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Weeks Dye Works Perle 5 Floss - $3.75 each

Put the number that you want of each into its little box, and then hit the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom

pearl_5_ 1288 River Rocks pearl_5_1086 Icicle pearl_5_1091 Whitewash
pearl_5_1092 Grits pearl_5_1101 Light Khaki pearl_5_1106 Beige
pearl_5_1109 Angel Hair pearl_5_1111 Fawn pearl_5_1112 Banana Pudding
pearl_5_1114 Lemonade pearl_5_1121 Straw pearl_5_1131 Peach
pearl_5_1133 Conch pearl_5_1136 Carnation pearl_5_1138 Sophia's Pink
pearl_5_1139 Chablis pearl_5_1151 Pebble pearl_5_1154 Graphite
pearl_5_1156 Grape Ice pearl_5_1166 Sea Foam pearl_5_1171 Dove
pearl_5_1174 Tin Roof pearl_5_1183 Artichoke pearl_5_1191 Dried Sage
pearl_5_1193 Guacamole pearl_5_1194 Broom Tree pearl_5_1198 London Fog
pearl_5_1201 Putty pearl_5_1223 Schneckley pearl_5_1224 Amber
pearl_5_1228 Pecan pearl_5_1233 Cocoa pearl_5_1236 Mocha
pearl_5_1246 Sage pearl_5_1251 Hosta pearl_5_1256 Thyme
pearl_5_1261 Celadon pearl_5_1266 Caper pearl_5_1268 Molasses
pearl_5_1269 Chestnut pearl_5_1270 Rum Raisin pearl_5_1271 Bark
pearl_5_1274 Terrapin pearl_5_1276 Blue Spruce pearl_5_1277 Collards
pearl_5_1284 Cadet pearl_5_1285 Twilight pearl_5_1296 Dolphin
pearl_5_1298 Gunmetal pearl_5_1302 Pelican Gray pearl_5_1303 Charcoal
pearl_5_1304 Onyx pearl_5_1305 Merlin pearl_5_1306 Navy
pearl_5_1307 Americana pearl_5_1313 Purple Haze pearl_5_1316 Mulberry
pearl_5_1318 Concord pearl_5_1326 Rust pearl_5_1330 Baked Apples
pearl_5_1331 Brick pearl_5_1332 Red Pear pearl_5_1333 Lancaster Red
pearl_5_1336 Raspberry pearl_5_1339 Bordeaux pearl_5_2104 Deep Sea
pearl_5_2107a Blue Suede pearl_5_2109 Morris Blue pearl_5_2111 Sky
pearl_5_2131 Aqua pearl_5_2136 Caribbean pearl_5_2152 Kentucky Bluegrass
pearl_5_2153 Cypress pearl_5_2156 Hunter pearl_5_2158 Juniper
pearl_5_2171 Emerald pearl_5_2173 Envy pearl_5_2176 Meadow
pearl_5_2181 Cactus pearl_5_2194 Lily Pad pearl_5_2196 Scuppernong
pearl_5_2197 Oscar pearl_5_2198 Ivy pearl_5_2201 Moss
pearl_5_2202 Bullfrog pearl_5_2203 Chartreuse pearl_5_2211 Olive
pearl_5_2217 Lemon Chiffon pearl_5_2218 Sally's Sunshine pearl_5_2219 Whiskey
pearl_5_2220 Curry pearl_5_2221 Gold pearl_5_2221a Yukon Gold
pearl_5_2225 Marigold pearl_5_2226 Carrot pearl_5_2228 Pumpkin
pearl_5_2231 Mimosa pearl_5_2237 Hazelnut pearl_5_2238 Sweet Potato
pearl_5_2239 Terra Cotta pearl_5_2241 Chrysanthemum pearl_5_2246 Sunset
pearl_5_2248 Cherry Vanilla pearl_5_2254 Cinnabar pearl_5_2263 Begonia
pearl_5_2264 Garnet pearl_5_2266 Turkish Red pearl_5_2268 Fire
pearl_5_2271 Peony pearl_5_2274 Romance pearl_5_2276 Camellia
pearl_5_2278 Hibiscus pearl_5_2279 Sweetheart Rose pearl_5_2281 Mauve
pearl_5_2296 Sweet Pea pearl_5_2301 Lavender pearl_5_2311 Cyclamen
pearl_5_2316 Iris pearl_5_2321 Plum pearl_5_2333 Peoria Purple
pearl_5_2334 Lilac pearl_5_2336 Ultraviolet pearl_5_2337 Periwinkle
pearl_5_2339 Blue Bonnet pearl_5_3500 Sand pearl_5_3860 Crimson
pearl_5_3910 Mascara pearl_5_3950 Chesapeake pearl_5_3960 Teal Frost
pearl_5_4101 Trick or Treat pearl_5_4103 Harvest pearl_5_4105 Noel
pearl_5_4107 Confetti pearl_5_4109 Love pearl_5_4111 Lucky
pearl_5_4113 Spring Bouquet pearl_5_4115 Mothers Day pearl_5_4117 Fathers Day
pearl_5_4119 Independence pearl_5_4121 Indian Summer pearl_5_4123 Celebration
pearl_5_4125 Snowflake pearl_5_4127 Mermaid pearl_5_4129 Swamp Water
pearl_5_4131 Fiesta pearl_5_4133 Old Glory pearl_5_4135 Foliage
pearl_5_4137 Santa Claus pearl_5_4139 Bethlehem pearl_5_4141 Clam Shell
pearl_5_4143 Calypso pearl_5_4145 Azaleas pearl_5_4147 Spumoni
pearl_5_4149 Beachcomber pearl_5_4151 Peach Cobbler

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