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Needle Threader with Clasp from My Big Toe - click for more Needle Minders Antiqued Brass and Brightly Colored from My Big Toe - click for more
Pretty Fillagree Needle Minders and Beaded Threaders by My Big Toe Designs
This is a nice collection of small implements to help make your stitching more fun! Small and hand-made, they'd make nice stitcher gifts this season.
  • Needle Threader with Clasp -- This entire thing measures approx 2 inches on overall length. It features a very small wire loop to use as a needle threader, pretty bead decoration through the middle, and a sturdy clasp at the other end to attach to a ribbon, scissors, loop inside of a stitching case... where-ever you need it to stay! Perfect for #28s and larger... the clasp is definitely a popular feature around here!
  • Needle Minders -- Antiqued Brass with antique floral prints inside the dot... just like the brightly colored ones... these measure approx an inch in size, and feature that loop to attach them to something else. More strong rare-earth magnets on the back as well.
  • Needle Minders -- Brightly Colored -- These are in the silver-toned oval-shaped fillagree findings. The color area is a 'dot' that is 1/2 and inch in size. Each minder features a loop a tone end to attach to ribbons, or to sew onto something else, along with rare-earth magnets on the back. Hold needles to fabric, charts to your magnet board, or even notes to your refrigerator!

Let if Snow by The Glasshopper - click for more Pumpkin Season by The Glasshopper - click for more The Glasshopper!
The Glasshopper is artist Jennifer Rakosnick! She is a glass lampwork artist, and brings us this delightful collection of hand-turned glass. Each Acorn, pumpkin, flower -- whatever! -- begins with a tiny blob of molten glass. She sculpts each at the end of a metal rod -- at a blow torch!!!

In the heat, she turns, pinches, sculpts and layers the soft glass to make all her charming little mushrooms, ghosts, strawberries & carrots. Everything is hand-made, everything is made ONE AT A TIME. Everything is lovingly made by just Jennifer, and they are all one-of-a-kind pieces of tiny glass art.

ENJOY! Talk about special pins for your sewing cases and cushions!

Capodimonte Porcelain Pins - click for more Capodimonte Porcelain Pins
Well, these completely top every decorated pin we have... they are hand-made one-of-a-kind porcelain-topped pins from Italy.

Packaged in a gift box, the tiny brochure is translated to read: *This certificate with the signature of the craftsman on each piece (I can't see that small!) ensures that every item is produced in the laboratory of Porcellane Carusio and is entirely made and hand painted by master craftsmen using traditional processing of Capodimonte porcelain and provisions of the Law 188/90 (C.A.T. -- Ceramics Artistic and Traditional) with colors called "third fire" that by cooking to 780 Celsius ensures lasting stability.* Capodimonte Porcelain Pins - click for more
We don't have many sets, and each is some matching shade of pale pink or lavender. Mmmm!

Hand-painted Majolica Pins from Italy - click for more Hand-painted Majolica Pins from Italy
We have just a few of these exquisite hand-made stick-pins from Italy! I fell in love with them... just because they are small and beautifully decorated, and I personally cannot pass up Italian pottery of ANY kind!!! Each is different, each features a 1/2 inch pottery bead along with pearl and silver bead accents. DEFINITES for a special pin cushion or sewing case.

You know, you come across all these gorgeous pins here and there... don't hide them in a jewelry box or drawer. Paint a cool base from the big box store... and get out all your pins that belong to un-stitched projects and POKE IN YOUR CUSHION to enjoy till the stitching is finished!!! We have LOVELY pins from Just Nan, La D Da, The Glasshopper, JABCO, Puffin, and all these Italian we've brought home from Market -- USE THEM and ENJOY THEM!!

