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Presenting FLAX!
Lovely, Luscious Ladies' Apparel at The Silver Needle!
Machine Washable Linens to Love

We love our FLAX clothes... and carry their current lines. Loose, soft, relaxing, classy, elegant and just plain FUN to wear... these clothes look good on everybody who tries them on!

  • The cuts are designed to flatter and feature the best parts of you... and 'disguise' anything else!

  • Most is 100% linen, with the exception of some of the gauze-weight pieces which have 52% linen and 48% cotton content.

  • Some the jackets and tanks are constructed on the bias, so they drape smoothly and slenderize. Lots of sleeve options for rolling! Lots of length options, too.

  • Most of the skirt and pant waistbands are softly elastic banded... The Flood Pants have been FLAX's top selling piece every year for 20 years!

  • Nothing requires an iron -- there are NO OFFICIAL FLAX RULES regarding irons -- you can dry clean and professionally press all of this if you want -- or you can toss it in your washing machine and then just hang it to dry. A neat travel trick -- hang your FLAX in the bathroom with you while you take your morning shower -- the steam works wonders -- and you haven't done a thing!

  • Everything is designed to be layered or mix-and-matched. You can do a million different outfit combinations -- especially with the neutral tanks, jackets and Floods. Trying all of this on is really fun -- You just never know what you'll fall in love with.

  • If you are familiar with FLAX, you'll know which pieces, sizes and styles work for you. If you are just getting your first pieces (trust me, you'll fall in love with all of this!), know that all is a relaxed, fun, easy feel and look.

    All of the collections are offered for a short few months, so as FLAX sells out of them, we are usually unable to order more. Call for size and color options -- because our selection is constantly changing!

    Our new Flax
    Our new Flax
    Our new Flax

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    All of our Luscious FLAX Linens are on 3*2*1 Pricing
    Purchase THREE or MORE regularly priced pieces... and they are ALL 25% Off! Wow!!!
    Purchase TWO pieces... and they are BOTH 15% Off...
    Purchase ONE piece at regular price...
    Feel free to mix and match among all of the collections!

    The Neutrals Two 2018 Collection

    Neutrals Two 2018 - click for a larger view

    Late Summer into Autumn isn't really coming yet -- but we're still drawn to this color palette of those seasons!!! Our new arrivals are simple and classic! We ordered 4 colors of Wasabi - a soft green, Lapis - a very brilliant blue, Plum - a super-deep soft purple, and Terra Cotta - which does remind me of a clay pot!!! We concentrated on the Vintage Shirt Tunic and Top Seam Tunics...

    Neutrals Two 2018 Swatches - click for a larger view
    Neutrals Two 2018 lineart - click for a larger view
    Vintage Shirt Tunic -- Squared collar neckline -- you can wear the tunic open, but it might need a little teasing to lay right. 3/4 Sleeves with built in deep cuff/hem. Slightly curved out at the hips, so it has a little more room there, and really great length.
    We ordered these in all four colors, in S, M, L ($115.00) and G-1 ($120.00.)

    Top Seam Tunic -- A super-classic FLAX tunic style, the sleeves are 3/4 length -- you can roll them if you want. Neckline is nice and high. You can bend over in this and not *share!* a pretty rounded bottom... we just really, really like this piece!
    All the colors -- Wasabi, Lapis, Plum and Terra Cotta in S, M and L. $95.00

    Bias Vee and Pocketed Social Pants are both classic FLAX styles that repeat over and over again with new collections. I ordered white vees -- they are bias cut this season, and black pocketed social pants.
    FLAX tells us that the Pocketed Socials (which are the Ankle Pants with pockets) have taken over their Floods as the best selling piece/style they have!

    Give us a call to see what we have in stock... we're pretty good as figuring out sizes and can mail anything right off to you!

    The Sunshine 2018 Collection

    Sunshine 2018 - click for a larger view

    Sunshine is a nice summery line... it features a WAVE and RIBBON fabrication... it 'breaks up' the solids you can wear with them a little. We chose a few tops and dresses in this -- just a few things that are quick to grab and wear... and comfortable!

