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Round Tool Towers By Greg's Turn - click for more
Round Tool Towers By Greg's Turn
Kind of like a Scissor Block -- only round! We have a new gadget that is designed to carefully hold your scissors, some needles, maybe a laying tool or seam ripper, and even a small ruler or chart. Wayne-The-Wood-Guy has a son, Greg. This is by *Greg's Turn.* It's Greg's turn to turn wood into cool gadgets for us like Wayne has for years!

This little guy measures approx 2-1/4 inches in diameter and stands 3-1/4 inches high. It features a felted bottom and 4 compartments, Two that are lined with felt in the bottoms that are about 2-1/4 inches deep. Store your scissors or rippers or laying tools in those holes. The bottom is soft and padded so tips are protected. The third, smaller hole has a magnet in the bottom -- that's for needles. The magnet keeps them in place in case your tower tips over. It is about 1-3/4 inches deep.

The slit is there for a small ruler or chart -- it is 3/4 of an inch deep. (I was absolutely NOT going to tell you that my mind sees a little face here! I see two eyes, a little nose and a mouth! But the little mouth is crooked because Greg has to make the slit in the direction of the wood grains so that they don't split! So I have all these little people looking at me, and they are so cute! Isn't that dumb?!) So, you have this little friend... all of them are different colors because they are made of different woods, and their little mouths are just every-which-way... and they are so FUNCTIONAL and HANDY! I wonder what they are saying....

Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
Little Mean Green Fabric Clips
Just a little package of 10 -- 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together.

Teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong... Wonder Clips by Clover! Just handy little things!

3-Inch Bicycle Corner Board - click for more 3-Inch Corner Board - click for more Something Fun for a Sewing Case! Wooden What-Nots!
We have a lots of trinkets I fell in love with when I saw them. Use them for Stitching Party favors, package ties, something functional in your stitching bag... something cute to display in a sewing case, or in the case of the acorn -- teathered to a pin cushion displaying left-over threads from a special piece you've just finished!
3-Inch Corner Boards - Aren't these just the prettiest little pieces of wood? Retromantics has sent us charming 3 x 3 inch Corner Boards to help you measure that infamous *in three and down three to begin.* demand. You plop it on the corner of your fabric, and look to the lower right. The first hole puts you at in two and over two. The very bottom corner is 3 and 3. Truthfully, if you stitch much, you can pretty much gauge your 3-inch starting point. This piece is at its best when you tuck it into a pretty sewing case, or include it in a framed needle work tool shadow box. Retromantics has *Blue-Washed* the Bird Cage board, which accents the beautiful Victorian birdcage floral design they have lazored into the wood. Very pretty!

Wooden Palette and Minder Sets - click for more Wooden Palette and Minder Sets
These are kind of cool and very different! Both by Retromantics...
  • Stitching by the Light of the Moon (which we know is just about impossible, but fun to think of!) This is a very antique-inspired 5-inch round thread palette decorated with an old-fashioned man-in-the-moon laughing face etched into the wood. The verse surrounds the edges, along with 7 holes to tie your working threads. We've included a tiny 1-1/4 inch needle minder that matches! A really fun set to inlcude in a Halloween sewing case or to display along with your Fall decorations!
  • The Strawberry Set includes a 4 x 5 inch strawberry palette with matching 1-inch needle minder and a small 2 x 2-1/2 matching miniature palette fob. Pretty in a sewing basket, neat in another stitched case... just a really unique stitching 'curiosity!'

Miniature Scissor Blocks -- click here to see more! Miniature Scissor Blocks
OHhhh... we have the cutest miniature scissor blocks! Made from assorted woods, these little 1-1/2 x 2 x 2-3/4 chunks feature a slanted top, complete with ruler slot. Along with that slot, notice the larger hole near the top? That holds a pair of 3-1/2 to 4-inch embroidery scissors. Then, notice the two smaller holes? They store needles. Each of them as a tiny magnet in their bottom -- just enough to make your needles *cling* so if the block get knocked over, no needles errantly spill to the floor.

Not big, not heavy, just functional and cute! The slit can hold a small pattern, or one of our rulers or paddles that double as thread organizers. If you order multiples, we'll try to mix up your woods, but try to match ruler and organizer woods to blocks. All of these are just the coolest things!

