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Our Lizzie Kate Kit Collection
Such cute designs, these all feature a pre-made pillow or banner, or tons of little embellishments, to make them special. Seasonal and Holiday themes, the stand-ups are my personal favorites! If specially dyed linens or unique embellishments are an integral part of the kit, I've indicated it in my descriptions. Enjoy browsing!

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Lizzie Kate's *Spirit of Christmas* Mystery Sampler Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler!
*Christmas is not a time, nor a season, but a state of mind to cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.*
A quote by Ebeneezer Scrooge is the inspiration behind this sampler. Originally presented as a 'Mystery Sampler' in three separate parts, we now have the complete chart collection of all the parts together, along with the official packet of charming buttons and beads.
Lizzie Kate's *Spirit of Christmas* Mystery Sampler
Stitched on 32ct Heartland linen by Picture This Plus -- any neutral color will work for this. Coded for Weeks or DMC floss, it finishes approx 95 x 191 -- or 6 x 12 on 32ct.

Linda has included three bonus charts in here... they are NOT pictured and a total surprise to you! You're getting a double sided scissor fob, a pyn pillow and a mini sampler!

A Little Stitch from Lizzie Kate - click to see more A Little Stitch
*Stitch Every Day* -- The 'bestest' advice!!! This is a 53 x 53 stitch count design which will finish less than 3 x 3 on 28ct. You can choose any fabric to make it larger or smaller (darling pin cushion!) but the chart comes with a cut of 28 Lambswool that is just perfect. There is also a fun little heart charm in here that says *Made with Love.*

You'll need bits of floss from your stash -- not much -- DMCs or hand-dyeds. Then, if we need to send you some mini-ball fringe or chenille trim... just let us know... we can match something pretty! A Little Stitch is just one of LK's tiny LITTLE designs -- we have a ton of other ones! Chart includes linen and embellishment.

A Little Thankful from Lizzie Kate K92 A Little Thankful Kit
Here's Linda's *Little* kit for Thanksgiving... she has included the three ships with pal 'Chris C' on board!!! Kit includes the amber linen, and antiqued gold acorn charm and a few gold beads.

Finishes about 4 x 4 -- like all the other *Little* kits in her series.

Spooked! Mystery Sampler - click for more
Spooked! Mystery Sampler
*Witch and ghost make merry on this last day of dear October's days.*
This 3-part sampler measures 227 x 97 and finishes approx 14 inches wide by 6 inches high on 32ct Ale by Picture This Plus. As with all the rest of Linda's Mystery Samplers -- you have lots of options for neutral fabric with these -- they look good on a lot of quiet colors.

Coded for Weeks or DMC flosses, the bonus designs included with the 3-part chart set make a two-sided scissor fob, a skinny with stand-up piece, and a smaller elongated blackbird pin cushion. The official embellishment packet includes hand-made buttons and glass seed beads. Originally published as a mystery sampler -- we now have all three parts, the bonus pieces and the official embellishments all together for you.

K91 Pumpkin Pocket from Lizzie Kate
K91 Pumpkin Pocket
The final of LK's four seasons of little pocket designs, you get a darling design to stitch on the provided 30ct linen. Also included in the mini-kit is a black button and some black rik-rak, two rusty buttons, and templates as well as finishing instructions for the little bag.

Of course, pin cushions are always another option... and you'll still enjoy that cute Halloween design! Get all four seasons and display them together!!!

Lizzie Kate's Love Summer - click for more Lizzie Kate's Red, White & Blue - click for more
3 Beautiful Kits from Lizzie*Kate
Our Wholesale Spring Market is coming in a couple of weeks, and Lizzie Kate sent out her teasers today!!! Here are the juicy details! Everything is due in the shop on Monday, March 7th, and we'll get it right out to you!!!
  • Selfie Sampler Kit -- *Dear Self, Today I will shine!* Linda is in an 'empowering mood' these days! This kit contains the Weeks 32ct hand-dyed Red Pear linen, rosy beads, a mother-of-pearl button and 'made with love' silver-tone charm. Two different stitching options, fab will work for either -- check out the little 'weenie roll' which is the included bonus chart!
  • Love Summer -- A limited edition kit... this is just like Very Merry Santa and Hello Spring. A little mermaid in here, she's holding a shell charm. Kit includes 30ct Lambswool linen, classic bandana finishing fabric, twine for it's handle, and complete finishing instructions. BUT... finish it into a pin cushion if you'd rather not do the purse option. Flosses come from your stash.
  • Red, White & Blue -- Classic sampler motifs combines with classic Lizzie Kate charm -- 32ct Lambswool linen, iridescent white beads, Deep Sea Houndstooth Weeks wool, vintage-inspired backing fabric, stripe ribbon, a button, twine for cording, and finally those finishing instructions! (Everything is in here but the kitchen sink and your flosses!) Too stink'in cute!