    Sunshine 2018 Swatches - click for a larger view
    Sunshine 2018 lineart - click for a larger view
    Our favorite pieces:

    Sunny Tank
    The normal, regular tank... we needed these in Lily (the white) so I ordered those and the Aqua in a solid linen. They go underneath every piece we have! S, M and L $61.00

    Side Pocket Tunic underneath the X-Specially Nice cover Side Pocket Tunic
    This is nice and long! It has slightly tapered side pleat detailing and POCKETS! Nice high neckline so you can bend over safely! The arm holes are not too loose and low either. Wear this under the Artful Blouse or the X-Specially Nice or alone! We ordered it in Aqua and Sand Wave fabrications -- it is not see through. S, M, L $85.00.

    X-Specially Nice
    I am wearing this in the pic over the Side Pocket Tunic. Everyone always likes this classic FLAX look -- the longer tanks and longer jacket. This is here in the Ribbon fabrications -- the partial gauze -- in Sand and Aqua. Drapes well, roll the sleeves. S, M, L $119.

    Artful Blouse
    Everyone likes this because it has sleeves and a collar. It hits at a good length, and is cute over the Tank or the dresses. Side slits give it a little extra movement -- not such a tight-fitted jacket. We ordered Aqua and Sand Wave -- the heavier linen option, so it would be a different cover-up fabrication than the X-Specially Nice. $100.

    Cropped Cargo Pants
    We've had these before -- cute! A shorter pant, exterior pockets, elastic waist, some have removed the strings from the bottom, but you are meant to tie those a little to cinch in the legs a bit. Hits your leg where-ever, there is no correct length for these -- just shorter than long pants. We ordered Ebony -- S, M, L $90.

    Pocketed Ankle Pant
    FLAX is now offering their popular Ankle Pants more with pockets than without. Same narrow leg width, and same small slit at the ankle, again -- no specific length these are 'supposed to be' - just something comfortable for you. Ebony color again -- S, M, L $70.
    Side Pocket Tunic underneath the X-Specially Nice cover
    Square Neck Dress
    This is a very pretty dress with that awesome square neckline! Actually very elegant, there is a little stitch detail across the front, total bra strap coverage because of the top bands, and pockets!!! This is cute underneath the Artful Blouse. You can put it under the X-Specially Nice -- but that's a long/long look and the Artful Blouse shortens it up quite a bit. I chose the solid Aqua for this in S, M and L $91.

    Tuck Back Dress
    The other cute dress in this grouping, we ordered this one in the Wave Fabrication. Regular weight linen, it features cap sleeves and that cute pleat back detail. You look good coming AND going! We ordered this in Aqua again... S, M, and L $110.00.

    The Urban 2018 Collection

    Urban 2018 - click for a larger view

    Urban... WOW... I didn't think I was going to like this year's line, until we saw it at market and I tried it on!!! SUPER FUN, soft and comfy to wear! It is 100% linen with an 8% touch of Spandex and cotton woven trim. Remember those broomstick skirts that we used to twist to keep wrinkled? They are doing that with these pieces -- so needless to say -- they are great to pack in a suitcase to travel anywhere!!!!! We chose the soft Blush Pink and the Java Brown, which is a soft cocoa color NO YELLOW undertones in it. I get compliments on the color every time I wear it!

    Urban 2018 Swatches - click for a larger view
    Urban 2018 lineart - click for a larger view
    Our favorite pieces:

    Roadie Tunic - A cute tunic... I have to wear leggings under it... Mona wears it as a dress. Linen upper, with that band at the bottom which is the cotton/spandex accent. Nice high arm holes -- no extra skin hanging out!
    S, M, L and XL $85

    Grassroots Cardigan - We are wearing this over the Roadie Tunic. They layer so beautifully... the Roadie is a bit longer so you see that bottom trim on here. We like this combination A LOT!
    S, M, L and XL $93

    Wanderlust Jacket - This is THE BEST! I couldn't believe how cute it is on... it's got basically a double front that you could close... but it looks much more relaxed when open. You have ATTITUDE! It has an off-set zipper, and then more zipper accents on the sleeves. You're not supposed to ROLL the sleeves, you are supposed to MOOSH them up. Very funky and fun.
    S, M, L and XL $105

