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Tenderness of Heart by The Purple Thread - click to see more Bee Measured by The Purple Thread - click to see more
New Smalls
Four cute new things... each of these 'things' is presented in a small kit format -- with all the cool materials needed to make them.
  • Tenderness of Heart makes a 2-inch fob -- square, but with a little angle on one corner. You can see how petite it is in my hand. Stitched over one and two threads on 32ct Attic Lace linen with soft DMC's of roses and greens, it features pretty lace and baby rik-rak trim along with button embellishments. You even get a copper penny in here, to stuff into the fob for luck!
  • Bee Measured makes into a stitched cover for a tape measure! 32ct Honey-colored linen for your honeycomb stitching with brown and creamy floss, you get the 48" retracting 2-inch round plastic measure, flosses, buttons and a little bee, along with templates for finishing, ribbon, and charming bee finishing fabric for the back. If you WANT, Sharon also has included instructions to do some English Paper Piecing in some of the honeycombs. The buttons are on there to mark the place you press to retract the little tape! Super cute!
Millicent's Miser Purse by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Millicent's Miser Purse
Hey, this is FUN! It's a skinny little purse patterned after antiques! I guess the misers didn't want a purse that was easy to get into!!!!! Stitched on the included 32ct linen with the included flosses, this finishes about 1 x 7!

It features a twine drawstring closure, so brass rings are included to help with that part of the finishing. The back of the little purse is an actual piece of burgundy colored twill tape. Just the most unusual thing! Beads are included for that looped fringe along the bottom!

Olde Glory by The Purple Thread - click to see more Olde Glory
This is a fun little scissor pouch. Sharon found the neat flag homespun fabric, so designed the envelope around it. Rich shades of navy burgundy and taupe, stitching is done on 32ct.

The kit comes with several bits of linen, felts, the Skirtex stiff lining, a couple of buttons and, of course, a penny... which Sharon says must be sewn into the inside of every small -- for luck!

Crabtree Remembered & Nora's Garden
The Purple Thread has two new small designs that I thought were cute as can be! Nora's Garden by The Purple Thread - click to see more Crabtree Remembered by The Purple Thread - click to see more
  • Crabtree Remembered is a *mattress-shaped* pin cushion -- 3 x 3 x 1-ish in size. Stitched with purple, green, cream and black, she has this backed with black felt. It's very striking! The complete kit contains the linen, flosses, chart, needle, felt, AND three black mourning pins that you see sticking from it!
  • Nora's Garden is super charming! It is a hinged book to hold needles inside. The front design follows a garden theme -- complete with that miniature stitch seed packet on there, and the tiny metal shovel charm. There are micro buttons and lace trims on there too. Inside the case is lined with the MOST BEAUTIFUL rose and cream silk gingham and a soft solid green. The complete kit contains the finishing boards, flosses and silks, buttons, shovel, ribbons, 30ct Weeks Hand-dyed linen, that gorgeous silk lining fabric and even some wool batting to make the front a little soft and puffy.
Mum's the Autumn Word - A Floss Keeper by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Mum's the Autumn Word - A Floss Keeper
The Purple Thread has designed a cute little thread keeper -- it's presented as a small and complete kit. It makes a 3 x 4-ish piece that stores threads by its 8 numbers. Reference THOSE numbers on your pattern so you can re-use THIS palette. On your pattern label THOSE colors as one through eight -- they'll correspond to these loops -- making this board re-useable!

Your pumpkin, lavender, soft mossy green and butterscotch flosses stitch the geometric-inspired designs... and those colors mimic the ones in the pretty backing fabric that is included. You are basically covering two boards, attaching the wrong sides together, and adding rings to hold threads. Just a fun little thing, it'd make a fun stitch group gift!

Sylvie's Penny Bag by The Purple Thread - click to see more Sylvie's Penny Bag
This is the cutest thing... it's a mis-shapen little purse that you might have used years ago to keep track of your pennies! After all... Purple Thread's Mother always told her that if you watch your pennies the dollars will take care of themselves. Stitch the miniature patchwork design on the 36ct Flax linen with one ply of hand-dyed floss or wool -- everything is presented on pre-sorted and labeled thread cards for you.

Not much stitching, the added buttons, bitty wool circles, the silk ribbon bow, and the couched dividing lines add color and personality. Construct your tiny 2 x 4 bag with the muslin lining, the brown striped finishing fabric for the back, and the drawstring which tucks inside the brown grosgrain ribbon topping. A very different and colorful piece... I like it a lot!

Old Hobson Meadow by The Purple Thread - click to see more Old Hobson Meadow
This is a drum-shaped pin cushion -- we don't see too many of these. Stitched on 36ct hand-dyed linen with gorgeous shades of Brandy, Mulberry, Pumpkin Pie, and Walnut Sampler Threads and Best Olives Needlepoint silk, this little thing finishes into a 2-ish x 4-1/2-ish cylinder. It has three panels of design -- kind of a Pennsylvania Dutch and quilt flavor. The very bottom has a golden wool star on it, too.

Pretty colors, just a charming addition to all your small cushions! Offered as a kit of linen, felts, threads, ribbon, Skirtex stiffy and beads.

Pairs of Pears by The Purple Thread - click to see more Pairs of Pears
A fun cushion, the colors in this are stunning! The rows of pears are worked with Grasshopper and DMC 3364. The 'flowers' are done with Chrysanthemum -- it looks so light and summery. After you've stitched this on the 36ct white, you'll be tufting your cushion with that bit of green silk ribbon - you have a bright green square bead and a little button to anchor it with. Next, make that bitty Pin Pal on there -- it's a TINY fabric covered pin, and along with it -- that darling little linen strawberry!