Lizzie Kate's K85 A Little Baby Kit - click for more A Little Baby Kit
Another of Linda's smaller 3 x 3 designs, this joins the family of LITTLE kits of hers. She suggests changing the bootie colors as the girl/boy option.

Offered as the chart with 28ct Lambswool linen cut and tiny brass heart charm.

Lizzie Kate's A Little Mystery finished model - click for more Lizzie Kate's A Little Mystery bonus designs - click for more A Little Mystery Sampler Club
*Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is agift.*
What a pretty little sampler! Originally presented in three separate parts, we now have all the charts and official embellishments packed together for you.

A Little Mystery finishes approx 4 x 10, and is stitched with DMC or Weeks hand-dyed flosses. The official embellishment packet has a little 'Made with Love' charm in it... tiny bee and bug clay buttons and tiny seeds beads and buttons. Good things come in little packages!

Lizzie Kate's CHRISTMAS MYSTERY SAMPLER complete - click for more Holly & Hearts
Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler Club for Christmas, this was first offered in a three-part Mystery Sampler series. We now have all three charts together for you... zip-zap! *I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year through.*

Scrooge was the inspiration for this piece... I think he did a good job! Finishing approx 14 x 6 on 32ct... the original was worked on Picture This Plus' Doubloon Linen. Choose any neutral you wish. Coded for Weeks or DMC floss, there is one tiny brass heart embellishment on here -- that is it. The small bonus designs in here are charming as well!!!!!!

Lizzie Kate's A Little Wedding A Little Wedding
A 3 x 3-ish bitty design that celebrates any wedding special to you, this is offered as the chart with cut of 32ct Lambswool linen and a tiny key charm embellishment. You add bits of flosses from your stash.

The featured couples these days don't want *too much stuff!* They don't need a big family sampler to begin with... just this little token... just this little beginning. Save the big stuff for birth samplers!

Lizzie Kate's Farm Fob Farm Fob Kit
Time for a little barnyard fun with this two-sided fob. Stitched on various neutral fabrics found during the move of the *Corporate Offices of Lizzie Kate* to a new and improved location... Farm Fob comes with some brown bead embellishments and some mangy-pea-green rick rak trim. The little animals and flowers in this are cute, and that trim is just the most fun color to accent it all!!! Just a sweet small design, it'd be a cute pin cushion as well... and could even welcome some cute buttons from your stash.

Lizzie Kate's ABC's of Faith - click for more
ABC's of Faith
A new alphabet of great advice for living... ABC's of Faith is stuffed full of inspirational thoughts and great ideas for a happy life!

Offered as the chart, choose just about any fabric you like best, to stitch this. On 16/32ct, it finishes approx 14 x 6-1/2. This joins all of Linda's other awesome 'alphabets for living'... as well as Cat and Dog Lessons for People!!

Lizzie Kate's A Little Luck A Little Luck
YOU are the lucky one to get to stitch this little guy!!! The newest Lizzie Kate 'LITTLE' kit, this is a small chart offered with a few bead embellishments, a tiny brass horseshoe charm, and small cut of 32ct Lambswool linen.

Finishing approx 3 x 3, Linda has stuffed all sorts of lucky trinkets in here -- shamrocks, a ladybug, the pot of gold, the horse shoe and of course your personal leprechaun!

Lizzie Kate's Mystery Sampler Things Unseen Complete! - click for more Presenting Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery Sampler!
*The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.* A quote by Helen Keller is the inspiration behind this sampler by Lizzie Kate. Originally presented as a 'Mystery Sampler' in three separate parts, we now have the complete chart collection of all parts together, along with the official embellishment packet of charming buttons and beads.

Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Wren Linen -- there are lots of pretty neutral colors this will look good on... the embellishments will work for any size of fabric you choose. What you DON'T SEE are the three BONUS designs included in the packet... little pyn pillows and fobs... they are a fun surprise! 165 x 205 In stitch count... this will finish 10 x 13 on the 32ct.

Lizzie Kate's Jingle All The Way
Jingle All The Way
Lizzie Kate is sending two new things next week when she sends Part Two of Things Unseen! Jingle All The Way is a whimsical elf design worked on 28ct Lugana.

The small kit contains that 28ct , the pretty red, green and gold finishing fabric, coordinating stripe for the backside, along with buttons and bells for embellishments. He's just the cutest thing and will finish approx 5 x 8!