Pink & Green Glass-Topped Pins from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Blue Majolica Pin Set from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Raffaellesco Bead Set from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Giulia's Stunning Pins from Giulia Punti Antichi
I couldn't resist these one-of-a-kind GORGEOUS pins that traveled all the way from Italy in Giulia's suitcase! There are awfully difficult to take back to the shop after they are sitting here beside me! I bought only 6 sets of each!
  • Raffaellesco Deruta Bead -- This is a pair of beads designed to dress up a tassel or cording. Use it as a finishing dressing on a fob or pin cushion. The main pottery bead measures approx 1-1/4 inches x 1. It is LOVELY and hand-painted with the famous Raffaellesco pattern There is a matching 1/2 inch soft green bead to compliment. You'll need to find something special for this!
  • Blue Majolica Pin set -- Light blues... one is painted pottery, the other glass and silver. Pins measure about 2-1/2 inches long.
  • Pink & Green Glass-Topped Pins -- set of three beautiful floral glass beads -- the green one has gold metallic inside the glass, the rose one has the flower fired into the porcelain (?) ... neat accent beads... the rose one is patterned glass... difficult to describe, but absolutely gorgeous! Approx 2-1/2 inches long.

Coffee & Tea & Desert Pins and Buttons From Italy - click for more
Coffee & Tea & Desert Pins and Buttons From Italy
Oh, such DARLING handmade pins and buttons... I don't know how you are going to choose just one favorite set of these!!! Beautifully hand-crafted little works of art, poke or sew these onto the tops of pin cushions, or fronts of sewing cases, they are too exquisite to hide in your stash drawer!!! Pins match their counterpart buttons...
  • Coffee PINS -- A coffee bean, coffee pot, decorated cupcake for desert, red heart, creamer pitcher, and little cup and saucer round out this set. Each pin topping is approx 1/3 an inch in size! 6 Pins in the set.
  • Tea PINS:-- The decorated cupcake, blue heart, tea cup, matching tea pot, another heart, and another yummy desert -- because High Tea is full of delicious treats -- this is charming!
  • Coffee BUTTONS -- This features reds again -- so it matches the pin set.. slightly larger versions of the bean, the pot, and pretty decorative hearts. 8 Pieces in the set.
  • Tea BUTTONS -- You get the I Love Tea sign, a bisquite, tea bag, a pair of tea cups... 7 more charming buttons in this set, along with the tea bag charm.

Wooly Sheep Needle Minders - click to see more Wooly Sheep Needle Minders
Oh, we've carried these forever and ever in the shop... they are wooden sheep painted and wrapped with nubby wool yarn... and each has a magnet on his backside so he's a needle minder!

Measuring about 1-1/2 inches long and 1-1/4 inches tall, each sheepie is painted black and wound with either a creamy white or black yarn. They feature rare earth magnets on the back to grab onto your chart board, the refrigerator, your file cabinet... anywhere you want them to cling. Just cute as can be... choose between the white and black!!!

Wayne's Book Stand - click for more
Wayne's Book Stand
Our Wood-Guy, Wayne, just lives to invent stuff!!! Here's his latest creation -- a little stand for your pattern, scissors, needles and threads! Made of oak, he's got the whole thing smooth and well balanced, I'd say it weighs about 12 ounces... maybe a pound. Measuring 8 inches long, 4 inches deep and 7 inches high... it has that back bar to hold up your pattern, and an angled slit in the base in which you can perch it.

If you have a small Snippet by Lizzie Kate or similar pattern, that slit will hold it open for you. The pegs are there for you to lasso your scissors over and loop threads. See the little micro-super-magnet embedded in base? That's for needles! Only thing it's missing is a recessed area for those M&Ms!!! (I bet we can get him to add that later on!!!) VERY handy little caddy!!!!!!!!

