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Now you've stitched this most beautiful thing... whatever it is... but WHAT to do with it??? What if you know what you want, but haven't the slightest idea how to go about achieving it??? We offer the answers! The Silver Needle offers lots of options for you... read on, to discover them all!
Let us show you several ways to go... and you will find lots of other things on our Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets pages.

Custom Needlework Finishing
Mona Bost offers custom finishing services on cross stitched stand-ups, pillows, boxes, Christmas stockings and ornaments, scissor fobs, along with general finishing for BLOCKED needlepoint. She does most of The Silver Needle shop models, and things for several other designers!

You deal directly with Mona... and must contact her to make arrangements for shipping, finishing deadlines, fabrics, styles, etc. Mona's contact number is: 918 274-0736.

You may e-mail her at

Just one model by Mona Bost -- click for details!
Summer Fields, August 2008 Secret Needle Night from The Silver Needle -- click to see a larger view

Acrylic Display Stand -- click to see one in actions! Acrylic Display Stands
Hey, these are cool little things!!! A wonderful way to display finished needlework... these are clear, acrylic stands that simply insert up into the bottom of your flat piece of stitchery, and hold it in place for display!!! Two sizes available, each an inch wide, the smaller one measures 2-1/4 inches high, and the larger is 4-1/4 inches.

Designed to hold up small, lighter-weight pieces... our pics show the Lizzie Kate Spring Basket Snippet, finished into a flat, square piece -- complete with pretty fabric back, a little padded batting inside, and a twisted cord edge treatment. If your piece is larger, you may want to try two stands for extra stability! Seemingly a little pricy... these are really a great alternative to bulky or expensive framing finishing... and they're re-useable!!! So... actually a great value, after all!!!

Metal Finishing Forms
Metal Finishing Forms -- click for moreSomething SO WONDERFUL for ornament finishing, you'll need a boatload of these!!! We have 11 different sizes of metal disk forms available that make ornament finishing a breeze. Sold in pairs, you wrap your needlework around one of the forms, backing fabric around the other, glue the two sides together, and cover the seam with twisted corded trim! Zip-Zap, you're ready for the Holidays!!! We've shown two Mill Hill bead kits models in our pics, but so, so many different things will do well on these! Measurements given are the actual diameter of the forms. Each is gently curved up in the center, and a bit of padding as the fabric liners look extra-nice when finishing these. Remember, prices quoted are for a pair of forms. The Assortment package contains one pair each of size, except the 6-inch pair, and saves you money!!!

Mini Drill

This is the coolest gadget! We've used them for years to make the twisted cord embellishments we put on just about everything in the shop! It helps you twist your threads evenly and quickly, and acts as a weight to keep kinks out of your cording. We've done a quick sheet of twisted cord instructions that we've included with the drills... but if you need a phone conversation to help you make sense of them... that's OK! The cord is great fun -- everyone loves making it to dress up their pillows and things!

Mini Drill -- click here to see a larger view

The Calendar Series from Buttermilk Basin White Emery
99% Pure Aluminum Oxide... this is a super-fine grain emery abrasive powder that is used to stuff pin cushions and scissor fobs. A beautiful, clean white color... it's a cleaner, brighter filler than the traditional grey-black emery previously in our market.

Offered in a 4-oz package... 4 Tablespoons-ish to me... along with the emery material... you are treated to a WONDERFUL history and explanation of emery! (Rubies and Sapphires are made from the same substance... since the middle of the 1500's, there has been a need for this abrasive substance to clean steel needles. An entire page of really interesting info about this historic product is included, and I really, really enjoyed reading it!

Anyway, this powder is super-heavy to your hand, and is generally used as a needle-cleaning agent. It feels really good in your hand... as it weights your tiny fobs and cushions perfectly! Get some for your stash, to use for neat cushions, fobs and special sewing cases!

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