Lizzie Kate's K71 Snow Dudes Lizzie Kate's K73 Dear Rudolph - click for more
3 New Lizzie*Kate Kits!
  • K71 Snow Dudes -- Two ornaments -- one is a Holiday Owl perched on a festive branch, and the other a Santa Gnome -- complete with red spotted mushroom button! 28Ct Lugana in the kit.
  • K72 Spooky Eyes -- Lizzie Kate's Market Surprise Kit this season, she brings us a cute monochromatic medley of tiny keys, ravens, and even a witch's cauldron that looks rather friendly -- and not scary at all! Spelling out *Halloween* she has her famous 'Spooky Eyes' peeking out at you -- tiny button pairs stacked! Stitched on a cut of Picture This Plus EEK 28ct Linen, it's a mangy hand-dyed orange fabric with black ash highlights. The complete kit to make your 1-3/4 x 6 inch cushion includes the chart, neat fabric, Spooky Eye buttons, a complete skein of Week's Dye Works Kohl hand-dyed floss, and From the Cauldron's (Dames of the Needle) delightful hand-dyed black mini-ball fringe trim!!! A fun quickie!
  • K73 Dear Rudolph -- is the most precious reindeer finished into a small pillow -- you get fabrics, beads and buttons, trims and the darling chart!

At Our House from Lizzie*Kate - click for more
Chicks, Flowers and A Bee C (Only $9 each!!!)
Lizzie Kate has a trio of limited edition small designs in chart/linen format... just as cute as can be! Chicks measures approx 4 x 1-1/2 and is stitched with bits of DMC or hand-dyed. Flowers has a count of 38 x 39... just a wisp of a thing... it'll take an evening to stitch. A Bee C finishes about 1-1/2 x 3-1/2... almost nothing to stitch!

All three are colorful and full of LK charm... kind of a nice to have something small and VERY FINISHABLE in an evening... take 'em away with you for a weekend.. and get all three stitched! You'll feel *so good!* VERY cute, and VERY affordable! Each includes the chart, linen and embellishments. You add the needle and bits of floss.

At Our House from Lizzie*Kate - click for more At Our House
A Reality Show at Home!!! Lizzie Kate celebrates real family and real life daily stuff!!! *At our house we do real. We do mistakes, we do I'm sorry. We do do-overs, we do fun. We do forgiveness, we do loud really well. We do hugs, we do patience. We do family, we do love.* Wouldn't this be cool in the family room? THEN... what about framing it, and adding some photographs right on the front of the mat -- over to one side??? You could capture some favorite family memories... and present your own reality show!!!!!

Just a lot of nice thoughts that make home worth coming home to... this is offered as the chart. Choose a fabric you like to work on... stitch count is 79 x 208... so this should finish approx 5-1/2 x 15 on 28/14 count.

A Little Liberty from Lizzie*Kate - click for more A Little Liberty
Another small design that companions her Easter and Valentine's pieces, this comes with a bit of 32ct natural linen and a few red seed beads. You add the bits of flosses from your stash.

Finishes a mere 3-1/2 inches square... 'do-able' in time for the 4th, too!

A Little Easter from Lizzie*Kate - click for more A Little Easter
Here's a sweet design -- 32ct Antique White Linen, a small smattering of pink seed beads, and lots of 'Chick Charm' -- Stitch this 3 x 4 piece for a quick seasonal decoration. The carrots are cute, colors are fresh and fun, lots of Lizzie Kate personality!

Offered as the chart with fabric, beads and button embellishment.

A Little Love from Lizzie*Kate - click for more A Little Love
Lizzie Kate has a sweet *Quick Lovey-Dovey Valentine's Fix* for you!!! Just a fun wisp of a design, LOVE, a pair of Lovebirds, and some pretty rose vines... everything fits into a petite 3-1/2 inch stitched area.

Offered as the small chart with a cut of 32ct Flax linen, a hand-dyed rose flower button and teeny-weeny pale pink beads, you'll need a few bits of floss from your stash. Something fun and last minute for Valentine's Day -- so something sweet for a Wedding Shower gift!

K54 Be Jolly from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Be Jolly
Well... advice for The Season! Fun, bright, fresh and young colors of pinks, aquas, and berry reds, this piece is simple and striking. Perch your finished stitching on the kitchen counter, or hang it where EVERYBODY in the house will see it everyday till Christmas!

Finishing approx 4 x 8-1/2 on 28ct linen -- use flosses from your stash. The chart comes with a few glass seed bead embellishments... and there are even a few Algerian Eyelets over 6 threads tossed in there! Fun and Fresh! Offered as the chart with linen and beads.

ABC'S Of Parenting from Lizzie*Kate - click for moreABC'S Of Parenting
Wow... what a spectacular New Baby Gift, Shower Gift, or piece to stitch for any young family-in-training! (Actually, even the old families could use reminders sometimes!) Therapist Offices... A Daycare... the Baby Wing of the Hospital... Anywhere Children are important!!! Lizzie Kate has a new ABC Lessons piece -- this one directed at Mom and Dad! Calm Fears, Invest Time, Mold Character, & Wait... 4 of the ABC's I practiced just this week!!!