PVC Stitching Frames! - click for more Lap Stitching Frames
Doodlin' Around has the coolest lap/table frames, very easy to use and gentle on the tabletop or the clothes on your lap! Offered in three different sizes, you have lots of options. Basically, they consist of two rounded end pieces, 4 round knobs, and sets of dowel rods with fabric belting on them -- ready for you to attach your stitching fabric. (There IS enough room on there to get that belting strip under the presser foot of a sewing machine.) See how it stands? There is nothing encumbering your hands on the back side. Great ergonomic shape, everything about these is smooth and very heavy-duty.
  • The MINI-MINI is approx 6 inches high, and 11 inches wide. It features one set of 7-inch dowels, so your stitching area is approx 4 inches long x 6-1/2 inches across. Perfect for smaller things... or skinny band samplers... you can scroll your finished stitching up around the top or bottom dowels.
  • includes/templates/SilverNeedle/images/gadgets/gadget-lapframe-lg-500.jpg">PVC Stitching Frames! - click for more
  • Next is The MINI (***NOT to be confused with the MINI MINI!) Just a bit larger, you get two dowel sets 9 and 12 inch, and since the sides are a little larger (they stand approx 7 inches high) your stitching area is approx 7 inches long, and either 9 or 12 inches wide -- depending on which dowels you use.
  • The largest is the Dutch Treat size! These side pieces are approx 9 inches high, and since there are 4 holes in them and three different dowel sets -- 12, 15 and 18 inch -- it's way too confusing for me to describe the options! (I didn't do well in Geometry class -- how's that for honesty?!)
  • Wonderful frames, very curvy and smooth!

    Glitzy Rooster Needle Minder Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click for more
    Roosters! from Accoutrement Designs
    Accoutrements has two gorgeous jeweled magnetic rooster needle minders that I just had to have!!! 2 x 2 inches in size, one is blue, teal and red in color, the other is black, gold and crystal.

    I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I got them both! Now it's your turn! You choose, or have us choose for you!

    Glitzy Needle Minder Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click for more
    Glitzy Needle Minder Magnets from Accoutrement Designs
    These are always fun. and everyone always loves getting, giving, receiving and using these!!! Filled with colorful glass crystals, or enameled each is backed with one of those super-duper strong rare earth metal magnets.

    Clings to your needlework frame to hold your needles and scissors, but just as useful on the frige to hold notes - or your filing cabinet at work - or even medicine cabinet in the bathroom!! Think outside the box a little! All of them are about 1-1/2 inches in size.

    Elephants and Donkeys: Magnets with Glitz - click for more Elephants and Donkeys: Magnets with Glitz... from Accoutrement Designs
    Well, Tis the Season!!!!! Just for fun, we have 'elegant' needle minder elephants and donkeys for all the Republicans and Democrats out there! Perfect to hold your needles, you can stick them on the filing cabinets at work... just where-ever a magnet would cling.

    About 1-1/2 inches in size, they sparkle with red, crystal and navy blue. We won't hold it against you if you order the party we don't like... we'll just assume that one is a gift for a 'friend at work!'

    New Critter Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click to see more
    Here are some new jeweled magnet minders by Accoutrements!
    Just something fun to have for your chart holder, refrigerator front -- or some other magnetic place -- Accoutrements jazzes up everything!!! This time around, we have a darling toad all in greens and gold, an elegant owl of black crystals, a brown hedgehog, firey red lobster, a yellow ducky, and even a 1 x 1-1/2 bar of leopard print!

    Each magnet is around an inch, studded with colorful crystals, and features a super-strong rare earth magnet. We even have a pair of styles -- round and square that feature a sticky area in the empty middle. Peel off the paper and attach some needlework, a small photo to personalize your magnet, or use it to hold a few beads while you attach them to your latest project!

    Olde Fashioned Safety Pins - click for more
    Olde Fashioned Safety Pins
    I just love the antique look and personality of these safety pins!!! Finished with a distressed bronze finish, each pin measures 3/4 an inch in size. They don't have the familiar ring at the end like contemporary safety pins do, so they take on a look of *old simplicity!*

    Use them as decorations on your pin cushions and inside your sewing cases. Use them to capture an old button or bit of lace, and then pin them to some of your finished Blackbird Designs cushions. They'll make neat thread-rings in sewing cases... you can thread beads onto them... just use them anywhere a neat old pin would look great! (even though they are new!) Package of 20 pins.

