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Note: our Bent Creek pages have grown so large in size that we have divided them up into two pages: Books and Kits.     New things are added to both pages, so don't miss out!

The Perfect Tree Globe by Bent Creek -- click to see more The Perfect Tree Globe
Bent Creek has sent their annual snow globe design - it's another cutie this year to join their collection. Presented as a complete kit of 18ct natural linen with pre-sorted #5 Pearl cottons, a star button and a bit of the 'rope twine' to tie the tree to the top of the car, this finishes approx 5 x 5 in size.

These are fun to finish as square stand-up blocks to stack up - there are something like 15 different globe patterns by BC to mix up! Really nice design for a beginning stitcher as well -- think about that. Fabric is easy to hold and count, the needle is generous and there is no thread splitting... it's cute and everything is HERE!

Holiday Hang-Ups -- Tricks No Treats by Bent Creek -- click to see more
Holiday Hang-Ups -- Tricks No Treats Kit
Tricks No Treats is the Halloween version.

Along with the chart you get 32ct natural linen, pre-sorted hand-dyed and DMC flosses, a trio of star buttons, a 3-1/2 metal finishing form, ribbon hanger, and the cut of brown felt  to assemble the Hang-Up.

Skep of Bees by Bent Creek -- click to see more Shake It Up Globe by Bent Creek -- click to see more Five New Offerings by Bent Creek... We brought them all home from Market! Here are two.. the rest are on our Bent Creek interior pages.
2 New Kits
  • Shake It Up Globe -- BC's annual Snow Globe release we have 15 others in this series -- so this is year #16! Presented as a complete kit of easy-breezy-to-see 18ct Natural Lite linen with #5 pearl cottons and a few button and bead embellishments, this is perfect for travel because it's easy to see. Cute snowmen are floating around in the snowstorm inside your 5 x 5 globe... the flakes in the background are the little glass seed beads with a matte white color.
  • Skep of Bees -- Another fun design worked on 18ct linen... this one companions the heart of hearts, pumpkin of leaves.. that series. Golds, black and white of #5 pearl cotton, this finishes approx 5 x 5 - like all the rest in it's series. The little hive is full of dedicated bees, and you can identify the Queen -- she has a crown on! Presented as the kit of chart, linen and threads.
Be sure to click through to our other Bent Creek page to see the other new designs!

Egg of Eggs by Bent Creek -- click to see more
Egg of Eggs
Cute little pile of eggs, they look like they're going to topple over onto the little chick!

Presented as a kit of 18ct linen, #5 Pearl Cottons and Mill Hill glass seed beads, this is another of Bent Creek's 5 x 5-ish designs on the large fabric with the easy-to-work-with threads.

Holiday Hang-Ups JOY by Bent Creek -- click to see more JOY
Need a quick ornament for a gift exchange??? Whip up this little guy, and FINISH in a jiffy! Presented as the full kit WITH a 3-1/2 inch metal finishing form included, it is stitched with Weeks hand-dyed flosses on 32ct natural linen.

Embellished with three gold star buttons, you even get the red felt and ribbon used in the finishing. Everything is here... except the needle! Stitch count is 48... so this finishes 3 inches in size.

Candy Cane of Christmas by Bent Creek -- click to see more
Candy Cane of Christmas Kit
A 6 x 6 design -- this candy cane is filled with snowflakes -- big, lacy X's, along with bits of poinsettia leaves. Presented as a kit, it's a breeze to stitch because you're using only one strand of DMC #5 Pearl Cotton on the 18ct.

A quick holiday decoration... it'd be cute as a weighted door stop!

The Candy Corn of Mischief by Bent Creek -- click to see more The Candy Corn of Mischief
Bent Creek has sent a fun new design -- in plenty of time for Halloween -- which is really an awesome feat for them! It's cute as can be... and we're thrilled we'll actually have tine to get it stitched for the holiday!!!

Presented as a complete kit of 18ct linen, you get pre-sorted and labeled #5 Pearl Cottons that require only 1 strand of thread in your needle for stitching. The corn finishes approx 6 x 6, and sports cute little ghosts in the white part, jack-o-lanterns in the orange, and the moon and stars in the yellow section. Candy Corn of Mischief companions their other kits like Pumpkin of Leaves, Heart of Hearts, Snowman of Snowflakes... and lots more!

House of Flowers by Bent Creek -- click to see more House of Flowers
A new kit -- worked on 18ct linen with #5 Pearl Cottons -- this is a summer house filled with sunflowers. It's got some clovers on it... and I LOVE that front door... it sort of looks like a little gnomy-person could live there!!!

Offered with the linen and threads, if finishes just 6 x 6.

Dog House of Puppy Dogs by Bent Creek -- click to see more Yarn Ball of Kitty Cats by Bent Creek -- click to see more Yarn Ball of Kitty Cats & Dog House of Puppy Dogs
Bent Creek has two new 'somethings of somethings!' -- more additions to their set of these cute designs. Offered in kit format. you are working on 18ct natural linen with #5 Pearl Cottons. Each of these includes a tiny heart button embellishment as well, and they finish approx 6 x 6.

