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Stitcher Sewing Sampler from Nikyscreations
Stitcher Sewing Sampler
Nikyscreations has several new charts... I thought this one was pretty darn cute, and the picture is good! Charted for regular DMC floss, it measures 100 stitches square.

If you do this over one on 28ct Mushroom Lugana (like the With Thy Needle Abcedarian Schoolhouse Series), it'll finish LESS THAN 4 inches in size and make a darling pin cushion!!!!! Niky has a lot of cute things... take a look on the interior pages and see what you like!

Winter and Spring Girls from Nikyscreations - click for more Garden Thyme Sewing Bag from Nikyscreations - click for more Amish Yard from Nikyscreations - click for more Clox Sampler from Nikyscreations - click for more
Nikyscreations has new releases!
Winter and Spring Girls
100 x 100 Stitch count, again DMC. I like the girls without the extra borders! More cute pin cushions!!!
Garden Thyme Sewing Bag
Such a pretty pot of flowers, there are bees buzzing overheard, a rabbit running in search of his carrot down there on the right, and garden shears that I hope will not be cutting any stems! 80 x 85 Stitch count, DMC.
Amish Yard
100 x 100 Stitch count, this one is stitched on hand-dyed 28ct gingham linen with DMC floss. The chart comes with a small wooden donkey button which you can see in the upper right corner. Cheerful, I like the red checkerboard border and those little animals -- especially the pig!
Clox Sampler
These are little thistle-like flowers. Just a stylized set of them all lined up -- like in a garden! She's chosen only one color -- black -- for this, stitch count is 160 x 175!

Country Village from Nikyscreations - click for more Halloween Sheep from Nikyscreations - click for more Pumpkin Basket from Nikyscreations - click for more
Nikyscreations has three new releases!
  • Country Village -- 97 x 99 Stitch count... cute farmyard, complete with neighboring church, house and quilt on the line.
  • Halloween Sheep -- Little sheep that are decorated!  Pic is really hard to see... one has a little black cat on his back.  Leave off the witch if you want!
  • Pumpkin Basket -- 80 x 129 in size, there are baskets of pumpkins on here, and a SEPARATE stitched piece that is a mini quilt of pumpkins!  Cute!

Clay Garden Pin Set from Nikyscreations - click for more Alphabet Garden from Nikyscreations - click for more Nikyscreations has several charming new releases... charts and the ultra-sweet set of miniature clay counting pins!

Alphabet Garden features a flowing alphabet scattered all about the 100 x 131 stitch count design (finishes approx 6 x 8 on 32ct). Charted for regular DMC floss, it's a very pretty piece. You can mange up the fabric of you want, and changing DMC to hand-dyed flosses is a breeze! The chart comes with a delightful hand-painted wooden bunny button that measures about an inch in size -- you can see it beside the W in the sampler.

Clay Garden Pin Set -- These are lovely! PETITE, these are 2-inch long pins topped with a flower, bunny and carrot of polymer clay -- they are only 1/4 an inch in size! So stinkin cute, you can poke these into just about any garden, or floral, or bunny pin cushion, and they'd be a charming surprise inside a sewing case! Soft muted colors... this set I am describing never made it back to The Silver Needle! They found a new home in the pin cushion on my desk!

House of Cooking from Nikyscreations
House of Cooking
Another of Niky's cut-away house scenes... perfect for a provincial kitchen!

Presented as a chart, it finishes 7-inches in size on 14/28ct, and is coded for DMC floss.

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