    LOVE Cross Stitch Needle-Bead Case - click to see more I LOVE Cross Stitch
    This is basically a metal business card case that has been fitted with Stitcher Stuff!!!!! Featured on the outside is our Mantra for a Good Life: We LOVE Cross Stitch! (We also now have one for quilters!)

    Open your case to reveal magnetic material on one side to hold all your needles and threaders in one place. The other side has the NEATEST material to hold beads -- clingy but NOT sticky! It's the strangest material... it is soft and tacky... and your beads will stick to it... but it isn't sticky! (Kind of like wet chicken... only it isn't wet!!!) You can touch it, and you think you'll leave a fingerprint behind, but when you lift your fingers, they are dry and no print is left behind. So how's that for a description!!!?

    Anyway, a 2-ish x 3-1/2-ish inch very flat case... very functional! (Looking for something a little special? We have some of these in colors that feature one of Accoutrements jeweled magnets on top. All one-of-a-kinds... ask when you're in the shop next!)

    Sampler Wooden Needlecases - click for more
    Sampler Wooden Needlecases from Kim's Needle Needfuls
    Oh, these are beautiful little 2-1/4 inch wooden needlecases that have been milkpainted and decorated with miniature papers of antique samplers.

    Presented on a small card (so they look really nice as a small gift) we have at least 6 different soft colors of denim, moss green, honey, lt brown, a grey... but each has a stitched needlework image wrapped around it that coordinates with its background color. EVERY cool sewing case needs one of these... if you get a bunch of them, we'll mix up the color selection. By Kim's Needle Needfuls.

    Baby Floral Needlecases - click to see more Baby Floral Needlecases
    Joining our regular Floral Needlecases are these smaller versions that are equally enchanting! Glass vials with a screw-off cap, these are lovingly covered with polymer clay and decorated with colorful flowers and tiny ladybugs.

    ALL THE COLORS of the rainbow -- absolutely no two cases are alike -- and it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose your favorite! (This I know -- because I keep trying to find my favorite to take home and add to my stash -- and I can't!) Measuring a mere 2 inches in overall length, use these for beading and petite needles or precious stones and beads. Delightful!

    Glitzy Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click to see more Floral Needlecases
    We've carried these charming glass needle vials over the years, and have a fresh new shipment to enchant you! Glass bottles -- 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches in size, each is covered with a wrap of exquisite handmade clay -- all in different colorful floral designs. Exquisitely done, each case is unique and full of brilliant color. The black caps twist off. The details on the flowers covering the case are minute... the color vibrant and puckering... there are even tiny lady-bugs scattered throughout the florals.

    We've chosen a few to highlight in the pic -- as you can see, they are all different... and not 'red' or 'blue'.. but citrus, melon, violet, aquamarine... all the exotic colors of the rainbow. So... asst colors... we'll choose a pretty one for you, and if you want more than one... we'll make sure they are all different!

    JABCO Just Pins jp104o Orange Lemonade Set - click to see a larger view JABCO Just Pins jp106 Music Set - click to see a larger view JABCO Just Pins jp104y Yellow Lemonade Set - click to see a larger view JABCO Just Pins jp104m Mixed Lemonade Set - click to see a larger view
    Just Pins from Just Another Button Company JABCO Just Pins jp104p Pink Lemonade Set - click to see a larger view Pins with Personality by Just Another Button Company! Fun sets of 5 stick pins garnished with hand-made clay toppers, Just Another Button Company has taken some of their buttons, and turned them into pin-cushion garnishes and marking pins!!! 9 Different assortments available so far, they're just as cute as can be!

    Poke them in your favorite cushions or sewing cases... or wherever you desire your pins to be!!! Each pin measures approx 1-1/2 inches -- quite generous in length -- before it's special topper. CUTE!

