is separate. Pictured below are those that are still available in this collection. You can purchase ANY or ALL of them.

We can begin you with THE FUTURE NEW ONES that have not been released yet, or send any or all of these, too! Whatever you decide to do! Pick and Choose...it's OK! (Just float your mouse over each image to see its name.) Charts are generally $13.50 or $14.00 each, fabrics are about $3.50 each.

Hazel FunWitch by Just Nan -- click to see more! Bluebird Tweet by Just Nan -- click to see more! Little Princess Snow from Just Nan - click for more Gingerbread Angel Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Here Comes the Bride! by Just Nan -- click to see more! Gingerbread Reindeer Mouse Cottage by Just Nan -- click to see more! Christmas Mouse in a House from Just Nan

October Eves by Just Nan -- click to see more! October Eves
Just Nan's Fall releases will be arriving any day! A verse by poet Humbert Wolfe: 'Listen! The wind is rising and the air is wild with leaves. We have had our summer evenings now for October Eves!'

Stitched on 32ct Country Mocha Vintage Belfast Linen with DMC and Gentle Art threads, this finishes a petite 4-1/2 inches square. Nan has scattered black and bronze glass beads here and there, and accented the garden gate with a hand-painted-by-Nan pumpkin! Offered as a leaflet with embellishments.

It's Snowing Men! from Just Nan - click for more Bunny Shower from Just Nan - click for more Flight School by Just Nan -- click to see more! Peace on Earth by Just Nan -- click to see more!
Just Nan's Just Dropping Series!
Here is Nan's seasonal series of *Just Dropping* Designs! The series is now complete, giving us 'whimsical fun appropriate to the season!' Worked on 32ct Flax Belfast Linen in DMC flosses, it finishes approx 6 x 4. Beads and sequins are included in the small chartpack.

Lonely snowman on a hill wished for some friends and... watch out here they come! He didn't even need to build them!!!!! Our auto-ships will include the chart and required linen cut.

Oh Deer! from Just Nan - click for more Oh Deer!
Oh Deer! Some Wintery deer -- all lined up in a row, stitch them that way, or construct them into a Humbug-shaped ornament! Opalescent hex beads, lavender beads and frosted white glass flowers included, their silvery metallic antlers glisten against the 32ct Platinum background. There are baby bluebirds on their heads and the lavender beads are tucked onto those fun scarves.

These guys match all of Nan's previous Humbugs... Hootzie is one of my favorites!

Summer by the Sea from Just Nan - click for more Spring in the Tulips from Just Nan - click for more Autumn in the Country from Just Nan - click for more Winter in the Forest from Just Nan - click for more
Just Nan's Lettered Border Series
Wow... what a pretty set of seasonal houses all surrounded by the most bold and charming borders! Each has it's 5 x 5 cottage and landscaping -- which draws your eye to the center... BUT... then your eye goes to the awesome borders... so I don't know which is neater!

All stitched on 32ct Belfast Linen in DMCs, each leaflet comes with a smattering of bead embellishments.

Deck The Halls from Just Nan - click for more Deck The Halls
Nan has reprinted one of her past favorite designs -- Deck the Halls. A constant stream of requests for this out-of-print design made it happen! Stitched on 28ct Flax Cashel Linen in either silk or DMC, it finishes approx 7-1/2 inches square.

The design is charming -- lots of mini-motifs woven around the flowing ribbons -- doves, holiday candles, holly leaves, bows and snowflakes... the embellishment pack includes 5 colors of beads, 4 garnet crystals and the large central gold filigree snowflake charm.

Ghoultown Gala from Just Nan - click for more Ghoultown Gala
The residents of Ghoultown gather for a Halloween celebration on this coloful yet spooky 8 Point Star. To create the star pincushion, you stitch 8 squares on 2 colors of linen, fold into triangles, join along the edges, stuff, and connect in a circle.

