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Giulia Punti Antichi
Here is a sampling of a lovely collection of designs by Italian designer Guilia Manfredini. From Massa, a small town in Tuscany, not far from Pisa and the seacoast, we are treated to Italy through her needlework! Guilia is a Doctor of Nuclear Medicine and an Endocrinologist by trade... and a wife, mom and needle artist all the rest of the time!

I was drawn to her work because of the Deruta Majolica (pronounced ma-jol'-i-ca, with the emphasis on jol, all short sounds on the vowels) patterns and beads she offers... but there is so much more here to enjoy! Biscornu designs, sewing caskets, etui patterns... lots of silks and overdyed color, pretty handmade clay flower pins that adorn many projects... no one specialty of designs... just a world of wonderful things... all the way from a charming part of Italy!

Raffaellesco Bead Set from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Giulia's Stunning Pins
I couldn't resist these one-of-a-kind GORGEOUS pins that traveled all the way from Italy in Giulia's suitcase! There are awfully difficult to take back to the shop after they are sitting here beside me! I bought only 6 sets of each! Raffaellesco Deruta Bead -- This is a pair of beads designed to dress up a tassel or cording. Use it as a finishing dressing on a fob or pin cushion. The main pottery bead measures approx 1-1/4 inches x 1. It is LOVELY and hand-painted with the famous Raffaellesco pattern There is a matching 1/2 inch soft green bead to compliment. You'll need to find something special for this!

Blue Sewing Pillow from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Blue Sewing Pillow
I love this charming little thing! Stitched on Weeks hand-dyed linen -- match your cut to the finishing fabric provided in this chart. (The model in the pic has linen that is a little too white... we can match that better.) Pillow finishes approx 7 x 8, the stitching -- with Algerian Eyes, Eyelets and Diagonal Satins mimics the pattern on the blue and taupe finishing fabric.

Presented as the chart WITH ALL the necessary finishing bits -- all directly from Giulia and Italy -- the assembly instructions are clear with great photographs. Also included are those patterned fabrics, cording, gold 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors, and the gorgeous gold, white and blue pins! A very pretty presentation.

Real Bone Rings from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Real Bone Rings -- NOT plastic!
7/8 Inch real bone rings for finishing inside sewing cases and such... let's not ask 'whose bones' these were!!!

Hard to find the real things!

Adam and Eve Etui from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Adam and Eve Etui
This is cool! It is a stitched tri-fold etui case featuring 3 design panels on the outside, and 5 more on the inside! A space for scissors, needles and threads, it finishes about 4 x 4 when closed.

The COOLEST little accessories from In the Company of Friends come with it! You get a paper thread board, pin keep, some book plate stickers... all with the printed artwork from an antique Adam & Eve sampler on them. Presented as Guilia's chart with assembly instructions and all the little paper accessories!

Old Windmill Sewing Box from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more
Old Windmill Sewing Box and Accessories
Well... here is something to store that charming thread winder and magnet -- the ones with the pretty house and windmill etched on them! A village of houses surrounds the 4 sides of this wooden box, and the alphabet adorns the sliding top!

Matching birdhouses on the thread palette, and the windmill on the needlecase. Offered in chart format, the village has a stitch count of approx 50 x 340... so if you stitch it as is... it'll be approx 3 x 23 on 30ct!

Old Windmill Sewing Box and Accessories from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more But... the windmill and birdhouses that trim the separate pieces are darling... and you might want those in your main village piece as well! Stitch it in one long piece and frame it! Coded for silks or DMC, we do carry the wooden thread palette by Priscilla's Pocket. The box ($88.00) will be a special order item.

LITTLE DUTCH PINCUSHION Doll from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Miniature Sampler Pincushion Dolls
These are charts to stitch the skirts and aprons for porcelain doll heads. Giulia gives you specific information inside the package of where to purchase the dolls online... you can match hair and skin color of yours to anyone you wish! (Belle Bambole Dolls or Brierrose)

Just a sweet idea, we have several larger doll-cushion patterns, but these two are smaller and finish approx 4 inches high. Just charming! We have the charts... (which are confusingly close in name, so be careful), you shop for your own doll.

A Christmas Dutch Sewing Set from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more A Christmas Dutch Sewing Set
What a charming scene on the front of this sewing case! A dutch cottage, girl, windmill, and lots of birds scattered about, it is stitched with only two colors of Belle Soie Silk -- Pecan Pie (DMC 420) and Puritan Blue (931).

The chart includes the pretty flower mother-of-pearl shanked button you see as the closure.

Sewing Purse Set from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Sewing Purse Set

An elegant sewing set -- you might want to look outside the box -- and not finish this into the purse shape! It features an authentic hand-made Deruta majolica bead for one of your fobs, and the 1-1/2 inch square majolica piece you attach as adornment. You can see it used where the clasp for the purse might be.
Giulia commissioned the beads through the Academy of Deruta Work in Umbria, Italy, then designed the sewing pieces to match! You can see the square medallion on the purse front -- it measures approx 1-1/2 inches square, and matches the round-ish Fuseruola bead that adorns the scissor fob.

Pretty border designs -- do something creative eith this -- you HAVE the REAL beads in here to embellish! Presented as the chart with assembly instructions AND the two majolica pieces.