  • jp104o Orange Lemonade is orange and lavender
  • jp104y Yellow Lemonade is all yellow and blues
  • jp104m Mixed Lemonade features bits from each of the other Lemonades!
  • jp104p Pink Lemonade is all pink and green

  • Victorian Mourning Pins - click to see more Victorian Mourning Pins
    AKA Little black stick pins! I'd never seen these before, till they appeared in Netty Nightshade's Pumpkin Furniture!!! (Any good stitcher or seamstress has pins and needles stuck in her furniture!)

    Presented in a clear dish with a screw-top lid, 150 black straight pins measuring 1 inch x .85mm are nestled inside. Perfect for Halloween pin cushions and sewing cases, or something very 'antiquy'... they have a flat, matte black finish that matches our black scissors.

    Tacky BOB from Flying Needles
    Have you gotten your *TACKY BOB* yet? The newest, super-handy beading gadget is here!!! Tacky B.O.B. (which stands for Box for Beads) is a miniature CD box that has been lined on the outside bottom with a layer of colored foam, to help keep your BOB in one place, and the inside top, with various coordinating colored papers. Inside, the box features a magnetic strip for needles, and two large areas of acid-free 'tacky!'

    Simply spill your beads into either side of the box... the different colored sides help you see the different bead colors. Since they're 'stuck' on there... you just pick up each bead with your needle as you need it. TOTALLY SPILLPROOF, these are perfect for car or air travel... stitching outside where your beads could blow away, or just around lots of commotion, where your bead dish could be easily and accidentally dumped! What a handy little invention!!! (Every stitcher you know needs at least one or two of these! They come in all sorts of colors, so let us know if you have a favorite in mind. We'll try to do our best!)

    Flying Needles Tacky BOB

    Flying Needles Tacky BOB

    Serious Scrap Bags! - click for more Serious Scrap Bags! - click for more Serious Scrap Bags!
    We've found a gal who is making generous-sized scrap bags for us!!! Assorted fabrics -- never the same ones twice. These feature an emery filling (8-ish ounces?) in the 4 x 6 top pillow, and a thread/chocolate holder bag that measures 6 inches in diameter, 6 inches deep, with a 4 x 4 inch bottom.

    The little bag does not detach from the fabric tabs, but you won't lose precious needles and pins when you dump your trash. Perfect to hang off the edge of your stitching table or chair, we're glad to have these in a larger size again!

    Telescoping Magnet
    Here's a handy little gadget we've sold for years! It's a very powerful magnet mounted onto the end of a telescoping wand. Closed, it's only 5 1/2" long -- the size of an ink pen. When fully extended, it's a fabulous 25 inches long... and perfect for picking up your needles and even scissors when they fall on the floor!!! The extra 2 feet of reach lets you stay in your chair, and lets the surprisingly powerful magnet do the work! Very handy!

    Telescoping Magnet -- click to see a larger view

    Lighted Magnetic Pin Picker-Uppers - click for more Lighted Magnetic Pin Picker-Uppers
    Well, this is the ultimate in handy gadgets! We already have telescoping magnets, but this little guy has a LIGHT at the end, so you can SEE underneath dressers, into dark corners, and way into the scary bottom depths of a tote bag! Shortened it is 8-inches long. Pull out to a 33-inch length. There is a switch on that magnetic end to let you turn on the little light (and because it is on a switch, you don't have to hold it wierd to keep it on -- it'll stay on till you turn it off.)

    It will pick up my Gingher 8-inch cutting shears -- a VERY heavy-duty little magnet on there... so will definitely grab your scissors and pins. Super-handy to keep in that kitchen drawer... but fabulous to have in your stitching and sewing areas too!

    Mini Drill

    This is the coolest gadget! We've used them for years to make the twisted cord embellishments we put on just about everything in the shop! It helps you twist your threads evenly and quickly, and acts as a weight to keep kinks out of your cording. We've done a quick sheet of twisted cord instructions that we've included with the drills... but if you need a phone conversation to help you make sense of them... that's OK! The cord is great fun -- everyone loves making it to dress up their pillows and things!