Super-easy stitching, they are fun to grab and go on a trip. I can recognize the dogs on here... and wouldn't it be fun to stitch some of the animals in Simply Wools or Rainbow Gallery's Wispers and Alpaca threads???

Irish Luck 2U Photo Booth Kit by Bent Creek -- click to see more
Irish Luck 2U Photo Booth Kit
*Say Cheese!* Bent Creek is continuing their series of Photo booth designs with this one celebrating the Luck of the Irish! Presented as the chart with 32 Natural/Opalescent Belfast linen, the stitch count for this is 32 x 109.

You can stitch it all in one strip -- like the ones that come out of those super-fun photo booths, or you can split them up and stitch the individual squares for ornaments, cushions or fobs -- over one they'd be an inch square!!!!! We're having a debate in the shop -- the gals say pic #2 is the Irish guy with his hat off... I SAY he's Mr Irish Potato Head!!!
There is also a little Irish Cottage chart that we've tucked onto our inside chart pages...

Snowman of Snowflakes by Bent Creek -- click to see more Snowman of Snowflakes
Bent Creek has sent a new design -- a little snowman full of snowflakes! A companion design to Heart of Hearts, Clover of Clovers, Flag of Stars, Tree of Ornaments and Pumpkin of Leaves, this little guy is worked on 18ct natural linen with dusty blues, crisp white and soft brown #5 Pearl Cottons.

A total breeze to stitch, he finishes approx 6 x 6. (We kind of miss a hat on him... dig out a little black or brown thread and maybe add one???) Offered as a kit of chart, linen and Pearl (probably not enough to add the hat.)

Ice Skating Globe by Bent Creek -- click to see more
New Arrivals
Almost not-in-the-Nick-of-Time for Christmas... you'll be a whole year ahead of schedule with these!!! Ice Skating Globe -- Here is the 15th annual Snow Globe design! Always something wintery or Christmassy, this year's features an ice skater with her cute little penguin friend watching from the sidelines. Offered as a complete kit of fabric, embellishments and thread, she's worked on 18ct Natural linen with #5 Perle Cottons. Embellishments of beads and some little flake buttons are included. Ice Skating Globe finishes approx 6 x 6.

It's Fall Friends Photobooth Kit by Bent Creek -- click to see more
It's Fall Friends
A new Photobooth design, this one has an owl, black cat and two jack-o-lanterns clowning around in their bitty photobooth.

Stitched on 32ct natural linen with Weeks hand-dyeds or DMC flosses, this finishes just like all the other Photobooth designs by BC. Presented as the chart with linen cut and bitty star button for the sheriff!

Patriotic Mantle completed by Bent Creek -- click to see more Patriotic Mantel
Bent Creek has a new Mantel Series of designs -- they haven't presented one of these in a few years -- but you might remember the other ones that go with this: Snowglobe (by far the favorite!), Autumn, Christmas, Home Sweet Home and Halloween. All the Mantels are supposed to be 'decorated fireplace mantles' -- that's why there is a 'bar' (the mantle) across the bottoms of them all.

Patriotic, like all the rest, is stitched on 18ct Natural Linen with a collection of DMC #5 Pearl Cottons along with a few snall button embellishments. It finishes approx 21 x 8 and is presented in three parts. The first kit has the entire cut of linen and chart with threads for the Liberty Bell panel and mantle bar. Next, came part two -- it has the bird, star and part of the flag along with threads. Finally, this part - #3 - has the rest of the house and flag, Uncle Sam and the Sign and threads for those.

Each of the three parts can stand alone -- but they are fun joined together. Super easy to stitch on the 18ct with #5 Pearl Cotton -- it'll stitch in no time at all!!

Gone Fishing Globe from Bent Creek - click for more Gone Fishing Globe
Oh I bet there are lots of you out there that would rather be fishing than staying home to work this week!!! Bent Creek's annual Snow Globe kit arrived in the mail today, and it is darling!!! An Eskimo ice fishing with his little penguin buddy... the hook is a CANDY CANE!!!

Offered as a complete kit, this is stitched on 18ct Natural Linen with flosses and size 5 Pearl Cotton, it is embellished with tiny beads for the snowflakes and golden star buttons. Like all the rest of these (I think our set is up to at least 12 now) it finishes approx 6 x 6. Too Cute!

Christmas Tree of Ornaments from Bent Creek - click for more Christmas Tree of Ornaments
Bent Creek has a new Holiday design... continuing their set of things worked on 18ct linen. #5 Pearl Cottons, this one is a tree shape filled with ornaments. Cute and very quick.... you could even leave off the word 'Merry' and finish this as a triangle stand-up -- or even poke it onto a stick!

Offered as the kit of chart, linen, threads and needle, the stitch count is only 52... so if you do another version of it on little fabric, it'd be a darling bitty ornament!!!

Pumpkin of Leaves from Bent Creek - click for more
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