Each point of the star features a diagonal banner of bats, beads, a partial spider web and a different grimacing Jack. Ghoultown residents (Vampire Twins, Witchy Sisters, Bones Boys, Boo Brothers, Black Cats, Gruesome Twosome, Mummies and the Spider Squad) are featured in scenes along the bottom edge. Lots of embellishments are included: 4 colors of beads, black metal bead cap for the top plus a bit of purple felt and a ghostly sequin for the base.

Stitched on 32CT Raw Belfast and 32CT Inferno Belfast Linen with DMC, Gentle Art 7095 Carriage Black and 010HL #4 Kreinik Braid. Cut size for each color of linen is 12 " square. Complete finishing instructions are included. Finished pincushion is 4" tall and 7 " in diameter. Nan shows it topped off with the Halloween Cat Charm Garden Pin.

Summer Typography
Summer Typography from Just Nan - click for more The final in Nan's 4-Seasons, this features 'A summer garden bathed in happy sunshine. Behind a white picket fence you'll find daisies, roses, lavender and hollyhocks, a birdhouse for 2 tiny bluebirds, butterflies and bees.' Packaged with embellishments which include a crystal rose, white pearl beads and a sparkly Swarovski butterfly.

Stitched on 32ct Ash Rose Belfast, it finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square. Pretty fonts in all of these, lots of smaller take-out design components in them, this has been a nice set of designs.

Spring Typography from Just Nan - click for more Spring Typography
Spring arrives in 16 different fonts, and lots of fresh flowers, a bunny and even a newly awakened Lady Scarlet ladybug! Finishing 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 32ct Little Boy Blue Belfast linen, this is coded for DMC and also uses Gentle Art's Spring Grass and Grape Leaf overdyeds.

Offered as the chart with embellishments, I love the daffodil corners... and I found the teeny weeny Lady Scarlet in here! Scroll down to see other designs in this series.

Winter Typography from Just Nan - click for more Winter Typography
'Celebrate winter in 11 fonts surrounded by icy snowflakes, a snowy tree, colorful mittens, bunny with a scarf (!), two little birds and a happy snowman.' Packaged with embellishments of beads a snowflake charm and some blue-white hand-dyed silk thread, you'll add bits of DMC and Sampler Threads to stitch this on 32ct Flax Linen. Finishing approx 5-1/2 inches square -- this is a companion to Autumn Typography.

Offered as the chart with embellishments. (A secret: We have some gorgeous Just Nan Snowmen charms $6 -- they're homeless, from an unknown previous design! They are DARLING... and WT is a perfect new home for them!!!)

Autumn Typography from Just Nan - click for more Autumn Typography
A handpainted Cornucopia charm and pumpkin striped beads embellish this 5-1/2 inch square piece of Autumnal Splendor! Grab your piece of 32ct Autumn Leaves specialty Belfast Linen... and those 17 shades of Gentle Art Sampler Threads you have in your stash... and get busy!

*Autumn* is spelled out in 14 different fonts, and infused with crows and squirrels; apples and grapes; and leaves and pumpkins. Lots going on in this tiny piece... something new to notice each time you look at it!
Offered as the leaflet with embellishments.

8 Point Star Garden from Just Nan - click for more 8 Point Star Garden
WOW... Have you ever seen a stitched pin cushion in this shape??? I LOVE it! It reminds me of a starfish or an urchin or an octopus... but Nan has made hers to offer a garden of delightful blossoms and blooms on each of the sides and bottom!!! OK... Nan says: Stitch 8 squares on 2 colors of linen, fold into triangles, join along the edges, stuff, and connect into a circle! I have never seen this endearing little shape... HOW COOL in your curio of stitched pin cushions -- what a beautiful little creation inspired by cushions in the 1800's! Offered as a leaflet, you'll get all the charts for the diagonal garlands of roses, tulips, daffodils, pansies and daisies, and a little scene along the bottom edge. *As you travel in and out round the circle you will find bunnies, lambs, bluebirds, blossoms and flower baskets.*

Your finished cushion, stitched on 32ct Belfast will measure approx 4 x 7-1/2. Lots of embellishments are included with the leaflet -- white beads, 3 colors of tiny striped beads, 16 antique gold metal beads, a silver bead cap for the top, and a bit of pink wool for the base. Complete finishing instructions are provided. Offered as the leaflet with linen and pin separately.