Quaker Birds Sewing Set from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Quaker Birds Sewing Set
Pink and Black -- a stunning combo! Originally presented at the Italia Invita International Forum of Textile Creativity -- Parma Fair in Italy -- May of 2011 -- we managed to get our hands of a few of the limited edition kits!!!!! This pretty set of etui pouch, pin cushion scissor fob and mini needlebook is stitched with hand-dyed silk from Atalie (French, I think?), and worked on 28ct Italian Linen. The etui is lined with that charming taupe and cream striped fabric, and trimmed with a cool hand-made wooden 'flower' button.

Complete finishing instructions are provided -- both in Italian and English, too! Our packet includes the original chart with all instructions, the stripe fabric, 28ct ecru linen, needle page felt, satin ribbon, hand-dyed silks in pink and black, the wooden button and pair of beads for the fob and case, and a bit of stuffing for the fob. You supply the black Baby Storklette Scissors and your stitching talents! Quantity is Limited!

Ornate Mother-of-Pearl Thread Winder - click for more
Ornate Mother-of-Pearl Thread Winder
What an intricate and exquisite thread winder to tuck into one of your special sewing cases!!!

Gently curved, a mere 2 x 2 of fillagreed detail, isn't it pretty?

Deruta Scissor Pouch - click for more Deruta Scissor Pouch
The designs offered in this pack match biscornu charts farther along on our Giulia pages. Very traditional Deruta majolica patterns featured on Italian pottery, you are offered both colorways (click the image to see them both) in the charts... and one bead set to finish your case.

Finishing approx 3 x 6, each case has three solid beads, and the decorated one to decorate your scissors. Simple cross stitches and finishing... the charm of these pieces is not lost on Deruta pottery lovers!

Seasonal Faces -- Biscornu Cushions for The Seasons!
Fall/Winter Seasonal Biscornu Set from Guilia Punti Antichi -- click to see more A team effort by Italian designers Guilia Manfredini and Maria Teresa Vitali, these pin cushions are STUNNING!!! Pretty seasonal florals of thistles, roses and acorns, their Biscornu shape is fast becoming a finishing favorite these days! Two squares of linen, sewn together... the corners are simply offset! Offered as charted designs, Guilia and Maria have split the seasons... Spring and Summer are offered together in one set, and Autumn with Winter in the other.

Each cushion features stitching on both sides, a lovely Mother-of-Pearl button in both centers, and 4 awesome, handmade pins, decorated with clay flowers on the tops. You see those decorating 4 of the corners... so if you flip over your cushion... move the pins to the four corners that are NOW facing up!

Stitched on 32ct Cream Belfast linen, the stitching is minimal, and complete finishing instructions are provided -- actual photographs and everything! Notice the beaded edges... that looks hard, but it's NOT! Charming... you get two charts, two buttons, four pins and finishing instructions in each package... for $35.00! (When you back out of that...the buttons are $3 to $5 each... the pins are $10-ish a set, so I think these are a wonderful value... and they've come all the way from Italy!)

Deruta Pin Cushion from Guilia Punti Antichi -- click to see a larger view Deruta Pin Cushion
Guilia's next design is inspired by her commissioned beads. Deruta, a beautiful old town in Umbria, Italy is home to the Deruta 'factory' that makes Italian majolica pottery. The information Guilia shares says that 'little is known of Deruta's origin and ancient history.' , which just makes all this that much more facinating to me!

Designed to match the biscornus, this cushion design is stitched on 32ct Linen in shades of Sampler Threads. (Belle Soie silks would be awesome, too!) Anyway, the chart comes with the exquisite pottery beads, and the finished cushion measures approx 2-1/4 x 4. You could make it squattier if you wish... just keep that majolica bead and your lovely stitches highlighted!

Deruta Biscornu Design D1 from Guilia Punti Antichi -- click to see a larger view Deruta Biscornu Design D2 from Guilia Punti Antichi -- click to see a larger view Deruta Biscornus with Italian Majolica Beads!
These are two pin cushions that match the scissor cases Guilia has designed.. Each is inspired by Italian pottery designs from Deruta, Italy... and the charts INCLUDE the actual hand-painted pottery beads for the center finishing!!!

I personally LOVE these... stitched on 32ct they finish approx 4 x 4. Lovely bits of Italy!

Deruta Scissor Case from Guilia Punti Antichi -- click to see a larger view Deruta Scissor Case
The matching little sheath in this exquisite collection of Italian needlework... your scissors will be so happy in here!!! Stitched with the same classic yellows and golds, aqua and navy blues of the Deruta pottery, this piece is stitched on 32ct Belfast and coordinates with Guilia's biscornus, pin cushion, majolica beads and thimbles -- which are highlighted next!

Finishing approx 1-1/2 x 3 inches, the chart comes with the majolica beads and finishing instructions... charming!

Deruta majolica Thimbles from Guilia Punti Antichi -- click to see a larger view Deruta majolica Thimbles
OHHHH... more and more... we are offering a smattering of open-stock thimbles to match Guilia's cushions, biscornus and scissor sheaths! The thimbles are simply a MUST to go with the rest of your stitched pieces! Each is unique, each is hand painted by Deruta... no two are alike... and I want them ALL!!!

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