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The Glasshopper - Jennifer at her blowtorch The Glasshopper is artist Jennifer Rakosnick! She is a glass lampwork artist, and brings us this delightful collection of hand-turned glass. Each Acorn, pumpkin, flower -- whatever! -- begins with a tiny blob of molten glass. She sculpts each at the end of a metal rod -- at a blow torch!!!

In the heat, she turns, pinches, sculpts and layers the soft glass to make all her charming little mushrooms, ghosts, strawberries & carrots. Everything is hand-made, everything is made ONE AT A TIME. Everything is lovingly made by just Jennifer, and they are all one-of-a-kind pieces of tiny glass art.

ENJOY! Talk about special pins for your sewing cases and cushions!

Glass Flower Counting Pins - click for more
Glass Flower Counting Pins
The Glasshopper has made lovely sets of hand-made Lampwork Glass flowers and leaves -- on pins. Poke them into your favorite pin cushions, and dress up sewing cases -- these are too pretty to hide away in a drawer. You'll recognize these from your Blackbird Circle of Friends Kit we sent you -- if you are in our Circle of Friends Club! Each flower or leaf is individually made of molten glass on a metal rod -- being warmed and shaped right in the flames of a blow torch!!!

Jennifer has made us several colorways to match your stitching! They DO NOT MATCH THESE DMC NUMBERS I AM REFERENCING... but are close, in my opinion. All have a tiny yellow center, except the red. We have red with a tiny black center 816, lavender-- 3041, lt yellow -- 746, blue -- 322, slightly irredescent light blue -- 3325, white, and a light pink -- 224. I'd get the pins first, then match hand-dyed flosses to them!!!!

Ghosts by The Glasshopper - click for more
Jennifer the Glasshopper Gal has a pair of cute new pins -- topped with her lampwork glass! Beautifully hand-made, each pin needs to poke out of a pretty pin cushion or sewing case. The little ghost is white glass with black eyes, and he measures about 2cm long -- about 3/4 of an inch. These are darling... one of a kind. Full of personality, you'll never find others like them!

Tiny Glass Carrots and Strawberries by The Glasshopper - click for more Tiny Glass Carrots and Strawberries from The Glasshopper
The Glasshopper Lady has been busy hand-making small carrots and strawberries -- just like her miniature acorns. Charming little things, they are made of glass -- turned on rods -- using a blow torch to melt the glass. She sculpts her bits of glass into the veggies, and adds a bit of green glass for their greenery trim... and darling miniatures are born! Attached to a bronze hanging loop, I think they are prettiest adorning a pin cushion or inside a neat sewing case (but then they are hidden!)

Our carrots are approx 7/8 of an inch long and less than 1/2 an inch wide. The tiny strawberry measures approx 3/4 inch long and 1/2 an inch wide... pretty opaque oranges and deep berry reds, you could almost eat them!!!!!

Glass Flower Pins by The Glasshopper - click for more Glass Acorns and Pumpkins! from The Glasshopper
The Glasshopper -- glass artist Jennifer Rakosnik has made us some tiny glass acorns with metal tops to adorn our sewing cases and pin cushions. Gorgeous little things.... I chose *earthy-acorn* colors of glass that are tucked into an antiqued bronze topper.
  • The single nuts measure 1/2 an inch wide and 1 inch long.
  • Next... we have bright orange pumpkins.... these hefty little guys are about 5/8 an inch in diameter and about 3/4 an inch in height.
  • The double acorns measure about 3/4 an inch long and reach almost an inch and a half in width. Just beautiful! They each have a pair of green glass tendrils on them, and that metal hanging hook. So unique, so pretty... something lovely for your needlework or scissors!!!

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