Baby Celebration from Just Nan - click for more Baby Celebration
There is a new granddaughter in Nan's life! Baby Hope arrived this past Fall, just as sweet as she can be! So... Nan's best-selling Baby Garden has a sequel!!!! Baby Celebration is a garden full of baby critters, delicate florals and greenery. Stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast linen, there is a baby in the crib, the garden clock recording time of birth, and rows and rows of bunnies, bees, and ladybugs.

Featured is a hand-painted swan charm gliding in the garden pond. Like Baby Garden, just a *lovely* birth memento -- timeless. Finishing approx 4-1/2 x 10, there are six special stitches featured, and those bees and bugs worked over one. Offered as the leaflet with embellishments.

Amethyst Snowflake from Just Nan - click for more Return of Amethyst Snowflake
An EVER-popular out-of-print (circa 1997) and previously LOST design of Nan's has been reborn! They say 'house cleaning' in the design studio was responsible for finding ONE lonely leaflet. (always underneath a file cabinet or something!) Nan re-created it, re-stitched, framed and photographed... and here it is.

Lovely as ever, Amethyst Snowflake glistens with silver #4 braid, four different colors of beads and pops with #8 and #12 white perle cotton stitches in it's 6 x 6 size. It was always pretty... can't wait for the *digitally remasterd edition!* (only made by hand... by Nan!)

Wise Old Owl from Just Nan - click for more Wise Old Owl
*A wise old owl sat on an oak. The more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Why aren't we like that wise old bird?*

Nan's newest bit of advice for life... this little guy is stitched on 32ct Flax Linen in a array of DMC flosses with a touch of moss hand-dyed silk for the wording. Finishing approx 3 x 5, those words are over one thread... Mr Owl is over two. Offered as the chart with a few lengths of the moss silk.

Peppermint Snowflakes Tree from Just Nan - click for more Peppermint Snowflakes Tree
Nan's last in her set of 4 seasonal trees is here... Peppermint Snowflakes is stitched on 32ct Natural/Opalescent Belfast Linen in just 7 shades of DMC floss! The fabric glistens to show off all the little red and white flakes in this 3-1/2 x 5 inch piece. The embellishments include some tiny white pearls. a silver-toned filigree heart charm, a few teeny seed beads, and the COOLEST little red and white striped seed beads! (I think those are the centers of all the flakes!)

Pretty, pretty, this rounds out our set of four trees... all of which are shown below...just scroll down! Offered as the chart with embellishments.

Ornamental Advent & Embellishments from Just Nan - click for more NOEL 2012 Ornament from Just Nan - click for more Just Nan has Arrived!!!
Nan has released pics of two new Christmas pieces... a cute NOEL ornament hiding more sentiments of Snow, Joy, Merry and Holly. My pic is bitty -- only a few inches -- but it finishes into a 3 x 5 piece. The featured frame is the same one we have for Flowering Crown... so if you are *crafty*, decorate that little guy and make it special for NOEL! or... purchase the Gingerbread Decorated option.

Also coming is a delightful Advent Calendar! 24 *Tiny* designs to help count down to Christmas... you are *supposed* to keep them turned down, till each day appears. Well... FORGET THAT! You stitch these babies -- you show them off!!! Santa will come anyway... and we don't want to hide A SINGLE ONE of these cute miniatures in the meantime! If you aren't a calendar-girl, make these into tiny tree ornaments... I love the little ones, as you can tuck them just everywhere on the outside branches -- they don't make them sag. (I'm a real-tree gal -- we gotta think about all those 5 x 5 ornaments -- real trees love light-weight, petite ornaments!)

