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Here are antique samplers -- all beautifully re-charted -- so we can enjoy them again for years to come! Presented in full color leaflet format, these publications are ABSOLUTELY LOVELY! The paper is glossed and heavy, the charts are printed in full color, and there is a bit of history included in each about its particular sampler. After you read the descriptions, you gain a new appreciation for the content of each piece and it's historic significance.

If you can get one finished -- what a gorgeous heirloom you will have! Choose any fabrics you want -- they'll be YOUR samplers! Even if you don't stitch a single one of these -- these leaflets themselves are so beautifully done!

Hands Across The Sea's Ann Oliver 1845 - click for more
Ann Oliver 1845
This sampler is offered in a different type of format. It is a luscious wire bound booklet approximately 6 x 8 in size. This format gave Nicola opportunity to relate lots of history on the design, the 11-year-old who created it and the Victorian time in which she lived. What a treat!

Stitch count is 177 x 186 (11.06 x 11.63 on 32 count fabric. It uses 15 colors.

Hands Across The Sea's Bathya 1680 Sampler - click for more Hands Across The Sea's Bathya 1680 Sampler - click for more Bathya 1680 Sampler
Wow... this is an incredible sampler... stitched so that it is reversible - front to back! Stitched over two and three threads, it finishes 7 x 24 on 40ct. Not for a beginner, probably not an intermediate stitcher either, this chart is INTENSE!

Nicola's charts are huge in here, great stitch diagrams, actual-sized pics of the actual stitches... the booklet itself is gorgeous! Nicola has 5 pages of history and information about the sampler and what was happening in the world in the 1860's... a fascinating read!

You could always get the chart now, add it to your stitching bucket list... and then maybe start with one of the motifs and make a single pin cushion. Then, get adventuresome and make a companion... then maybe tackle the sampler!

Hands Across The Sea's Isabella Uffindell 1829 Encore Sampler - click for more

Isabella Uffindell's 1829 Sampler has been reprinted!
Nicola from Hands Across The Sea is presenting these gorgeous samplers - we expect them around the end of December. Both girls were 10 years old when they stitched their samplers, and the original pieces are still together after almost 200 years!

Beautifully charted and presented, Nicola always includes pages and pages of history about the stitchers and the 'flavor of the times' when the samplers were stitched.

(I hate to call her patterns 'leaflets' because they are so much more than that. Multiple pages, beautiful photography, colored charts, and all that history!) Breathtaking samplers presented so elegantly by Hands Across the Sea!

Ann Forfitt 1812 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Anna Tench 1819 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
  • Anna Tench 1819
    I am always thinking I am going to describe some of the history Nicola presents with each of her samplers. But this one has 4 solid pages of excellent reading about the family featured in the sampler, where they lived, and what the 'signs if the times' were then.
    Just fascinating, I can't even to begin to summarize! So... a beautiful sampler charted for DMC or silk threads, the stitch count is 266 x 301, so it will finish approx 15 x 17 on 36ct.
  • Ann Forfitt 1812
    Nicola writes that nothing can be found about Ann Forfitt in family records of England! She did, however, stitch this gorgeous sampler that measures an impressive 519 x 570 in stitch count!
    Finishing approx 29 x 32 on 36ct, the verse was first published in the 1700s. Nicola has recharted this from the original sampler, which is part of her personal collection. The booklet is lovely as always, there is a lot of fun history about the village listed on the sampler, and the chart covers several pages, and is presented in full color.

Ann Webb 1829 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Ann Roberts 1842 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Frances Grassby 1845 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
    Ann Webb 1829
  • Finishes approx 16 x 17 on 36ct - full of balanced motifs but an very irregular strawberry border. Small spiral bound half-size pattern, but still contains 3 pages of fascinating history!
  • Ann Roberts 1842
    A Welsh Sampler - Nicola has 6 pages of history in this one! They know where Ann was born, you get tons of interesting info about motifs in here, colors... everything about her village life and times. It finishes approx 9 x 13 on 40ct.
  • Frances Grassby 1845
    Part of the verse reads 'pleasure in perfection is...' 4 Pages of history, Frances lost her mother in childbirth, I just have to stop reading all of the stories in these charts... so fascinating! This one is charming, a little over 10 x 10 on 36ct.

Hariet Hartland 1782 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Hannah Coates 1848 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Mary Lea 1793 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
  • Hariet Hartland 1782
    A favorite at 'Hands Across' this is large - about 14 x 16 on 40ct.  Lots of special stitches along the little hills - the flower chart are all really pretty in here. 6 Pages of info about Hariet, her life and life in her time, the verses she used, on and on... I think I'm going to summarize the history a little but after the first paragraph of 6 pages, I'm overwhelmed at the info Nicola has just give me!
  • Hannah Coates 1848
    A pretty 'remember me!' Finishes about 16 x 17 on 40ct.
  • Mary Lea 1793
  • Finishes a generous 18 x 22-ish on 40ct! Lots of fascinating info oh who had affairs with who inside this one!

Elizabeth Beaven 1835 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more When Thou Art Rich from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Jane Hopkins 1875 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
  • Elizabeth Beaven 1835
    A very cheerful verse! 311 x 461, 14 shades of thread. Awesome history in here, along with 36 close-up pics of the Satin stitch details in the flowers. This is gorgeous!
  • When Thou Art Rich
    239 x 257, 12 shades of cottons or silks. The pic is too red, fabric is really buttercream.
  • Jane Hopkins 1875
    A Welsh sampler, when you read the history in here it is unbelievable that any children lived to be educated in the 1800's. Lots of info about child labor in the iron mines in here... and info about the roses Jane honored in her piece. Finishes approx 11 x 14  on 40ct!

Jane Bannister 1855 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Elizabeth Weston 1830 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Amy Cann 1831 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
  • Jane Bannister 1855 - Finishes about 19 x 19 on 32ct. This is a beautiful piece. Presented as a huge colored chart, and FOUR pages of specific history about Jane and where she came from... the politics of the day... and even info about cats (there are some on here). Nicola does a wonderful job of presenting her samplers. After paging though the books, I am left speechless!
  • Elizabeth Weston 1830 - This one is a tribute to Elizabeth's parents! Huge, it is 27 x 28 on 32ct... this verse first appeared in 1685 samplers! Two pages of awesome history in here... not to mention all the beautiful motifs and details in here!
  • Amy Cann 1831
    307 x 276 Charted for silks or DMC -- 15 shades. Cross over one and two, Satin, Four Sided, Double Running and Algerian Eyelets.

Hannah Gaskill 1823 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Jenefer Gilbert 1818 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Sarah Borton 1815 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
  • Hannah Gaskill 1823
    Jesus on the cross in this one. 478 x 517 -- large -- 23 shades of silk or DMC for your 66,000 stitches!
  • Jenefer Gilbert 1818
    Seize the moment, learn to live! 229 x 333, only 9 shades of cotton or silk. Crosses over one and two, Chain, Satin and Stems, and Smyrna.
  • Sarah Borton 1815
    Gorgeous inner floral border -- really! 258 x 304. 23 shades of cotton or silk, Crosses over one and two, Chain, Satin, French Knots, Four Sided and Algerian Eyelets.

Eliza Rule 1824 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Ann Gardner 1723 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Susanna Millne 1843 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
  • Ann Gardner 1723 - A sampler from a young beginning stitcher! Finishes about 11-1/2 x 13 on 36ct linen; the birds are full of Satin Stitches as well as the border.
  • Eliza Rule 1824 - This finishes approx 12 x 14 on 40ct
  • Susanna Millne 1843
    277 x 347, only 11 shades of thread. All greens and golds, no special stitches.

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