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Alice from Brooke's Books -- click to see more The Mad Hatter from Brooke's Books -- click to see more The White Rabbit from Brooke's Books -- click to see more
Alice in Wonderland
This is a nice start to what hopefully will be a cute set of Alice in Wonderland characters. Just three available right now (? on any more?)... we have Alice, The White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter.

All offered in chart format, they measure 70 stitches high and approx 100-ish stitches wide, and are suggested on a denim blue or medium gray fabric. All three can be joined together because of that cool black, white and purple checkerboard bottom with the green grass! Just cute as can be, these are full of Brooke's charm -- and each one uses a TON of different DMC colors!

8 charts from The Wizard of Oz... all stitched together... from Brooke's Books -- click to see more
Dorothy Gale Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Scarecrow Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!
from Brooke's Books
Brooke Nolan has released a set of 8 characters from The Wizard of Oz. Offered in chart format, each is coded for DMC floss and some feature metallics for an extra punch of color. Stitch counts for all are 52 wide... and heights range from 58 stitches (the Flying Monkey) to 104 (The Wicked Witch of the West.)

Cute as can be... even though you are seeing digital images and not the actual stitched pieces... they'll finish approx 4 x 4 to 4 x 7 in size -- on the large side for ornaments, but if you do them on paper, they'd be awfully neat. Anyway... colorful, familiar, and fun!

Great & Powerful Oz Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Glinda The Good Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Wicked Witch of the West Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Flying Monkey Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more

Autumn Sunshine Line GIRL from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Autumn Sunshine Lines
One of Brooke's Books newest baby announcement designs, these are always unique, and because of all the individual stitched pieces that are involved... you can stitch some or all, depending on your time! Offered as charts, the packages include 14ct brown perforated paper, charts for each piece, along with the alphabet for personalization, glass seed beads, DARLING miniature wooden clothes pins that are only an inch in size and Velcro dots to help attach your pieces to any background fabric you choose.

Using DMC flosses from your stash, each tiny piece is stitched on the paper, cut out, hung on your floss-line -- with the tiny clothespins, and then attached to the background. Your overall finished size can vary a bit, depending on how you arrange your clothesline -- especially if you have a specific frame you already have, and want to use.

So cute, these have an Autumn flavor to them... which is good... because this year's Autumn Babies won't be here for 5 or 6 months... and you'll have time to stitch! (Winter Sunshine Lines Babies will be here sometime in June, with Spring and Summer following this Fall.) Check out the tiny squirrel and the puppy in the boot for the boy... and the paper doll on the girl's... it features detached legs that swing!

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