Spider Moon from Just Nan - click for more Spider Moon
Oh My Gosh... Nan always out-does herself with her Halloween pieces... and Spider Moon is no exception! *Beneath the spider moon * Ghosts drift out to play * Bones begin to dance * Monsters start to sway * Witches cackle tunes * Owls hoot and prey *... Night will end soon -- beneath the spider moon!* Now... look at the bands in this 15 x 6 sampler stitched with DMC floss on 32ct Stone Grey Belfast Linen. Check out that Spider Moon! (just like the clouds and veins you see sometimes!) The cats and bats. Then... the drifting ghosts. Next... the dancing bones! They're cute -- but probably upstaged by the swaying monsters!

One row of Spider Moon from Just Nan - click for more I love the witches -- they always wear purple -- a great fashion color for the season. The owls are SERIOUS... and the spooky graveyard tree against the moon is spectacular! (Check out the trunk -- could it be another swaying monster???) Finally, we are treated to Nan's handpainted Grim Reaper Charm perched atop one of the tombstones! If there isn't enough Halloween mischief happening in here for you -- it's another scary scenario for you!
Offered as the leaflet with embellishments, this is stuffed FULL of Nan's Halloween Humor and Imagination. Just the best... ENJOY!!!!!

Peppermint Snowflakes Tree from Just Nan - click for more Haunted Pumpkins Tree from Just Nan - click for more Sun Blossoms Tree from Just Nan - click for more Love Birds Tree from Just Nan - click for more
Seasonal Trees
A tree of Valentines! Nan has designed a small 3-1/2 x 5 Springtime Tree that is full of 15 different stitched hearts. Coded for DMC, it does call for Evergreen Sampler Thread -- see it in the Satin Stitch heart greenery? Your tiny tree is garnished with a smattering of white and pink pearls, a crystal heart bead and a pretty antiqued silver filagree heart token. Just a pretty little thing, I can see stitching just the 'leaf part' and making it into a round pin cushion!

I know there are three other trees coming for the seasons -- Nan told me the Fall one is all little jack-o-lantern faces!!! So... three more coming... we'll auto-ship you when the time comes -- if you'd like to have all 4. Stitched on 32ct Flax linen.

Flowering Crown from Just Nan - click for more Flowering Crown
Could be a crown, but could be a Spring Basket of blooms -- tempting those bunnies-in-waiting! Nan's newest design is worked on 32ct Angel Blush Belfast linen in DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Finishing 3 x 5, it features gold bead embellishments and a lovely Springtime basket of pink, green and lavender blooms. I think my favorite part is the corner treatment with the tiny rabbits -- wouldn't they make sweet little ornaments?

Offered as a chart with the bead embellishments, take note of the black metal frame -- perched on a blossom of 'leaves.' Very fresh and clean, don't you wish they made a big-screen TV stand like this?

Snowflowers from Just Nan - click for more
Just Nan's new designs
Snowflowers is another of Nan's pretty, lacy snowflake designs. Stitched with #8 white perle cotton -- which adds lots of texture -- there are 7 special stitches in here, as well. Tiny bits of pale pink, blue, lavender and green floss flowers are tucked in between flowers, butterflies and bees in here! No Kidding!!! This must be a last-snow-of-the-season flake... as it hints and teases of the beauty of the upcoming promised Spring!!! Offered as a leaflet with lots of sparkly beads and a gold rose star medallion for the center decoration, this finishes a stunning 6-1/4 inches in diameter.

Halloween Party from Just Nan - click to see more Halloween Party
Hey, isn't this just the most fun? Nan's newest sampler, Halloween Party finishes a mere 2-3/4 x 5-1/4 and is loaded with tiny motifs. Stitched on Stone Grey Belfast Linen in shades of Orange Marmalade, Tomato, Onyx and Carrot Sampler Threads, and a few DMCs tossed in for fun, embellishments include 4 black metal flowers and glass seed beads.
I'm looking at that letter *L*, thinking I need a scissor fob of that!!! Offered as the chart with embellishments, linen is offered separately.

