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A sampling of traditional designs with a colonial flair, Blue Ribbon Designs is new on the stitch scene! Offered as charts, some are mono-chromatic -- perfect for personalizing to your decor color scheme! Nice sentiments in the verses with great, large sizes to make a statement on your wall, here are a few we've chosen to highlight!

Mischief at Midnight from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Mischief at Midnight
Blue Ribbon has an awesome new design -- a stitched tray that comes with a little stitched gate needlebook, scissor fob and pin keep! What a creative piece! Stitched on Week's 30ct Tiger's Eye hand-dyed linen with either hand-dyeds or DMC flosses... you'll need multiple skeins of 4 of the colors -- up to 7 of Kohl!!! The main design is really nice -- big haunted mansion with bare trees, a scary witch, pumpkins -- the whole bit. Frame (or pillow) just that! The sides of the tray are a stitched fence on the outside and bats and ghosts on the inside.

The needlecase is a tiny tombstone that opens up! You have a few special stitches in here... complete stitching and cutting layouts in the instructions... templates... and lots of pages of finishing steps. The tray finishes approx 9 x 9x 1-1/2 -- so it isn't real big.
SO UNIQUE, it's a *Gotta Have!!!* Offered as a chart, we carry the linen and the flosses! (Get the pattern first and study the cutting layout -- you may want to purchase a smaller cut -- or multiple colors... so many options with this.

Through The Trees from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Through The Trees
Blue Ribbon has a charming Halloween Evening scene... EVERYTHING is out tonight... flying witches, bats, owls, ghosts, crows and dark pumpkins! They offer three different fabric selections for this -- HOW COOL IS THAT? You have OPTIONS!!!!!!! Offered asa chart, this finishes approx 8 x 12 on 30ct, and is worked in Weeks or DMC threads.

Can you see the bonus *Smalls* case? Belinda has some choices in here for pieces to stitch using all her motifs. There are also lots of Long Arm Crosses, some Double Back Stitches and Tent Stitches in here to give the ghosts and clouds some movement. Very cute piece, this would be eye-catching finished into a big pillow and perched on your couch!

Moonlight Midnight from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Moonlight Midnight
Blue Ribbon Designs offers a busy Halloween Medley piece -- full of fun things for the season. You can always do any of these individually, but together they have lots of impact. I like those ghosts on the broom sticks! Entire piece finishes approx 9 x 13 on 28ct.

The smalls feature the metal finishing forms that we sell -- perfect disks of metal to keep a perfect shape. I think that house would make a really cute candy bucket, too! Lots of possibilities with this one!

Holiday Helpings Stitch Starter Sleeves from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Holiday Helpings Stitch Starter Sleeves
A new set of designs, these dress a case for the acrylic stitch starter square included in the chart pack. They all make cute 3 x 3-ish inch ornaments, as well, and I think my two favorites are the Halloween and Christmas pieces.

Simple little things, they stitch in a jiffy. The chart contains one starter piece, it'd be kind of fun to store it inside the Christmas design, and hang it on your tree!!!

Frolic in the Foliage from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Frolic in the Foliage
Blue Ribbon has several recent releases... I just love the colors and little scenes in this one. 'Frolic in the foliage beneath Autumn sun, the colored leaves are falling Harvest has begun.' Charted as one large piece, you can take out the smaller square and make them into something long and skinny, make ornaments and fobs, just anything you want.

Finishing approx 8 x 11-1/2 on 32ct, this is charted for either DMC or Weeks flosses. 'Halloween with a Y' and 'Blessed Beyond Measure' are the other new designs... don't miss a peek!

Halloween With a Y from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Halloween With a Y from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more Halloween With a Y
Hey this is a neat chart!!!! It is a set of sleeves for your new lucite Stitch-Starter by Blue Ribbon! Along with the 5 charts and finishing instructions, you get a clear lucite plastic measuring square.

It lines up with the corner of your fabric, to guide you 3 inches in and 3 inches down to your beginning stitch. Sometimes you need just a bitty ruler, and this is it. Stitch a pretty sleeve in a jiffy!

Proud and True from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see more Proud and True
Blue Ribbon introduces a neat Americana-flavored piece... a traditional alphabet, luscious shades of Crescent's Belle Soie Silks, stitched on 40ct, this finishes a mere 7 x 8! I like the lacy trees, and the waving flags! 'With my needle and threads of red white and blue, I stitched this sampler so proud and true.'

Just fun, and actually quite a 'quick stitch' because all the letters go so fast, and the Collard Green leaves are all one color of silk!

Indian Summer Sampler from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click for a larger view Indian Summer Sampler
Wow... we're getting quite a nice collection of these fun little checkerboards! Blue Ribbon's latest design... this is a companion to her Halloween, Patriotic and Valentine's Day checkerboards, and is just as charming! Stitched on anything you like (28ct finishes 10 x 11), the colors are fantastic in this. Overdyeds of Bittersweet, Burnt Orange, Cidermill Brown, Claret, Dark Chocolate, Dried Thyme, Gold Leaf, Mulberry, Oatmeal, Sarsaparilla, and Shutter Green, the tiny motifs and geometric stitched patterns in the individual squares are so much fun just to look at!

As with all the rest, you could do a teeny weeny square of just four of your favorites and make a mini picture. You could do tiny ornaments for an Autumn Tree... multiple scissor fobs... little pin cushions... a VERRRY long and SKIIINNY banner... the sky's the limit! Enjoy!

Six Bats and a Witches Hat from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see lots more Six Bats and a Witches Hat
Here's another of blue Ribbon's charming checkerboard designs... only this time it has a Halloween theme!!! SO CUTE... you'll keep looking at this and you'll find something different each time! It took me forever to find all 6 bats... and there are 2 witches hats!! Stitched on 32ct, this finishes approx 9 x 9 and is stitched in Weeks overdyeds of Carrot, Curry, Havana, Hazelnut, Lilac, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Scuppernong, Snowflake and Sweet Potato.

Containing TONS of delightful teeny motifs, it features some Leviathan stitches, and would LOVE you if you added more special stitches and a few clay embellishments. We haven't come close to doing it justice with our images. The design is strong enough for lots of creativity... if you're so inclined! You could do miniature ornaments... teeny individual blocks as scissor fobs... and since each one is only 16 stitches... they'd be 1/2 AN INCH! Make sure to see Belinda's Patriotic and Valentine's Checkerboards... They are awesome, and you can have lots of fun with them!

Spread Your Wings from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click for a larger view
Spread Your Wings
finishes 4-1/2 x 23 on 28ct

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