    Edgy Dress - I LOVE THIS TOO... and i wear it underneath that Wanderlust Jacket. It has a jagged hemline that is shorter right at the front, so it looks really good, and doesn't look like you're wearing a too-long-dress. Great, high armholes, not too deep a neckline, It is really different and very cute! I can't believe i can tell you that, because from the original pics, I was going to pass by this collection. Now, it's some of my fav stuff!!! I wear the pink under the pink, brown under the brown... but these pics are missing the colors.
    S, M, L and XL $104

    Cut Above Pants - That soft cotton waistband with a tie, these feature a bit of a cotton band up the sides, so even though they are linen pants, you can roll them and they will stay! NOT WIDE, these are tapered, so they are not too baggy. We ordered them in the Java only.
    S, M, L and XL $80

    Base Pants - These are gathered at the ankles, same soft cotton waistband... they look better on someone taller rather than shorter. WE ordered these in the Java... S, M and L. $86.00

    The 2018 Neutrals Collection

    2018 Neutrals - click for a larger view

    An elegant collection this year! This is such a light, pretty collection of colors and pieces! I've worn several things ALOT already... and I love them!

    2018 Neutrals Swatches - click for a larger view

    2018 Neutrals lineart - click for a larger view

    Our favorite pieces:

    Select Tank - Just a basic little piece... we focused on Melon and Sea Glass Dot -- a double-faced gauze fabrication. You can't see through it. I chose these just to go under a denim jacket or something. Cute with a skirt underneath the Daily Duster.
    S, M and L $67.00

    Social Tunic - I LOVE THIS -- WE ORDERED ALL THE COLORS! A two-toned double woven gauze fabrication, these are ALL lovely! Long sleeves -- they are generous in width and roll easily; I wear this as a dress all by itself. Remember the brown and black polka dot tunics from a couple of years ago -- this is like those. Good with leggings too. It is not too low.
    S, M and L... All the Dots -- Melon, Sea Glass, Bamboo, Natural and Coal. Very pretty! $103.00
    G-1 in Coal Dot, Natural Dot and Sea Glass Dot are $108.

    Daily Duster - ANOTHER *I LOVE THIS ONE* PIECE! I wear this one by itself -- closed -- as a dress with white leggings underneath. It has those curvy sides, so you might want the leggings to make sure nothing peeks out that you don't want to. This has a slight flair to it, so it's really flowy and cute. I also wear this OVER the Tunic! I roll both sleeves up together, so the polka dot gauze shows off on the cuffs. They made these sleeves nice and generous, so I don't have 'arm claustrophbia'! You CAN wear two sets of long sleeves here! Both fabrics are light enough to do that. Just a gorgeous piece with lots of possibilities!
    S, M and L in the solids of Sea Glass, Melon, Coal and Bamboo.
    S, M and L $124.00

    Simplest Tee - A cute top in the solids, wear it with the Pocketed Ankle Pants or a skirt. We ordered the solids in Bamboo, Sea Glass and Melon... the 3/4 sleeves are nice for summer air-conditioning inside.
    S, M and L $78.00.
    G-1 in Sea Glass $84.

    Pocketed Ankle Pants - FLAX's most popular pant style now -- Floods used to be, now these are. Cute tapered legs, pockets, a few gathers near the sides but a flat front, they have a tiny slit near the bottom to help fit any leg. We ordered these in the basics of black, white and natural, and then splurged and chose the gorgeous Sea Glass too!!!S, M and L $70, but $88 for the Sea Glass!

    The UnderFLAX 2018 Collection

    UnderFLAX 2018 - click for a larger view

    We LOVE this line this season! It's light-weight 100% linen, crisp and drapey.