3 Violets Humbug from Just Nan - click to see more
3 Violets Humbug...
Such a precious bunny with little chicks! Tons of color shading -- DMC flosses featured -- and floral detail in this tiny piece. 3 Violets is offered as a single chart and comes with glass bead and ribbon embellishments. Stitched on 28ct Periwinkle Prism Cashel Linen... the stitch count is a mere 27 x 69. Something itty-bitty and pretty to tuck into an Easter Basket, or hang from a Spring Tree, the glass-topped Violet Charm Garden Pin is offered separately. Our linen hasn't arrived yet... you might already have something special to use, (approx 6 x 9-ish runs $3.51... larger cut is more $) but if not, we can send the Periwinkle Prism when it arrives to us.

Bluebird Alphabet from Just Nan - click to see more Bluebird Alphabet
Something a little different in Nan's design style, this contemporary-feeling alphabet features soft browns, denim blues and hand-dyed greens, and is dressed with metallic silver petite seed beads and 4 small denim glass flower beads. Not flashy, just PERFECT for all the new colors and design styles furniture and home dec you see now... (At first I thought there was a Mudslide drink in the martini glass at the bottom.. it's the BIRDNEST in the letter Y -- duh!!)
Very tailored and fresh! Offered as a chart with embellishments, you supply bits of DMC and fabric. Stitched on 32ct Antique White, this finishes 2-1/2 x 5.
Cherish from Just Nan - click to see more Cherish
Nan's 16th Angel...Cherish is worked on 32ct, and features Smyrnas, Triple Leviathans, and Tied Crosses in her elegant dress. Cherish follows the same sizing and design formats as Nan's other 15 angels -- which we STILL offer on our Just Nan pages!
Check out the Angel Stocking design -- it is a master stocking design that fits any of Nan's now 16 different angels. Elegant as always, you'll notice her face is charted for either over-one or over two!

Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill from Just Nan - click to see more Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill
Nan has delivered us the most charming tuffet full of her signature Halloween charm! Little Spirits that are restless and ready to scare... Tombstone Hill's Graveyard is stitched atop your cube cushion, surrounded by little creepy and colorful Just Nan creatures on each of the 4 sides. The resident ghost care-taker (really Nan's very own Tombstone Ghost Charm Pin) floats above his yard -- just making sure you are truly intimidated by his little domain!
Offered as the chart, with little Tombstone Ghostie Care-taker pin, striped pumpkin-colored beads, and 'eerie-eyes' paper banding to decorate the cube base, Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill is stitched on 28ct Thunderstorm (no longer available, so tell us if you want us to pick a substitute for you) Cashel linen in DMC flosses, with a bit of Gentle Art's Forest Glade and Garden Gate, as well as the new Kreinik Holographic Black #4 Braid!
Your little Tombstone Hill cube will finish approx 3 x 3... you might recognize the shape... as this is a Halloween companion to Nan's Tea With Honey, and needs to be the family graveyard behind Nan's Scream House!!! Over-The-Top so CUTE, it's scary!!!

Hootzi Humbug from Just Nan - click to see more Hootzi Humbug
Well, WHOO can resist this darling little hooting owl? Introducing Hootzie Humbug -- Just Nan's newest tiny creation -- a four-sided little piece -- complete with stitching all around and a sparkly Charm Garden Owl Pin to match! The name 'Humbug' refers to the English name for a hard candy that is shaped like a little pyramid.
A fun shape that is easy to construct, (REALLY!), Hootzi is stitched on 28ct Light Sand Cashel Linen in DMC flosses, and three Sampler Threads. He's perched above a pumpkin patch, and his colors are a splash of Autumn Wonder!!! He comes as a small chart-pack, with complete assembly instructions, a gold topper ring, tiny plaid ribbon, and bits of glass beads -- all to finish approx 3 x 3! Perfect for an ornament or scissor fob!
Hootzie is the introduction to Nan's newest set of 4 Humbug *shaped* designs releasing in 2010. January -- Winter Hearts, April -- Spring Frills, June -- Summer Wings and August -- Autumn Glory. Each of these 4 seasonal designs will include the Leaflet chart, embellishments and special Charm Pin -- limited to a release of 800. Our shipments will include the bit of linen required, and we expect each design to run aprox $26 - $30.00.
Pretty Winder Pocket from Just Nan - click to see more
Pretty Winder Pocket
A cool little stitched case to store one of your precious new Just Nan Vintage Thread Winders! This 3 x 3-ish inch case is stitched on 28ct Opalescent hand-dyed Angel Song Cashel Linen using overdyed silks and DMC flosses. See the Bargello along the bottom half? It un-snaps to reveal a wool needle page, that, when closed, will store a winder. The one pictured is Nan's butterfly.
Kit includes the chart, instructions to assemble (this is stitched as one long piece, then folded), beads, overdyed silks of purples and greens, a cut of houndstooth hand-dyed wool, snaps, tiny white beads, and cardboard mounting boards. Linen is offered separately, and the DMCs called for can come from your stash! Just the sweetest thing... it'll be a fun needlework 'small' for your collection! Make sure to choose one of Nan's pretty winders to tuck inside!