The kit contains the bit of wool for it's topping. The backing fabric is a checkerboard of cinnamon and butterscotch for more coordinating color. Offered as a complete kit of the linen, threads, beads, pin, ribbon, button... everything but you!!!

Back to Spool by The Purple Thread - click to see more Back to Spool
This is really cute... it's a covered wooden spool to hold a small pair of scissors! The kit contains the spool, hand-dyed 36ct linen, yummy hand-dyeds of brick, teal, green and butterscotch, there is green grosgrain ribbon to attach to the spool and tether the scissors... even a couple of buttons in here, and a snap, to attach the scissor ribbon!

Just a simple and real cute little what-not... it'd be pretty perched on a shelf near a sampler, or anywhere else really -- because it's holding your precious scissors where-ever you need them!!!

Pin Pal by The Purple Thread - click to see more Pin Pal
This is probably the smallest cross stitch project we have ever carried! The package is pretty dinky too!!! Presented in a tiny 1 x 2 match box, you have a 2 x 3 smidge of linen in here (NEVER toss those bits and pieces!), a few floss lengths, chart for 4 pin toppings, and one pin. Stitch count for these are 9 x 9 stitches!!!! Stitch both sides, fold under the fabric, slip it closed on three sides, stick in the pin and close the square.

Aren't they cute???? Kit contains linen and pin for one pin -- but the floss will go much farther. Hey... if you need a $5 Stitching Gift... this is UNDER BUDGET at $4!

Take (No One) (Nothing) for Granted by The Purple Thread - click to see more Take (No One) (Nothing) for Granted
Such a pretty piece, this is a small cushion design worked over two on 32ct Flax Belfast Linen. The kit includes pretty roses and greens of over-dyed flosses and a 13-inch length of the most gorgeous pink chenille trim.

It isn't enough to go around an entire cushion, and Sharon has framed it instead -- using that chenille to 'bring in' the edges of the piece to fit into a mis-matched frame she found. A different finishing option for using cool trims -- and even some old buttons. Offered as the small kit of linen, threads and trim.

Hocus Pocus by The Purple Thread - click to see more Hocus Pocus
A small Needlebook and Pin Keep set, this is offered in a small, complete kit format. The Weeks Sweet Potato and Gentle Art Blackboard hand-dyeds are stitched against a cut of R & R 30ct linen.

The kit includes all your orange and black lining and Warm 'n Natural puffing pieces, all the boards and ribbons, even black glass-headed pins and a penny to stuff inside the wheel for good luck! Each piece finishes approx 2 inches in size.

Scissor Sheath by The Purple Thread - click to see more Scissor Sheath
This is a small design, actually a square shape that is folded into a scissor holder. Lined with a black silk fabric, there is a bit of white rik-rak included that you gather into a round to make the tiny flower on the front.

Pretty with a pair of black scissors tied to it... those are not included in the complete kit.

Tenderness of Heart by The Purple Thread - click to see more Tenderness of Heart
The Purple Thread has several new releases... this pillow is elegant! *There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.* Stitched on R & R 30ct hand-dyed Lace Linen with Gentle Art and Week's cottons, the scattered motifs are worked in special stitches, and tiny what-nots garnish everywhere! Offered as a complete kit -- presented in a lovely brown paper folder -- the kit contains the linen, threads, and backing fabric for your 7 x 7-ish pillow.

The featured (and included) embellishments include a Charland sterling silver heart charm, a mother-of-pearl button, a few tiny clay buttons, twill tape for the corner finishing treatment, silk ribbons, lace and the most STUNNING hand-stitched and wrapped pin-wheel button -- a Dorset button -- from England. The front of the button looks like all is simply wrapped in thread... but on the back you can see that it is actually a very intricate hand-made thing! Just a lovely design, such pretty colors and materials -- its a treat!

Mrs Reppert's Herb Bag by The Purple Thread - click to see more Mrs Reppert's Herb Bag
This is a delightful design -- approx 3-1/2 inches square that is worked in overdyed cottons on R & R 30ct Old Mill Java linen. It is finished into a little fabric bag, suitable to hold fragrant herbs. Offered as a small, complete kit... along with the chart, threads, linen, beads buttons and ribbons, the lining and backing fabrics are also here. The backing fabric is so neat -- it features 'embroidered' x's on it... hard to explain... but a really neat textured fabric.

Dedicated to designer Sharon's favorite shop-lady -- Mrs Reppert -- who opened her lovely herb shop -- The Rosemary Shop -- in Mechanicsburg, PA in 1968.

Anna's Garden by The Purple Thread - click to see more Anna's Garden
Such a sweet and colorful design stitched with Thread Gatherer's Silk 'n Colors on 40ct hand-dyed linen, it is meant to hold a small package of needles, and add a bit of beauty to things you use every day -- your needles! Dedicated to Sharon's grandmother... Anna and best-friend Ida would sit in *the garden* and drink percolated coffee! Anna has passed, but on a trip to New York City with Ida this past January -- Sharon found the lovely floral lining fabric that inspired her tiny case.

The small complete kit contains the linen, lining fabric, silks and silk ribbon, buttons and a few petite seed beads -- even the package of Bohin #28 tapestry needles to tuck inside your needle case!

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