    Mini Drill -- click here to see a larger view
    Thread Straighteners from Flying Needles
    OK... how can something so simple be so useful, and just great??? These acrylic rods are fitted with a band of soft, squishy foam, (like pencil holders). To remove the kinks, curls or folds from synthetic threads, twisted silks and monofilament threads, just wrap the thread's cut ends around each pad. Holding them with your fingers, gently, gently pull the rods apart... you'll feel the thread 'give' and relax. When you let go... your thread will be straight and smooth!!! None of those obnoxious kinks and curls that you get when you've taken thread off of a card or spool! Stitches lay smoother and flatter... and you're a calmer stitcher!!! I couldn't believe how well these work! Something else cool for your stitching bag!!!

    Flying Needles Thread Straightener Set

    Metal Finishing Forms
    Metal Finishing Forms -- click for moreSomething SO WONDERFUL for ornament finishing, you'll need a boatload of these!!! We have 11 different sizes of metal disk forms available that make ornament finishing a breeze. Sold in pairs, you wrap your needlework around one of the forms, backing fabric around the other, glue the two sides together, and cover the seam with twisted corded trim! Zip-Zap, you're ready for the Holidays!!! We've shown two Mill Hill bead kits models in our pics, but so, so many different things will do well on these!

    Measurements given are the actual diameter of the forms. Each is gently curved up in the center, and a bit of padding as the fabric liners look extra-nice when finishing these. Remember, prices quoted are for a pair of forms. The Assortment package contains one pair each of size, except the 6-inch pair, and saves you a whopping $3.03!!!
    Glass Paper Weights
    Solid glass paperweights, these have been around for years... and we still sell them! Four different shapes, each comes with a cork backing to protect the table. We've seen just everything from 40ct silk gauze samplers in these to quick initials stitched on 10ct... just anything will do well. The rectangular one is approx 3 x 4-1/2, and the others, generally 3 x 3-ish. Each is an inch thick, and I think weigh at least a pound! Great gifts for men, students, secretaries, just anybody!

    Glass Paper Weights -- click here to see a larger view

    Nap Raiser Brush
    This little brush is a stitching necessity! It's a wonderful little wire brush, with a leather looped handle. Slip your finger through the loop, and pick at the specialty threads in your needlework, that you want to "Fuzz Up!" Perfect to make fur -- "furrier," frizz -- "frizzier," clouds -- "wispier!" Use it on any wooly threads, and the "Arctic Rays and Charleston-type" threads, too! Perfect to add dimension to snow, animals, glitzy metallic areas, things like that.

    Nap Brush -- click here to see a larger view

    Uncle Bill's Tweezers
    These have been customer favorites for years! 1 1/2" Silver Grippers, these are wonderful little tweezers. They are perfect for grabbing errant threads on your work, and picking out the cut threads in your Hardanger Embroidery work. The tips are super sharp, and the sides are strong heavy gauge stainless. They are very easy to grip and hold, and just the slightest pinch pressure gets you what you're trying to grab! Great for your first-aid kit, too, if you have a sliver! They come in the coolest little clear plastic tube, with a screw-off cover, too! Every stitching bag should have a pair!

    Uncle Bills Tweezers -- click to see a larger view.

    The Calendar Series from Buttermilk BasinWhite Emery
    99% Pure Aluminum Oxide... this is a super-fine grain emery abrasive powder that is used to stuff pin cushions and scissor fobs. A beautiful, clean white color... it's a cleaner, brighter filler than the traditional grey-black emery previously in our market.

    Offered in a 4-oz package... 4 Tablespoons-ish to me... along with the emery material... you are treated to a WONDERFUL history and explanation of emery! (Rubies and Sapphires are made from the same substance... since the middle of the 1500's, there has been a need for this abrasive substance to clean steel needles. An entire page of really interesting info about this historic product is included, and I really, really enjoyed reading it!

    Anyway, this powder is super-heavy to your hand, and is generally used as a needle-cleaning agent. It feels really good in your hand... as it weights your tiny fobs and cushions perfectly! Get some for your stash, to use for neat cushions, fobs and special sewing cases!

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