Vintage Winder Oval Climbing Roses from Just Nan - click to see more Vintage Thread Winders
Nan has outdone herself with the beginnings of a stunning collection of Vintage Thread Winders. Small 2-inch pieces that were used to wrap and store threads centuries ago are back with a touch of splendor! Actual vintage pieces of stamped brass, the detail of these is incredible. The roses look like real roses, the lines and dot decorations on the ribbons are all clear and smooth!
In the olden days, thread winders were just a necessity... a way to store threads, even used as advertising by thread companies. (Similiar to an imprinted ball point pen you'd get as advertising today!) Every sewing case needs a few of these classy pieces holding bits of precious thread... what's in YOUR sewing case?

Counting Bats from Just Nan - click to see more Counting Bats
Presenting Just Nan's upcoming 2009 Halloween Sampler... Counting Bats! Foretelling the stitcher's fate on Halloween night... bands of little ghoulies, ghosts and goblins are scattered throughout all the bands and the little verse. Awesome silks or cottons of oranges, yellows, purples, slime limes and black -- Nan always has so much charming detail in her Halloween things, Counting Bats is no different! In fact... I see some neighbors to Scream House's Nettie Nightshade lurking around in this!
Stitched on 28ct hand-dyed Frenzy Cashel linen, the leaflet includes bright purple and striped pumpkin beads, and a painted skeleton charm! Verse -- 1 for horror; 2 for glee, 3 for mischief; 4 for flee; 5 for trick; 6 for treat; 7 for the monster you never want to meet! Chart, linen and silks offered separately!

Sirens of the Sea from Just Nan - click to see more
Sirens of the Sea
Nan's newest sampler... Sirens of the Sea speaks of mermaids and their ivory needles, singing, dancing and stitching samplers in their caves! Stitched on 28ct Meadow Mist hand-dyed Cashel linen in DMC floss or Au Ver A Soie Silks, it finishes approx 4 x 11.
The leaflet includes an embellishment pack that contains some tiny pearl embellishments, 3 colors of beads, and a silver scallop shell bead that you can see near the top, below the whale! The fish and mermaid's faces are stitched over one, and there are a few Satin and Cashmere Stitch areas for a bit of texture.
Just Charming -- the aqua-blues look very cool and refreshing -- all the colors send me straight to the Caribbean!!!

Floral Fifteen from Just Nan - click to see more
Floral Fifteen
Leave it to Nan to take the 'ordinary' biscornu to the next level... by adding 13 more sides!!!!! I know she wasn't a geometry major in school, but she's figured out the proportions to create an exquisite 15-sided pin cushion!
Decorated with tiny motifs that are balanced, and placed to 'present well to your eye' from each of their respective angles, your 15-piece creation is just stunning!!!
Silks for Floral FifteenA vision of flowers, 13 different motifs, creating 15 different florals and medallions are stitched on 28ct Antique White and Mint Green Cashel linens in a garden rainbow of silks, each tiny section is stitched.
Once you see Nan's actual construction photographs inside the pattern, you're going to be amazed!!! Finishes approx 4 x 4 x 1-1/2... offered as the leaflet with emb pack.
The charming pins you are seeing poking out of the top are *something else special* -- a new line of Nan's Charm Garden Pins! Check out the little pins... we have those NOW!
Flirty Bird Needle Slides from Just Nan - click to see more Flirty Bird Needle Slides
Such fun, bright colors of kiwi, hot pink and bright purple... some of my favorites! Nan has a trio of little tins that feature a sliding lid decorated with colorful wildly modern birds. Each tin has a tiny super-duper strong neodymium magnet tucked inside to hold needles, threaders and pins inside.
Measuring a mere 1-1/4 x 3 x 3/8 of an inch in size, they're great for beads and embellishments, your pills, or even a few M & M's!! Just bits of colorful fun... buy one, or all three!