Retromantics Wooden Trays - click for more
Cute Wooden Trays from Retromantic
Here are 4 little 4 x 6-ish wooden trays that Jeannette Douglas and Shepherd's Bush have been featuring in their designs. Yes, there are specific designs for each, but LOTS OF THINGS would be cute in them!!! Jeannette uses one to perch a pin cushion inside with a little space beside it (for a baby candy bar???)

Black, red, whitewashed and brown... just a different way to finish a bit of needlework... they'd be fun perched on shelf, fun as a stitching ORT bucket, even a tray ORNAMENT on a larger Christmas Tree -- you could present something in it!! Just wanted to draw attention to these little guys as they are a nice finishing option, match them to all the different designer styles!

Bunny Boards -- click here to see more! Bunny Boards!
Does your stitching basket or sewing case need a palette to hold a current project's thread collection? This simple rabbit outline, decorated with just a few 'scribbles' of definition is immediately recognizable as a cute bunny that would look great peeking out from a sewing case pocket!

5 Inches in height, and almost 3 inches in width, there are 10 numbered holes on her to attach working threads (or the leftovers from that special project that you store inside it's finished pocket.)

4-Inch Wooden Ruler Thread Organizer -- click here to see more!
4-Inch Wooden Ruler Thread Organizer
*Needlework soothes the soul and inspires the mind* is the advice offered on one side of these 4-inch thread organizers... while *The Silver Needle* is the other advice for good living on the other side! Measuring 1-1/2 inches x 4-1/2... your calibrated ruler includes 5 holes to loop threads for works in progress.

It slips into the slot of our miniature scissor block, so even if you have no threads looped on it, the ruler is still there... and it's stored neatly in your block. Pretty Handy!

Vintage Thread Cards from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Vintage Thread Cards from Stacy Nash Primitives
Aren't these fun? Heavy cardboards covered with vintage prints, they measure approx 3 x 4-1/2 and feature 8 holes to loop your stitching threads. Use them to organize works in progress, or to decorate the insides of your stitched cases. They'd even be pretty tucked with stitched pin cushions in a basket or bowl... and the rabbits and lambs could perch beside some Easter Eggs! Assorted Vintage Halloween, Christmas and Animals... if you have a preference, let us know!
Owl Thread Keep from The Primitive Hare - click to see more Hare Thread Keep from The Primitive Hare - click to see more

Thread Keeps from The Primitive Hare
These measure 4 x 5-1/4 and are about 1/4 of an inch thick.

Vintage-inspired designs I think they are carefully decopaged onto the wood. They look nice, and they're smooth.

Flexible Magnetic Board -- click for more
Flexible Magnetic Board
Nothing fancy here, just a 5-1/2 x 8 inch white flexible sheet of magnetic material... with two more magnetic bars included. Just like the hard metal magnetic boards we used to see so much, this is a smaller, bendable version, with no sharp edges, that fits easily into a tote bag and doesn't weigh so much!

Wonderful to help you keep the place on your chart!

Sticky Highlighter Tape - click to see more Sticky Highlighter Tape
Hey, this is cool stuff!!! 'Scotch Type Tape' that has the tackiness of sticky papers... tear a piece off your roll... place it over your chart line, or beside the instructions you're following... you can see right through it! Not too sticky... the colors are clear and bright, this is like using a see-through sticky-note!

new sticky highlighter tape!So... as a stitcher, this is great, because you can use it to keep your place on your chart, without keeping track of a highlighter marker, and scribbling up your whole chart! Totally no-brainer, and really fun! Available in yellow, 1/2 an inch wide (covers 3 typewritten lines) x 393 inches on a roll.

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Red -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Blue -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Green -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Purple -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Orange -  click for more
See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more *See Your Stuff* - Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches
WOW, these are awesome-turbo-super-nice heavy-duty plastic zippered pouches! Made from that heavy clear plastic you find on purses and backpacks, each is trimmed with VERY heavy-duty bright and cheerful polyester 'canvas' fabric.

Our sets of three matching pieces measure 16 x 16, 12 x 13, and 6 x 8. The middle-size one holds a full-size Prairie Schooler leaflet! And the big one... wow! See? The big one at right is holding 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Each pouch is constructed the same way, except that the largest one features a top carrying strap. We have *6* different colorways to make your life more complicated, but we're happy anyway, because you will LOVE whatever color you choose! See Your Stuff - large bag containing 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies -  click for more

SEE YOUR STUFF in these... each top zipper is heavy-duty black... the sizes are nice and roomy, and because of the way they are sewn, they expand quite a way out. Very Nice for a lot of different uses!

