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Craftlite! A great new line for The Silver Needle... these are totally task-oriented lamps and magnifiers for needleworkers and hobby-lovers! Sleek lines, daylight balanced lighting, safety features, here are some of our shop favorites! CHECK OUT THE PRICES as well... they're excellent and very affordable!

The Dorset Table Top Magnifier Lamp from Craftlite -- click to see more The Dorset Table Top Magnifier Lamp
This is a WONDERFUL little lamp!!! By Craftlite... we are once again excited about this remarkable lamp!

It has a weighted base, and plugs in to regular wall outlet. You can see on the arm bends halfway up for adjustment. Then, where the lens meets the arm... THAT is a heavy-duty ball joint, so the lens swivels and turns *just how you want!* See the little flip-up lens cover? It stores safely in a sunny room, stays clean, and can't get scratched (by kitties or the cleaning lady) because the lens is covered when not in use. 3 1/2 inch lens, 3-diopter magnification, with little 5X mag area.

BEST PART is the natural daylight balanced 12 watt circular tube bulb surrounding that lens. Your work area is so beautifully lit... you are going to be SO HAPPY! Also, really cool, is that the bulb is recessed around that lens on the bottom side, (and covered so little fingers can't fiddle!) so if you are in a darkish room, and the TV is on... nobody else in the room is bothered by the glare of your lightbulb on the TV screen... they can't see it! A sleek, petite thing, it comes right out of the box ready to plug in -- no assembly! Base measures approx 6-1/2 inches in diameter, arm reach is about 12 inches, I'm estimating weight at approx 3 1/2 pounds, available in white... (The lamp I took home to write words about did not go back to the The Silver Needle!!! It's really cool!)

The Devon Floor Lamp from Craftlite -- click to see more Introducing The Devon Floor Lamp
Been dreaming of a new floor lamp that magnifies your needlework? Stop Dreaming... and check into this lamp! By Craftlite, this light features a roller base, an optional table clamp attachment, and floating arm adjustment up to the 5-inch daylight-balanced lighted magnifier!!! The top fits into a rolling base (offered separately).

It has a 3-Diopter Glass optical quality lens, with little flippy cover; you close it when you're finished working, and sunlight, dust and scratches are a thing of the past! Bulb is recessed underneath and around the lens, covered, so little fingers cannot 'fiddle' in small places. The magnifier head is attached via a neat 'rolling ball' system, so that it is super-adjustable for you, as well.

Seems like floor magnifiers have skyrocketed in price these last few years... and Craftlite now brings us a GREAT product at a REASONABLE price! **UPS shipping depends on weight and destination; extra shipping charges MAY apply.**

The Newton by Craftlite -- click to see more Introducing The Newton!
Oh wow... we have a new floor lamp that *Really Delivers* on good lighting and a huge magnification field!!! By Craftlite... we present a floor lamp with full spectrum (28 watt energy-saving) Daylight Balanced Lighting (equivalent to 150 watts of regular light) and a 7-Inch optical glass magnifying lens! The light (safely tucked under a protective covering!) surrounds your lighted and magnified work area, so there is no shadow in your field of vision.

The head swivels to any direction you wish -- IT IS VERY TIGHT -- as you remove it from the box, but eat your Wheaties... and you'll be able to adjust it just fine! The lens, like all of Craftlite's other great lamp products, features a flipping cover on its top side to protect the glass against the sun, dust, scratches, or the cat!

Offered in a white enamel, with a 4-spoke roller base, this lamp is wonderful! (The 5-prong base is offered separately.) There is an optional/alternative table clamp included, as well!!! This lamp is a GREAT product, and is affordable! Craftlite makes some of our most favorite lighting options, so make sure to check them out and pick a favorite! ***UPS shipping depends on weight and final shipping destination. Additional shipping charges may apply; sorry, we are unable to ship Newton outside the continuous 48 US States.

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