Lavender Angel from Just Nan - click to see more Lavender Angel
A mini version of Nan's previous 14 angels... this one is a companion to Pearl Angel... and appears in her same frame! Very petite, a perfectly small piece of stitchery to present as a special gift.
Offered as the leaflet.

Roses for St Nicholas Stocking from Just Nan - click for a larger view Yuletide Ivy Stocking from Just Nan - click for a larger view Cranberry Plaid Stocking from Just Nan - click for a larger view
Burgundy Bouquet Stocking from Just Nan - click for a larger view Victor's Stocking from Just Nan - click for a larger view Angel Stocking from Just Nan - click for a larger view The Just Nan Stocking Collection
I just want to highlight -- in one place on our site -- Nan's lovely collection of Christmas Stockings. Each have been annual releases, and cover 8 years! Timeless designs, each is prettier than the last. Lots of horizontal bands, pretty stitches, beads and crystals, you'll notice that the top bands do not feature names. If you like, you can add that to the top of each... but I like that small tag that can hang off the side... a really classy way to announce the owner!
The Angel Stocking features a center area that will fit ANY of Nan's 15 Annual Angels... so you have LOTS of choices for this one! (You could stitch the whole family angels, using the same main stocking design. This leaflet includes one angel design.)
Little Victor -- Nan's first grandson -- arrived almost 5 years ago, and his stocking does differ from the rest. He has that darling teddy bear, and lots of tiny motifs from Nan's other Christmas designs! More color for Victor -- he IS kind of a bold little personality -- so he deserves to be different from the rest!
Anyway, quite an eye-catching collection of elegant stockings, totally different from the usual whimsical stockings available... stunning hanging from an elegant, traditional mantle! Each is offered as the leaflet with embellishments.

Making Christmas Stocking Selections? Don't miss seeing the entire collections of several different designer's talents! Christmas Stockings are an individual thing! Some want all in the family to match... some want different designs to 'match the person'... Check out our Stocking Page for lots of options!!!

Ladybug Santa from Just Nan - click to see more Ladybug Santa
Another M.0.E. and J.O.E. (aka Merry Old Elf and Jolly Old Elf!), Nan has designed a Santa that is more in touch with the Summer Months!!! Ladybug Santa just has to shed an extra coat or two, to feel at home with his scarlet ladybugs!!!
Be aware that he will look great in several of her frames your stash already stores! He's quick and cute... check that frame stash and let us know what you want!

When Barnabee Met Bella Biscornu from Just Nan - click to see more When Barnabee Met Bella Biscornu
Barnabee met Bella on his quest to find the sweetest flower, and here is the meeting. A delightful two-sided design... Nan has presented it in a biscornu shape... two squares that are sewn together, tufted in the center... so you have charming designs on both the top and bottom!
Stitched on Weeks 30ct hand-dyed linen, Barnabee's side is stitched on the Lilac, and Bella's garden is stitched on the Morris Blue. There are lots of specialty stitches, pretty embellishments and charming details on each side... and of course... if you are not a pin-cushion-type of person... you can always frame these! So pretty, this is presented in a leaflet with embellishment pack and the silks (charted for either DMC or silks) are offered separately.

Yes, there's even MORE cool stuff from Just Nan!     
Click here for more cool Just Nan stuff!

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