    UnderFLAX 2018 Swatches - click for a larger view

    UnderFLAX 2018 lineart - click for a larger view

    Our favorite pieces:

    Strappy Cami - A cute little tank -- perfect to layer underneath other things. Adjustable spaghetti straps, it is cut on the bias. You can wear it underneath the other striped things, or solids. We ordered these in Natural, Black and Rouge
    S, M and L $79.00

    Playful Top - This is a fun little top -- it has a decently high neckline, short sleeves, gathering detail on the back, and a slightly longer length in the back. You can see how they seamed it in the back for a little more design detail. Real cute... not too long, just a super easy top. We ordered this in black and rouge stripe.
    S, M and L $82.00

    Bias Back Shirt - THIS IS A SILVER NEEDLE FAVORITE PIECE! OVER AND OVER AGAIN! This is a shirt that features the back with a slightly gathered bias back cut. It has good length, it drapes really well, it looks good closed, or open over tanks and dresses. We have had this piece in several different collections and several different fabric weights... it ALWAYS is just the best! We ordered Black, black stripe, natural, natural stripe, white, rouge and rouge stripe. Pair it with the Strappy Cami or the Pleated Dress. If you don't get anything else -- at least get one of these!!!!!
    S, M, and L $98 for the solids, $114 for the stripes.

    Pleated Dress - Oh this is cute! It's a spaghetti-strapped little dress -- neck is not low! It is super-nice under that bias back shirt! It has a slight little pleat detail in the front, and pockets!!! We ordered this in solid Black, Rouge, striped black and striped rouge. This was a problem for me... stripe dress, solid shirt? Striped shirt, solid dress???
    S, M and L -- $92 for the solid, $108 for the striped. DARLING!

    Nightshirt - I LOVE THIS PIECE! I wear it with leggings to work; it's a little above my knees and super fun! Roll your sleeves, cute with jeans, the sides really curve up, so it has a really nice drape to it! We have rouge and black stripe -- cute, cute, cute!
    $110.00 S, M and L.

    Silver Wire Neck Rosette and Rosette Earrings
    Oh a Little Something for Our FLAX!
    We have a local artist in Tulsa that makes pretty aluminum jewelry -- and we love it with our FLAX! You'll see it in a lot of our pics.

    Very lightweight rosettes to fit onto a 'collar' and matching earrings... its very fun to wear and looks good with every kind of FLAX we have.

    Neither the daisies or roses weigh anything, and do not tarnish. They look like sterling and do not discolor!
    Silver Wire Neck Rosette and Rosette Earrings
    Rosettes for your neck are larger -- 1-3/4-ish inches, earrings are 1-1/4-ish inches.
    Daisies run 4-ish inches, and earrings 2-inches. That sounds big, but really not because they are so light and airy.

    We can help you figure out what looks good on you, and what to pass by. We can find the right sizes and pick some fun matching pieces for the things you like best. We are having SO MUCH FUN with this!!!

    Our FLAX Return Policy:

    Sometimes, just holding something in your hand is all you need to decide that it's just the perfect thing! Sadly enough, however, some things just don't work out for one reason or another... and a return is needed. Our FLAX Return policies:

    Please call or e-mail the shop first, to alert us of the return.

    Please send along a copy of the sales slip that arrived with the order when you ship your return... and a note explaining the situation. Daytime contact info for you, as well! Sometimes, things come back to us with no notes... and we don't know what to do with them!

    Any returnable items must be in re-saleable condition -- original packaging intact, absence of pet hair or cigarette smoke, etc. Returns of FLAX for any reason must be made within 2 weeks of original purchase date. Garments must not be altered, worn, (includes no make-up residue from *trying on*) laundered or dry cleaned. All original FLAX tags must be intact.

    If Silver Needle has made an error with your order, we will reimburse your return shipping via UPS ground, or the US mail. Please make sure it can arrive to us safely! If you are choosing to return an item because you've changed your mind, shipping will be at your expense.

    Any obviously defective items will be credited their purchase price.

    Sale and Special Order items are not returnable.

    Please open your order immediately on receipt, and check it. Any claim for errors in shipment or charges need to be made within 7 days. All prices are subject to change without notice.

    Hope this helps a little... still have questions? Just pick up the phone, or send an e-mail. We'll be glad to help!

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