This is an awesome piece... after you read it... you'll know it needs no more descriptions! Offered as the chart, you choose your background fabric. Finishing approx 10 x 10. Just makes a warm spot in your heart, doesn't it?

Fa La La La La Kit from Lizzie*Kate - click for more A Trio of New Kits From Lizzie Kate!
Christmas and Halloween are favorite holidays... and Lizzie Kate delivers fun things that stitch in a jiffy... just to help you celebrate with panache!
Fa La La La La is a 4 x 4 cardinal/alphabet scene... it comes with the pattern, 30ct Cream Linen, a snowflake charm, beads and two tiny triangle buttons that make up the bow on the package.

Autumn Fab Fob from Lizzie*Kate - click for more Autumn Fab Fob!
Autumn Fab Fob is the companion to Lizzie Kate's Spring and Summer Fab Fobs (no Winter yet!) Stitched on Tobacco linen in fun shades of overdyeds, Linda has *a special stitch* in here!!! (Big news from Lizzie Kate Land!) Just darling... Linda has exclusive little scissors for her fobs -- Autumn's features green and purple handles to match the design!!! Measuring approx 2 x 3, the kit includes the linen and little orange button. You supply flosses from your stash.

Spring and Summer's Limited Edition Fobs are still available for now... and our very own Magic By Mona offers 'official LK finishing kits' for these -- because SHE finished Linda's models! Mona's finishing kits contain the ribbon pictured on the kit fronts, cording, puffy, mounting boards and backing fabric!

ABCs of Aging Artfully Kit from Lizzie Kate - click to see more ABCs of Aging Artfully
Another of Lizzie Kate's fun ABC designs... this one is full of '*Agility Aging Advice!* Stuffed full of great suggestions for a happy life, don't you just love reading these? Stitched on 32ct Light Mocha Linen in DMC, Weeks and Crescent Colours hand-dyed flosses, the kit contains the necessary DMC, and complete skeins of all the overdyeds.

You supply the fabric, in case you want a 14 or 28ct instead. Offered as the chart. Aging Artfully finishes approx 15 x 6-1/2.

***NOTE: We are being treated to Just Another Button Company Clay Embellishment sets for ALL of Lizzie Kate's ABCs Designs!!!
They all come with a line drawing for correct placement... so it's a breeze to make yours perfect! We do not have pics yet of all the models with their button sets... but the ones we have are awesome!!!

ABC Lessons from Lizzie Kate - click to see more ABC Lessons
Lizzie Kate has outdone herself with this alphabet lesson about LIFE!!! Stuffed with 26 different bits of wisdom... all of it is simply spelled out... but charmingly organized... and full of soft color! Stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen, this finishes approx 9 x 13. Linda says that any number of neutral fabrics will work. (10ct would make it a 13 x 20 design -- a really cool, generous pillow -- but you WILL need more thread for that option)

I love everything this says... it brings a smile to my mind!!!!

Jolly Holiday from Lizzie Kate - click to see more
Jolly Holiday
Just a very young, fresh, contemporary little piece... the reds, olives, aquas and citrus don't seem to be our traditional Christmas colors... but they certainly ARE for my 21yr old daughter! (Our deep reds and greens are 'Retro!!!'... and I look at it as the other way around!)

Offered as a chart with 30ct linen and 3 small red buttons, this is simply a quick stitch that brings a Jolly Holiday!

Be Blox from Lizzie*Kate - click to see more Santa Wants to Know from Lizzie*Kate - click to see more
Cubes! Santa Wants to Know & Be Blox
Linda has three cute designs that have been split into two small 'kit-lets.' Our very own Mona has finished the cover models, and Naughty or Nice (aka Santa Wants to Know) *HAS ITS OWN official Magic by Mona finishing kit!
The Be Blox pattern comes with squares of red and green 28ct linen, and the Be Jolly and Be Merry charts. They are smaller versions of the Naughty or Nice design, which comes by itself in the second kit-let. Be Blox stitching area finishes approx 2-1/4 inches square. Naughty or Nice's stitched area finishes approx 4 x 4. All you supply are the hand-dyed flosses to stitch any of them.

Normal is Just a Setting on the Washer! from Lizzie*Kate -- click to see more Normal is Just a Setting on the Washer!
Lizzie Kate has announced the winner of her Crazy Caption Contest she held earlier this Spring! She was looking for fun, original sayings that brought a smile to your face. Thousands of stitchers voted between 10 or 12 of the favorite entries, and 'Normal' was the hands-down favorite!!!

Couldn't you just see this stitched and hanging up in your workplace??? It's way too cute to simply hang in the laundry room... THAT's too normal! Offered as a kit of 28ct linen, the chart and tiny brass heart and micro button embellishments, it finishes approx 6 x 6. Coded for DMC, Anchor or Overdyed Flosses... it's a cheerful reminder of everyday LIFE!!!

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