6 Different colors: I looked through our thread drawers to find close matches: Red matches DMC 321, Blue - 798, Green - (nothing! It's that awesome neon, but close to 906 and 907), Purple - 550, Yellow - 973 and Orange - 608.

The Double Zippy Pouch -  click for more
The Double Zippy Pouch
We are in love with this new size of plastic zipper pouch. It measures 9 x 13-1/2 and features two zippered compartments.

The main side fits a standard Cross Stitch leaflet, while the smaller compartment that measures 5 inches high fits the smaller card designs.

Separate spaces for patterns, fabrics, threads or scissors... we think it's a great development!!!!

Colorful, Double-Compartment Mesh Pouches
Vinyl Project PouchesHey... these are COOL!!!!! Here's a set of 4 zippered nylon pouches -- 4 different colors, 4 different sizes, TWO pockets in EACH! Weighing *nothing* the Apple Green Baby measures 6 x 8. One side is the black mesh with the green back. You can see what's inside this pocket. Unzip the pouch to find ANOTHER zipper in there... open THAT for another nylon pocket -- cannot see thru that one! Next is the Navy Blue one -- 12-3/4 x 5-3/4. Then, Red-- 8-1/4 x 10, and finally the biggest -- the orange one, measuring in at 10 x 13.

These are very fun! Use 'em for stitching, make-up, scrapbooking stuff, school supplies, coupons, whatever!!! Sold as the set of 4 pouches - so you get one of each color and size!

Vinyl Project Pouches
These are the cool vinyl pouches that Bent Creek has used to package all their previous Zipper Kits! Available individually, without anything inside, these are great organizers!
They're easy to open and close, see-through, and they come in a variety of great sizes -- something for every project you've got going! Soft, heavy plastic, they won't get brittle over time and will last and last!Choose from 8 sizes!

These pouches are WONDERFUL organizing bags for your projects! A heavy weight and thread reinforced plastic, they are clear enough to be able to see which things you have inside of them! Choose from several sizes... they come in multiple colors. (Our shipments are assorted, so we will be sending you assorted colors as well.) All are pretty, light colors!

Vinyl Project Pouches
Our new assorted color Vinyl Project Pouches

The Bench
Footstool, The Bench from K's Creations -- click for a larger viewFrom K's Creations, this is a cool, collapsible foot stool that's just the right size for us stitchers! Raising your feet a little off the floor can take so much stress off your lower back... you'll be amazed! Easy to fold up and tuck into your tote bag, this smoothly finished oak stool measures just 5 1/2 x 11, and 5" high.

The legs fold up under it, and a fancy bolt fastens them in place, making a bundle that is only 3" thick! It takes 2 seconds to unfold... and is just the right size to tuck under your feet while you're stitching! Perfect for stitching weekends, traveling, whatever!
Tiny Baby Bibs -- click to see more Tiny Baby Bibs
Matched pieces to our cute little hooded baby towels... these small 'dribble bibs' are charming counterparts to stitch and cherish for years and years to come! The same rich Terry in the same colors, each bib measures approx 9 x 10, and features the same woven aida panel (actually a front pocket of the bib) as the blankets -- only it measures approx 2-1/4 x 8. A snap closure makes them easy to dress baby.

They are NOT lined with plastic, and they are NOT huge... so definitely for a newborn, or 'delicate' bib for a little baby, these are not a 'turbo-everyday-super-duper-red-spagetti-sauce' variety of bib... these are baby shower and 'stitched with Granny's Love' bibs! Very soft and really cute!

Hooded Terry Cloth Baby Towels -- click to see moreHooded Terry Cloth Baby Towels
Hooded Terry Cloth Baby Towels
Such lovely towels to dry off the tiniest member of the family... this is the kind of thing that you'll never part with! I still have my daughter's baby towel that I stitched 20 years ago... and SHE still loves to see it! (and it's in some of my favorite old pictures, too!)

Hooded Terry Cloth Baby TowelsThis is a beautiful collection of 100% Cotton terry cloth hooded towels made by the Dohler Co in Brazil. Available in 4 colors, each towel measures approx 30 x 30 inches, and features a corner pocket with an aida-weave right IN the fabric. You have an area of approx 2 x 10 inches to personalize your towel with baby's name or some cute motifs from something you've treasured in your pattern stash!

Each towel is piped with woven cotton edging, and is so wisper-soft! The colors are just as dreamy! Pink and Blue towels feature white piping. The yellow towel features lime green piping, and the lime green towel has light blue trim. Precious!

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